Saturday, May 26, 2018

Leaping Lizards And Nine Inch Nails

I decided to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend with Brunch in The Desert Botanical Gardens at Gertrude's Restaurant.  Dining alfresco in the Courtyard on a Beautiful Desert Spring Morning is sublime... before it gets too Hot!  *Smiles*

This big guy was eyeballing me all thru Brunch perched on a rock near my table!  He kept doing push-ups, which gave him the appearance that he might start leaping any minute!  Leaping Lizards, I've seen it, they have Olympic distance when they do, so I kept my Eye on him too, it was a stare down!  *LOL*

The last thing I wanted at a Serene Brunch was a big ole' Lizard leaping into the middle of my Gertie's Eggs Benedict!  Chorizo, Green Chile Hollandaise Sauce, Fingerling Taters and Eggs would have been flying everywhere!  *Smiles*   The Desert Critters at the Gardens have become very accustomed to Humans, so now we don't intimidate them one bit!  *LOL*

We began the Holiday Weekend with a wee bit of Tween Drama... as Princess T had been invited, uninvited and then re-invited to a particular Friend's Birthday Party at Wet-N-Wild Today.   This particular Friend is the Sybil Type, I swear the Kid has multiple personalities and not all of them are Lovely!   So she and The Beast Princess had a bit of Diva Sparring from Thursday Night til this Morning about The Party!  *LMAO*

Guess who Won the Battle of the Beastly Tweens?!??!   Yeah, we already knew what that outcome would be, right!  *Winks*   You see, The Beast Princess didn't really give a Rat's Ass whether she went to the Party or not... so she had the most leverage.   When you are ambivalent about the other person and their Drama it diffuses the effect considerably.  She also had a Birthday Card with Ten Bucks in it, which she had decided she'd just spend on herself if she didn't go Today!   I dunno, is that a form of Tween extortion ya think?!?!!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Now I don't know how swell everything will Go Down at Wet-N-Wild Today with The Tween Party filled with Beastly Divas battling for hierarchy?  We haven't heard anything on the News so I'm imagining the Girls have made Peace with one another again now the Drama has temporarily subsided?!?  *LOL*   But you never know with Tweens and so I was Glad the other Kid's Parents took one for the Team and provided the Party AND transportation, while not asking for backup Chaperones!  *Whew, dodged a bullet there!*

Now I know my Beast Princess typically cleans up well in public and around other Adults, the other Kid's Parents really like her.  She's the Eddie Haskell of Girls {ie: Leave It To Beaver Era}.  But their Kiddo is quite the handful full time and a little bit of her goes a long way... a REAL long way!  Knowing mine isn't real tolerant of People in general, and pain the ass ones in particular, I made her Promise not to have a Wednesday Addams Style Smack Down 2018 at this Kid's Birthday Party, no matter how the Friend acts up or acts out!   All body parts crossed Princess T will not go Wednesday Addams on the other Child.  *Bwahahaha!*

I know this Sweet Face belies the ratchet Beast within and as Hormones now rage during the Tween transition between Childhood and becoming a Teenager, it's rather like being near dynamite, just as unstable and unpredictable an outcome!   Putting a large grouping of Tween Girls together is rather like igniting the fuses of dynamite and hoping none goes off while you're close enough to be collateral damage!

Being a Grandparent raising Children I play it Safe during Birthdays to avoid Drama and exhaustion, they can invite one Best Friend to do anything with.   I'll spend more money on the both of them and on the Birthday Grandchild's Gifts, since I won't be throwing some lavish Party for the masses.   The G-Kid Force are OK with that since neither of them are avid People Persons anyway and struggle with sensory overload.  So emotionally it's more manageable for them to just have the one Bestie to spend a Special Day with rather than entertaining many Friends.  That way it's more likely everyone will get along and play well with others!  *Winks*

After having spent a full day with The Grandson at The Mall the other day, I was rather wiped out, the intensity of Young People and their itinerary is energizing and fun, but rather exhaustive.    So I needed the relaxation of a Me Day just being out having a slow paced Zen stroll thru the Gardens after Brunch.  Nature is a whole lot more Peaceful than a house full of Kids.  Now that it's Summer Break there will typically be a house full of Kids at Villa Boheme'.  *LOL*

I had intended to spend a lot more time at The Gardens but I haven't been pacing myself very well lately at Home with the workload and I think I was just too drained.   After a lovely Brunch I really could have and preferred to have laid down on a hammock and just taken a long Siesta actually!  *LOL*   Seating areas were rather filled with Families having fun and I felt more Serenity could be had back at Home while one of The Force was gone for the day.

Now that the Fridge was finally fixed and mostly empty of contents, since we tossed out so much during Coolerfest 2018 while Fridge was on the fritz, I stopped by Whole Foods to buy Fresh Food supplies on the way Home.  I Wish there was a Whole Foods in the far West Valley... specifically near Villa Boheme'... I'm calling in Favors from the Universe to put in that request actually!  *Winks*  I really Love Whole Foods Market... The Young Prince always quips that you walk in and it just Smells Healthy!  *LOL*

He'd put in his Special Request for some of the hand-made Eucalyptus Lime Soap he Loves from there.   I picked up a new Seasonal Soap for myself called California Dreamin' or something, I don't quite remember it's Name actually, but it sure smells Divine!   Usually I buy the hand-made Hippie Soaps with aromas such as Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Patchouli blends, but I still have my stash... just couldn't resist this new Seasonal aroma Soap, so Fresh and sublimely fragrant for Summer!  

We are Soap Snobs, we indulge in hand-made Local Soaps because it's a Sensory Pleasure we thoroughly enjoy!   My new one is the top bar and The Young Prince's is the bottom bar.  The Man thinks it's hilarious when I photograph shit like this, in our Bathroom particularly, to Share on the Blog!  He just doesn't 'get' Blogging and how caught up in it so many of us get in Sharing daily Life and interacting here in The Land Of Blog!  *LOL*

And speaking of Blog Interactions... I am always striving to make my Blog better since I thoroughly Enjoy the Creation of my Posts and I know it's not just for me anymore.   But I have a confession to make that sometimes I've succumb to Blog Envy!  *Gasp!*  Yep, it's True... and in my desire to always Keep it 100% Real with my peeps, I had to put it out there!  That sometimes I make unfair comparisons of my Blog to other Blogs that just get into my Head space and make me Wonder if I'm doing it the best that I could?  Yeah, I know, my OCD is showing when that happens.  I like my Blog so it's not even that... it's the interactive part that sometimes falls short.

And I know a lot of people come for a peek... or a lurk... and I don't know why that's become a bit unsettling to me, for many to come and yet few to say anything?  Now, I suppose that is far better than anyone saying something Neg coz Lord knows nobody wants the Trolls chiming in.   But I know it's my own discomfort level troubling me... it would be like having many Visitors to my Home who would come in and just sit there quietly being a Guest, I'd feel the need to fill up or fill in the Silence, which would be deafening to me!  *Ha ha ha*   Does that make sense?

Now I have many Wonderful Blog Friends who confess they visit often but comment seldom and suggest perhaps my Blog attracts the more reclusive Blog Visitors than some Blogs do.  They could be right and we often interact outside of The Land Of Blog instead, in a more Private setting for our Eyes or Ears only.   The Public Comment to be seen is not always something someone wants to participate in or weigh in on and I understand that.   So I'm trying to get past my Blog Envy of the more Interactive Blogger sites and making that unfair comparison.

I spend a lot of time Caregiving, which is a reclusive and isolated type of existence that doesn't lend itself to the luxury of the Freedom to Socialize and interact more with others.  I'm a very Social Creature, I was just hard-wired that way, and I Love People... so Blogging often takes the place of Real Life Socializing for me when I'm stuck here at Home for long periods of time.   So I do enjoy the Comments my Blog Supporters and Friends leave, it's like receiving Letters in the Mail and lets face it, nobody does that anymore!

So there, I got it out there and came clean about the Blog Envy thing and the insecurity of when I Create a Post and hear Crickets chirping because there's no response!   When I know a few hundred peeps have actually stopped by to read or look at the imagery of the Post and nobody says anything, I Wonder... did I bore the living daylights out of my Visitors or offend anybody?!   Nobody wants to bore their Guests or run them off, you Hope their Visit was favorable and enjoyable... and that perhaps they'll even come again and Visit you!   *LOL*

"Your Blog is just Fine," The Young Prince says, "You've probably just left people speechless Gramma!"   *LMAO*  That Kid always cracks me up, he has such a dry sense of Humor that is so Naturally wry, he doesn't even try to be Funny, he just IS!   His sardonic Nature and way of Being gels really well with my way of Being, he 'Gets' me... and most people really don't, so that's a Good thing!  *Ha ha ha*  He'd come into the room to ask me what I was doing and what I was Blogging about?  Oh, and to show off the way his Jagua Mehndi had Cured and how his Hot Topic Nine Inch Nails looked.  Well, that's an exaggeration, they're not Nine Inches really, but it is entertaining to try to watch him eat with them!  *LOL*

We were at a Fav Mexican Restaurant in the Old Neighborhood and he looked rather like Edward Scissorhands trying to eat his Steak and Cheese Crisp!  *Smiles*   Finally he took them off because we were all laughing hysterically, including him, at how absurd it looked!   He decided he prefers the Jagua Henna and how deeply it sets, it will probably last much longer than the Light Brown Henna we usually get and the Dark Indigo Blue goes well with his Goth sensibilities.

I was talking with a Dear Blog Friend about Styles we wore back in da day and we were reminiscing and laughing about many of them.  I'm going to try to find some Old Imagery and Share it of how I looked when I was about The Young Prince's Age and what my preferred sensibilities were when it came to Style and Self Expression... I'll give you a Clue as to who some of my Idols were back in da day that Inspired me when it came to Fabulously Funky Style that I preferred to wear...



And Jimi


Peace, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those are some great style role models! Wow, you had some cool outfits going on.
    You know I love your blog. I'm sorry you're feeling unsupported.
    At least you get readers! I maybe get ten faithful people since I post so infrequently these days.
    I'm thinking of returning to outfit posts but I get bored easily.
    Mostly my motivation is to record our lives for the kids memories and to meet like minded souls.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Jack you have been not only a loyal supporter but our conversations via the comments has been like receiving Mail from a Friend as well and it's so appreciated that you take the time. So many Bloggers have quit Blogging, it used to be a more interactive Community and for those of us who are shut in so much of the time it was sometimes our only contact socially, I just miss it I guess.

  2. Hi! I'm guilty of in and out with a occasional comment! Still love your design sense(don't ever go to, to minimalist on me please!) I to live with the Adams family meets antique road show with a side of chaos. Those two kids look so alike! Someday I'm coming down your way to shop you find the best stuff, I need to retire. Keep on writing and keeping it real Dawn, it is appreciated.

    1. Oh Thank You so much for the sweet words and I loved that description of Addams Fam meets Antique Road Show with a side of Chaos... how humorously accurate that is! *winks* When you do come down our way you must give me a shout out so we can meet in the City for Lunch and I'll take you to the best places to find the best stuff! Thanks for your Support and for the interaction you have taken the time to provide via your comments. I've been feeling more socially isolated since so many peeps quit Blogging and the Community isn't as interactive as it used to be when I first began Blogging.

  3. I haven't commented lately because I've been swamped with stuff to do it's graduation and birthday time around here. Now I am sitting down with a delicious bowl of beans fresh corn tomatoes cilantro and carrots. Having a little resting moment after a day of doing chores around the house I love that kind of puttering energy. Love your grandsons Mendhi. By the way looking at your photos of design Inspirations Jimi Hendrix at cetera I think you would really like the documentary Rumble. You can look it up it might be available on Netflix if your grandson can help you find it it's about the roots of American music and Native music I think you would really like it.

    1. You have been one of the interactive Supporters and I appreciate it so much, like getting Mail from a Friend it is! Social Isolation with Caregiving is just a huge barrier for me and The Land Of Blog used to provide so much more social interaction in the early days, sadly so many have quit Blogging so it's not been as interactive as it used to be and I miss that.

    2. Yes interaction is very important especially when you are a caregiver. I understand.

    3. Yes interaction is very important especially when you are a caregiver. I understand.


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