Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dragon Breath, Mehndi, Bling And Summer Break Bliss

I had begun the day thinking I'd spend more time Working in the Hoarded Garages but The Young Prince convinced me we should begin our Summer Break more Blissfully.  Well, you don't have to threaten me with a Good Time, off we went to the Mall to visit the New Henna Shoppe.  *Smiles*  I signed him up for a Henna Class in early June and they said when he gets good at it they'll hire him!  He's so Artistically inclined already I don't think that will take long, he'll likely start out being good at it since he free hands Art all of the time.  Besides, the Class is very reasonably priced and Gramma will then get Free Mehndi for Life for having Invested in him learning the Art Form!  *Win Win*  They loved the Sculptures he already Creates and wants to buy one from him and put it in the Shop and cover it with Mehndi.   He wanted to get some Mehndi... deciding whether to go with Henna {Light Brown}, Jagua {Dark Blue} or Hengua {Dark Brown} was the first decision, followed by Designing his own pattern, since this Shoppe does Free Style if you prefer not having something in their Books.


He does have skin sensitivities to any of the Natural dyes so can't leave the paste on too long, so he felt the Jagua was the shade to go with since it would set quickly and deeply.   I didn't get Henna this day since I'd already indulged myself with some Bling which we'll get to later in the Post.   Having my Grandson ask and want me to hang out with him all day is always a Special Treat, we have so much fun and so many laughs.  I'll be excited for him to get into a Creative Field of Work since that is the Passion closest to his Heart, his Art and Creating.   Whether it is Creating Websites, Music or Art, he fully immerses himself in it and it's something clearly he's Purposed to do and has Natural Talent for.

He's a Natural Born Salesman too since while he's there getting his Mehndi, other Young Guys were walking up and realizing, yeah, Guys can get Body Art too and he was talking them into getting some.   Since the Shop does Free Style Art you can find any on the Web you like and show them the Image, many Guys go for more Tribal Stylization.  It doesn't have the commitment that permanent Tattoos would require so you can change your Mind often about what Body Art you want to sport and get Art on more sensitive areas of the body. 

How Cool would it be to get some whole body Mehndi just in time for Summer and wearing your Bathing Suit!?!

Anyway this is likely to be my new favorite Shop at the closest Mall to us since they carry everything we Love and sell everything from Crystals to Clothing!  This is one of my fav Pinterest Images of the Vibe I'd like to have in our Meditation Room, we have some Salt Lamps and groupings of them lit up is so soothing.

I got myself a nice Citrine Crystal at the Shoppe.

And The Young Prince convinced me we should try some Dragon's Breath Nitro Cereal Puffs at another new Shop that uses the novelty of Liquid Nitrogen and these Cheese Puff type Snacks.  The Puffs come in the colors of the Rainbow and taste rather like super cold Cheetos.

He had a lot of fun with them blowing the Smoke... I didn't much care for the sensation because it reminded me too much of trying to eat a Popsicle that is too cold and sticks to your tongue!  *LOL*

So he wasn't able to finish the entire container of them since I decided I just couldn't Share and eat half, one was enough for me!  Gave me flashbacks of when we lived in Upper Michigan and I was a Child, sometimes things got too dry cold and stuck to your freakin' tongue and then you panicked!  *LOL* 

I remember having a goofy Childhood Friend that stuck his tongue on a cold metal pole in the middle of Winter and then we couldn't get it off and it ripped off some of his taste buds and left them there on the pole!   That kinda traumatized me enough I guess for things too cold in my mouth or on my tongue!  *LMAO*

Don't put that too close to your face I kept saying frantically... I could see the frost forming on the outside of the cup and all the Kids were blowing in their cups to Create more Smoke!   We tried to get a pix of it coming out of his Nose, which was hilarious, but I wasn't quick enough with my Camera Phone to capture it happening!   It was funny, it was fun... and now he's done it he's Over it.  *Smiles*

So now on to Gramma's Bling since some of the Betsey Johnson Line that I Love was on Sale 65% Off!   I had been lusting after this Peacock Choker and matching Earrings for Months, so to get them at the deep discount had my Heart beating like a Hummingbird's!

I Love Peacocks and Bling and Betsey Johnson, so trifecta of a Score!

I got the Jaguar Earrings 65% Off, alas the matching Choker had already Sold... boo hoo!

I got the Cross and Dia de los Muertos Skully Earrings 65% Off...

Along with one of the Matching Necklaces for 65% Off that go with the Earrings!  Her new Summer Line is Aquatic and Fabulous so I can't wait and see if any of that goes on Sale after Summer is over, so I can get the Fish Earrings and/or Necklace and the Mermaid Necklace... keeping all body parts crossed! 

Got this great Vase that looks like molten Copper...

And a couple of Resurrection Plants, which I'm told can go 100 years without Water and spring back to Life once it receives Water... and can dry back up and still keep surviving.   So here it is when I first got them...

And moments later one that has a little baby one beside it is already resurrecting and beginning to open... they will eventually turn Green and begin to grow in about 24-48 hours after having Water.

Eventually it will look like this and will be Ideal for the Meditation Room plantings.

And speaking of Summer Break Bliss, Miss Priss has been commandeering the new Sheep Skin Rug as her favorite indoor Cat Napping spot!

She can't even walk across it without kneading it like she's going to bake Bread and it's hilarious!   And she snuggles up with it like it's her New Best Friend!

Of coarse even outdoors she finds Blissful places to take her Cat Naps and is there anything in this World as comfortable looking as a Cat taking a Nap anywhere... I think not?!?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such a cool mehndi the young Prince got. I love the freehand styling.
    Those Resurrection plants really live up to their name! I've never heard of them before.
    Do you see the two cent coin earrings near the jaguar earrings? They are nearly defunct coins from Australia with frilled neck lizards on them!
    We had a cat that would suck and knead our sheepskin slippers so they ended up with long slobbery points on them. We had to hide them, urggh!
    Glad your cat isn't sucking as well :-)
    Enjoy your summer break. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Too funny about your Cat suckling the Sheep Skin! No, Miss Priss is just kneading and cuddling with ours. Those Coin Earrings are part of a Jewelry Line a Woman locally Creates and she uses Vintage Coins from all over the World, Thanks for telling me the History of that particular pair. I just Love her Jewelry and own a lot of it, reminds me of Old Gypsy Jewelry made of Coins, which is why I have supported her Line and it's very inexpensive so you can buy it regularly when she's having her Trunk Shows. Sometimes she has her Line in a particular Boutique that is Local.

  2. The styles of mehndi design designs differ as per the region they are used. There are various kinds of mehndi patterns, top three being Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and African Mehndi designs.

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