Saturday, April 7, 2018

Windows Of Opportunity

Windows of opportunity can be so brief and fleeting that they can pass you by if you're not careful.  I think I very well may have allowed my window of opportunity to finish the Hoarded Garage Project pass?   I had assumed I'd be done by the end of Spring, but it has begun to already become too Hot to work out there and Spring has only just begun!  *Le Sigh*

On the days that I made so much progress it was too easy to have the illusion that I'd always make enormous amounts of progress each day I spent at it.  That was not to be the case, some days were laboriously slow going, mired in the minutia of things.  It was still progress but not as noticeable and thus not as much of a sense of accomplishment at day's end.

Being a very visual person I need to be able to see results to keep motivated.  I thought if I tackled the largest things first they'd visually show more Order and Organization taking place, which they did.  But then, you HAVE to get to the minutia, the tedious shit that you can spend all day at and see virtually no results because visually it's like a drop in the Ocean, not noticeable at all.

My Friend went back to Texas already and won't be back 'til Summer so my accountability Partner is now absent and so the Family also lost interest in helping.   Perhaps that's somewhat of a good thing, since I did find myself feeling like one of those people on 'Hoarders' who has a whole Team assisting and it's too much too fast.  Being inundated with too many asking what should be done with this and that, thus it can become hectic, an exhausting pace and Emotionally draining even tho' a lot is getting done.

   My decision making about the stuff has to be paced so that I don't Mentally become exhausted by it and break down with the anxiety that can cause.  Making too many decisions too rapidly and feeling rushed, because you only have the Help for a brief window of opportunity and don't want to waste anyone's precious time, was more stressful.  It was sensory overload in so many ways that I had to intentionally slow things down so I didn't short circuit like a machine trying to process too much data and buffering.  *Smiles*

Nobody else felt comfortable making the decisions about what should be kept, donated or sold since it wasn't their stuff.  Yes, I Confess, I'm the Stuff Collector, most of the pretties around Villa Boheme' are things that I chose and that The Man really has no attachment to.  So he knows he'd just make a clean sweep and get rid of everything and anything just to be done with it.  *Smiles*  The G-Kid Force on the other hand might be inclined to want to keep everything just for the curiosity factor since it was discovered again... then they'd immediately lose interest and we might as well have let it go!  *LOL*

My Friend on the other hand thinks a lot of stuff I'm letting go of would and should be keepers, but since it's not her stuff, she assumed the role of being the voice of reason so I wasn't making hasty decisions I might later regret.  She's aware of the fine line I'm walking about having a lot of nice things but wanting more moderation in all things.   Of downsizing and curating what I have so that the de-stashing of excess accumulated over a lifetime is being consistently dealt with and carted off to my spaces at the Antique Mall to sell off.

We are all getting to the Season of Life that it has to happen, the Culling and Editing of our possessions.   The problem of coarse is that we live and love the Thrill of the Hunt too much to just cease and desist.   I probably never will quit rescuing and preserving Beautiful Old Things even if I don't keep but a portion of whatever I find.   I don't mind that part, the part about not getting to keep it all, if most of it has to pass through my hands it's Okay.

Knowing that many things still exist because I once rescued them is satisfying enough even if I don't own most of them anymore and someone else now does.  I have had a steady rotation of Beautiful things pass thru our Home, staying for however long they were meant to... and then profiting me when I let go, so it's all Good.   I just Wish that window of opportunity to tackle the Hoarded Garage Project had been longer so that I might have finished it in the time frame I'd imagined I might.

Because there's things I still haven't found and located since the Big Move that I'd like to Display and know are probably still packed away in there.  And I also know that there is much that is in there that can Go... must GO... and must be parted with efficiently and as unemotionally as I can manage, as I Cull the Hoard and be done with that Phase and Stage of The Process.


Blessings and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I understand your dilemma. Here in Florida, our garage is devoted to candle making, but it is only possible to be out there for about 6 months of the year. The same was true when we lived up north, but it was the opposite problem - too cold in the winter.

    1. Yes, I do prefer the heat to the cold, have lived in both climates and you don't have to shovel Sunshine. *smiles* Of coarse this is the first property I've lived in with huge Garages rather than Outbuildings, so I guess I'm just anxious to get them cleared out and functional. *winks*


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