Saturday, April 28, 2018

When The Heat Is On

So, while I regale you with Beautiful Imagery taken at some of my Favorite Shops such as Rust And Roses, Sweet Salvage and Antique Gatherings, the Post Story Line Today will have absolutely nothing to do with Found Treasures nor Shopping for them.   I just have to mix the good up with the bad so that the Post isn't a complete Rant that you just can't find adequate pictorial equivalents to anyway while you need to vent.  *LOL*  So... why am I ranting and having to vent you might Wonder?  Well, you're Wondering NOW aren't you?  *Winks*

And of coarse I'm going to tell you, that's the whole reason for Today's Post and you all are way cheaper than Therapy!  *Smiles*  So here's the gist of the whole thing and then I'll elaborate further:   After spending far too long in a Historic Home that was built like a Century old brick shit-house and which will likely remain standing another Hundred years without much incident and with mostly Original EVERYTHING that still worked just fine... I got too spoiled I guess and thus completely out of touch with the reality of just how shitty New Builds and their appliances really are.    There you have it... yep, more shit apparently is breaking down at the Luxurious New Build Villa Boheme' because geez, she's already over a Decade Old and why should I be Surprised then, that's completely Normal I'm being told!

You know, why would you think any Appliance would still be working just fine, if at all, after a whole Decade anyway?  Um... well... because the Hot Water Heaters at my Historic Home were from the 1940's and still functional, Stove was from the 1930's and no problems there either, Fridge was well over Twenty years old and still functional, Plumbing was done at the turn of the Century and wasn't crapping out all the time and the Air Conditioner was just fine 17 years in... so... I suppose that's why!!!!!   I think when you totally have a Love Affair with Old Things you just realize how excellent the quality of workmanship was compared to now, I dunno?   *Le Sigh*

It is no coincidence why they push the Home Warranty thing when you buy a New Build Home, you will mos def NEED one... and use it often... we have already and we're only 3 years in at Villa Boheme'!   And it won't cover everything anyway, but it will be a lighter hit to the wallet when everything craps out, usually in clusters... as in fuck... what's on the fritz NOW, before you even got the last thing taken care of that crapped out?!?!!!   So... I'd been putting off getting the order placed with Home Warranty to get Fridge guy out here to repair our Fancy Schmantzy top-o-the-line expensive Stainless Wonder whose Ice-Maker quite working AGAIN for the 2nd time and whose Freezer Handle literally came off in The Man's Hand!  No, I'm not kidding, I was still asleep when it happened, until I heard a loud clang, then Jesus, God and all the Saints being called upon loudly from the Kitchen by The Man and The Force chiming in, "Uh Oh, Gramma's gonna be SO mad when she sees this!"

Now, I'd like to Imagine my Old Man is really that strong that he just rips Stainless Steel door handles off stupidly expensive Appliances like the Incredible Hulk would... but I seriously doubt it!   I've owned a lot of Fridges in my many years of owning Appliances... my Parents and Grandparents owned a fair number as well... I can't remember EVER hearing that the handle was ripped off of one and just came off in someone's hand as they were just normally opening it!   But this one did... and it loudly clanged onto the equally expensive Tile Kitchen Floor and I can only tell you how freakin' relieved I was it didn't crack one of those lemme tell ya!!!  *Whew!!!*   So now, in my New Luxury Home, the Freezer Door Handle of my top-o-the-line Stainless Fridge is held on by Duct Tape and has a 6th Grader's hand written Sign taped to it saying  OPEN WITH CARE THIS SIDE ONLY!   Yeah, that's always a Good Look, huh?  *LMAO*

"That looks real Ghetto... I'm not inviting anybody over 'til that gets fixed...", was all The Young Prince could say after his Little Sister and Grandpa jury-rigged the handle back on so we could actually still access the Freezer portion!  *LOL*   I didn't really wanna spring for a Service Call on the Home Warranty, but now two things were broken on said Fridge, so it was Time... and of coarse the Door Handle thing isn't covered... yeah, no big Surprise there coz I sincerely Hope shit like that doesn't happen often enough that it would be, but ya never know?!?   I priced New Fridges comparable to it and OMG, so... we'll just limp this one along in it's alleged 'Old Age' of perhaps being a whole Decade old already and probably so far past it's prime who knows how long it's even got left before it goes to the Fridge Boneyard with a Daisy on it?!  *Bwahahahaha!*

And just because one thing crapping out at a time would never do... The Young Prince comes down and asks me why it's still Eighty degrees Upstairs when we had turned the Air Conditioners on last Week and Downstairs feels like the 76 Degrees we've set them all to now that it's triple digits outside already?!?   So up the Stairs I traipse to see if The Force had perhaps fiddled with the thermostat... nope... but it was sweltering up there and what was blowing out of the vents didn't feel all that Cool nor strong as it should.   Now, I might have told you the unfortunate Story of when we moved in and had the joint Inspected by a very Expensive Inspection Company before buying the place and they Blessed everything as top notch?   So, on the 3rd day of living here and feeling like our Boudoir and Informal Dining Area Portion of the Home just seemed hotter, we had one of The Son's Friends who does Air Conditioning come and take a peek at the three units which Cool this huge joint and he discovered one wasn't working AT ALL and had to be immediately replaced!

And only a small portion of the few thousand dollars of replacing it was covered and suing the Inspection Company wasn't anything any Law Firm around these parts felt was worthy of their time and efforts since it wouldn't net a fortune for them and nobody died... so I'm still making payments on that Unit!   To think another Unit had departed from Service, you know, because it is so Old being it's now over Ten and all... made me feel a little bit sick to my stomach!!!   But, it's not like I'm going to wait 'til our triple digits get to about 119 before I put in that Order and so, along with Fridge Order, I ask Home Warranty people to send out Air Condition guy too so's he can find out why Upstairs is a Hellish Sauna?   The Young Prince in the meantime stubbornly refuses to leave his Suite, he Loves it up there with his Video Games and Privacy, so he said he'd just stay up there Naked to keep Cool, so please knock before I enter!   Well, at least he Warned me, but now I've got THAT Visual stuck in my Head and now so do you... Sorry!!! *LOL*

Okay, so now I've got a duct taped Fridge Door with Sign... a 6th Grader wandering around the house like a Lost Soul due to the extended School Strike denying her an Education for the time being... and a Grandson Upstairs playing Video Games Naked in his Sauna of a Suite... splendid!!!  *LMAO*  Of coarse nobody makes the House Calls on the Weekends so we won't actually have the Companies assigned scheduling the repairs until next Week.  I see the Dentist on Monday Morning to find out how much THAT will cost me out of pocket since we don't have Dental Insurance with our Crappy Military Healthcare Coverage... but at least they promised me a Free Exam and X-Ray plus a Military Discount, so perhaps I won't have to Sell a Kidney to fund whatever needs doing?   And the first of the Month, when The Man's Disability Pension hits, is fast approaching, so I might be able to actually pay any of these people??!  *Winks*

And so, when Princess T reminded me she still needed new Sneakers, you know, after the bottoms fell out of her other pair at the Park that I Shared the unbelievable Image of with them halfway up her Legs like she just GREW out of them as she sprouts up ever taller... 

  And The Young Prince comes angrily bouncing down the stairs with his now broken expensive Headset!  Which he claimed I caused the demise of when I didn't knock this Morning as I checked Air Vents and he was startled, you know, since he was sitting there playing Video Games Naked and needed to jump up and grab something to cover himself with!   So they need replacement again or he'll go thru Video Game Withdrawal or something equally unbearable and excruciating that happens when 17 year olds don't have their Technology in Order... so it was all too much at once and I kinda had a Mini Meltdown!!!   Okay, so it wasn't so Mini, it was pretty impressively Epic actually and everyone scattered and hid... until it was Safe to come out again and see if my Head hadn't exploded when the aneurysm I felt surely coming on ruptured!?!  You decide which parts of that are hyperbole!?  *LOL*   But apparently I can sustain ridiculous amounts of Stress by now and still manage to Survive just Fine... and even eventually Calm Down from Lunatic Mode, so here we now are... with me blogging about it all!  *Smiles*

And if all of the above ends up being too spendy perhaps everyone offers Financing... tho' I loathe Financing anything, often when on a Fixed Income it's practically your Lifeline for when shit hits the Fan and you haven't got enough Stashed away to cover every unforeseen Emergency that will crop up en mass?!?    "I suppose it's not a good time to ask you when you'll be able to afford my Driving Lessons and a Cheap Car?", The Young Prince implores with a big Grin... "Probably Not", I says, in fact I'm beginning to Wonder if there will ever be a good time for that Question when you don't have a Real Job and your own Pensions seem light years away, even tho' actually it's sometime next Year and I can hardly wait to apply for them!  *LOL* 

And even tho' your Oldest Special Needs Grandkid you're Raising will be turning 18 in early August and you're not entirely certain if they'll drop his Health and Dental Care or if he'll Qualify for Adult Disabled Services or not?!?   Since he's needed LOADS of expensive Medical and Dental Services due to his extent of Disability over the Years, that is a Big Deal you're dreading having to go thru the Process of on his behalf and keep him Well enough not to need any if he's Uninsured!!!   And I won't even go thru in detail some other unfortunate complex stuff involving the Psyche Meds he can't be on anymore that permanently wrecked his Health and we have a lawsuit pending on.  That our Attorney informed us recently he was put on it ONE YEAR TOO LATE to receive maximum compensation and a settlement... but they'll see what they can do!  WTF!!!   Like Big Pharma gets off without maximum liability for still putting Children on Meds they already knew causes seriously damage and withheld disclosure of to Families... because there was some Time Limit established Legally for their Full Liability!   Typical!!!

Are ya SURE he wasn't put on it in 2006 they asks, coz then he'd get fully compensated for the damages to his internal organs and the tumor it caused?  Pretty Sure I says, since he was only Born in 2000 and was Diagnosed Seriously Mentally Ill in 2007 because they rarely, if ever, diagnose earlier than that since it's not conclusive!   So No, it was definitely 2007 he began being prescribed and using it and he was on it until Age 15 when his Kidneys and Liver began crapping out and he got a Tumor in his Chest from it!  Then we had to slowly wean him off, due to serious agonizing Withdrawal symptoms making THAT necessary... you know, so he wouldn't freakin' DIE... and they had to finally tell us what was causing all this!!!  I couldn't help but add, so lemme get this straight, since by 2007 Big Pharma KNEW it was causing these serious side effects and should have pulled the Drug or fully disclosed the risks and didn't... and kept prescribing it anyway to Children and Adults... the same damage it caused to anyone using it after 2007 isn't worth as much as the damage it caused to anyone up to 2006?!?!?!   Seems ass backwards to me, shouldn't the ones AFTER they KNEW get MORE?!?   I mean, at least up to 2006 they claim not to have KNOWN it was a Bad Drug!?!   BTW: They still commonly prescribe it!

So The Young Prince was really bummed about that News, since he cannot regain his Health, but at least a Settlement would have paid for his Driving Lessons and a Car.   Guess my Liver and Kidneys plus sustaining the Stress of having a Tumor in my Man Tits caused by said Drug {yes, it also caused Gynecomastia in Young Males} isn't worth that much he lamented.  Sorry, Guess Not!   Damaged Organs, body deformity and wrecked Physical and Emotional Health only worth something prior to 2006 apparently, ruled by I don't know what Idiot Judge who decided that Deadline for Liability and screwed every Victim after that Year... but just sayin'... Life ain't Fair or bras wouldn't come in sizes.   Wonder how much Big Pharma paid someone off to get that Ruling he mused?  We both rolled our Eyes... pretty Sure someone's pockets surely got lined... follow the Money and you always find out how and why shit happens... or doesn't!!! 

And that's Why I like to follow such things as the Medicinal MJ Debate because as soon as Big Pharma can find a way to cash in on that Cash Cow and have it as an exclusive, well, Laws will change so fast your heads will spin my Dearies!   The entire Western Medical Community will suddenly have a change of Heart and Pandora's Box will have been opened and shut numerous times as the Debate vacillates wildly depending on whose gonna make the most Money off of it... regardless of actual benefit to those it would medicinally Help... which I don't think has ever been the REAL Question IMO.   And that's what really pisses me off... not how much Money anyone makes, or doesn't make... after all, Medicine IS BIG BUSINESS and probably always will be... but how dangerous Drugs are either pushed upon the unsuspecting Public or beneficial Drugs are withheld simply over the Politics and Posturing of it all without a thought to the actual Patients, Families and their overall Wellness or Well Being!

But, you kinda gotta let some of it go, unless you Desire being a relentless Activist Full Time, which frankly, I used to be, but now I'm just getting too advanced in Years, too Tired and Worn Out to go that Hard anymore.  I'll pass the baton onto someone with more Youth and Energy who has more Fight left in them I suppose, I've gone too many rounds over the Decades to not have it take a heavy Toll already.   And it's just easier for me to use Words now and my tiny little Blog as my Platform every now and again to rant a bit, vent a bit and just get whatever is left of it out of my System so I can just come back to Center, a place of Calm, moving Forward without excess Baggage dragging along behind me like a great Weight upon my Psyche.  My Mind, Soul and Spirit just Need more Positive than Negative lately and so I seek THAT and cut the rest loose... flinging it out here in the Blogasphere, not really Caring too much about where it lands actually or whose in Agreement... or not.

You see, nobody HAS to be... in Agreement... I think Society isn't capable sometimes of realizing we can actually Agree to Disagree and be just Fine and still seek mutual Harmony, if nothing else.   I don't have to change anyone's Mind ever... I don't have to dislike anyone who doesn't think, Believe or act just like me, it's not important that they BE just like me at all, I'm Okay with that myself.   If they can't handle me or anyone else being different in our thoughts, Beliefs or actions then that's their problem to work out, not mine at all.  If someone isn't capable of realizing everything isn't all about them all of the time and recognize differences will always exist within Humanity and it's not necessarily a Bad thing at all to have that diversity... they've got work to do on themselves before they attempt work on everyone else.   And when the Heat is on I'm always reminded of what my Dear Wise Ole' Dad always said, "Nothing sorts people out quite like Trouble..."   Amen to that!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have been reading your blog and this is my first time commenting. First, I am sorry your Grandson has suffered from the meds he was on. That sounds really unfair!

    I used to live in an old brick house (which we succeeded in getting on the national register), which could survive an Apocalypse. We moved in order to down-size. For the reasons you state, we would not look at new builds (they were mostly out of our budget anyway), but also disliked the "newer" homes (new as compared to 200 years old). We ended up buying a house just as old as our big brick monstrosity -- in a neighborhood of homes built in the 50's. Someone fell in love with it and had it moved. So we have an old house on a new foundation -- best of both worlds. Alas, we needed a new fridge a few years back and the replacement's ice maker died after only two years. An expensive repair but we couldn't live without ice!

    The old houses really were built to stand forever.

    1. Thanks for weighing in Alex, yes, the older homes I definitely prefer too, yours sounds like the best of both worlds which is indeed a real 'find'!

  2. And as the appliance are built to last a shorter and shorter time, the prices go up. We bought all new appliances when we moved into our suburban monstrosity 4 years ago. I imagine they will all break down at once.

    1. Colette I do believe you are right about them all likely to break down at once and the price point of these new appliances is in the stratosphere, so you'd think they would have SOME quality... they certainly give the illusion of it by appearances anyway.


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