Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Hunt... But No Thrill

For someone who so Enjoys the Thrill Of The Hunt, you'd think I'd thoroughly Enjoy hiding Easter Eggs for the Kiddos, but I really don't.  There's something about having to remember where I hid them in case she doesn't find them all that is just too much Pressure.  *LOL*

She wants them hidden not so easy, but not so difficult either... more Pressure.  *Smiles*  And every year I have done it it's inevitable we end up with Lost Eggs that don't get found again for sometimes Years!  That means the contents are petrified and the Chocolate has turned back to Cocoa Powder Dust by the time they're finally discovered!

That's a problem because I buy good quality contents, gourmet variety since The Force aren't big on candies anyway, so they'd rather have less but of the Good Stuff.   The Man is a Chocaholic, so there will be no waste whatever we get.  Except if I get carried away on a candy after Season Sale like I did with Rollos after Christmas.

I went a little berserk with Rollos after Christmas since they had bags of them at the Dollar Store and they WERE a fav candy of the trio.  Now they can't even look at a Rollo because they OD'd on them and I suspect we'll be throwing Rollos away if we can't give them away before they become Rollo Dust?!  *Winks*

Since we'd had our big 25% Off the Locked Case merchandise at our Antique Mall Yesterday and it was super busy, I was pretty wiped out after my Shift last Night.   I overslept and she was chomping at the bit for The Hunt... but there was no Thrill for me and I was relieved when our Grandson was a Good Sport and volunteered to do it with her.

When someone else is willing to take one for the Team and I can dodge a bullet, I ain't gonna lie, I'm relieved, the Pressure was off me and ON him now!  *Winks*   May I remind you that Princess T is very OCD about everything, so a Lost Egg would ruin the whole thing... and Lord knows we don't want another Episode of Epic Meltdown like we did with the Egg Dying Fiasco!  *Shudder!*

Nope, Grandpa, The Young Prince and I don't wanna end up looking like Crazy Bunny Easter Afternoon because The Hunt went Left!   *Smiles*  We're pretty damned close to looking like that on a regular day, but on a day we're to Celebrate our Lord and Risen Savior, well, I don't want to go completely Mad! *LOL*

Now that she's Older she wants it to be more of a Challenge and yet not too much of a Challenge so that she'll end up in Tears.  Which happens a lot when you're a Tween on the best of days anyway and sometimes for no apparent reason, so we didn't wanna give her a reason.   So he Timed her, in less than 10 Minutes she thought she'd found them all and then they counted and they thought they were ONE short... Oh My God... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I demanded a Recount... TWICE... and sho' nuff, they'd put them in groups of five for easy counting and a stray Egg had rolled over into another grouping... whew... Thank You Jesus!!!   All was now right with the World, until Grandpa and the Young Prince began good naturedly fighting over the favorite Lindt Ball Chocolates!  STOP it, I bought enough... SHARE!

The Man is not inclined to be Good at Sharing his favorite things... Lucky for him The Force are not huge about Treats, they must take after me that way, I don't have a Sweet Tooth, I prefer Sour, Spicy, Savory or Tart flavors.   If we buy anything with those flavors The Force and I are all over it, The Man will not be, so we let him have the majority of the Sweet Stuff.

And Today that is plentiful for now so I Hope I don't come Home from Work Tonight and find The Man in a Sugar Coma, I Hope he paces himself?  *LMAO*  I suspect the Lindt will be consumed by he and The Young Prince... Princess T will be OK with that only because her Brother gave her his entire Easter Basket of candies.  This year he said his Teeth can't 'take' it.  *Smiles* 

 I'm a Diabetic so I bypass the whole thing, except Easter Dinner at Dino's... which we've decided to put off until Greek Easter next Sunday the 8th with the extended Family.   I'm salivating already!!!   Okay, I Confess I went Easter Day before my Shift and had the spit Roasted Lamb Easter Meal... it was Divine!  

 And then couldn't work my Shift after all because I had an Awesome Vintage Industrial Scale on the back of my Truck I needed help unloading to put in my New Booth #317 and nobody was on shift that could lift... and I wasn't leaving it in the back of my Truck in the Parking Lot all Night.  Pet peeve of mine is when nobody is scheduled who can load or unload since Customers need that Service all Night long too! 

  Ah well, I was tired anyway and didn't really wanna work Easter Day so it's all Good... unless I can't manage to get that damned Scale out of the Truck by Tuesday Night?!  *Le Sigh*  But, on the bright side, came Home with two containers of fresh Hot Cross Buns from Wildflower Bread Co... had intended to hand them out at Work but now the Fam will just have double the Delight... these taste beyond Awesome and remind me of what Mom and Dad used to make for Easter!


Happy and Blessed Easter my Friends

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