Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Desert In Bloom

The Desert comes Alive in Springtime, everything begins to Bloom and is particularly showy and vivid since the harsh environment means the plants have become masters of adaptation.   Desert Wildflowers are Survivalists and many will stay dormant for years until just the ideal conditions line up for maximum propagation and better chance for Survival of the plants to mature and set Seed again.   Many Blooms are waxy and stash water in their succulent tissue, many plants with leaves will shed them at the first signs of drought, yet the Blooms will persist.  Most live fast and die young... so it can be a brief window of opportunity to catch the magnificent display.

I will spend more time outdoors in Spring than any other Season because of the bounty of Nature showing off, it energizes my Spirit and feeds the Soul.   The Bougainvillea blooming against the backdrop of a Raspberry painted Adobe Wall was particularly stunning.   These hardy plants tend to thrive on neglect, just like Cactus, the dryer the conditions the more abundant the Blooms and the more magnificent the plant will become!   I used to water my Bougainvillea too much and thus never got maximum Bloom until I learned to just leave them alone and allow Nature to mostly tend to them.   Now mine Bloom abundantly and I don't need to make nearly as much work for myself Caring for them and inhibiting what they do when left alone.

I've always had various Aloe in the Garden for their Healing properties, their gel is great for Sunburn and Burns to sooth the skin and promote Healing.  They also attract Hummingbirds and are so easy to grow that you don't have to possess a Green Thumb to get them to thrive and fill in any hard to grow places in the Garden where other plants don't do well.   They will Bloom whether you take good Care of them or totally Neglect them.

A Vine I want to get for Villa Boheme' is some Chinese Wisteria, which I know can become invasive, but I want something that grows quickly and fills in fast, since, well, we're Old and I don't have Years to wait.  *Winks*   I just Love the look of a Mature Wisteria   Because they behave badly and can strangle Host Trees, I would suggest planting them on sturdy Metal Trellis like they do at The Desert Botanical Gardens and not allowing them to become parasitic to another living vertical Plant you don't want eventually murdered.  Then you can get the Look but without the carnage.

I do miss all of the Cacti I had at my Historic Property Acreage, here I don't have many since the HOA is kinda anal about what you can have planted in the front Yards.   I guess they don't want to risk impaling naive Subdivision Hell Children upon them, I dunno?    In da Hood the Kids just knew not to go traipsing thru your Cactus Gardens, Desert Street Smarts I guess from not having lived such sheltered lives?!!??!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   

So, I do have some Cacti in Pots that came along when we moved and I was just too attached to and didn't want to leave behind.   And I snuck a couple into the Front Yard Landscaping that have avoided scrutiny and not prompted any HOA Hate Mail yet.   Since we are at the Base of the Lovely Natural Desert Foothills of the White Tank Mountain Range the Cacti actually do better here than they did in the Lower Desert further into the City.   I have had a Love Affair with Cacti and Succulents for a very long time so I might grow some more in Pots eventually.

Just look at the gargantuan Bloom on this one and YES it really was THAT large, easily about 8 inches across and so vivid and heavy that it bent the branch it was growing at the end of and had several enormous buds ready to burst into Bloom!!!   The Cactus looked to be of the Christmas Cactus Variety but way larger and Blooming at the wrong time of year for one of those.  So I'm not really certain what Species this even was, just what it LOOKED similar to thru the Eyes of an Amateur who didn't have a Clue.  *Smiles*

I recently spent the entire day at The Desert Botanical Gardens, mostly to get back to Center to restore and feed my Soul.   I'd had a tough Morning that day when I'd entered The Bowels of Hell aka: Princess T's Rooms Upstairs and nearly lost my shit!   You cannot unsee things and OMG was it a sight of Apocalyptic proportions and I'm not exaggerating my Friends, it was Mental!   I began to cry and toss things around, mostly because sometimes confronted with the level of the Kiddos dysfunction it just reminds me of how troubled they are... it becomes so evident you cannot ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist and everything is 'Normal' or Okay.  

If you've never had a Loved One with Serious Mental or Behavioral Health Issues you might not understand the gravity of how it can effect all areas of Life and daily Function... theirs and yours.  You do worry about their ability to live Independently once they're having to be out on their own, or will that even be possible?  So it's way beyond the mess... how they might live... way beyond what they have trouble doing or not being able to do... when what is clearly Mental is staring you in the face, it's Emotionally overwhelming actually.  The Young Prince came in to see what was the matter and even he hyperventilated.   That's saying something right there since his Rooms are often a different level of the Bowels of Hell, he just doesn't have as much stuff as his little Sister, thus, less spread out in carnage and chaos!

I had intended to do Laundry, which had backed up to epic proportions, and had just wanted to ensure no more dirty clothing was scattered around the house.  Instead I had to throw in the Towel and just tell the Guys to inform her when she got Home from School, that shit better be straightened out or I was turning off her phone.   That phone is great leverage for strong arming a Tween into compliance... go ahead, give me attitude and defiance or disobedience and see how fast I don't pay your phone bill!  *Winks*   I knew there would be a flurry of frenzied activity, she can pull it together and hold it down when she HAS to and a heavy enough threat has been levied that she knows I'll act upon if my demands aren't met!   She can go from Mental to being shown what isn't acceptable and has to be worked on because one just cannot Live like that regardless of level of dysfunction or disability.

So rather than stay Home angry or upset, I ponced off to The Gardens for the entire day, Sunup to Sundown, it was glorious!   It soothed my Spirit and brought me back to Center where I could be Zen again.   By how many times all three of them began blowing up my phone I'm quite sure they weren't certain I was ever coming back?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   I was informed by about 6:00 pm that her Main Bedroom and most of the Closet were done and the Guys had helped her know what needed to get done, since often, I kid you not, they can't seem to figure it out on their own... as if blind and clueless of what isn't 'Normal' behaviors or hygienic living conditions.   Her Hallway and Bathroom still needed some attention, well, a lot of attention, but I could Live with that level of accomplishment without losing my own Mind!

I got said Call while sitting at The Garden's Wonderful Gourmet Restaurant 'Gertrude's' having Dinner alfresco and watching the Doves drink from the Grinding Wheel Fountain in the Courtyard of the Restaurant.   Now they also knew they had to fend for themselves for Dinner... Touche', go ahead, go Mental and mess up the house again, I dare you all!!!   *LMAO*   I came Home to a very Organized Home with Promise of more Organization and Cleanliness to come.   *Whew!*  I think they realized that Chaos at Home would mean I'll spend less time there since I don't Cope well or function well in Chaotic environments even if The Asylum would be Okay with it all apparently.   Dealing with other people's Chaos, Mental lapses and filth also doesn't always set well with me and I have to step off for a moment.  I've found that you can get someone out of a mess but if the mess is still within them they'll just fall right back into it.  So it has to be an inside job they have to Work on themselves to promote Positive and Hopefully lasting Change.

The meal was Amazing... Gazpacho with Spiced Pecans... then the Main Course of Grilled Asparagus, Flat Iron Steak with Masa Arugula Puree and Chimichurri... Divine!!!


Blessings, Love, Light and Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Your cactus and information was wonderful. So beautiful...even in Chicago I have a succulent sedum as a border in the front is so hardy---and just happily spreads and stays thick, without any attention whatsoever. Great post, Dawn.

  2. That giant Christmas cactus is amazing! I have several and they bloom throughout the year - with resting periods in between - but they are normal sized. That one was gigantic!

    You're right that cleaning up messes is an inside job. I'm glad you sought and found serenity, clarity, beauty - and good food! Stepping back is often the very best thing to do.

    Sigh... and also... sometimes not, lol. Challenging to know when to step in and when to step back.

    Here's to balance and beauty!


    1. Oh yes, the balance of it all is sometimes very precarious isn't it, smiles... having clarity about what to do and what NOT to do for someone is a Process. I do seek Serenity when life gets out of Order, just having moments of Peace and spending time in Nature, where everything works together in such an awe inspiring way usually brings me back to Center.


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