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Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part IV

Well, I hope you're sitting down comfortably because this is going to be one of those epic Share Posts.  Turns out I had really gone to town in the pathological picture taking at the Event and had way more good shots to Share than I had Posts up during the run of the Event!  *LOL*  Sometimes that happens, but lets face it, how many Inspirational Eye Candy Images is really Too Much, right? 

If you Enjoy coming to The Land Of Blog as much as I do then you really can't get enough of Beautiful Imagery even if you don't always have the Time for an epic Story Line that might go along with it.   And Today you might just get both since I might have a lot to say.  *LOL* There are more Images than I could cram into this Post and so a Finale' Post might be coming up in the near Future to round out the Sharing of what could have been had at the Event... and well, it's too late now to buy any of it... but you can still Lust after it!  *Winks*

My Talented Friend Kenny has expanded his Spaces in the Warehouse section and so this is some Imagery of his expanded Vision, which was Awesome!   Kenny's Vibe could be described as a Funky Gentleman's Club with Cool Vintage Industrial atmosphere thrown in... so I totally dig it!   Kenny is an amazing Fabricator so he Creates a lot of really Fab OOAK furnishings too.

The Museum-like Library Vignette he'd set up in his new area was really Interesting and layered with Cool merchandise, so I spent a lot of time perusing that area even tho', after buying The Chair, unfortunately I had no more money to spend... dammit!  *LMAO*

And now you're probably wondering why I think I might have a lot to say, right?  Well, first of all, I've spent the past few days mired in Doctor Office visits for Princess T and The Man.   Princess T had an ear infection and was up crying all Night Sunday.  So I got no sleep and we had to make an emergency Pediatric visit to get her ear flushed out and a LOT of some really gross Fear Factor stuff got flushed out of there lemme tell ya!  *Yikes!!!*  She's now on antibiotics to rid herself of the infection the impacted debris caused.  I hoped it was just some grossly deformed ear wax and not something that had crawled inside her ear and died, but I said nothing so as not to freak her out and scare her! *LOL*

And Yesterday the entire day before my Shift at Work was spent at the VA with The Man and I cannot begin to tell you what a Joy forever and ever that always is!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   First of all he gets extreme Anxiety even going near a VA Facility and so his Blood Pressure immediately elevates and then causes his Docs concern.  Secondly, there will always be sensory overload in the Waiting Room and Lobby area with something Going Down dramatically after some Veteran loses it after being jerked around too much or too long by The System, which is still very broken lemme tell ya!!!

Since most of the Vets have considerable Combat related PTSD, including The Man, when things escalate and it begins to sound confrontational and War Zone Like due to Hostility and heightened Emotions, well, it could trigger some shit!  This day there was one particular Old Wounded Warrior in a Wheelchair really having a hard time of it due to being shuffled around for Months and by now he was standing his ground and getting really rowdy about it!  Uh oh, we just happened to be sitting right behind him when he Went Off... I never was so relieved when our turn FINALLY came up and we could Exit, Stage Left, before VA Security had to be called to Calm the Old Fella down!  *Whew!!!*

My Old Fella by now was saying he really didn't want to be there anymore, since he knew he hadn't been compliant with his Med Regimen and shortly I was going to find this out when his Doc exposed The Truth!  *Uh Oh!  Busted!!!*   Did I ever tell ya how very stubborn and covert The Man can be?   When he's made up his Mind he's not going to do something then Hell or high water you'd be hard pressed to get him on board or know what Covert Ops of Avoidance Tactics he's been using that you don't even know about.   I told him I don't mind going to Bat on his behalf, but dammit, he's got to at least be in The Game with me!!!   Since he's not exercising either and won't make good choices about diet when he has a choice we go rounds about THAT!  So, now knowing he had been ditching his Meds TOO without my knowledge, when I thought he was taking them, we knew this was now not going to be a Positive visit with The Doc AT ALL!  *Le Sigh*

We have a Darling Female Asian Doc assigned to him that we really like and tries to take good Care of him, Thankfully she is stern but has a sense of Humor about dealing with Stubborn Old Male Veteran Patients, of which I'm told, there are more than just mine!  *Ha ha ha*   I know they don't Train them to be so damned Stubborn in Boot Camp and they had long Careers knowing how to take Orders without Question, so does that just come with not HAVING to take Orders now they're Retired, so they just get so that they don't wanna do anything anyone tells them to do anymore I Wonder?!  *LOL*

So there mine sits, glaring at the Doc and I because we're both double teaming him about Compliance with his Health, Med and Weight Loss Regimen, so that he doesn't drop dead prematurely or end up surviving yet another Stroke or Heart Attack!!!   The poor exhausted Caregiver in me just would not be able to sustain him getting worse again to where I couldn't look after him at Home but we couldn't get anyone to accept him in a Long Term Care Facility again either!  That's IF we could afford one, which we can't, and I don't have Staff, so I told him his antics don't just affect him, it affects the Kiddos and I very much too when he won't do what he knows he should do to stabilize his Health sufficiently!

So of coarse we can't have his Labs done coz they would suck for sure now knowing he hasn't even been taking half his Meds like he was supposed to... and now I'm back to watching him take them and making him open his mouth afterwards so I know he swallowed them and isn't spitting them out!  It's not that I'm not used to that, with Caregiving for Seriously Mentally Ill and Brain Damaged Loved Ones so many years I should have never gotten out of the habit of doing it EVER, but you just Hope they improve enough that you don't have to watch out for the sneaky shit they're prone to doing when they don't like taking their Meds or refuse to!  So I'm back to being in Nurse Ratchet Mode and we're back to being in a scene from 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'... The Man doing Jack Nicholson's Role very well too!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Then we go thru the very convoluted Process of getting him Enrolled in Dental since he Needs Dental Implants becoz the TBI caused it so he can't wear Dentures anymore without choking and so he's been gumming it for almost six years now and mostly eating soft foods.   He's a 100% Disabled Vet and Qualifies for all Services but somehow they forgot to ever enroll him in Dental and so we're moving thru that Process now.  He got Qualified that day... which was a Given but still hadda be formally Approved and Verified by a Dept. that does that, so back to the chaos of the Waiting Room again until we could see that Guy.  And now he's Enrolled we wait for a Blessing from another Guy in Charge of Dental, who is presently on Vacation... who will determine if he's eligible for Implants and Assess him!?

So he might actually get Teeth before he dies... or not... you just never know for Sure!?!  We don't have Dental Insurance but at least he has the VA, I do not, and so I'm still procrastinating on my Dental Visit, which I know is going to be epic and expensive due to the Diabetes which wrecks everything, including your gums and teeth even if you try to take good Care of them.  I'm fanatical about my teeth but with the Diabetes not being up under Control, and we're still working on that with my Docs experimenting with whatever Rx concoction might bring it in line, I Need some Dental Work and have to find an affordable Dentist soon!   And I'm scared of the Dentist... I ain't gonna lie... so I've been in Avoidance mode and bought a Chair instead last Week, what can I say?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

No, it's really not Ha-Ha Funny but I'm keeping it 100% with you my Friends... I've got most of the Cash stashed for this Dental fiasco I'm sure I'll have, but I just loathe going and getting all the bad news and scary shit done and not knowing how much it will even Cost?!  And I'd be much more inclined to prefer having Dental Insurance since I've had Friends who can't get their Dental Work done after getting Quotes that were so far into the Stratosphere, you'd have to be independently wealthy to even consider shelling that much out of pocket... and that part scares me too... what if?  I mean if it goes into the Thousands of Dollars, can't swing that right now, don't have Thousands just laying around idly waiting to be spent on ANYTHING!  *Bwahahaha!!!*

I'm just so Thankful that for now anyway, both of The G-Kid Force are still covered under Adoption State appointed Health and Dental Care, because Princess T has to go back to the Dentist this very Afternoon in fact!   We FINALLY got the Approval from her Insurance to extract a Tooth that won't come out and is causing her permanent Tooth not to be able to come in properly.   She's had very stubborn Baby Teeth which won't fall out on their own or be able to be pulled out except by a Dentist... but every time it requires Approval and that can be lengthy with AHCCCS Insurances. 

 Well, any Approval can, it took over a Year to get Approval when she was Younger to get a Tumor removed from her Throat that was strangling her, making it impossible for her to lay down flat to sleep and could have been malignant and kept growing!!!  Thankfully it was benign and got Approved, but then we had the Dog and Pony Show of me not being allowed to sign off on the Surgery since at the time I was a Kinship Placement and Child Protective Services had to be the ones to Sign for her!  I'm so Glad I Adopted them now and we don't have those delays, obstacles and complications anymore where complete Strangers are having to Approve a necessary Surgery for my Grandkids!!! *Whew!*

The Young Prince opted to Work overtime so that I can get his Little Sister to the Dentist on time this Afternoon and not have to Rush picking him up and then speeding to her Dental Office in another Town.   I feel rather like an unpaid Uber Driver lately providing Transport for the Fam... ha ha ha... and our Calendar is looking more than a little cluttered nowadays!   So anyway, since the Arizona Teacher Strike Fiasco is going on and most Schools already had the Walk Out and ours will by Tomorrow, Princess T asked if she could just stay Home due to her Appointment since I'd of had to take her out early anyway?  And as the Strike initiates it's open ended as to when the Kiddos will be returning to School or how extended their school year will have to be in order to be in compliance afterwards?

Which brings me to the Topic of Public Education and how dismal it is in our State due to lack of adequate Funding and a whole host of other problems that I won't even get into because then this would be a freakin' Mini-Series Post!  *LOL*   Arizona ranks like about 49th in spending per Student and it shows... any of you who have been following the ole' Blog any length of time know the theatrics that have played out with our Family and having Special Needs Students being inadequately Educated... funding is even worse for a Child with Special Needs and typically Public School tries to dump them anywhere else they legally can!

I am therefore conflicted... since I am 'with' Teachers receiving adequate salary and Training... and Schools being adequately Funded since the Youth ARE our Future and we're short-changing them ALL right now!  It's a pay now or pay later scenario that they need to straighten out STAT and hopefully the Strike will finally pressure the State into responding... we'll see???   In the meantime it's an Educational System now in more Crisis than it already was... and with a Special Needs Child who is already Academically Challenged and floundering, well, the trickle down effect for a Kid like her isn't Promising so I don't know how to Feel about it all actually???

All I did know was that she was already having pain with her Ear infection, Anxiety about her Tooth extraction, Concern about the School Strike and what that will mean for her Education... it was a LOT all at once and so Yes, I did keep her Home Today and call her in.   What the Hell, after Tomorrow she won't be going to School anyway til' Lord knows when and since there doesn't seem to be a whole lotta Concerns about that length of absence I don't wanna hear any Drama from Attendance about her missing one extra day for a Medical situation being resolved!  *LOL*  You do get the Attendance Hate Mail and Threats to Prosecute you BTW even if you have a Chronically or Seriously Ill Child, just sayin', the level and layer of added Stress that causes doesn't Help when you're trying to Parent the Sick or Disabled Child lemme tell ya!

So mebbe they'll be too busy Striking to send out the Hate Mail and Threats this time, since she missed two days in one Week due to Health Issues and Doc or Dental Visits, Wishful thinking on my part perhaps?  *Smiles*   So anyway... let us now fast forward to the 'Issue' I had at Work Yesterday... when I found that one of my $125 Antique European Bicycle Lamps went Missing and is now MIA and couldn't be located anywhere in the Mall!   Loss Prevention, it's a real big Issue nowadays for any Retail establishment, since Society as a whole have gotten really complacent about what constitutes Criminal Behavior I suppose, since there are so many now doing the Five Finger Discount and thinking it's somehow justifiable or acceptable!!!  No, it's Theft and it's a Crime... and it victimizes and comes at a Cost to Honest folks so I have zero tolerance for it and is pisses me off regardless of who took the financial 'hit' from the Thief!

This is the 2nd expensive item that has disappeared in a Month, the other was an FAO Schwarz Lion that still hasn't turned up.   All had Security Tags on them, both were in line of sight of Security Cameras, you do what you can to deter low life types that Steal merchandise or vandalize it, but you can't always protect your stuff enough.   It kinda messed with my Head last Night, because I was so angry, I had it up high, with two Security loop Tags on it, and I have two more like it so I'm keeping an Eagle Watch on those now lest they grow legs too and walk off!!!   I'm kinda hopeful they will be located somewhere in the Mall ditched by a Customer that just changed their mind, or felt too nervous to boost them, but I'm not delusional, when Expensive items disappear, they're typically stolen and don't turn up.   And right now taking a couple hundred dollar hit in stolen merchandise is sticking in my craw since Sales are back to being Soft again.

I have Closed out my smaller Booth #502 and will be out by next Month, to help defer any potential losses if Sales tank during the Summertime?   I have enough merchandise to fill up all three spaces, but don't want to just be paying Rent, if I'm not making money I'm losing money and you just have to be practical about it even if you Love what you do.   I also would Love to be able to fill my Spaces with the better Quality merchandise all of the time, but not if it's going to be getting jacked all of the time... so I'm very conflicted too about what to Sell there or just Sell Privately to people I know and who are definitely Honest folks I can Trust not to rip me off?

I do know Retailers that have been 'hit' harder and so I feel fortunate that for me it's been not so bad in the seven years I've been doing this.   But I will say it's getting worse and I think that just reflects the overall condition of deterioration of morality and conscience slipping in Society at large.  It's a slippery slope, those who will Steal a little, will Steal a lot, it's just a matter of Opportunity for a Thief.   If a person is shady enough to rip anyone off, they cannot be Trusted, period.   Thieves and Liars are two Types I don't want anything to do with, if someone shows themselves to be either, or both, cut them loose and drop 'em like a Rock!

I kinda got over it by the end of my Shift, you just have to and move on... or it will eat you up and make you too angry and cynical.  So I just put a Gypsy Curse on whoever is ripping me off and let their Bad Karma come back on them... it always does and they will have deserved it.   Nope, don't have an ounce of Pity for those who victimize others and then get pay-back when Karma catches up with them... I'll Celebrate it in fact!   So... other than a slew of Medical Issues for the Family and getting ripped off lately, everything has been Swell... bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

No, really, kidding aside, things have been pretty good overall and there has been more Positives than Negs and that's good Balance because we all like our Positive Vibes to predominate.   We know the Negs will come, and so you just have to adjust your reaction and attitude about when they do and keep your Sense of Humor.   Like when I'd just gotten The Man out of the VA Hospital after the Epic Speech his Doc had given him about better Dietary Choices when HE chooses meals and me being in complete Agreement with her... and then I take him out for Breakfast five minutes later and he tries to order Biscuits And Gravy!!!   *LMAO*  Yeah, HE DID... and I says to the Waitress, who knows us, NO, he's NOT having that... now pick a Healthier Choice that your Doc didn't forbid Dear... and he petulantly pouts and pulls a grimacing face and orders something Healthier and then only eats half of it coz it wasn't slathered in Gravy!!!  *Le Sigh*

Now I know he has Memory Care Issues still, but damn, we just told him about Biscuits & Gravy not being the BEST choice when he argued that he doesn't eat much and always orders the smaller portion of such things as that!  You know, to Justify his morbid obesity Issue not being entirely his fault... bwahahaha!   He can't exercise much due to other Health issues which are significant, so we have to rely upon the Dietary portion for most of the Weight Loss Goals.  He'd had his bad Knee X-Rayed while we were at the VA too so we'll likely be having more dialogue about the condition of his poor Legs again and Hoping to avoid more Surgeries!?  Since he's practically bionic now with all the hardware the VA already has put into him over the years to rebuild him after years of Combat and Service related injuries!!!

I need to keep him Ambulatory for a whole lot of Caregiver reasons, he's a big Man and lifting him when he was Wheelchair bound before, or fell, required The Son assisting me and he doesn't live on our property anymore!   The Young Prince isn't strong enough yet to help lift Grandpa and I don't need a back injury to sideline or cripple me Thank You very much!   We also addressed the Stubborn Issue of him being too Proud to want to utilize his Walkers or Canes consistently too so now I'm dogging him about that shit as well so he doesn't take more falls and break a hip or something!   I got him all of the Medical Equipment he should use daily, fought hard and long for it in fact, since just getting it because you NEED it is never enough when the Govt. is supplying it. There is always a convoluted Process and Battle involved in actually Receiving it!  So when he then won't use it, I want to set it all on Fire in front of him I tell ya!  *LOL*

Now, he is Aware he Married a Crazy Woman, so if I threaten to get the matches he knows I'm at saturation point of going into Battle for him to receive what he needs and then he won't use it.  You know, like the CPAP Machine that I spent Months battling the VA to receive for his Sleep Apnea and even had them give me a Private Class since the Mass Class was always held on an Evening I Work... and then he wore it once and swore it was suffocating him and we now get regular calls from the VA saying it's not transmitting data... yeah, WE KNOW!   We think he's probably now OK with dying in his Sleep... me too... dying in MY Sleep I mean *Winks*... since I don't wanna wake up to a Stiff lying beside me, wouldn't be a Good Morning!  *Bwahahahaha*

And becoz they don't know how things Roll here at The Villa Boheme' Asylum and don't always 'Get' my dry Dark Humor when I answer their Questions, sometimes they're just shocked by my responses... but I don't Care anymore.  It's not as if they're gonna send in the Cavalry and replace me, so, Deal with it as it is... and they do.  Since they know this shit would cost them way more if they had to find an Alternative Placement for him and see if their Posse could get him into better Compliance...  I would not be able to resist one of their favorite famous lines as I would tritely say... "Good luck with that and I Hope it all works out!?"  *Bwahahahahaha!*   The Caregivers among us will appreciate the Gallows Humor.

And you simply MUST have it, a Dark sense of Humor when you're Dealing with ridiculous shit, or you will simply NOT stay Sane my Friends... well, a semblance of Sanity anyway... some might Question whether I AM still Sane, me too!!?!?  *LMAO*   I do find however, that when Dealing with Agencies, Systems and the like, if they aren't really SURE you ARE still Sane, they are more apt to take you Seriously since they certainly don't wanna Risk you going off the Deep End on them and having a very Public Epic Meltdown.  Yep, whatever Works I Work It my Friends and Yep, I have had the Epic very Public Meltdown and without Shame or Inhibitions... I'll put on a Show worthy of Barnum and Bailey that you could Sell tickets for!   *Smiles*

And what about if they Call the Cops you might ask... well, don't threaten me with a Good Time... I'd be certain to tell them I have no problem going to Jail because it's looking more and more like a Vacay to me, since I haven't had one of those in an Eternity... and any Respite will do at this stage of The Game.  In fact, I might not want to come out and resume my Position and The System could then just Fund the whole shebang of Alternative Placement for them all! Which they surely don't wanna be burdened with the complexities and expense of, along with my incarceration expenses... very spendy for all four of us you know... so... probably won't happen after careful consideration by whoever might be holding the phone and getting ready to make THAT call?!?  *Winks*

Besides, my Epic Meltdowns don't threaten harm to anyone anyway, just loss of Career and shit like that which I'm serious as a Heart Attack about once I've been jerked around too much and they wanna Go Hard with me and go to the dirt about it and see who wins that showdown.  You can take the Gal out of the Hood but ya can't take da Hood outta the Gal, so if someone wants it to be On and go there with me, Hell, I'll Oblige.  I seriously doubt anyone wants to become my Obsession to take down and utterly destroy the Future of, because I have nothing to lose by the time I'm on THAT Mission lemme tell ya!  Have I ever ruined the Career of someone who wasn't up to their Job and it seriously Negatively impacted my Loved Ones, you betcha...   But so far, so good, haven't had to lob off any Heads lately and see them Roll... which is probably a Good Thing since I'm just not in the Mood... and Battles, even Won, are EXHAUSTING my Friends!  *Smiles*

And my Schedule is just too full to throw in a Battle or two anyway... you know how it is when you just have to choose your Battles Wisely.   Plus I prefer to just be a Nice Zen Person and Hope that others then respond in Kind so that I don't have to bring Dark Dawn out to Play.   She's not very Nice you know, nor Zen...  *Winks*   

Besides, this is what I'm Dealing with Today... ALL DAY... since it's out of School and re-styling it's Hair incessantly and has gone thru about half a dozen Hairstyles it then rips out in utter disgust and stomps off to re-style again... and again... and... well, you get it, she's rather on Edge Today and can't pick a Mood and just stick with it... any Mood!  *UH OH*   Here was the one that just reminded me of her Channeling Harley Quinn... never a Good Sign!  *LOL*   It goes from this Sweet Smiling Face to The Beast Princess Face which is rarely Smiling unless in a Maniacal way like The Joker as played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and you all remember how benign that didn't look!  *Winks*

So she tore this hairstyle out before she even left the room... and stomped off yet again for hairstyle No. 937688209...   we'll be Glad when we have the Tooth extracted and all is right with her World again and her Anxiety subsides to where she's not Neurotic... Psychotic... and all the tics... *Winks*

And we'll end this Post with a pix of my new Old Persian Rug Runner I got at such a Bargain I can't even tell you... so it replaced the other Persian Runner in the Kitchen, which will be Sold Off now.  This one is older and a much better Quality and Pattern, with just the perfect amount of wear... Love it!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Wow! Is all I can say. That rug is superb, and your life is full!
    Sorry to hear about Princess T's health and The Man's health. And about the thefts :-(
    But glad you still manage to make an entertaining post showing your sense of humour still intact, for now!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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