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Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part III

So we are back at SWEET SALVAGE for the 3rd installment for Blog Coverage of the Event, which was a wrap Sunday Afternoon, so I Hope you got a chance to attend before then?   One of my favorite Vignettes at the Event was this Cool Collage Collection of Vintage Flash Art paying Homage to Old School Tattoo Artists!  This is so my Style of Decor, had budget permit, I would have liked to of purchased at least one, if not the entire set of Collage Art, since it was a great idea.  This one and the one below were my two favorites.

But my New Chair was my single purchase this day and tapped out the Savings and the budget for extravagances.   So the two favorite Collages above had to be left behind, as well as the two below, which were also wonderful and whoever ends up with any of them, or all of them, is fortunate to find this type of Collection for their Home or Shop.   These would be Cool as Decor in a Tattoo Parlor for sure... tho' they would have hung nicely and proudly on any Wall at Villa Boheme' as well.  *Winks*

I really like Collage Art, it's Interesting and builds almost an instant Collection in one Frame.   I also like Old School Tattoos and even tho' Tattoos have come a long way in Stylization and now being Legal as an Art Form, and the Realism ones are Killer, and I Love Black and Grey Tattoos, I just have a Nostalgic soft spot for Old School Style, they were Fun and Funky.   Yes, I come from way back in a time when I remember it was actually an Illegal profession and most Women, unless they were from a Tribe or a Carny, didn't have them.  My Paternal Grandmother had many and I always thought that was way Cool and she was the only Woman I knew that had any. 

These were not brought in on Opening Day, which just goes to show you that a lot of Killer Merchandise is brought in thruout the Event and you can Score some incredible pieces even if you come on any one of the four days... or every one of the days to search for those items you can't live without!   I can honestly say that there are not many places I can Shop where I find a vast array of Treasures I'd LOVE to own... but at every Sweet Event there sure is!!!

And the Warehouse Section has been a great addition to the Event, it often has just my Style of Treasures and a similar Vibe to how I like the ambiance at Home.   Some of the Designers in the Warehouse, like my Friend Kenny, are Skilled Fabricators and Create so many of their pieces, so there are numerous OOAK furnishings Created just for each Show!!!

So after I'd immediately Scored my Chair on the 2nd visit to the Event I could just mosey around being Inspired by everything else.   Also talking to Friends and other Customers about various Decorating Projects we all have either in progress or on the canvas of our imaginations.   We also often talk about what we just bought or are looking for and Hope to find and buy.   You will find many Kindred Spirits at these Events, folks who Love The Thrill Of The Hunt as much as you do... Enjoy Decorating as much as you do... and want their Homes to mirror their very Essence in the way they have created the atmosphere in their personal spaces.

I met the delightful Woman who bought this Fabulous Chair, Beth, who was one of the Founders of "Retro Ranch" here in Town, a Cool Vintage Shop, which I believe is now called "Retro Redux" and is also in the Melrose District of Cool Vintage Shops up and down 7th Avenue here in Phoenix.   If you ever require an Enabler to come into Agreement with you about buying a piece you're infatuated with, well, there will be plenty of us visiting The Sweet to help you firmly decide to go for it!   A few of us might have convinced and enabled Beth to go for it and buy this Chair... *Winks*

So leave that Friend at Home who might be more inclined to talk you out of buying what you suddenly have a Love Affair with, you can Thank me later.  *Winks*   Your Friend might also Thank me later since when you DON'T buy something they talked you out of and then you have non-buyer's remorse FOREVER, well, it could wreck a perfectly Good Friendship, right?!?  *LMAO*   It's True, The Man regrets anything he ever talked me out of that I can never, ever now get off of my Heart and Mind eternally as the ones that got away and I shouldda, wouldda, couldda bought had he not talked me out of it dammit!!!  *Smiles*   This is why I rarely bring him along, it's better for the both of us!  *Bwahahaha!!!*

Now that's not to say I haven't sometimes kicked myself in the ass for talking myself out of something and seriously waffling and then regretting it!   If I'm wrestling over a purchase it is tougher to just walk away and not have those second thought about whether or not you did the right thing?   That's why I had to come back for The Chair and I was fortunate it hadn't Sold by the time I finally decided I hadda have it!

And I can't even tell you how many times I've had a Customer at our Antique Mall who was on a solid Mission to locate a specific item, found it, and then still freakin' waffled... walked away... then came back later, sometimes days or weeks later... and TOO LATE because it had Sold and they were then absolutely devastated!   If price point was not the reason for walking away, perhaps because it wasn't within budget... and that happens, lets face it... then walking away if you could afford it and it's there for you to buy it and end the search, is just foolishness if it's exactly what you'd been looking for!!!

So many unique items you may not ever get a second chance at... I think mass produced items and shops that carry them have given the illusion to the consumer that they can always come back later and be ensured they can still get one... but when you're buying Antique, Vintage, Collectible or OOAK pieces, that's just rarely the case.   You snooze and you lose, someone else will get it and then you'll just have to Hope you are Lucky enough to find another one, or something similar or comparable at least?  Yours to Gamble upon I suppose, I'm just not much of a Gambler myself, when I finally see what I've been desperately seeking... or stumble upon the Ideal Dream piece, unless I can't afford it, it's coming Home with me!

I also Upgrade a lot, I might buy a lesser quality item at first until the primo quality one shows up or I can afford, then I Sell Off the Starter piece.  My Mom taught me that tactic and it's served me well, Thanks Mom!   Mom would never buy costume jewelry, she always bought the Real Deal and if she couldn't afford the expensive piece or bigger size, she'd settle at first for the modest ones and then Trade-Up over time.  The Real Deal is almost always a better Investment and she always did well in the Trade-Ups, since over time even the Modest pieces typically gained in Value and gave her a profitable Trade-In allowance.

My Parents also liked The Good Stuff, even when we didn't have much money, they'd Save madly to buy the very best they could afford, ALWAYS!  So they always had quality items, even if they had to wait a long time to be able to afford them, they'd do without until they could get The Good Stuff that would last and gain in Value.   Having that Modeled for you growing up was a Lesson in knowing what The Good Stuff even is, believe me some people don't know it even when they see it... and knowing it's a better Investment in the long run.

Teach your Children and Grandchildren about The Good Stuff, the G-Kid Force have been able to spot authentic items and know a fake since they were knee high!   That's how Princess T managed to spot a Thirty Thousand Dollar Persian Rug curbside on bulk garbage day and have me rescue it, when she was still so small she was sitting in a car seat on the passenger side of the Truck when she spotted it under a pile of debris and told me to stop and get it!   I still have that Amazing Rug, which is a huge hand loomed Wool and Vegetable dyed Antique Palace size Kerman Tree Of Life Design, that probably took the Artisan a Decade or more to weave, she will inherit it, and have a great Story to tell to future generations.

Don't underestimate how interested your Young People will be in having the knowledge of such things imparted to them, if you've taught them to have a high Financial IQ anyway, they'll know they can make money off of having this valuable knowledge... and everybody likes making and having money at any age, right?  *Winks*   Even if the Stuff itself doesn't interest them, knowing how much Bank they could make off the flip of it will!  *Ha ha ha*   Like Princess T said, the ignorance of the people who put that Thirty Thousand Dollar Rug curbside cost them a small fortune because they didn't recognize how valuable it was!  Ignorance is not often Bliss... what you don't know... well, it can cost you dearly!   And if you don't know a lot yet, at least surround yourself with people who do!

I have always said I know what I know... but I don't know what I don't know... so what I don't know much or anything about, I'll solicit the advice of those who do know and have the expertise I lack in that area, whatever it is.  People who have vast knowledge about anything are usually some of the most Gracious Mentors you'll ever come across if you're willing to listen, learn and respect their knowledge, sage advice and expertise.  It'll be a Free Education to pick the brains of these individuals willing to Mentor you about what they're knowledgeable about and might have had to spend an entire Lifetime getting to know!

And if someone is at the Season of advanced Life where they'll willing to Pass The Mantle on to you as their prodigy, then you are Lucky indeed to be the Chosen One inheriting their vast Lifetime of valuable knowledge and being Mentored by them and taken under their Wing!   I owe so much to my Past Mentors... and there is a long list of them... older people who recognized I'd be interested to learn what they knew and walk in their footsteps after they decided to Retire... or even after they Retired and were wanting to Pass The Mantle to someone in the next Generations so it wouldn't be knowledge Lost.

I'm Thankful to my Wise Dad who always told me that if you couldn't afford advanced Formal Education, Life would provide you with people put in your Path that could give you a Free Education... just look for the White Hair and the ones ready to Pass The Mantle to a willing Student.   Best advice ever... in my Corporate Lives it even sped me past some of my peers who had more degrees than a thermometer from prestigious Colleges and Universities, but didn't have a Mentor in their chosen Career Field and entered the work force thinking they already knew everything because they had Diplomas and Degrees to arrogantly prove it but zero actual Experience and had cultivated no contacts in the Industries of choice.  *LOL*   There's an old saying that comes to Mind and the end of it is crass and off color but I'll use it anyway to make a point... it's not always what you know, but who you know or who you blow...  True that!   *LOL*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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