Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part II

So, Today after I dropped the Young Prince off at Work I was able to make the trek back to SWEET SALVAGE to get THE Chair!   I had wrestled with the decision only briefly, here's the down low on the story, I have a gorgeous but low Antique Embroidered Wing Back Chair already in the Library which has short legs, I'm at the Age now where I can't get up out of it without help from the Grandkids or The Man! *LOL*  So, The Man had suggested I just get a comfortable Chair for Reading in the Library that I could get up out of all by myself without hollering for someone to rescue me from the Antique Chair anymore.  *Smiles*  It turns out the Antique German Grain Sack darker Chair was much more expensive than the other one, so that wasn't even within budget and crossed that one off the list immediately... so now there was absolutely no agonizing over which one to buy!  *Whew!*

And that's probably fortuitous since there was also a Fab Antique German Grain Sack Framed in a Shabby Black Antique Frame that I would have then NEEDED to buy if the Chair had been within budget, since they matched!  *Bwahahahaha!*  And justifying bringing Home more than just the Chair would have been a stretch my Friends, so it was a relief really that I couldn't even consider either one of these.  *Whew!!!*  Since The Man didn't bat an Eyelash about me springing for a Custom Upholstered Reading Chair for the Library I didn't wanna frustrate Grace by pushing the ticket over the line with the proverbial give her an inch and she'll take a mile thing. *LOL*  In fact, The Man and The Force LOVED said Chair when I brought it Home and thought it complimented the Library decor very well.

And at least the Antique German Grain Sack upholstered Chair and Framed Sack gave me sufficient Inspiration for what I could do later on if I Score some Antique German Grain Sacks for a couple of 'Projects'.   I have a wealth of Beautiful Antique Grain Sacks from Europe, just none of the German ones with all the Black Writing, harder to Source here in America and especially on the West Coast, which seems still quite mired in the faux Southwest decor and fabrics... Gak... those of you living here in Arizona know what I'm talkin' about!!!  *Winks*   The Real Deal Antique European Linens and Feed Sack Upholstery is way more refined as a Style and yet also quite Simple, sturdy and utilitarian at the same time, for a Fresh take on Modern Country Decor.  I like that it looks Classy and Classic Timeless Styling but without being Pretentious.

And my Friends over at Sweet wanted to know where I'd put it and so here you are.   We moved it around the Library until we decided this would be the Ideal spot, since The Man said it separated the Room from the Hallway better and you could display both the front and the back of this Fab Chair, which needs to be seen from all angles to fully appreciate it.  If you have Eyes like an Eagle you might even notice that down the end of the Entry Hallway, at about the fourth Arch, on the floor, are a slew of boxes already packed up with Fresh Inventory that will be Showroom Bound Tomorrow to fund the purchase of said New Chair!  *LOL*   Since this was more of an extravagant purchase than I'd anticipated, I amplified my five-to-one Rule when I brought the Chair in and gathered together about twenty five items to Sell Off, which will more than fund the Chair's purchase.   So one killer Keeper furnishing IN and a slew of possessions Culled and on their way OUT, a Win-Win... Booyah!

Actually the Hue of the Antique Fabric complimented the Warm Hues of the fitted Carpeting and Walls of this Room far better than the Darker Chair would have.   The Man liked that it's a nice wide Chair for a Big Man that he can easily fit into comfortably and the Down Seat Cushion is like sitting on a Cloud!  As you're walking up the Hallway you can see The Party In The Back of this Chair and it's so Inviting, which was why placement had to be visible Front and Back, I wasn't hiding this much Eye Candy from full view!   So Color me Happy that I decided to dip into Savings and just buy it rather than opting to Charge it, since I dislike buying anything on Credit... the Retired Banker in me abhors paying Interest on top of any Purchase!  *LOL*

So Thursday Morning I'd stopped in to a Fav little Restaurant called Kiss The Cook in Glendale for Breakfast before hitting the Sweet Event and had Fresh Fruit Crepe with Irish Clotted Cream, Banana Bread Muffin, their Famous Country Potatoes and a Fruit Salad... Nom Nom.  I'm becoming quite the Foodie of late and since I'm seen Photographing my food for FB and Blog Fodder, dont'cha know most of the Restaurants and Staff now seem to have made the Assumption I'm some kinda Under Cover Food Critic and so their presentation of my dishes is above and beyond, quite sublime actually, and they tell me all about their Chefs in the back!  *LMAO*   It wasn't Intentional on my part, I was very discreet about it in fact... but I'm saying this just so that you might discreetly Photograph yours and then be texting immediately and see what happens to the Quality of your Food and Service too my Friends... and better get to know your Waiters, Waitresses and even the Chefs of the Establishments you dine at regularly?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

As for me, perhaps since my Dad was a superb Master Chef and always presented Food Artfully and Beautifully, so that you could eat it with your Eyes first... I fully Appreciate expertly prepared food and the proper presentation of it done Skillfully and Artfully.   So it's too Lovely NOT to Share on Social Media and give Shout-Outs and Compliments to the Restaurants and Chefs that totally ROCK it!   When anything is a Thing Of Beauty I cannot resist Photographing it now!  I don't have to be a paid Food Critic to give my Critique about the best Haunts around Town where you won't be disappointed in anything you order and the Staff are Warm and Friendly, often even becoming Friends over the years of frequenting an Establishment as a Regular.   So this Morning, since it was too early for Sweet yet by the time I hit Central Phoenix, I went to 'Gertrude's' at The Desert Botanical Gardens too and had Breakfast alfresco in the Courtyard.   This is a Traditional Mexican Sope version of Eggs Benedict with Green Chile Lime Sauce, Chorizo, hand made Corn Tortilla and Garlic Smashed Fingerling Potatoes... with Berry Basil Lemonade... fancy schmancy, I ate with my little finger pointed upward and out!  *LMAO*

Strolling thru the Gardens in the Cool of the Morning before it heats up and after a Wonderfully prepared Breakfast eaten outside too, was just an ideal way to start the day.   Everything is still blooming wildly and since Spring in the Desert can be fleeting, I want to spend as many Mornings out Enjoying Nature's Bounty before she rolls up the carpet of Wildflowers and prepares the Land for a brutally Hot Desert Summer!!!   Like Winter elsewhere, the Desert hibernates in the Summertime when the weather gets extreme!   *Smiles*   But during Springtime Nature shows out and shows off abundantly! 

If you've never seen nor felt a Cactus Blossom then you might not realize how very Surreal they are in every way!  From the Vibrant Colors of every Hue to the often enormously over-sized Blossoms with Waxy Petals and often heady interesting Aromas, especially of the Night Blooming Cacti varieties, like Queen Of The Night, that attract Bats to pollinate them in the Cool of the Evenings.  I have a deep affection for Desert plants of all kinds because in many ways they are as resilient as Weeds... and thrive against all odds and in any extreme conditions.   The Young Prince found a Meme I just Love about that tenacity of Nature and one of my Favorite Weeds, the lowly Dandelion, which I've Loved since Childhood when we'd make Jewelry Chains out of them and wear them Proudly... I'm Sharing it below... and it reminds me of how Cactus behave too... Blooming where ever they're planted and in any Conditions!

Yes, we'll get back to strolling around Sweet soon, but right now lets stroll the Botanical Gardens together and take a brief Nature Break, it restores the Soul!

The Palo Verde Blossoms were thick and heavy, fluttering down off the Trees like Golden Rain... I had my Dreads full of them, since everything sticks to Dreads like Velcro, so looking quite like a Flower Child by the time I left the Gardens!  *Smiles*

Seriously, strolling down Pathways lined with dozens of heavily Blossoming Palo Verde Trees has an Ethereal Quality to it, absolutely Magical!   For a Tree that typically doesn't even sport Leaves most of the time in order to conserve water and energy, which is why the Trunk and Branches are Green to photosynthesize instead, when they decide to Bloom they go Bananas and are an explosion of bright Yellow Blossoms... a Feast for the Senses!!!

Not to be outdone, the Cacti were a profusion of huge vivid Blossoms as well!  The sounds of Bees buzzing around them was so loud you'd of thought a small prop plane was overhead!  *LOL*   Didn't capture any Bees in mid-flight Today, tho' several were buried so deep inside the Blossoms it was like they were drunk with Pollen Dust exposure and rolling around in there blissfully gathering their haul to take back to the Hive!  *Smiles*

I got busted and in a bit of Trouble taking this amazing shot, coz it was in the Forbidden section entering the Garden where you're not supposed to pull over and park, yet I couldn't NOT capture this Amazing Image.  For the Love of Art I'm willing to risk getting told off sometimes and safely break a few Rules, I ain't gonna  lie!  *Winks*   The Tour Bus Driver saw me first and rolled down his window to tell me he was sure Glad somebody was going to immortalize that Gorgeous Scene because it had taken his breath away this Morning when he first saw the Saguaro blooming so abundantly with the backdrop of the Lovely Papago Mountain Range, which looks rather like a Moonscape!  So Bus Driver Dude was clearly a Kindred Spirit and "Got It", giving me a hearty thumbs up, Smiling broadly and praising me for taking the risk of venturing into the Forbidden Zone!  *LOL*  I'm SURE I'm therefore the ONLY one who captured this Image in all it's Magnificence?!?

Okay, so I'm stealthily heading back to the Truck, which was parked off on a side Street safely and completely NOT obstructing traffic, but where 'Employees and Volunteers' only are to apparently turn into, thinking I got away with my little Pathological Picture Taking Rule Breaking. That's when I saw the Golf Cart and DBG Patrol Lady sternly standing there in her Uniform, which kinda resembles a Prison Guard's, with her arms crossed and scowling, waiting to tell me off!  *Uh Oh... Bwahahahaha!*  I felt like a Kid just getting busted running down the Hallway at School, she was an older British Lady with a very posh accent, so it almost sounded Funny that she was telling me off but in such a proper Queen's English kinda way, which just can't sound Rude because it's just too proper and polite sounding!  *LMAO*   She actually was very decent about it and I Promised her I usually don't break the Rules of straying rebelliously, but that Image HAD to be preserved and immortalized in a Blog Post about how Wonderful the Garden's Beauty is!  Yeah, I suck up well when it seems like the Right thing to do to break the tension and be on my way, I didn't think she had authority to write Tickets, but ya never know... and I don't wanna risk getting banned from The Gardens, I'm a long time Member... winks.  

So after escaping the DBG Patrol Lady and her stern reprimand, off to the Event I merrily went.    I think I got much better Images this time around since it wasn't as hectic as opening day, tho' it was still exceedingly busy and I still had to park in the lower forty and hike in.  *LOL*   Luckily for loading my Chair I managed to get a space in front when I pulled around when it was time for me to leave so I could pick The Young Prince up from Work, so that was fortuitous.  Though I was running late so I was driving rather fast to be transporting said Chair in the back of the Truck and it tipped over about halfway, but was just Fine.  *LOL*   Note to Self: You need to allot more commute time when you're transporting large Furniture in the back of your Truck and it's a blustery day or that shit will take flight!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Don't worry, I'd put the seat cushion in the back seat so it wouldn't blow away and they'd wrapped the rest of the Chair in cellophane to keep it Clean during Transport.  Can't begin to tell you how many times I've seen Furniture Seat Cushions roadside that blew out of people's open Truck beds.

Now, even tho' this was a 'Color Stories' Themed Event this Month and I'm a very Colorful Gal, wouldn't you know the Neutrals and Off White's were really Calling to me both days I attended, how Strange is that?!?   There were many vibrant Colors telling a Story and yet for some unfathomable reason, I realized I hadn't been photographing very many of them, Curious indeed!!!   Am I going over to the Light Side from the Dark Side... say it ain't so??!??!?!?!?!  Naw... not a chance!!!. *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

I think there was just some Killer Vintage Brocante Style Treasures and they just lured me in like a Siren's Song.   And of coarse all of the Vignettes are so Artfully, Skillfully Displayed and Merchandised by the very Talented Designer Teams.    And I'm Glad that Fresh Vignettes and Merchandise are added Daily so each day of the four day Event it looks like a totally New Experience, so you could go every day and see something entirely different.   A lot of large Furnishings were Selling like Crazy, so it wasn't just the Smalls that were different, and as I carted my own Chair Home I realized there must be many of us still feathering our Nests on a larger scale when the right pieces come along?!

I mean I don't know about you, but I never seem quite Done my Friends, it seems like I'm always adding something, taking something away, foofing and re-foofing my surroundings at Home and tweaking the Ambiance of Villa Boheme' to get it Just Right.   I really intend to get to the place where I never want to get rid of Villa Boheme' and could see us here for the long haul, so I'm trying to make it feel so much like our Forever Home, that it just might be?  And even if it isn't meant to be, Enjoying it in the Moment is just the Right thing to do and I know this logically, even tho' Homesickness for my Old Homestead and previous Community is still very strong most days.   We visit regularly tho' and get to spend time around people we've known for Generations when we're visiting The Hood, so it's all Good.

And I know for Sure that Princess T especially is better off here in this Community, as she's entering those turbulent years of blossoming into a full fledged Teen and Young Woman.   She's got very Nice Friends here, she has established her Posse now of BFF's and some Young Male Admirers too in a much Safer environment... and almost all of her Friends have a Pool so she's exercising regularly, Rollerblading, Swimming, Gymnastics on the Park Playground and playing Soccer or Basketball... and getting as Bronzed as a Young Golden Goddess.   Her Grandpa and Big Brother said they would have worried about her entering Young Womanhood in da Hood... and I agree, it could have gone Left real easy since she's a very Free Spirited Girl.

And most of the time she's out and about in the Neighborhood here having one heck of a Positive Social Life now and that's Good, that's what I want for her as she's Maturing and finding her Way.   The Young Prince is such an Old Soul I didn't worry so much about him, he's got a very Sage Head on his shoulders and wasn't prone to being reckless or rebellious... he's rather the type to be on the Geek Squad and Inventing something up in his room and his Posse are the Brilliant Minds of Tomorrow who will likely Lead a Nation and do Great Things!  His new job is working out very well and he just Loves it, he looks forward to going to Work every day and that makes my Heart Glad too as he's quickly becoming a Man.   There will be more installments of this Colorful Event my Friends so be sure to come back and Enjoy it all with us!

Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. But how will you keep your chair clean? And will you sell the shorter one?
    Questions, questions! It was lovely to get a glimpse of your home. I think the placement is spot on. You really scored!
    All those flowering cacti etc. are sooo amazing. We too have dormancy here in Summer. Our natives flower in Winter. Those yellow trees are amazing! I can just see you as a flower child.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I've got to Scotch Guard the Hell out of that Chair to keep it clean with this crew Jack... LOL... the Family agreed they will always wear clean clothing and wash their hands before plonking on it. *winks* And I was a Flower Child in the Sixties and Seventies so I guess entering my 2nd Childhood in Senior Years I could come full circle, right? Winks

    2. PS: Forgot to answer the 2nd Question: Will Keep the short Antique Chair because it's so Beautiful and intricately carved Wood and Beautiful Petite Point and Vintage Velvet Material in a Deep Raspberry and Dark Blue.

    3. Sounds so gorgeous I don't know how you can bring yourself to sit on it!
      They must have been much shorter then. Jazzy Jack


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