Friday, April 20, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories Event

Yes, it was time once again to make the Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE to catch the Theme of 'Color Stories' for this Month's Event.  I expected a lot of Color so thought I'd gravitate to the Boho merchandise, but instead, I found myself lusting after all that was French Country Inspired... go figure!  I think it had something to do with spying these Amazing hand painted over-sized Demijohns from Vineyards straight out of France as soon as I walked thru the doors!  *Gasp!*   I stopped dead in my tracks, causing a traffic jam... and wanting to photograph both for Blog fodder, but fearful I would malinger too long in Pathological Picture Taker Mode and miss the op to actually claim and buy one... so conflicted!  And there were two... and so I had to also quickly choose, between this one...

Or this one... since I couldn't swing the budget for both... dammit!   This one won out by a very narrow margin because it had the name of the Region of France where the Vineyard is rather than just the name of the Wine.  It was the only item I bought, such restraint, because lemme tell ya, this Event was packed with Fabulous merchandise I would have loved to drag Home to Villa Boheme'!   I have over-sized Demijohns across our Informal Dining Room Windows leading out into the Inner Courtyard, they catch the light like stained glass and are a variety of hues of Vintage glass... Green, Amber, Turquoise, Teal, Clear... but none are hand painted, these are the first I've ever seen!  And you know what they say about that, if you've never seen one before, buy it... coz you'll never know if you'll ever see another one again in this lifetime?!  *Winks*

So, after quickly securing my one and only purchase that would max out my budget, it took a lot of the pressure off the rest of the Event, because I knew everything else could merely be Photographed and not bought.  No matter how much it made my Heart flutter, Pulse race and take my Breath away... and there was much this day that would my Friends!   From the hand painted Meerschaum Sacred Heart Necklace... never seen one where the Meerschaum had been painted... and so owning this one would have been so Sweet... alas... you know... didn't have time to rob any Banks or anything to round up quick cash... so... hadda reluctantly leave it behind!  *Smiles and Le Sigh*

And the Antique European Grain Sack upholstered Wing Back Chairs that were to Die For... couldn't get one of those either... dammit!!!  I have a place on the ole' Bucket List Wish List for one of these you know, for the Library... but so long as Men, Kids and Pets live at Villa Boheme'... anything with White or Cream upholstery can never live here safely!  *Pouting petulantly!*   And this one was really WANTING to come Home with me, you have no idea how much of a forbidden Love Affair was going on here when I spied it, fondling it tenderly... knowing I could never have it... it brought a tear to my Eyes my Friends!!!   The Boro Mending was Divine... Loved the Oatmeal Linen... but that Cream Fabric would have been a Hot Mess in no time flat here at Villa Boheme' and then I would have been wanting to harm someone when it got soiled and I completely lost my shit about it, you know?!  *LOL*

And what good is a Chair if I had to forbid everybody from sitting on it?!?!??  *LMAO*   NO... you must just LOOK at said Lovely Chair and simply Admire it, then sit on the floor to read your Books or Off With Your Heads!!!!  And me then standing Guard, like a rabid bat shit crazy Sentinal Red Queen, to ensure nobody broke the ridiculous Rule, it would have been all too much Insanity and Work my Friends and I haven't fallen quite THAT far down the Rabbit Hole yet!  *Winks*   But I was having a lustfest of Epic proportions with this one, because it wasn't just Divine in the front...

There was also a Party In The Back!   OMG, I was thinking that from any angle this one would look killer in a Room, it would almost be a shame not to place it somewhere that it couldn't be seen from every angle in fact!   I was seriously very, very conflicted about whether or not to rush back this weekend with the Charge Card and just get it and make a few payments as I Sold other shit Off from Home until I'd completely funded it??!?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   But I prefer to pay Cash for everything and so I resisted, and it's almost painful to look at the Images of it... and I almost Hope they just Sold it while I've been gone... just so I can maintain my resolve NOT to procure it!??!!  *Smiles*

But there was also another Problem you see... in my Mind's Eye and upon the Canvas of my Imagination about the Epic European Grain Sack upholstered Wing Back Chair I would one day purchase, it had Writing upon the Sack... and darker upholstery around it, to go more with my Sensibilities of Color Palette... you know... like...

THIS ONE!!!   Yep, there were two Divine European Grain Sack upholstered Wing Back Chairs and thus I would have had to make an agonizing decision about which one even IF I could have afforded to bring one Home that day!!!   And this one had the EXACT type of Grain Sack with lettering I'd envisioned, along with a Lovely Darker Linen that wouldn't show the dirt.  I liked the Bones and Lines of the other Chair more and the fatter seat cushion and longer arm rests and Boro Mending... so it would have been form and fashion over exact Upholstery... I would have wrestled endlessly with myself over which one to choose?!??!!   This one was more the Aesthetic for Villa Boheme'... 


And I never did get to see if this one also had a Party In The Back or not?  I might have had to sit upon both to decide which one I couldn't Live without?  They were identical in price, so that part wasn't a consideration... and either Chair would have made me Happy to bring Home actually... I would have just had to of Gotten Over the other one.  *Smiles*   But I came Home with neither... because there was no budget for Chairs... there's so many annoyingly necessary things on the List of NEEDS like expensive Dental Work for me and I have no Dental Insurance, Driving Lessons for the Young Prince and a 2nd Vehicle so I don't have to Chauffeur him around forever.  And...

New Shoes for Princess T because... This is how she looked when I picked her up from the Park after School Today!!!   I'm NOT kidding... she called, "Can you come get me Gramma, I can't walk Home coz the bottoms fell out of my Shoes!!!"   LITERALLY!!!   So she was wearing them halfway up her legs standing at the side of the road!    You just cannot make shit like this up!     

And with The G-Kid Force this type of scenario plays out almost continuously when it comes to Shoes, Clothes, Accessories, Ear Phones, Backpacks... I should buy Stock in all of the Companies that make such shit for Kids because I'm certain I'm bankrolling all their current Investors anyway!  *LOL*   How they manage to lose or utterly destroy everything is mind boggling actually and so the bulk of my Savings goes towards Epic Emergencies involving what they have just lost, outgrown or utterly destroyed with use!   This one is growing at the speed of Light anyway so it wouldn't have been long before said Shoes would have been too small anyway... but how one wears them out to the point the bottom falls out of both of them just goes to show ya how incredibly active this one is!

So really it was nothing short of a Miracle I had any budget left this Week to even come away with one Awesome Treasure from the Event... so I can't complain!  I strapped my Demijohn into the Passenger Seat with the seat belt like a new Baby and called it a day.   I'd had to park in the lower forty for this Event anyway because it was such a popular one that even tho' I arrived quite early, there was already no parking left and a line around the building!!!   There was no way I was going to be able to schlep said Demijohn across busy 7th Avenue and so I had to drive back to the loading area and have the Young Studmuffins load it for me.   And I'm not sure, with The Young Prince's Work Schedule and mine, that I'll be able to get back this Weekend for another run at the Event?

My own Sales haven't been as strong this pay period as they have been the past two pay periods prior... so if I don't finish super Strong Tomorrow, during our own Big Sale... I can't justify another big purchase anyway.   Seems a lot of people are feeling the pinch lately in Retail, a lot of our Winter Visitors didn't spend at much as usual because of Epic Disasters hitting where ever they are from, it's been a tough Year Natural Disaster Wise not only across our Nation, but abroad as well.   When people are running damage control at Home from Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Mud Slides, Blizzards, and Brimstone... well, they just don't buy as much discretionary stuff.


And I would have liked to of gotten back at least once more to take more Images to Share here in the Land Of Blog since lately my Photography has been hit and miss.   I took a lot, but after downloading them Online and being able to Edit... well... perhaps I'm becoming a Better Editor and not a Worse Photographer, I dunno... but it seems as tho' most Images aren't making the cut and are ending up on the Cutting Room Floor so to speak.   I'll try to eek out at least one more Post from what I took on Thursday, but honestly, this Post has the best ones IMO and I don't know how many of the others are salvageable to use in another Post?   It irks me when my Photography didn't make the Cut... sometimes I'm 'On' but when I'm 'Off', well, it's disappointing to say the least, especially when you don't have a Do-Over opportunity.

The Close-Ups have been fairly consistent, but everything else is pretty jacked up when I review them.   I happen to prefer Close-Up Photography and so that's what I do Best I think, I've perfected the Art of the Close-Up but am still pretty much in Experimental Mode with everything else.  I have been also Experimenting with using the Flash and not using it, to see which Image I prefer?   So I'll take the same shot with and then without Flash and compare how the results are and use the one I liked best.   I'm still pretty annoyed that Blogger will not auto fix resolution so that the pixs just fit on the Blog without having to go thru a rigmarole of oversharing on Facebook first with this new better quality Camera.  *Le Sigh*  I'm almost thinking of going back to a lesser quality Camera just to save Time, but then the Quality of Image isn't as good so it's a Catch 22 of sorts.

Loved this Peacock Necklace that my Friend Cyndie created from a Vintage Belt Buckle and Peacock Brooch.   The Bohemian Bling during this Event was off the hook Gorgeous and so many could have been additions to my vast Collection of Bohemian Bling!  *Smiles*    The Boutique Area is always one of my favorites of every Show... and I LIKE it all, but it's those pieces you fall in Love with and Lust after that really cause lamentations when you can't budget for a splurge!  I know... I know... I can be very self-indulgent... but hey, if we're not worth it, who is, right?!?!?!??!   *Winks*

I would have liked to have come away with many more good Quality Panoramic shots of entire Vignettes since they were all so well done and superbly merchandised.   The Inspiration I always come away from the Event with after beholding all of the Amazing Vignettes that the Designers have put together is endless.  It has really helped me to become better at foofing my own Booths at the Antique Mall I think.   Because it's not just about what you Source, but about Presentation of it that is the Selling Point and Inspires Customers to the point where they can't leave without it so they can get The Look at Home!

I can be very random about what I Purchase actually since I'm not one to have the Ultimate Mission Statement when I go Shopping, so very often it's quite spontaneous what I bring Home when I'm on The Thrill Of The Hunt.   I usually don't know I Want or Need something until I actually SEE it!  I often joke with other people in line while waiting for these Events when they ask what I've come for and say, "I'm not Sure, but I'll KNOW it when I see it!"  *Smiles*   I would suppose many people are more like me, the Impulse Shopper lets call us, the ones who if an Emotion is evoked, are much more likely to spring on an item we didn't even know we'd fall in Love with and Desire until we have that Chance Meeting!  That's not to say I haven't sometimes envisioned a particular thing and then found something that fit the bill, but that's not the Usual for me actually.  I'm very spontaneous about how I go thru Life really so I'm not much of a Planner when it comes to Styling my surroundings either, I let is just Evolve and Happen!

Not very much of what I do Artistically is very well thought out, but Miraculously it always seems to come together just right and so it Works for me.  There is very little that could have been contrived in how I've feathered our Nest or even Styled my Retail Spaces.  Naturally and spontaneously is how everything gets done by my hand... or I'd really find it difficult to do it at all.   If I have to think too much or too long about something and have a definite Game Plan, I'd often be dead in the water with getting it done at all.   I usually fly by the seat of my pants and for me I prefer the unexpected to the expected anyway.  Which is why I'm rarely bored... because I prefer the day to unfold unexpectedly and therefore keeping me interested and anticipating something different and not laid out like a fixed itinerary with no flexibility and options. 

It's also how I Blog... I never know what I'll be Writing until the Words just flow as they will... and come to the end whenever that happens too.   One of my Favorite Quotes from Alice In Wonderland is:

So we're Stopping now since we've apparently come to the End... so 'till next time...


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I learn so much from reading your blog. You are a wealth of information.

    1. Awwww, Thank you for the sincere compliment, I am sometimes a wealth of mostly useless knowledge... and yet I often can't recall what I had for Breakfast ha ha ha.


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