Sunday, April 15, 2018

Master Bathroom Redeux And One Year Dreadaversary Coming Up!

So, one of my favorite rooms at New Villa Boheme' is my Master Bathroom En Suite.  It doesn't have a door separating it from our Master Boudoir, and yet since a Cool Rotunda is the entrance to both rooms and angled just perfectly to enter each, that doesn't bother me as much as I thought it might.  In fact, whoever Designed the Floor plan and Footprint of this Home was a freakin' Genius IMO, the flow and Chi is the best I've ever had in a Home.  It has a good Energy to it all and since this is the largest Bathroom I've ever owned, I've had such Fun Styling it into my Fantasy Zen Spa Retreat.  I could almost live in my Master Bathroom, it's so Inviting and Peaceful in there, like my Private Dream Spa!   I recently decided to finish up Decorating it and moved my new Brass Asian Goddess into it rather than saving her for the Meditation Room.   I found the Ideal Pedestal for her at my Antique Mall so now she could move in where she will permanently reside.   I also got that nifty Commercial Medical Scale at a Charity Shop for only Nine bucks!

I have this Thing for Temple and Cathedral Quality Vintage or Antique Religious Statuary of all Faiths, they are of my Oldest Collections and most Beloved Objects.   It takes a long time to find the best Quality pieces and I've often Traded Up over the Years and Sold Off my lesser Quality Religious Statuary to fund the Superb pieces.   This Asian Goddess was the one I bought at the Big Locked Case Sale at our Antique Mall for 25% Off and she is quite magnificent and Beautiful.  I believe she is Toscano Goddess Guan Yin {Kwan Yin}.  In Chinese Buddhism she is synonymous with the Bodhisattva Valokitesvara, the pinnacle of Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Love, she hears the cries of all Beings... so I like her residing in my Zen Space.  I don't know if I ever told you that my Mom's Dad was co-raised by a Chinese Family and had mostly Buddhist Philosophies about Life.

I also Love the wonderfully ornate Wood and Stone Pedestal I bought from my Vendor Friends Chauncey and Delia at our Antique Mall, to put her on.   I really like small Pedestal Furniture to put my Statement pieces on around the Home to Display, or to put something on that I use often and want at a certain level, like my spinning Art and Pricing Organizers.  They don't take up much space and can fit almost anywhere and be easily moved around so it doesn't have to be a static Display.  Well, this one's pretty heavy due to the Stone, so I won't be moving it around a whole lot... bwahahahahaha!!!

Yesterday had been a particularly Cooler Morning with light Winds so I spent a lot of time tackling the Hoarded Garages and brought some Art in that I also wanted to hang in the Master Bathroom.  I had Scored some pieces of Peacock Art some time ago and had been waffling on whether or not to Sell them or Keep them?   You know how it is when you really connect with a piece of Art but don't know whether or not you'll have the Ideal place for it in your own Home or Gallery Spaces, but you percolate for a while before making a decision about it?  It was like that... I loved both pieces but neither was Vintage or Antique, tho' I got a killer Deal on both, I was not certain I wouldn't just Sell them and turn a Profit off them or not?   So they had languished around for Months, propped here and there around the Garages and then brought into the house to languish some more in the Hallway propped up against a Wall... and it was as if I didn't really want to make a firm decision until now while they Migrated further into Villa Boheme'.  Infiltrating further and further inside until, well.. you know... *Smiles*

Have you ever done that too when you Like something and just don't know whether or not you'd regret parting with it and just turning a buck off of it?  I had finally concluded that I liked both pieces enough to want to Keep them actually and that they'd go better in the Master Bathroom Theme than some other Art I had put in there and didn't really feel was a good enough fit.   So... down came a Hamsa Hand Painting that I Like, but want to embellish since it's just too plain and didn't really compliment the Bathroom Space as it currently just is anyway.   And I got my Hammer and Hangars and went to Work this Weekend to hang some Art too in there.

And above the Towel Rack went Peacock Art No. 1, which is a Mixed Media Fabric, Paint, Paper and bejeweled piece that still had the original retail price on it from a Popular Home Design Store for $19.99 and which I Scored for a Dollar at a Charity Shop!!!  It has a Carved Gilded Wood Frame and goes so well with my Towels that it looks as if I chose it on Purpose, which is ironic only because it was one of those random Serendipity Scores I wasn't even looking for when I came across it!  *LOL*

Peacock Art No. 2 is the long piece above the Light Switch, which I found Goodwill Hunting for under Five Bucks and goes very well with the other Peacock Art to the Left of it, which was also a Goodwill Hunting Score a long time ago and I also waffled about Keeping way back then too.   The only reason I didn't immediately consider Keeping this newer acquisition was due to the size and shape of it, which I wasn't sure would fit where I wanted it... but lo and behold, it did... barely!   Yes, the Ceilings are high enough I could have hung it higher than the Art it replaced, but I can't reach any higher and The Young Prince is growing weary of being sent up the Ladder Of Death to hang shit for me!  *LMAO*  What I particularly like about this piece, I hadn't realized it had a Tuscan Hue in the Painting that actually matches the Walls perfectly, until I'd hung it... another piece of Pure Serendipity!

So now all Art and Statuary in the Master Bathroom are complete and the redeux is finished... this is one of the few rooms I can honestly say has come together better than I'd envisioned it and feels the most Complete.   I don't even need to tweak anything in there now, tho' the WC room where the Commode is needs some Art on the Walls, but I'm in no hurry to buy anything specific, I'll know it when I see it and it feels right for that Space.

And now because my Friend Jazzy Jack requested it, here's an Update pix on my Dreads at the 11 Month Mark.  Actually the 28th of next Month will be my One Year Dreadaversary and Yes, I do plan to Celebrate my Locs Birth-Day!!!   I can't even begin to tell you how much I Love having Dreadlocks, I should have ALWAYS had Dreadlocks.   My hair is already about four times thicker than before them {so no more bald scalp looking spots its all furiously filling in} and has also grown over four inches already as well!!!  So it's much stronger and healthier due to not over processing and over working the hair anymore.   I like that I can just tie some Dreads to replace using hair ties and can alter my Style on a whim immediately and conveniently... like when I don't want Dreads dragging in my meal... ha ha ha.  They stay where you put them and I Love to accessorize them of coarse, even messy it looks just fine so I've never had a bad hair day since having them!   Princess T obliged me by being my Photographer coz I just can't do a Selfie on the back of my head or do any Circus contortions even with Mirrors to get the right angle... smiles.   She doesn't, however, like to TOUCH my Dreads coz she said it feels like thick Rope... which is True... and I don't mind that one bit!  And it must be a Curiosity Factor because you would not Believe how many perfect Strangers of all ages and genders... tho' mostly Older White Ladies...  have come up to me and asked me if they could Touch my hair or just reach out and Touch it without permission!!!   You almost have to get used to that level of intrusiveness and curiosity coz at first I was kinda creeped out by it and taken aback until it kept happening!   Now I realize, it's just another Dread Thing and a lot of people are just Curious and apparently fascinated!   And you do get all kinds of Weird Questions asked too, like do you Wash them!?!   Yeah, DUH, why WOULDN'T you Wash them would be MY Question back to them, but I refrain!  *LMAO*

Today I started out with them down and tied them back for Work, since I did an Early Shift this Afternoon and it was super busy so I needed most of them away from my face.  So I did kinda have a Capt. Jack Sparrow Thing going on with the Wild ones that kept escaping the tie-back and dangling with their Bead Accessories... LMAO... and BTW, now most except the skinny sideburn ones are getting so phat that they can no longer utilize my store bought Bead Accessories and I'm going to have to resort to looking Online for Dreadlock specific Beads so if anyone knows a good site, lemme know and hook a Dread Sista up, Okay?  *Winks*   And the Dreads in the front are mostly Silver and the rest of them are still Brown which is kinda Cool too, can't wait 'til I get an Ombre Effect as I Age more and the hair transitions to Elderly Senior Hues so the tops will be Silver and the lower parts Brown!   And I'm getting loads of new Baby Hairs sprouting up all over my head and they're kinda doing their own Wild thing until they Loc into a chosen Dread and become One with it.   And for my Friend Jazzy Jack, if your Youngest does decide to become a fellow Dreadhead, and needs to know about Care etc. I'll answer any questions I can and ask my longtime Dreadhead Friends if I don't know the answers.


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thank you! This is very impressive! Your scalp has completely filled in!
    I must say your dreads really match your style. With your hippy styling, caftans and all. I love your peacock pictures, but those statues really take the cake. Amazing!
    Maybe your spalike bathroom IS your meditation space. Done and dusted.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. You are so right about my Spa Bathroom actually being my present Meditation Space which is why I haven't been in a flaming hurry to get the one Upstairs completed. That one will have a Library and Reading Nook as well as Yoga Mats, it has French Doors leading out to the Balcony of Death so I can open it up to get the sounds of Nature and Fresh Air. Yes, I agree Dreads matches my Style to my very Core and the hair loss thing is now a think of the past and everything did fill in so quickly so it was an emotional relief not to be going bald anymore either! *Whew!*

  2. I love your bathroom and all the accessories, it is really a 'spa' of sorts. A place to hide when the 'rest' gets to be too much.

    And amazing the dreads have gotten huge----if you feel good you look good, and you radiate! Hugs from here.

    1. Thankyou for the sweet words, yes, this is the first time I actually like my own hair! It does make a big difference.


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