Thursday, April 26, 2018

Creating A Zen Spa Retreat

I'm taking a brief break from finalizing coverage of The Sweet Salvage Finale' Post, but we'll get back to that in the very near Future.   I don't think I've covered my Master Bathroom finishing touches here in The Land Of Blog, tho' I'm pretty sure I did on Facebook.  My Memory ain't what it used to be so forgive me if this is a rehashed Post done recently and promptly forgotten!!!!!!    I like my Smaller Rooms because I can Style and overhaul them efficiently and keep them Nice and Orderly most of the time.   It feels good to have a room completely done even if it's one of the smaller spaces of your Home.   I happen to J'Adore our Master Bathroom, it's the biggest Bathroom I've ever had and has become my Zen Spa Retreat in how I've chosen to Style it.  Walking in there always brings me to a place of Calm and Happiness, bringing me back to Center no matter how hectic and draining the day might have been.

Funny but I've never Dreamed of having a mini Manse or Luxury Home of any kind, but I sure have always Dreamed of having a big Luxurious Bathroom and now I have it, so I can die contentedly now having Lived The Dream!  *Winks*   Seriously tho', Luxurious Bathrooms to me were always the pinnacle of Luxury Living at it's Best.   Any Impressive Home lacking a Luxurious Bathroom isn't going to Appeal to me at all... any Average Home that went Bananas with their Luxurious Bathroom indulgence will!   I guess we all have our hangups, mine is definitely geared towards how Impressive the Master Bathroom is in any Property?  *LOL*   And after Styling our Master Bathroom I'm leaning towards adding more Zen Elements thruout Villa Boheme'.   Because if it can add a similar Atmosphere of Peace, Tranquility and Zen to our days and Home, it's worth going in that direction Style wise.

I have always felt a strong Connection to this Aesthetic and Vibe actually, being a Preferred one Visually and in how it just makes me Feel on a Sensory and Spiritual level.  The Vibe to reach your transcendent state of Nirvana may be different for each person, for me it is this Vibe and Atmosphere.   I recently Sourced these Cute Hand Towels at a Big Box Craft Shop of all places... with Quotes on them that I happen to like and believe in, so was jazzed to find Quoted on these Towels.  It's getting easier lately to Source this particular Style of Decor, which is a relief because previously it was difficult to find a taste of the Exotic and Eastern Influenced Decor.   I haven't walked into too many Homes here in the Southwest that choose a more Exotic selection of furnishings or Style with a Zen Vibe in mind, so Retailers just weren't offering it much previously.

So while they are I've been buying up what I particularly like now, just in case they go in another direction when the Seasons or Trends change?!  Sometimes if you like a particular Style and it's being offered, you might have a brief window of opportunity to Source everything you might want and need to get that Vibe in your Home before they discontinue that Line and move on to something else you're less attracted to!   There have been Lines that were madly popular at the moment and then fell out of favor quickly even if they were really Awesome and I absolutely Loved them.   Others have lingered that weren't so Awesome but were clearly Selling well and folks were crazy about, it's all so subjective when it comes to Style, isn't it?   Since I like what I like I'm not so concerned about what is Trending or falling out of Favor, if I dig it then I'm Styling with it regardless of popularity or lack thereof.

The quality Statement pieces are often more difficult to Source and take more of an Investment anyway, so it's a good idea to make sure you really dig a Style and Aesthetic on more than just a superficial level before shelling out the bucks.  You have to ensure you could Live with an Atmosphere for a while... and sometimes that is tricky because you might LIKE something visually and then find out that Living with it full time is something entirely different if it's just not your Essence and you don't really have a real Connection to it.   I have felt that way about certain Styles that visually I think are Lovely, but I could never LIVE with them around me all the time, it's just not My Style and I have absolutely no real Connection to them.   Contemporary and Mid Century Modern instantly come to Mind for me, done Well, visually I totally dig it... but would not feel like it was MY Home if I surrounded myself with it full time... it's not a Style choice I could Live with.

But I do know what I can Live with full time and for the long haul, I know what I gravitate towards and what Imagery makes my Heart sing and just feels Right for me to reside with.   My Master Bathroom right now has that exact Feeling for me and so I really do like spending time in there.   Some of the rest of our Home is a healthy compromise since I don't live alone and you do have to consider the rest of the Family when Styling a Home, so that everyone's tastes and comfort level are considered and accommodated.   I do draw some lines in the Sand, Princess T went thru her Pink Phase and I'd let her have all the Pink accessorizing for her Spaces that she Desired, but drew the line about painting any Walls Pink!!!   *LOL*   She quickly moved thru and out of her Pink Phase, as Kids will do as their Tastes change and they Mature... and it's much easier to change out Accessories to whatever she's diggin' right now!

She's actually moving into her Goth Black Phase and Gramma can totally roll with that... Black is one of my Fav Decorating hues and Wardrobe hues.  Along with Sepia and Jewel Tones... which just seems to be my preferred Palette that  abides over the test of time.   I have attempted the Colorless Palette off and on since visually I do Like it, just can't Live with it long without Color creeping back in.   Not to mention, keeping a Colorless Palette Pad clean enough is just a lot of Work when you have Men, Children and Pets residing there too!   And once White isn't Clean or Pure anymore and gets soiled, it just looks awful and I can't stand it.   That's why New Chair scared me at first and because everyone in the Family just Loves the New Chair and wants to sit in it now, I'm going to have to get a big ole' can of Scotch Guard and spray the Hell out of it!  *Smiles*


We never want to have that Home that isn't Comfortable and being used in a functional way, if it's all just for Show or opted for Form over Function, then it's just not for us.   I think that is why I'm drawn to things that already have a lot of use, Patina from time worn elements affecting them, History and Character already imparted but in a pleasing way... it's just a lot less anxiety or work to own such things and have them in the Home to be Enjoyed and actually used.  

We take Care of things but we've never had an accidental spill or stain be the end all of our World.   And if something is precious enough I couldn't risk damage, I am mindful of placement of it within the Home so that it's less prone to an accident.   We're not a Careless Family so things generally survive just fine around here and everyone is mutually respectful of our possessions and each other's personal spaces.   I've been fortunate that through raising two generations of Children I could always still have Nice things around.

My biggest challenge is keeping things orderly and cleaned up so that clutter and daily use doesn't backlog and make things look messy.   I'm not exactly a domestic goddess and it's doubtful I'll ever become one, tho' I do like a Home to be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.   I want a Home that is both welcoming and inviting for anyone coming thru the door.  Who wants a Home that is Attractive yet makes people Feel ill at ease... not us!

The primary reason I want to downsize and curate possessions is to have less to take Care of, because even tho' I do Enjoying having nice Decor and surroundings, it's a lot of Work to Care for it all.   The Incurable Collector in me is often in direct conflict with the Simplistic side of me that would like to Simplify Life more for convenience sake. 

I do know that once it's just The Man and I living at Villa Boheme' it will be a whole lot less Work involved to keep it in order and clean, since we both tend to be tidier people than the Kiddos.  Though they do go thru their phases of OCD Activity that can be pretty extreme when they're in that Head space of Organizational Mode and suddenly become obsessive about having Order.   Especially Princess T... so they do have the capacity for Order and Organization within them... just sometimes repressed!  *LOL*  Princess T, with the stress of the Dental thing and the School Strike thing recently got obsessed with Organizing stuff, my stuff, not the stuff in her own personal spaces that actually NEEDED desperately to have order and organization!  *Bwahahahahaha*  But still... whenever she's inclined to be in OCD Mode I am entirely supportive of whatever she's wanting to tackle and get out of her way and let her go at it... coz hey... less for me to do, right?!

So my fridge has never looked so ORGANIZED my Friends, she was to the point of wanting to categorize contents and make lists!  *LMAO*   Now, until she fell out of OCD Mode we all had to KEEP it that way or she would have short circuit and had an epic meltdown.   I 'Get' it, when I've finally gotten everything just right in the Home and somebody messes it up I almost implode and lose my Mind too!   She purged the contents too, so Quality Control was as if she was on Staff at the FDA!  *Smiles*  The interrogation of when everything had been bought, how long it had been leftovers, etc. was brutal and if there was any question, out it went!  *LOL*   That left The Man and The Young Prince later wandering into the Kitchen, opening said fridge and going, "Where's my ___!?"

She was a Trooper tho' at the Dentist... her molar fractured while being extracted and a sliver couldn't be removed without causing some significant gum and permanent Tooth trauma and so they left it in there for now.  Either her body will absorb it or it will work it's way to the surface like a piece of shrapnel eventually and can be removed later when it won't damage the permanent Tooth coming in.   She's now waiting for the Tooth Fairie to give her extra money for that Tooth due to the complications of it coming out.  *Smiles*  She's also hanging around like a Lost Soul now that the Teachers are on Strike and without the usual School Schedule she's not quite sure what to do with herself.   Special Needs Kiddos thrive on their Routine, and when it gets interrupted, it's actually difficult and stressful for them.   

With most of The Young Prince's Friends being Seniors this year and still in Public School he's getting the lowdown on how much it's screwing up the Plans of their Families.   Some of which have non-refundable Summer Vacations Planned that now may have to be cancelled and they'll lose a considerable amount of money.  His one Friend was supposed to be going to Europe directly after Graduation and they're on pins and needles about whether those Plans now have to be aborted and they'll take a hosing on the considerable outlay.  Since she'll have to complete the required amount of missing School Days after the Strike is over and the School Year has to extend... she cannot therefore be in Europe instead!  

I'm just Glad he's not in Public School anymore and this isn't an Issue for us Dealing with a messed up Graduation... I don't know how the Class Of 2018's Graduation is going to play out?   I know the News covered some Star Athletes who were on the Radar of University Scouts and might lose the Scholarships they could have been awarded if the Scouts don't get to see them play sufficiently and they can't go to Play-Offs.  So some promising Futures could be compromised as collateral damage in this dismal crisis situation playing out in real time Academically.


I can't even imagine how stressful it is for Teachers as well, risking a paycheck while they fight for better Salaries, which I understand haven't been upgraded in a decade and Dealing with underfunded Classrooms equally as long.  Crisis situations always have damage control to run behind and this will certainly be no exception.  I find it all rather tragic and frankly have felt Public Schools have been in Crisis Mode far too long and I understand why so many Families have no Faith in Public Education now and are strongly considering Alternative Academics for their precious Children, such as being Home Schooled.

 I've known so many Parents who have pulled their Kids out of dismal situations in inadequate Public Schools and gone Alternative or been forced into Alternative situations.   We went down that road ourselves and it's extremely frustrating knowing your tax dollars pay for Public Education but not every Child can weather a poor School experience or even feel Safe or receive an adequate Education in Public Schools anymore.  I for one will be so relieved when I don't have a Kid in School anymore!

Anyway, she's off until at least Monday of next week from what we've been informed for now... but it could be extended further and is subject to change without notice really, so we're Dealing with it day to day actually.   She's been very quiet and subdued this first day of the Strike as it's set in that School has been Cancelled and that's set a precedent that has never happened before.  I don't know if any other States or Countries are Dealing with Educational Crisis, I just Hope that Arizona gets it's shit together on the issue real fast, it's disgraceful for it to have come to this. 

 Lately it seems as if a lot of things in our Country are coming apart at the seams and I find it very unsettling actually and I'm typically a Hopeless Optimist.   This is particularly why I really needed my own Private Sanctuary here at Home to keep Centered and have a Spa Retreat to enter into when the World just gets too mired in the Madness and other Negative Vibes clearly out there.

On a Positive Note I bought myself this Adorable Betsey Johnson Cat Necklace as an early Mother's Day pressy to myself.   I was going to wait until it went on Sale but they were down to the last one and I knew if I didn't get it and they Sold Out, I'd regret not having just bought it.  Several Stores carry her Line but every Shop tends to order a different variety of her Jewelry and Accessories, so I'd checked every location to find what I liked best.   All of her Line is Fun, but some of it I like especially well, the Animal Jewelry and Dia de los Muertos Skully Jewelry being some of my Favorites.

I've put a lot of places in the Master Bathroom where my Bling can be adequately on Display and not hidden away in some Jewelry Box where it couldn't be Enjoyed when I'm not wearing it.   Well, not just in the Bathrooms, I have my Bling Displayed all over the house actually and accessorize a lot of Vignettes with it.

I am quite certain I've inherited the gene from Mom that had a penchant for da Bling!  *Winks*   Princess T has too since she's also J'Adores Jewelry and Accessorizing.   We don't particularly Care how valuable something is or isn't, so long as we like how it looks and how we Feel when we're wearing it.   I tend to gravitate to Unique pieces and Artisan Jewelry... but I equally Enjoy costume jewels to precious ones.

Some Friends have been asking about the low short-legged Antique Chair I can't get out of anymore and whether I'll be Keeping it and what it looks like, so here you are.   Yes, I'll be Keeping it since it's in great condition for it's age, is very ornately carved and I just Love the intricate stitched Royal Blue Needle and Petit Point back cushion and the Raspberry Velvet upholstery.   It's never been cut down so I'm assuming the legs were meant to be so short and that didn't bother me when I was younger, but now it's just too low to be practical.   If my ass is below my knees while sitting down, I often might need help getting up and out of it anymore!  *LOL*

So we'll Keep both Chairs in the Library since this is a Room that The Force and I hang out in a lot.  It's also one of the favored Rooms because it is so Inviting and is completely finished being decorated.  Well, except for perhaps hanging some ambient lighting fixtures from the vaulted Ceiling, which I'll need Help with that, and why it's not already done.   We Love the enormously high Ceilings here because visually it's Awesome, but it's difficult to even change a Light Bulb or Air Filter without Help and going up a Ladder Of Death!

And now I've been perusing the Web to find Inspiration for how I'd like the Inner Courtyard to turn out when we get it covered with a Fancy Pergola Structure... I'm leaning towards something like this, whaddya think?  It would be a good Use for my Hoard of Antique Stained Glass Windows to be Displayed around the Walls of the Courtyard and give the entire Space that Conservatory Vibe, which would be another form of Zen Retreat at Home.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I sure enjoy seeing the broader views of your home! Your bathroom IS fabulous!


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