Thursday, April 12, 2018

Celebration And Da Bling

So we'll save the big news for the end of the Post and start with da Bling.  I've been hitting the After Season Sales at 'Dillards' to get my Betsey Johnson favorite pieces of bling at deep discounts, 40%-80% Off.   Since I like the quirkiest of Jewelry it is fortuitous that my favored pieces often end up on the discounted racks.   I guess not many peeps purchase Skull Jewelry around Easter, ya think?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

This Awesome Enamel Ganesh Elephant Pendant I purchased from my Friend Laurie at our Antique Mall for just a few bucks.   She creates Jewelry and is a very Talented Artisan, she mostly works in Sterling Silver for her better quality pieces but she has unique costume Jewelry too at bargain prices.  I also bought a chainmaille Belly Dancing Costume with Coin accents from her which one of my Antique Mannequin Dress Form Gals will soon Model.   I doubt it would fit me or Hell I'd wear it!  *Winks*

Here I am Modeling my Betsey Johnson Skully Necklace.  I'd been admiring this piece since October and hoping that it would end up on the discount rack eventually.   Good things come to those who Wait... there it was and at a deep discount, now it's mine... all mine... Booyah!!!   I had to snatch it up fast because wouldn't you know, the moment you start showing Interest in a rack where nobody previously was, suddenly other Customers start milling around it and suddenly showing intense interest in wanting whatever it is you're eyeballing and admiring... so annoying!   Why is that?!?!??  One of those Mysteries I haven't ever understood, I like what I like, someone else showing interest in anything is not going to influence or sway me into now thinking mebbe I want or have to have one too! 

So also on the deep discount rack were some Betsey Johnson Skully Cross Earrings that go perfectly with said Necklace.   Betsey's Line is such Fun that I'm a total Fan and have been for many years, her Unique Style is so Funky, Bold and Fun and she's never compromised it by altering her Style completely just to suit Trends, which I also Admire.   Her Line has therefore remained distinctive and there's no mistaking it for someone else.

Here's another Necklace of hers that wasn't on my Wish List for what I'd Hoped would discount, but it was marked down so low, well, after I tried it on and saw how good it looked, why not?!   Wore it out of the Store and before the end of the day I'd already had seven random Women stop me and compliment me on it and the ensemble I was wearing!  Which was also new and a fav new Style of Kimono Wrap tops of which I'm accumulating several because I just LOVE them over a simple Tank Top and Capris, so comfortable for Spring and Summer in the Desert!

My Mom and I had worn Silk Kimonos for years, but I really like the new Cotton Spin on Kimono Wrap Tops like the one Modeled above, lighter weight and gossamer type Exotic Fabrics that I J'Adore and are so flattering to any figure or age group!   The East Indian prints are my absolute Favs and many have tassels around the edges.  Some have come with matching Scarves I can tie around my Dreads since they're getting too thick now for regular hair tie accessories to fit over and around them.  Never thought I'd ever get to say that in my Lifetime, that my hair had finally gotten too thick for anything... LOVE that I can say that now!   Not the least bit Negative about having at least three times the hair in less than a year than I had before Dreads and it's growing like a Weed too, almost 4 inches longer already!  The shrinkage phase is clearly over!  *Yay!!!*

So what new Styles or Fashions are you currently Obsessed with my Friends?  I've really been coming full circle lately back to my Hippie roots since a lot of those Fashions, Styles and Accessories from the Sixties are making a huge comeback and I'm LOVING that.   Modern Spin on a great Era, I couldn't be more Delighted actually since Boho Style is my very Essence.  I haven't been that infatuated with many Modern Styles actually for decades now, so many seem so unimaginative or boring and when Style becomes culturally deprived I almost can't force myself to wear any of it!

I was with my Grandson at 'Attic Salt' and got a couple more of my Kimono Wrap Tops with East Indian Prints and because I bought some clothing I got this Frida Necklace half off... unfortunately they were Sold Out of the matching Earrings but Hope to get more in soon.   And while we're talking about The Young Prince, now on to the big news... drum roll please...

Today we were Celebrating him getting his first job!  He'll be working for a very Talented Friend of mine who is a successful Small Business Owner and will be an Apprentice in her Shop to learn all about running a Small Business and being an Entrepreneur, he couldn't have a better Mentor or more Creative Fun job.  So he's rather over the Moon right now and eager to learn all he can.  One day he Hopes to own his own Business and since he Loves to Invent things, especially Tech stuff, he also wants to know the Business side of it all and have Good Mentors Guiding him and taking him under their wing.  I know he'll be an asset where ever he goes, he's bright, personable, a Free Thinker and loves to learn.  He's been like a human sponge about absorbing knowledge all of his Life, which is why it bothered me that Public and Alternative Schools failed to teach him adequately.  I personally think he's learned far more since he has been out of School and not crammed into the small box they wanted to squeeze and stifle him into conforming to!

I once remember in an IEP Meeting a trite Male Teacher complaining that the Young Prince asked too many Questions and I countered with the fact I didn't think that was possible, to ask too many Questions... then I couldn't help myself, I asked if it only bothered him because he didn't have the Answers?   That shut him the Hell up in that Meeting in front of his own peers lemme tell ya!  *LOL*   If an Adult is too proud, lazy, ignorant or arrogant to be able to answer the Questions of a Child whose trying to learn more and better understand, they shouldn't be blaming the Child!   Anyway, I'm so excited for my Grandson entering the Work Force, I know he is going to do Great things in Life with his Beautiful inquiring Mind!   So we had Chicken Cilantro Lime Samosas for an Appetizer at The Cheesecake Factory...

I had the Thai Coconut Lime Chicken with Cashews, Shitake Mushrooms, Snow Peas and Papaya with Carrots... Divine!!!    The Young Prince had the Steak Diane, which is Steak Medallions with Shitake Mushrooms in Wine Sauce and Black Peppercorns with a side of Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus.  And of coarse their freshly baked Bread Assortment!   Now that's a Celebration!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations to the young Prince! Such great news! And I adore Betsy too! One of the few new costume jewelry makers I will buy.Not that I need to buy any jewelry! Love the pieces you got!

    1. You and me both in that I don't NEED to buy any more jewelry, but what the Hell, too much of some things is never enough! *Winks*

  2. Congratulations to the Young Prince! He'll be awesome in the work force, learning so much! Love the Betsey Johnson jewelry you scored. I love her line, too. Especially the cat things she's doing. Like you, I am so glad to see the hippie look making a comeback. Kimonos, beads, fringe, yeah! And lots of color, too. I have been dressing in black for too many years. . .

    1. Well, Black is such a Happy Color as Morticia Addams would say, and slimming, so I've been known to wear too much for the Golden Years too since my Girlish Figure left the building after Menopause. *LOL* The Cats are my Favs of Betsey too but not on discount yet... fingers crossed... winks.

  3. Oh, I missed this first time around. You are speaking my language about kids learning more out of school, and in a more relaxed way! I'm so impressed that the Young Prince has kept his passion for learning despite his traumatic school years. So many have it erased for a time. He is going to fly! (I told you so! ;-)
    I would love to see a photo of your dreads. My youngest is aiming towards them, but his hair is too short yet.
    Your whole look is fabulous!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. You can get Dreads with very short hair Jack and OMG if I'd known how much I LOVE having them I'd of done it twenty odd years ago... of coarse the Grands say they'd be dragging on the ground by now if I'd done that *winks* since it makes the hair grow faster since it's not being overworked and overprocesssed anymore, so the hair is healthier and stronger. I've posted some pixs of my Dreads and so on my sidebar under topics if you hit on 'Dreads' it will take you to all the Posts... coming up for my one year Dreadaversary next month so will do a Special Post that day in Celebration! If your youngest gets them and wants to know anything about caring for them etc. just ask, they are very low maintenance and I J'Adore I can Accessorize them! *winks*

    2. PS: Yes, you did tell me not to worry about the Young Prince and he would soar!


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