Monday, April 2, 2018

A Weighty Matter

You might remember the Antique Industrial Platform Scale I had stuck in the back of my Truck since Easter Sunday Afternoon... which finally got unloaded and set up in Booth #317 Today... whew, yay, and what a relief!   I thought I was gonna have to tool around Town with that damned thing in the back forever if I didn't find some muscle to help me unload it!  That was giving me Nightmares about what was I gonna do as a Backup Plan ... hafta pick up a couple of random Day Laborers in front of Home Depot??!??!  *LOL*   I had been madder than a Wet Hen to have to bail on my Shift Sunday Night because I couldn't leave it unattended in a dark parking lot all Night either, so went Home with it when I couldn't get it unloaded before Work!  I couldn't Risk that it would be gone when I got off Work... you'd be surprised what can get stolen quicker than the blink of an Eye by the criminal element of Society who trawl around looking for any opportunity to liberate what belongs to someone else!

As it is I've had to secure the hanging Weight with Loss Prevention paraphernalia after photographing said Scale, because some Vendors tell me they've had theirs Stolen off their Antique Industrial Scales!!!  Seriously I'd like to coldcock a lowlife Thief with said hanging Weight who has the gall to do that!!!  But the moral compass of so much of Society are on a slippery slope nowadays!  Usually I don't Source Inventory too heavy or big for me to manage by myself because I don't have Help... or Staff... and The Young Prince's man muscles aren't yet fully developed and my Muscles are getting, well... OLD!   *Le Sigh*  It sucks because I come across some really Cool potential Inventory and Deals that I have to Pass on because I don't know how I'll get it unloaded and set up at the Antique Mall if no muscle is available to assist.

But this one I just couldn't Pass on or resist... it's so Cool, a Real Deal Antique piece of Industrial equipment, which is so On Trend right now... and has an Amazing Patina of Years of Industrial use.   I had to load the Scale portion with other Inventory to discourage people's Kids from getting hurt by trying to weigh themselves on it, which surely would be a Kid Temptation... mebbe even an immature Adult Temptation and who needs that liability when someone is acting the Fool and gets hurt doing so.   As a mature Adult you don't think about such things until you're in Retail and see Customers doing some of the most dangerous and crazy things or allowing their Kids to!   *Yikes!!!*   Some people Need protection from themselves or serious Parenting Classes mandated!  

Anyway, I'm just Glad it's no longer here... in the back of my Truck, since it had Wheels and if you had to stop suddenly, well... it could have gotten out of the Truck another kind of way!  *LOL*   I will be more Mindful in the Future of NOT Sourcing super heavy Inventory, it was just too stressful to get it into the Truck after being bought but then having no way to get it OUT of the Truck as easily as it had been loaded up after purchasing it!   Mebbe it would have been easier to 'borrow' the two Young Stud Muffins who loaded it, but their Employer might have had an issue with that.   *Bwahahahaha!*   Thanks to Carold and Dan for unloading it for me Today and setting it up in my Booth, I'm beyond Grateful and you have no idea how Relieved!!!

It is always somewhat Tempting, especially with Vintage or Antique Industrial Pieces, to wanna just Keep them rather than Sell... since I J'Adore that Look and Vibe... not to mention it's difficult to Source at a decent Deal.  But since I wasn't able to buy the 1926 Industrial Warehouse and Ice House, well, I had no Need or place for it at Villa Boheme'... dammit!  *Winks*   This Scale had the Awesome 1920-1930 Era Green Paint on the Wood portions and Aged to perfection by wear and the elements of Time!!!   The Platform base portion was worn and Rusty Original White Paint.   Some of the metal mechanisms in the Arm portion were painted Teal and Turquoise... so I was Seriously in Love with everything about this Piece myself!   But I've made a Pact with Self to try to Source and SELL Cool Stuff that I'd normally Keep... and so there you are. {Patting Self on the Back Proudly for Letting Go!  Winks}

Yep, it was a Weighty Matter indeed, but it all Worked Out in the End... Thank God!!!  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love, Peace and Happy Hunting from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hopefully it sells fast to someone with muscles!

  2. Yea, I totally understand--we have two kilns, 106 molds and a potters wheel that has to be on a dolly to get out of our basement----so I'm with you on the OMG train of 'how'. When I had my shop---we were fortunate to have a loading dock...and elevators---but sometimes stuff was really crazy heavy. Great piece for your booth. and yes, you do have to hide the weights. Grins, Sandi

  3. It really dresses up your booth! Hope it doesn't sell toooo quickly. :-)
    I blithely buy things at the tip shop, and they nicely load it for me. Totally forgetting about the unloading at home. We have had some fun!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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