Thursday, March 8, 2018

Obsession Patina ~ Peeling And Distressed Surfaces And Ravaged Fabrics

Okay, back to the Fluff of Life, back to the things that make my Heart Sing... namely my Obsession with Patina.   Especially peeling and distressed surfaces and ravaged fabrics.   For many the damaged, aged, worn and neglected surfaces might be an eyesore and something to redo, but to me they are a thing of Beauty and should be left As Is.  Only time, Nature and wear can impart this kind of look, it cannot be adequately fabricated.  Even if a faux finish is done well and by a skilled Artisan, it rarely can compete with the Real Deal of Natural Patina.

I'm totally Obsessed with Ruins and Abandoned Properties for that reason, they've been left alone enough to have Unique Patina imparted on every surface.   Whereas the Dream Property to many might be a Manse, for me it would be a solid Ruin that could be inhabited again.   Restored only enough to make it functional and safe, but left alone enough to Enjoy the Patina left behind by Time as it Aged and Man didn't mess with it and just left it alone to Be.

So many always want to 'fix' those things that have the Wonderful Patinas and scrape off the layers, paint over them, improve them to make it all shiny, new and common again.  I personally prefer the uncommon, the Old that has Unique Character and shows it's History, which isn't the same-o-same-o that you just see replicated everywhere and has nothing Interesting about it.   I could Wander thru an Aging Structure soaking in every Quirky detail... whereas most New Structures, with very few exceptions, just bore me.  Total Yawnfest, on to the next, completely underwhelmed, nothing Special.

The same infatuation I have with ravaged fabrics, especially with Boro Mending evident, like Vintage Pieces of Art a ravaged or mended fabric can be!   I particularly liked this mended Denim I found on Pinterest.  In fact, all Images in Today's Post are compliments of Pinterest and all Credit goes to whoever the Wonderful Photographers are who Shared the Image on Social Media sites and the Talented Artisans who Created the Fabrics or Styled the Spaces that Inspire me and probably many others.

We had some distressed Pumpkin painted Walls at the Old Homestead similar to this Image.  The New Owner has painted over them, tho' he did leave some Patina on Cabinets intact, which I was Happy to see that he Appreciated as much as we had.    But the Old Peeling Walls probably have Lead Paint many will exclaim!   Yeah, they probably do, but I haven't ever eaten paint chips and I doubt I'm gonna start now, so I'm probably Good.  *Winks*  I was raised in Lead Painted Eras and raised my Kids in Old Homes that probably had Lead Paint and my Grands in a Historic Home where the Paint could perhaps have contained Lead... nobody died.  We didn't dine on Paint Chips, we had enough Food we didn't have to resort to Paint Chip consumption.  We paid attention to and Supervised any Child too Young to recognize Risk factors, whether inside a Home or outside of it.

I suspect if you don't properly Supervise your Baby they could put anything harmful into their mouths... but whether that's a Paint Chip or a Tide Pod, it's likely more the result of the inattentive Parent.   Life holds plenty of Risks for Children... and Adults... if you're Careless, Neglectful or Clueless I would Imagine.  When I think back upon the Era I was a Child, so many of those Toys we played with just fine would never pass Modern Safety Standards, I just don't recall Children having mass incidents with any of it tho', do you?  Perhaps we've dumbed down as a Society to where now everything has to be made to such stringent standards to replace the loss of Common Sense and Diligent Parenting, I dunno?!  

I see so many very Young Children now being 'babysat' by a piece of Technology given to them to keep them occupied, quiet and entranced, so that Parents can focus on anything and everything but the Child, where ever they are out in Public.  So Lord only knows how much adequate Supervision and attentiveness, or lack thereof, is going on in Private?   Perhaps, in part, that is why more stringent Protection measures are heaped upon manufacturers of everything under the Sun, to keep the Children Safer, I'm just not Sure?  But I digress... back to the Fluff... like some Awesome Boro Mended Jeans!   I recall when my Parents mended things so we didn't have to replace them and they could last longer.  In a disposable Society that rarely happens anymore and so it's more a Fashion Statement or Trend than to make anything last if it's seen now.  *LOL*

I often Wonder, if it really Trended, would they devise a way to make things Peel 'Safely' and not chip off to make a buck off it when everyone wants it that way suddenly?  *LMAO*   I bet manufacturers and Designers would... just look at the faux Rust you see on so many things now that it's not seen so much as a Negative on a surface!   I happen to have always liked Rust, often I'd just put a heavy layer of Marine Varnish over a Rusty piece, you know, just so we wouldn't need a Tetanus Shot!  Safety First!   *Bwahahahaha!*   Seriously tho', I did... my Kids used to tell their Friends that we weren't necessarily that Poor, Mom just liked her things looking the way they did on Purpose!  *Smiles*

Oh Yes, I'm quite Sure that the Snarky Folk would be absolutely Horrified and have a field day and mouthful of Negativity to say if they walked into this Person's Home and didn't Appreciate that Amazing Wall's Surface like I do!  *Bwahahahaha!*   It's so Interesting to me when I see Snark Critics bash Creative folks whose Aesthetic is Uniquely different and Out of the Box, and their own Aesthetic is often so predictable, cheaply mass produced and boring. As if somehow that is 'Superior' and preferable enough it qualifies them as a relevant Critic at all?  *LOL*   But they are good for a Laugh sometimes, the irrelevant Critic.   Just about anything is subjective really and anyone's opinion will only be fully Appreciated by like Minded Souls anyway.

I've been known to be Opinionated, but I respect that what my Opinion is, certainly is Personal and not Universal by any means.   My Opinion about the above Vignette is that I happen to Like it, someone else may Hate it, neither of us is 'Right' nor 'Wrong' about how a Room should be Decorated.  It's Personally up to each of us how we choose to do it based on our own Personal Aesthetic and Preferences and what we'd feel most comfortable surrounded by and living in?  I actually Enjoy seeing Aesthetics and Style completely different than my own and exposing myself to various Tastes, because typically, I can find something I might Like about it, even if I wouldn't Style with it nor wear it myself.  If done Well and exhibiting the Essence of whoever Created it, then it can be a thing of Beauty or Interest.

But have you ever walked into one of those Spaces where it's not at all Personalized and you have no Clue about the Person who resides there because it is devoid of their Essence or Personality?   How comfortable and Inspired could you possibly be residing in a Space that was someone else's Idea of how it should look I often Wonder?   I'd just feel like a Guest if our Home was not infused with our very Essence and Personal sense of Style.   There are other Spaces that just feel so much like Kindred Spirit Designed Spaces that you could just move right in and feel totally at Home!   If a favorite Designer were to come in and Style our Home with us I know who would be on our List to choose... how about you?

Whoever Styled this Space could come in and help me Style any of mine anytime for example, and I don't even know who that Person is.  But clearly they are a Kindred Spirit and have a similar enough Aesthetic it could Work.  Love everything about it, wouldn't change a thing... I'll write the Check... Winks.  Have you ever had a favorite Designer come in and Style a Space for  you?  We've never had the resources for that, but I've seen Fabulous Spaces that have been Styled by Professionals and considered the Owners Specific Tastes as well, and it can really have a Wow factor!

And I've known Fabric Artists that could Create the most Amazing Work that is such a thing of Beauty I just have to own some, or even build a Collection of it.   I personally have a Preference towards Fabric Art... I J'Adore Fabrics, especially quality Antique and Vintage Fabrics, but also the ravaged Aged ones to Create new Fabric Altered Art out of.   My stashes of Unique Fabrics is pretty vast, bordering on Hoarding of it actually, even tho' I haven't been in the Studio Creating pieces for too long.   I'd like to get back to Creating pieces one day, when I can do so uninterrupted and just lose myself in the Process again, which is Bliss!

In fact, the Creation of Art is Pure Bliss for The G-Kid Force and I.   They both are quite accomplished little Artists even at their tender Ages, I was actually quite Amazed at how skillfully The Young Prince sculpts and Princess T draws... it was truly Impressive!    Princess T is really into drawing Anime Figures right now, we thought she was tracing them they were so good, until we saw her just drawing them all freehand and with no Models so all we could say was WOW, you Go Girl!

Of coarse allowing and even encouraging The Force uninhibited Artistic expression has caused some 'incidents' in the Home where Paint, Glitter, Glue, Clay, things cut up, things taken apart and totally dismantled, things painted over, etcetera... have almost given me a minor Stroke... but... Art is often messy!   *LMAO*   Right now I cannot even go Upstairs in HER Space without knowing I could be soon clutching my Chest when I see the condition of her Art Station... AKA: The long Cabinet Top Surface in her Hallway that used to be Pristine Upgraded Hardwood Surface and now looks like a Painter's Palette!  *Arghhhh!*   This is why a Chalkboard Wall was promptly installed in The Young Prince's Main Room of his MIL Suite, because he'll draw on anything and everything otherwise and Create Art on any surface that is a Blank Canvas, he almost cannot Help himself!   He Lives and Breathes Art and his Little Sister is now following in those footsteps! *LOL*

I think I have spent a small fortune on colored Modeling Sculpting Clay since The Young Prince left School and he's baking Sculpted Dragons in my Oven almost daily now!  *Ha ha ha*   I will see him in the Kitchen and ask if he's Cooking something and he'll say he's just Baking Dragons... I Wonder, do YOU have conversations like that in YOUR house?  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Okay, I'm totally sold on stressed surfaces and ravaged fabrics after seeing all these pictures. Incredibly beautiful images. You have a great eye for beauty.

    1. Oh Thank you for the Sweet words, I see Beauty in the most unlikely places I guess... I think it was Confucius who said Everything has Beauty but not Everyone sees it.

  2. Ha,Ha! Baking dragons! How wonderful, I'd love to see them!
    I'm all for patina, too. Have to confess that I've tried to fake them - but nothing beats the real thing. Cheers, Sarah

    1. Yes, the Dragon baking continues, I tried to crib some of his images off his social media pages but really the quality of them was not that good so I might just have to ask him if I can one day do a photo session of his Dragons!? LOL I too have tried to do faux finishes of distressing, the best I found was a crackle paint that Wal-Mart used to sell that you applied in 3 phases and looked quite authentically Old... alas, it was spendy and they quit carrying it so I haven't Aged anything with it for years now... usually I Aged Frames with it or small Wooden Lids I was going to use with Old Crystal pull Knobs on Storage Canisters.

  3. I love distressed finishes, but sadly any piece of wall or furniture that is old and peeling, gives off dried particles in the form of dust. You don't have to eat it, just be continually exposed and inhale it, to become poisoned. An intact lead finish especially glosses are fairly safe, but the bits --even microscopic--are harmful. You can stabilize some finishes by removing the loosest stuff and then sealing with a poly sealer, satin or matte, which will make it safer to use in a controlled environment. But, sadly children's systems can't handle what an adult does, hence the removal of all lead finishes in schools since I think late 70's.

    1. Thanks for the important info on lead based paints my Friend, I did not know all of that at all... but have always sealed all furnishings that were chippy shabby to make them practical and not inclined to flake off. Alas then, my distressed old walls will just be a thing of Beauty via Pinterest! *Boo Hoo*

  4. Big dragons.. that's got to be the title of your Memoir or his! Regarding lead in paint yes I was thinking maybe I should mention the same thing a microscopic particles do float around. I live in an old house too. I basically tried to make sure any area that was shipping was vacuumed but I didn't put a sealer on and I probably should have. Because my daughter was on WIC when she was little she had to get tested for lead it's just seem to constantly every few months so I know that she was okay. Guess they assume people with less money lived in houses that had lead paint that is not necessarily true actually lead paint can be in houses of the rich or the poor but that's the way they did it.

    1. I agree, the lead paint thing wasn't substantiated on ALL Old Homes actually from what they told me, our Historic Home had no chippy flaking paints anywhere by the time we bought it and I'd repainted a couple times over the years with modern paint so it was never a concern there... but when I was growing up I'm almost certain every Home we lived in probably had the potential to have been lead based painted? Just the Era...

  5. This is among my Top Ten Favorites of your posts! Both the photos and commentary! You ROCK. ♥

    1. Those Pinterest favs Rocked didn't they? And I guess the Baking Dragons thing tickled everyone... smiles


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