Monday, March 26, 2018

If I Went For A Tiny Home Someday

I often consider the Future, when I'm at that Age where the Serious Downsize has to happen.  So, if I went for a Tiny Home someday, what kind of Home would I opt for in the realm of Living Small?   Every so often I find one that would fit the bill perfectly in my Mind's Eye and is at a killer Bargain as well.  Ideal for those Golden Retirement Years where you want to spend as little as possible now for where you are living.  Perhaps even pay cash for it after Selling Off Big Home and most possessions in the Final Curating Purge of your stuff.   This Cute Tiny Historic 1916 Arizona Territorial Style Adobe caught my Eye in a recent Listing, it's under 1,000 sf but I Lust after it's Charm and Historic Details.

It's in a Historic Neighborhood of a more rural Farming Town nearby, one I probably wouldn't mind living in since Walk Score to it's Shops and the Main Street of the small Downtown is excellent.   Since it's outside of the Metro Phoenix area, property values are still Modest enough you don't have to Sell a Kidney to buy a Historic property.  No matter how Tiny... IN the City they're a ridiculous price per square foot nowadays and Flippers have ravaged many of them 'Modernizing' them for Urban Yuppies!   You know the type of Flipper, who has watched way too much HGTV and goes berserk with Trend colors... which right now means they do everything 50 Shades of Grey and leave nothing Original or Historically Significant!  *Shudder and Gak!*

I loved how Bright and Inviting this Tiny Home is, I especially loved the Kitchen, which has a lot of lovely Original Cabinet storage for a Tiny Home.  I would replace the Counters with a high grade Gorgeous Granite, upgrade Appliances and put hand made Talavera Tile Backsplash and Flooring in the Kitchen.  I would replace the Sink with a Farmhouse Apron Sink in Porcelain, Natural Stone or Brushed Stainless Steel.

This one happens to be my Online Fav... reminds me of the Fab Stone Sinks they have in Mexico at The G-Kid Force's other Gramma's Home.

Here's the other side of the Kitchen where the Dining Table would go, it's got good Natural Light and a view of the front yard.   The Lot is actually quite generous and long with just a mature Palm Tree... so a great Blank Canvas to do an exterior Dreamscape.  My Small Original Harvest Table would fit nicely in here and I'd get some Vintage Industrial Style Chairs to go around it, either the Real Deal or some Nice Repops in Metal with Wood Seats...


Similar to this, in the brushed Stainless with Natural Wood Seat that is pictured on the Left... something Simple works best in a very Small Space.   Like we did when we moved over here from our Old Historic Homestead, I'd get rid of just about all large furnishings and start from scratch.  I'd only Keep and bring my most Beloved Smalls and just Sell Off all the rest that wouldn't fit comfortably or be Useful in a new Tiny Living Arrangement.

The enormous Vega Beams from the turn of the Century and all of the Natural Wood Ceilings... and many Knotty Pine Walls within the Home are what I really bonded with in this Tiny Home.   It almost makes me want to buy the place now and just start fixing it up for Retirement and Old Age, you know?  *LOL*   I'd just start then moving over what is most Beloved, see what fits and then begin the Final Purge here at Villa Boheme' until we accomplished the Goal of emptying this place out to Sell it.   I'm already kinda Over a Big Luxurious Home, too much Work and I ain't getting any Younger!

I'm rather conflicted about whether I'd leave the Pale Tile in the Livingroom since it does brighten the Space considerably and I'd have Antique Persian Rugs anyway.   I Love Hardwood Floors, but with this much Wood already in the Ceiling and Walls, it would be too much Wood to carry it thru to the Flooring.   And Talavera in here might be too dark... though I also Love a Leathery Stained Concrete it too might just be too much Brown?!

I Love the new Concrete Stains and the Look... you can get them in all sorts of Cool Colors, so something like this in a faux Jade lovely Green or Turquoise like I've seen in Pei Wei Restaurants might be Awesome, I'm just not Sure.   I'm leaning towards just leaving the Light Tile and covering it up mostly with my Antique Persian Rugs, less subcontracting Work... {See, on the Canvas of my Imagination I'm already moving in... Bwahahahahaha!!!}

I Love the Old Original Turquoise Front Door, so the Turquoise stained Concrete might go well.   Though I'd want to replace that Ceiling Fan with a Vintage Industrial Style one...

Similar to this one with the Cool Edison Bulbs in an Old Fashioned Fan Cage.

I think I would leave the Walls White... which is so unlike me... but it Works with this Home so I'd just freshen them with a Nice Linen White fresh paint job.

The exterior color is already something I totally dig... so no changes there. Though I'd match up an Adobe Courtyard Wall around the front of the Property for more Privacy and an Outdoor Living Area with a Lovely Water Fountain Feature and perhaps a Kiva wood burning Fireplace in the corner.

I like the Natural Stone type of Fountains or those made with an Antique Grinding Wheel...

And this duo of a Kiva Fireplace AND Kiva Oven would be da bomb!!!  Lots of alfresco Dining and lounging would be going on out front!  *Winks*

Okay so we move on to the Bedrooms, this is the Master, which is Tiny... but which has the Fab Ceilings... and of coarse we'd replace the Fan with something Vintage Industrial.

And tho' it is a Tiny Home it is a two Bedroom Home and both Bedrooms have an entire Wall of Knotty Pine Built-In Closet Storage.  So other than a Bed and small Nightstand you wouldn't need much in either.

Here is Bedroom No. 2... so actually the Bedrooms look about the same dimensions... tho' without an actual tour I couldn't be sure?   And there is a very large Outbuilding behind the Home, also Adobe, which could become an Art Studio and be used for additional Storage.   There is a large enough space between the Main House and the Outbuilding to make another Outdoor Living Area that could be covered to convert it into an Indoor-Outdoor Screened in Room between both buildings.   The Property is long and stretches from the Street in front of it to the Street behind it.   I think I may just have to go take an actual gander at this Property... I'm falling in Lust with it!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Day Dreams from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This is perfect for you! I can already envision you living there. Keep us posted if you go take a closer look!

  2. Oh, I could live there also. I totally agree with everything that you want to do with the kitchen and the beautiful outside should remain as is.

  3. That sounds so cool. I love all the wood and the natural finishes outside. Doesn't that door look fantastic?!
    Go and have a look for us. You've made us all curious now!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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