Tuesday, March 27, 2018


  1. 1.
    the action or process of flowing or flowing out.

    "the flux of men and women moving back and forth"
  2. 2.
    continuous change.

    "the whole political system is in a state of flux"

    synonyms:continuous change, changeability, variability, inconstancy, fluidityinstability, unsteadiness, fluctuationvariationshiftmovementoscillationalternation, rise and fall, seesawing, yo-yoing
    "the flux of vapor in the tube"

Flux... in a Word my Life has been in an extreme and constant state of it for a while now, it gives you the feeling of restlessness and not being settled in your Spirit.  I would prefer a Positive state of Permanence instead, I'm sure I'd feel more grounded and less internally conflicted.

Instead I'm not exactly Sure of WHAT I'm Sure of... have you ever felt like that?  And it seems as if the World around us is equally in a State of Flux and so not getting caught up in that, when you're equally Fluxed, is like trying to steady a boat in one place on the vast Ocean and without an anchor.

I Need an anchor, a Center to come back to so that I remain Centered and focused.   I am not one to embrace constant Change and the older I get the less likely I am to embrace it either, I want at least some things to remain the same.  

 I'd like my biggest decisions to be more Permanent as well, since making the biggest of decisions can be extremely stressful and draining, even if things work out satisfactorily.  Even worse when they don't... or you perceive they didn't and thus feel compelled to correct it by making another big counter decision.

If I told you some of the counter decision making going on right now you'd think I was likely Mad and had fallen deeply down a Rabbit Hole.  So while things are let us say, being "Explored", I won't Go There yet in a Blog Post, but stay tuned... things could get really shaken up.

That in and of itself was a difficult decision to make, shaking things up... Earthquake Style actually.  Because when I decide to make the biggest of decisions, it isn't without due diligence, but I take huge Leaps of Faith nonetheless.   Any Vision worth having really Needs to be a God Thing or it simply isn't Big enough.

But that first step, in a Giant Leap of Faith, is always the most difficult one to commit to.   Even when every ounce of my Being is telling me to take it, the hesitancy can almost hold you back as fears, uncertainties and comfort zones battle against Faith Leaps that would take you to yet another level in this Journey that is called Life.

The internal talk of "Shit am I really doing this?!" is a weighty conversation, even during the Exploration Phase of the biggest of decisions potentially being made.   The sealing of Deals and what could be a New Adventure are exhilarating, weighing the pros and cons nerve racking.   Separating Emotions from Logic are crucial... the Business side of me has to prevail against the Daydreamer side of me to some degree.

Though the Daydreamer side is usually what has the actual Vision and is the one that takes Faith firmly in hand and Goes For It while the Logical Business side can waffle some, even if everything lines up.  *Smiles*   Investing in anything or anyone is after all a very important decision to make and I'm taking an entire Family along for the hairy Ride!

leap of faith
  1. an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved.

    "anyone investing in new media today has to make a leap of faith"

Since the existence or outcome cannot be proven ahead of time, it really does take their Faith in me for the rest of them to Trust that I'm making the best decisions for us all.   And my Leap of Faith is Trusting God to Guide me in the decision making Process.  Especially when I simply cannot get something off of my Heart and Mind and just feel I have to Act or continue to suffer the internal turmoil that involuntary Flux has mysteriously created.

I do think that once you're where you're supposed to be though... Flux dissipates... as has been the case in my Life when I'm just where I'm supposed to be at that Season and for whatever Reason.  So I'm Trusting in the Instinct internally that my Spirit will feel settled and the restlessness will cease once I Act upon the urges it has prompted me to make, however scary that first step may seem.

So... here's to Stepping Off into that vast unknown that the Leap of Faith requires in that very first nervous Step towards Destiny and the upheaval it will bring...


Blessings, Love, Light and Solid Faith be yours too my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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