Friday, March 30, 2018

Egg Dying Ritual Gone Left

By the looks of things here in the Sanitized Land Of Blog you might think that the Traditional Egg Dying Ritual at Villa Boheme' had been Enjoyable... Fun even... unless of coarse you remembered that I'd be doing it with the Beast Princess!  *Smiles*  Because Dying Eggs with a Tween prone to being an OCD Drama Queen,  having clinical Mood Regulation Issues and intense Tween Angst can go Left on the turn of a Dime my Friends!   Oh yeah, it STARTED OUT Enjoyable, Fun even... for about the first 10 Minutes.   Before the shit hit the proverbial Fan when she suddenly became discombobulated when I touched an Egg that apparently was not yet Finished!  Then the exaggerated sulking and sour Mood negativity reached Critical Mass and I exited Stage Left before I totally lost my shit!  Anytime Celebrating Easter with the Word Fuck ensues, you're clearly not in the Fruits of the Holy Spirit anymore either!  *LOL*

Of coarse I'm the only one even willing or brave enough to Dye Eggs with her anymore... The Young Prince said he would have been throwing Eggs once the exaggerated heightened Drama started and nobody was having Fun anymore!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   He left the Building, until things Calmed back down to where she could be Human again and I could Calmly walk back into the Egg Dying without dropping F-Bombs!  *LMAO*   I rarely use profanity, but sometimes it's better than conveying your intense irritation in more unsuitable ways... you know, like flinging Eggs and Dye all over the Kitchen once she'd triggered me by going from Happy to Ratchet Bitch in less than a split second!  *Le Sigh*   When he came back he was Smiling in that Cynical way one does when one knows how Left a Good Time had gone so unexpectedly that it set Gramma Off!  *LOL*

"So, how did the rest of the Egg Dying go?" he wryly inquired with a Knowing Look and Broad Grin!  Knowing full well that the Egg Dying Ritual didn't go so Well... since once he'd heard the word Fuck from clear Upstairs being uttered loudly, he'd HAD to come down to at least see some of the Action before heading out the door until things came Calmly back to Center after everyone Cooled off!  The Man had quickly left the Recliner and sequestered himself in our Boudoir until Egg Dying Smackdown 2018 was over, he wasn't getting in the middle of that shit of the confrontation between the Old Irate Woman and the Pre-Demonic Tween Girl!  *LOL*  I'd had to walk away and out of the room, I am getting too Old to Cope with Tween Drama and Angst!  I'm at kinda a Zero Tolerance Season of Life for Dramatic People in fact... I'm a Drama Free Mama anyway.   This is likely why Women my Age don't Breed and biologically aren't NORMALLY Raising Tweens anymore, it's just not NATURAL!!!   *Smiles*

She pouted for quite a while, loudly Dying Eggs petulantly alone while I took time to Cool off by going Online and getting my sense of Humor back about the whole shebang and how Surreal it always is.   It's not as if this is my first Rodeo with Raising Children of all Ages and Stages... I'm a Seasoned Pro at it after two Generations of consecutive/concurrent Parenting well into our Golden Years.   To those who think the Terrible Twos are a handful, wait 'til that little Darling is Twelve and hormones and pre-demonic behavior begins to be exhibited my Friend!   You'll then know that Two was a Walk In The Park by comparison!!!  I've Raised Boys and I've Raised Girls... Girls tend to get really hard AFTER about Ten and Boys were generally more Challenging PRIOR to about Ten in my Experience and humble Opinion.

Besides, a Man Child really doesn't want his Ass handed to him by an Irate Grandmother, it totally ruins his Street Cred, so he's more likely to be in compliance once he realizes, shit, I've set her Off, this is NOT going to be Good or Go Well for me!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   But Beast Princesses, they actually have the delusion that Puberty trumps Menopause in the realm of whose going to be Victorious in an ugly Estro Face-Off!!!  *Winks*   She relented, after all, her initial request for me to Dye Eggs with her was SUPPOSED to be a Quality Good Time in Celebration of Easter and our Risen Lord and Savior... Right?  *Smiles*   Jesus would be relieved, the Old Woman and the Pre-Woman were now able to establish a Truce and finish the Egg Dying Ritual without anyone actually Dying!!!   *Smiles*

She went from I Love You-I Hate You-I Love To Hate You-I Hate to Love You... and complete refusal of Photography... to wanting me to Photograph her and Finished Mini Masterpieces while Proudly showing me she'd gotten no Dye all over the Kitchen or her Wardrobe!  My brand new Dish Towels were not so Fortunate... but it was a Minor Casualty considering... *Whew!!!*  Her switchback from Happy to Unlovely/Uncooperative and Back to Happy again are a constant... Bipolar Folks are like that, I should be used to that... the flip-flop of lightening fast Mood changes you cannot possibly keep up with or keep track of... but it's still such a freakin' CHALLENGE my Friends!  Who knew Egg Dying could be so Emotionally Draining and Exhaustive, Right?!?

 I also have ANOTHER Dreaded Meeting at School with her School Psychologist, Special Ed Teachers,  School Board and all her Regular Class Teachers next Tuesday... so Pray for me@!  Things aren't going so Swell on the Educational Front either since they said she no longer Qualified for Special Ed Services.  You know, once she got A's in so many Classes last Quarter and had 'improved' to where she can't receive them anymore and didn't "Need" them according to Regulations and Qualifying Factors!!   We've been down this ten miles of Bad Road before... ad nauseum...

 So now we're back to mostly Failing all of those very same Classes she used to receive Resources in so she could pull an A and Catch Up... to where she finally felt Confident, Proud of Accomplishment and Intelligent!  A's to F's in a Quarter... Oy Vey!   Because she IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE a Special Needs Child.  Taking away what helped her to Succeed and get those A's, thus setting her up for Failure again and falling behind, to me is just Cruel, inconsistent and damaging to Self-Esteem.  She's back to thinking and saying she's Stupid and telling me it's probably a Good thing she's Pretty and Popular because she's not so Smart!!!   It breaks my Heart... and I don't want her to Believe she can only get by on Looks and Personality in Life because she's been Labeled Academically Challenged, Learning Disabled and Special Ed by a System.  I Believe some of her Internal Rage, Feelings of Inadequacy compared to her Peers and utter Frustration is WHY she Acts out so often now at Home?  Perhaps this is part of the reason why an Egg out of place that wasn't yet deemed Finished sent her right over the Deep End and thus caused the Chain Reaction and Chaos at Home???

Thank God it's Good Friday and she promptly recovered, got invited to a Sleepover at a BFF's and we can move forward and Enjoy a Blessed Easter now...  *Sigh of Relief!!!*


Happy and Blessed Easter to you my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm tired just reading this, ha! The eggs turned out beautiful, though.

    1. Yes, they did... and it WAS quite the Emotional Workout lemme tell ya! *Smiles*

  2. You hung in there! You took a break and you came back and the two of you survived it. Much love and happy Easter to the whole family. Situation at school sounds super hard. I completely agree with you it's crazy to take away the supports that allow her to show her true intelligence.

    1. Thanks for the positive words, yes, sometimes you have to push thru the crazy parts of Life and keep Centered as best you can. Once I come back to Center I can usually Cope with most things. Happy Easter!


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