Saturday, March 24, 2018

Booth #317 Brass Armadillo West Antique Mall

So, the previous Vendor moved out a day early and thus Friday Night when The Young Prince, my Friend Tina and I went to the Antique Mall to bring in some fresh merchandise, we were able to scramble to foof the New Booth #317 in time for the Weekend!  *Can I get a Whoop Whoop!*

This is the first Space I've rented that was move-in ready, since years ago, way back in 2012 to be exact, my Talented Friend Rhonda had this Booth and fixed it up exactly as I'd want it!   I've waited six long years to get it and Thankfully no previous Vendors had wrecked it with a remodel or hideous paint job during that interim!  *Whew!*

I was Jazzed that the Vendor moving out graciously left the Cool Lighting with a Timer.   I totally Love the way Rhonda had finished this Space since it's a Vibe I can totally work with!    Granted I will do some more personalizing of said Booth, but for Tonight we just wanted to move the Vintage Industrial Display Shelf and merchandise in for the Weekend, so it's only partially Transformed right now.

Amazing what you can accomplish in a mere Hour if you have Helpers willing to lend a Hand.   These same Helpers had worked tirelessly all day assisting me with the Hoarded Garage Project, so the last thing we expected to do on a Friday Night would be to move into a New Booth at the Antique Mall after working all day long at Villa Boheme'!  *Smiles*

Other than replacing a couple burned out bulbs in the Lighting it was good to go and so we got busy with it!   Having a couple extra sets of Objective Eyes for what inventory should inhabit the New Booth and how to merchandise it best really helped, because I was really tired!

So after a quick dust and sweep we started moving everything in to just flesh out the Booth enough for the Weekend.  I'll be bringing more Fresh Merchandise in daily and Creating some Gypsy Curtains to frame the Booth, so stay tuned for the complete Transformation... but we are now open for business in Booth #317.

Sales have been very strong lately so I'm excited to expand the Vision for Spring and have a different Vibe for this Booth.   Especially since I'm Curating things at Home so will be purging a lot from Home during Spring Cleaning and de-stashing the Hoarded Garages.

We felt quite accomplished getting this pulled together in about an Hour, since our Plan was not initially to do a Move-In and we were going to Dinner so didn't want to upset our initial itinerary for the Evening.   And after Working from Sunup to Sundown at The Hoarded Garage Project we all were pretty wiped out already!

I think Spring has Energized me and Motivated me to get things DONE tho' with little to no procrastination impeding us.  Interesting how the changing of the Seasons can do that, Spring is usually my most Productive Season and for making Fresh Starts and New Beginnings.

Lucky for me Booth #502 and Showroom #114 had been packed to the gills and really needed thinning out, so I did have enough merchandise, along with what we'd just brought in, to make the New Booth look presentable enough.  Lord knows expansions and contractions of Selling in an Antique Mall have been pretty constant over the past several Years I've been doing this, but it's always Nice to expand the Vision if Sales permit enlarging it.

Those that have been doing it know that the Industry, along with many others, has had it's share of ups and downs over the past few Years.  It's always refreshing when an upswing is in progress and you've weathered the downturns.  Certainly it ain't what it used to be, but I feel that overall people still totally dig something Unique, with a sense of History and with a Quality of Workmanship and Materials that you don't often find in Modern Mass Produced items.

Second day of Decorating my New Booth and adding more Inventory meant it was finished by Saturday Afternoon and I feel pretty good about how it turned out.   I'm sore now tho', two days of non-stop work at the house and the New Booth has wiped me out!  *LOL*

Since I didn't have any Helpers this day I couldn't send a Grandkid up the Ladder of Death to hang my Gypsy Curtains so I had to do it myself!  *LOL*   I think I strained every muscle in my body reaching since I can't go up more than two rungs without having a Panic Attack and Vertigo!  *Smiles*

But I got 'em hung, they look nice and I didn't fall and break a hip so Mission Accomplished and my Vision for Booth #317 is now Complete.   I kept adding merchandise all day to get the right balance of the Booth looking full enough yet not too cluttered.   That's easier said than done with me since Too Much is usually Never Enough.  *Winks*

I added more Art... some unframed Nudes on Canvas and showcased on an Old Easel...

This Amazing Oil Painting done in the 1960's by a 13 Year Old Artistic Prodigy named Antoinette Muto, what Talent that Kid had at such a tender age, WOW!!!  I don't know if it's the same Antoinette Muto who is now grown and does Costume Design for the Theater, but it could be?  

What I liked best was that on the back it's Dated, gives the Artist's full name and age when she painted it and the Original Photograph of the Baby who Modeled for the Painting.

During our Purge of the Hoarded Garages at Home I came across a box lot of WWII Ephemera that had come out of one of the Outbuildings at our Old Historic Home and belonged to the Original Owner's Family.   So over time I'll be packaging some of the more Interesting Finds, like these WWII Arizona Food Stamps redeemable at now defunct Lucky's Supermarket!!!   This one was the most face value at Ten Cents!

And some others were a mere Penny, clearly you could buy Groceries Cheaply during the Wartime Era but I would suspect due to Rationing and other Hardships that the War created a lot of people probably relied upon Stamps like this to buy enough food for their Families?   Things like this were never meant to survive so I'm always Jazzed when I find something that still exists and could be a rarity nowadays.

Finally I hung a small Rustic Shelf in Booth #317 and called it a day... very tired by then so had enough of New Booth foofing!  *Smiles*   Besides, I had some Shopping to do since I had received a very generous Gift Certificate for renting Booth #317 during a Promotion and there was a somethin'-somethin' for the Meditation Room that I was Jonesin' for! 

I was able to Negotiate a successful Deal with the Vendor and brought Home this Gorgeous piece, which is extremely heavy and very detailed.   I had wanted some Temple Quality Statuary for my Meditation Room's Zen ambiance.

And I still have a considerable balance left on the Gift Certificate so am waiting for our Big Locked Case Sale on the 31st of this Month... it's one worth waiting for if you've been Eyeballing anything in a Locked Case at our Antique Mall!?

A Heads-Up my Friends, our Antique Mall, BRASS ARMADILLO WEST will be having a Big 25% Off Sale of anything for Sale in the Locked Cases on the 31st of this Month!

And Today the Young Prince Shared this Instagram Announcement of the Birth of his New Baby Sister with me.  Hard to believe she's just a few days old, she looks so mature and alert already and has all that thick Golden Hair, just like both of her Big Brothers had as Babies!   She was a very big Girl weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches long, so no wonder it was a long difficult Labor!!!   So we are Celebrating many Wonderful New Blessings my Friends!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert to you too... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sooo cool!
    Your booth looks so enticing. It must feel extra special having waited so long.
    I notice your neighbour also moved out, so I hope someone nice moves in.
    Spring time bringing many new beginnings. So happy for you!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, the Vendor beside me moved out the day after I moved in, pity, he had really killer merchandise. Many Vendors are Seasonal though, as the Hot months approach is when the Seasonal Vendors vacate.


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