Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Book Hoarder... Um, I Mean Collector... Winks

You know how there are those particular Habits you fully realize you'll never be Cured of... and don't really wanna be either?   Well, mine happens to be Collecting Books, Decor and Style Books in particular, tho' I do have other topics and Books I have added to the Collection, since I'm no Purist on topics.  Thus I freely confess to being a Book Hoarder... um, I mean Collector!  *Winks*

I am rather Obsessive about acquiring Good Books, usually secondhand or via Online Discount Suppliers, since full blown Retail on Quality Books has gotten ridiculously expensive.   Some of my Books aren't even in English, I don't Care, if the Images are breathtaking they speak a 1,000 Words that transcends language barriers.   Some of my Rarest, out of Print Books, are in fact hard to find Foreign issues.  Such as Jeanne Bayol's incredible French Books on Gypsy Roulottes {Vardo Waggons}.

I have some Favorite Authors, who are also Favorite Designers, that I've Collected almost anything they've Published, such as Sibella Court, Jeanne Bayol, Selina Lake, Mary Randolph Carter, Nina Hartmann, Brooke Giannetti, Fifi O'Neill and Rachel Ashwell.  There are so many others I only Wish had Published more, because I Love what Books I have of theirs and of coarse their Style and Aesthetic!

Because for me the sense of Style and Inspiration it imparts in each Decor Book is why they provide Timeless Collection Value.   There are some Images I've been Inspired by for DECADES in certain Books, such as the Style Aesthetic of such Designer and Stylist Icons as Carol Hicks Bolton and Michael Trapp.  I Love their sense of Style and their particular Authentic Aesthetic as much now as when I first laid Eyes upon it many years ago!   Of coarse over the years I've discovered more Designers and Stylists and Styles I J'Adore!

Some Evolve in their Aesthetic over Time or Experiment with various Styles, some do not, it's all Good.  Metamorphosis and Experimentation happens and sometimes it has to over Time.  With others their Signature Style needs NO Transformation being necessary whatsoever, it's simply Timeless and stands alone!  In fact if a Signature Style I J'Adored Transforms too much I almost Freak Out sometimes, since I can fall out of Love when it no longer resembles what it originally was that drew me to it!

And of coarse some Styles I Love to LOOK at and fully Appreciate even if my Home will never quite resemble that Style ever.  Yes, in the Past I have Experimented with Trying On a New Style so different than my own Aesthetic, for a Change and to see how it Fit and Felt?   Sometimes the Fit was Okay for a Season, sometimes it just wasn't Authentic to me and so wasn't as Comfortable to Live around full time, so I usually come full circle and back to my Roots and Center!

Example would be Sibella Court's and Carol Hicks Bolton's Signature Styles I could Live with all of my Life... Perfect Fit for us.   But I tried the Colorless Palette that Visually I am drawn to and absolutely Love LOOKING at and fully Appreciate... but we couldn't do it!   Nope, tried it, Loving the Brocante Style and even the Palette, but Color kept creeping into my World and Quirkiness as well, since that's more Authentic to Self in my Design Choice of feathering our Nest.

I Love Rachel Ashwell's sense of Style and how Romantic and Inviting the Shabby Chic Brand portrayed a Home.  I did it for a brief Season and made a lot of Money off Selling it all Off when I realized that with just a few exceptions, it wasn't going to Work at Bohemian Valhalla, it felt like someone else's House.   I still Love her Style... along with the French Nordic and Brocante Style... so I do incorporate a few of those Loves into melding with our own Quirkier and more Colorful, Bohemian Macabre Style.

I fully realize that MY Style isn't seen in too many Decor Books since it probably would not Appeal to many, perhaps just a few, and that's perfectly Okay with me.   I have a personal fascination and Obsession with Curiosities and the Weird and Wonderful of Life, the Oddities if you will.   So I'd have much more in common if perhaps Morticia Addams were the Author of a Style Book!  *LOL*

I have fortunately, due to the Power that is Online Networking, met other Kindred Spirits who Connect with what I Love and 'Get' me.   That hasn't happened a whole lot in Real Life just randomly meeting people.  So I think Our Tribe is not such a Huge one, or at least not large enough you run into them in person often unless there might be some unknown Location they've all gravitated to and set up a Quirky Community?!   If you happen to know where that actually IS, I'd Love to know tho'!?   Would mos def add it to my Bucket List or perhaps contemplate buying the Forever Home there??!!!  *Winks* 

For now tho' the only thing I'm contemplating Seriously is adding more Bookshelf Space since my current Library is rather overloaded and overflowing with Books.  I did a great Purge recently and filled up Showroom #114 at our Antique Mall with the Excess, but what I have now I want to Keep for now, so added Space to properly house them might expand to the Meditation Room remodel.  I could pull every Zen Inspired Decor Book and add it to that Room, freeing up Space here in the Library.


Blessings, Light, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, you really DO have an amazing collection of decorating books Dawn, and I am seriously impressed! Print will be around for a long, long time despite everyone thinking that it's on the way out. Especially books that are full of beautiful images. Sorry, but it just does not translate to a computer screen. Good style will never go out of style, either, so that is another reason to treasure these!

    1. I agree, there is nothing like a Good Book to spend time with and online visuals don't have the same impact for me. I like the reading of them too, which is probably why I've enjoyed Blogs. I don't know that Blogging isn't on it's way out quicker than Books sometimes, seems so many great Bloggers just don't bother anymore and I miss their Posts.

  2. Oh my, my...I think we are kindred spirits! I am a book nut, too! And man, I just love, love, love your display on those incredible bookshelves! Funny thing, I also have a collection of drums and tambourines surrounding my "collection". Please tell me more about all that fabric/fiberfest hanging alongside!!! AB FAB!

  3. I think it's about time for your to write your OWN book - complete with the many charming (and sometimes bizarre) photos you post here. Really! As for books, I just thumbed through a new one of Rachel Ashwell's - florals. It was amazing.


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