Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part III

So, one of the other items I bought at the Event was this Deer Skull, it was a Smaller Specimen and I intend to put Vintage Millinery and Antique Bling on it.  We like Skullies around here and Dressing them up, like the Taxidermy Specimens.   The Man is an avid Hunter but he usually discarded all the bones and just brought Home the meat for us to eat.  Mostly because the time it takes to get clean and make sanitary the bones isn't a quick Process.

So when he used to go Hunting he'd leave anything behind for the Scavenger Animals to consume that we couldn't eat or use immediately.   In recent years, since his traumatic brain injury, he hasn't Hunted much at all and so it's just easier for me to buy whatever Taxidermy or Skullies I want to Decorate our Home with.  He never was a Trophy Hunter anyway, he always Hunted strictly for Food for the Family.

So I was Jazzed to get my Skully at a very reasonable price, since I wasn't exactly even trying to Source a Skully.   In fact, this Show I didn't have an Agenda for anything specific in Mind.   I'd really rather attend with no Wish List because then you sometimes overlook things you weren't looking for specifically!

No. 1 Santos Crown with Frozen Charlotte
No. 2 Santos Crown with Big Pearl

 I bought a couple of Artisan Created Santos Crowns that Designer Cynthia's Sister Creates, they are Amazing and it's so difficult to choose a favorite, so I bought two this time!  Besides, one can never have too many Santos Crowns around the house, Right?  *LOL*  

And I'm always seeking Vintage Halloween items since they are so Rare, so when I found this WWII Vintage Halloween Ring The Cat's Tail Puzzle Game I had to have it!   The Designer had several of these Games, but not all of them were Halloween Inspired.  The fact these fragile Cardboard, Brass and Glass Kid's Games still exist and were in such great shape after all these years, is Amazing!

The Succulent Displays were Awesome, this one was planted in a big Antique Rusted Metal Suitcase.   Since it had been raining the plants in the Courtyard Vignettes looked so fresh and healthy, still glistening with raindrops.

Meanwhile everything inside was a Beautiful meld of Rustic and Luxe, which can be very complimentary to one another despite being polar opposites of Style!  It can look very High End and yet Comfortable and Down to Earth with the blend of both Aesthetics.

I Loved the Upholstered Furniture that was a blend of Luxurious Leathers and Rustic Hides, like this Club Style Sofa.   I have an over-sized Armchair at Home like that which I bought many Shows ago and we just Love it. 

The Bohemian in me Loved this Vignette's Styling...

And that Vintage Industrial Time Card Holder behind the Fan was Awesome!

If I wasn't Plus Sized I would definitely add several pieces from the Boutiques into my existing Wardrobe!

But I was Content with what I did Score during this Event, very Satisfied with my Outcome and the Show will run thru Sunday Afternoon so you still have time to get there yourselves my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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