Friday, February 16, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part II

The multi-tasking of Posts is working out quite well actually, it makes it easier for me to remember which Images I've already Shared and spread out the coverage of an Event quickly and more efficiently.  Having several apps open at the same time was easier than I thought it would be also, it made loading the Images effortless and less complicated than doing a Post at a time.

Since fixing the resolution of my pictures is so convoluted now with the new Camera, bouncing from Facebook to my Photo Archives and onto Blogger, it takes more time to do just that part.   So I've been having an Issue with not wanting to Blog as much because of it.  I think the multi-post is just the solution to stay motivated about Blogging regularly.

I like to Blog, but when the Process becomes more Complex, I find I don't do it nearly as often as when it was Simpler.   In fact, the older I get the less inclined I am to deal with Complexity and desire more Simplicity in all things.  Perhaps my already taxed Patience is waning when things become more difficult?  So I like to find solutions that make it so that what I like doesn't fall by the wayside just because it's become more Complicated and thus frustrating for me.

So, Problem Solved when I've had Event Coverage, now that I can Work upon several Posts simultaneously and not forget which Images have already been Shared and which have not?  You see, fixing resolution of every single Image means that my Photo Archives have two of every pix, the original and the FB altered one that will now interface with Blogger and be accepted.

My Dear Younger Brother, the Professional Photographer, tried to explain to me over the Phone how to fix the resolution on my actual Camera.  OMG, my Eyes glazed over during the conversation, it was like he was talking a foreign language I didn't understand or speak at all!  *LOL*   He was talking about pixels and various resolution jargon that Pro Photographers can easily grasp... and us Amateur Tech Challenged ones simply cannot fathom!  *Le Sigh*

We can't have this conversation, it's just not making any sense to me, Thanks for trying tho' Bro'!  *LOL*  I felt very similar to this at Princess T's dreaded Parent-Teacher Conferences with her various Teachers.  This year she has a different Teacher for each subject plus extra Teachers for her Special Education Tutoring Classes.   It was a lot of Teachers and they're all very Nice and so Sweet, they Care very much and are trying hard with her.  She's just not a very Good Student Academically, Bless her Heart.

I knew the Report Card was not going to be Good, but it was worse in a couple classes than I even expected, she's really struggling now in Math and Science.  Tho' her Reading has improved dramatically, that had been the worst struggle previously and now was her Best and most Passing Grade!   I was quite Proud of that progress and hard Work she'd put into her Reading to try to catch up to the other Students.

Tho' it did break my Heart when they gave me her Goal Sheet that had her answers to Questions like what are you Good at in School... and her answer was Nothing.  The only thing she said she was Good at was Talking... and her other Goal was not to Talk so much because that gets her into Trouble. *Le Sigh*  So, the only thing she Believes she's Good at she has to set a Goal to do less of!  Being good at Socializing is her Popularity Status that puts her on a more level playing field with other Students who are Good academically.

 Because she's always been in Special Ed and far behind her peers academically she thinks that she is Stupid and often says that Teachers like the Smart Kids best so she Wishes she was Smarter.   She's Embarrassed so much about not understanding and being so far behind that she fails to ask for Help, lest everyone know she's not 'getting it', even with Resource Classes.  Just being in Special Ed Classes all thru School has set her apart in many ways and no Kid wants to be thought of as 'different' in a Negative way, especially Socially and Intelligence wise.

The thing is she IS a very Intelligent Child, she's just not a Good Student Academically and she's painfully aware of that fact.  For her everything is more Work and a lot more Challenging and takes an excruciating long time to do.  She has to Work twice as hard and often still gets crappy Grades or cannot finish on time or at all.  So she's come to a place where sometimes she gives up and doesn't try at all, she sees no point if the end result is still dismal.  It doesn't Help much that Grandpa and I are Dinosaurs when it comes to Modern Education and being able to assist her with School Work!

But being the Pretty and Popular Girl has Worked for her and so Socializing has taken a higher Priority, even at School, so we're just going to have to Work on that.  We're going to have to Work upon Self-Esteem and seeing herself in a Positive Light where she is convinced she's Smart enough and just Learns a different kind of way, which is Okay.  Yes, it was another tough Conference, but I do Believe the set of Teachers she has this year are in her Corner and genuinely Like her... so that's half the battle.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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