Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Part I

So, Today was the day of the Great Monthly Pilgrimage into the City to attend the SWEET SALVAGE Event, the Theme this Month was 'Rustic Luxe', which is one of my favorites.  Our inclement recent Weather broke just in time for the Rain to stop while standing in line to get in!  *Whew!*

With no longer having to make the daily trek back and forth into Beautiful Downtown Peoria's Hood for the Young Prince anymore, I had anticipated being able to revel in a total day of relaxation and 'Me Time' on my Monthly Girl's Day Out for a change! 

I had Guarded the Date on my Calendar with my Life, so that it didn't get packed with various Doctor and Dental Appointments for The Man or The G-Kid Force on this day!   I had shuffled and juggled Appointments around said Date like a Circus Performer in fact, I was so damned Proud of myself!

And you know the Old Saying about that, Pride cometh before a Fall?  Yep, to my utter chagrin, Princess T comes Home from School the other day to inform me that her Teachers had Scheduled our Parent-Teacher Conference for this Afternoon and now there's no other openings left!!!   Dammit! 

How very presumptuous of them to Schedule it FOR me without sending anything Home to find out when would be the best time for US!?!   Isn't that how they used to do it, Old School Style?!!   Now there's probably some Parent Portal I was supposed to Enter Online and be beamed up like a Star Trek Episode to some Scheduling Site on the Internet that does such things?!?

I've never entered into Parent Portal Land, don't wanna either... what if I can't get back or outta there?!?   Just the Name of it kinda freaks me out a bit... Parent Portal!  *LOL*  When you're a Grandparent still raising Young-Uns they should still pin Notes to your Kiddo or some shit you can Understand and actually Works for you!  *Winks*

So anyway, that meant another rushed Event, which didn't Thrill me since I got a good parking spot and place in line this Morning.   But it was probably Good in some ways that I didn't malinger, saunter and mosey at a leisurely pace, since merchandise that was uber Cool was Selling Out like you wouldn't Believe!

Like these Awesome Architectural Salvage Victorian Ceiling Tin Wall Vases in my Friend Shelly's space.  As I stood there Admiring them and trying to snap a few frames of the Vignette, the Yellow SOLD Signs were going up on almost ALL of them!!!   Yikes, I wanted a couple so I did manage to get out from behind the Lens long enough to snag my pair before they were Sold Out!  *Whew!!!*

I kid you not, this is what the Wall of them looked like by the time I realized I better get mine while there was still some left!!!  *Smiles*  It had been difficult enough getting some Images of the Vignette without Shoppers in Frame, so I almost hesitated too long!  *Whew!!!*  It was in fact my Favorite Vignette of the Show, Kuddos to Shelly, you Rocked it my Friend!!!

So here's my two Architectural Salvage Victorian Ceiling Tin Wall Vases at Home, not on a Wall right now, so that I can move them around where-ever. I want to also buy some slender Water Vases to tuck inside of each so that my Floral Displays will last longer, tho' these Gorgeous Blooms that came with them are doing just Fine without Water. 

I Need to find out what the plant or bush is that these little bouquets are made of, since I'd like to plant some in the Garden to use for cuttings on a regular basis.   So Pretty, Delicate and Wildflower Like in Appearance so I really like them a lot massed together in Wall Vases, it was Stunning!

Well, I'm trying something New in that I'm multi-tasking before the dreaded Parent-Teacher Conference for Princess T, and trying to Create four Blog Posts simultaneously and will Schedule them out for Posting on different days.  We'll see how that Works out for me?  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love those indigo pillows . . . so pretty :)

    1. Yes, they had some Lovely Indigo merchandise during this Show!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You, I Hope you were able to stop by and see the rest of the Posts that covered the Event? I'm so glad you came for a visit!


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