Monday, February 19, 2018

Not A Good Funk Like The P Funk... But A G Funk

It's a good thing I was able to pre-schedule a bunch of Positive Event Posts to hit for a few days since I've been in a Deep Funk.   Not a Good Funk like the P Funk, George Clinton Style Pure Psychedelic Funk... where ya wants to get Funked Up.  But a G Funk as in Gramma is in a Deep crappy Funk that she's having a difficult time pulling out of.   Since Villa Boheme' tends to bring it on with my continued Love-Hate Relationship with this place and sometimes just being overwhelmed with it.  A place that some days I just despise... and as time goes on I find I just Miss my Historic Home even MORE instead of even less!  So being stuck here don't help one iota and I get mired in the G Funk, usually for a few dreadful days that can seem eternal!

I also had to fulfill the Obligation of taking Princess T on her Girl's Day Out to The Mall since I'd taken her Brother to the Renaissance Festival last Weekend.  The Mall... like entering the bowels of Hell with a Pre-Demonic Tween Girl in tow whose Mood can turn on a dime... what a Joy Forever that is my Friends!   But I mustered myself out of my G-Funk Lair, The Bed, where I had been languishing and trying to just Sleep it Off for a couple days.  Which sometimes Works if people leave me alone long enough to take the Edge off the G Funk.  I tried Cheerfulness on for the Day, but I had a foreboding that The Mall Experience was, however, gonna be an Ordeal regardless of how Fun I tried to make it for her.  I wasn't proven wrong... and it didn't take all that long for it to become one!  Princess T often has many Moods in a day and she can't pick just one and stick with it!

Even with the Allure of being able to freely spend some of Gramma's Money as a Special Treat to herself and go into all her Favorite Shops it went downhill and sideways fast, like greased lightening FAST!   Shops which I loathe by the way, since they're filled with numerous Prissy Parents and their own Pre-Demonic Tweens acting the Fool.  Kids that the Adults cannot control coz they wanna be their 'buddy' instead of a freakin' PARENT!  In the melee that was Claire's she became instantly Malcontent, Melancholy and extremely Moody!   Claire's was having a buy 3 get 3 FREE Sale you see... decisions... decisions... decisions... she got up to 5 and she stalled in perpetual indecisiveness!  OMG, here we go, the countenance on her Face had soured and gone Negative as she moped around in a Walking Dead Trance NOT making any decision now, shuffling along with The Face!

You know that 'Face', the one of Tween Angst and Tortured Misery imposed by Sensory Overload I suppose since getting to have Six things isn't like getting to have EVERYTHING!   Those Shops Inspire such Misery and Wanting since they set the Kiddos and their Families up for blatant consumerism since no damned Kid is gonna wanna walk out without their 3 FREE things, right?   And yet, what if they really can't decide on 6 damned things they can't live without?!?  Apparently there were only 5 damned things Princess T couldn't live without and so Thing Six was agonizing and Testing her Choosing Skills to the max!  After about ninety-nine aimless walks around a too crowded Boutique spilling over with hyped up or Emotionally deteriorating Tween Girls and their exasperated Parents, I'd had enough, I threw a Hippie Headband for ME into her basket and called it a Day!  *LOL*

One would think she would have caught on and gotten the gist that she was Testing Gramma's Patience and Endurance for The Mall Experience.  By now I didn't Care anymore and I sure as Hell wasn't having Fun anymore, NOBODY was having Fun anymore anyway, that was crystal clear, I couldn't wait to abort the Mission!   Just give me one good reason... and she did... she wanted to brave Hot Topic's Sale, which was way worse than Claire's since they'd crammed more customers into that tiny Shop than a Tokyo Subway Car!  I don't want that many Strangers, especially the Hot Topic Crowd, touching me and pressed up against me because we're just that cozy crammed in there like Sardines!   The overpriced Hoodies were on Sale, buy one at a ridiculous price and get the 2nd for Five Bucks.  She picked out some Gothic Hoodies and I tried to stand in the insane line that snaked thru the whole Shop and seemingly had no real End or semblance of where the End of it actually WAS?!?

I definitely had no Peace by now and absolutely no Hope I could not have a full blown Anxiety Attack in there, I felt like they all were breathing my air, sucking the Oxygen right out of it, it was stifling!  I ditched the Hoodies and before she could protest or make the fatal mistake of talking smack to me after I was already now pissed off, she had to try to keep up with me as I Exited the Mall Stage Left hastily.  She has been around me long enough to know what to do, if she doesn't make it to that Truck at least by the time I do, if not sooner, one less bell to answer, one less egg to fry!  I've been known to leave a Petulant or Sneaky Ass Teen at the Mall in my Past, just ask her Mother!  *Winks*   Phoenix is Hot and it's a long walk to the Boonies of Subdivision Hell, tho' I'm Sure Grandpa would have made me go back to get her, he did when it was her Mother!  *LOL*

Today was definitely NOT the Day to pull the stunt of Teen Angst to ruin a Girl's Day Out for yourself, but, at least we'd had a nice Breakfast that went Well beforehand at a Restaurant Together, when she was still being Nice and Getting Along and Playing Well With Others.   And, she did Score 5 things from Claire's, plus some Cheap Bracelets... and I got me an Awesome Hippie Headband... so I suppose it wasn't a total Disastrous Ordeal of a 'Fun' Day Out attempt with your Tween Grandchild.   And tho' I still don't have a Good Funk like The P Funk, the G-Funk is slowly dissipating to tolerable levels where being Awake isn't Awful.

And she Cheered Up the moment she got back Home so I suspect that The Mall Experience just put her on Sensory Overload to where she couldn't quite handle it... which is totally understandable... coz I couldn't handle it either my Friends!  Prematurely aborting the whole 'Fun' Girl's Day Out, that rolling thru the Mall with a Tween Girl prone to Emotional instability entails, well... it was really a 'Given', I mean, what was I thinking?   But it was HER Day and so I let her choose the venue... and The Renaissance Festival really wasn't Appealing to her, which I totally expected that too.   And I'm SURE it didn't Help that Gramma was struggling with The G-Funk but didn't wanna break a Promise.  So perhaps our next Quality Time Together attempt will go better?  Or mebbe she'll find someone else willing to take one for the Team and let her Torture THEM at the Mall, who knows?  *LOL*

via: Pocket Full Of Heirlooms... which has the Coolest Stuff EVER!


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  1. That little horned skull with its crown of jewels and flowers is just exquisite!

    1. Thank You, I just bought it at an Event {plain} and put the Vintage Millinery and Jeweled Crown on it when I got Home.

  2. LOL, I've been in a Funk-a-Dunk, myself, and noticed I haven't posted on my own blog, but I did on the doll blog. Perhaps, play is the answer...since that is what I have been gravitating to, despite the news, the world, and our socked into the inside all winter doldrums. With your magic camera, you have to find a rosier glass to look through, or sleep, or play with dolls at 70. Grins, always a joy to open your blogs, funks or not!


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