Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I Gave It My Some ~ Well... Ten Percent

I stood back and basked a while in the Accomplishment, then I had to eagerly Share it with someone.  So I called The Young Prince in to Show It Off, SEE, look how much I got done in the Hoarded Garages I Proudly says as we assayed my Work... several days worth in fact, against the back Wall and one small Corner.    Well, he says and Smiles, it's now Ten Percent Done... only another Ninety Percent to go Gramma!  *LOL*

Okay, so that's the Truth spoken in Love, but I can handle the Truth, and bask in my Ten Percent, which is way better than 100% NOT DONE, right?!  *Winks*  I've been giving it My Some and beginning to make headway, in my Head I'm making a lot of headway.  In Reality it's probably not that Grandiose nor Accomplished and my Delusions of Grandeur are as usual, Exaggerated and Magnified... because it keeps me going!  *Smiles*

And the Ten Percent that IS DONE looks pretty Good if I do say so myself.  It's coming together nicely even tho' even it isn't really completely Done, just Organized and giving me the Storage to make Order of the Chaos.  Not to mention Banana Boxes filled with Merchandise is heading out the door to the Antique Mall every single day.  Boxes more sit in the Informal Dining Room awaiting Price Tags and room in the Showroom and Booth for more!

And since The Family wasn't that Impressed I'm Showing Off my Ten Percent here to you, my Peeps in the Land Of Blog, who Appreciate My Some perhaps more than most?  *LMAO*  Granted, it will be some time before we Celebrate with the Panoramic Views *Smiles* but for now the Close-Ups of 10% of The Hoarded Garage Project shall have to do.  I'm building storage cubicles out of my Old Crates as I empty them of contents.  But I've had most of them for well over 30 years now, so the plastic is getting brittle and I don't intend to pack them with too many things lest they crack and break. 

Eventually I'd like to build some more permanent sturdy Storage solutions in all of the Garages, and get rid of the worn out Old crates, but for now the temporary is good enough.   The Vignette items on top of the Crate Storage or Stored away in Cigar Boxes are Keeper items for now anyway and just to make it all look Pleasing to the Eye.  Eventually, when the Project is complete, I plan to have the Garages as Work Spaces since my Truck doesn't fit into any of them anyway.

I like even my Work Spaces to be Inspiring and Pleasing to the Eye, otherwise I wouldn't want to spent time in the Spaces.  While they've been Hoarded up I haven't wanted to even look at them, too disheartening and overwhelming, so I'm Glad it's finally getting Done, slowly but surely.   Just having the 10% Done has Motivated me to spend more time working on it all.   I had to have some ambient lighting in the double car Garage since it has no Windows, the single car Garage has tons of Natural Light and Windows.  One day I Hope to replace the double car Garage Door with one that has Windows to let in Natural Light.

The single car Garage has a Light that stays on all the time until you switch it off, whereas the double car Garage Light is on a Timer and I don't like that either.  Yes, it's practical if you use it just for parking and spend no time in there except getting in and out of a vehicle, but for spending time in there it's too short a time span.  I suppose most Neighbors just use their Garages for parking since often when their Garages are open all I see in there is a vehicle or two!  We are NOT those people... we're the type to use a Garage mostly for Storage and to Work in.  *LOL*

Even when I had the Jeep and could park in the Garage, I still had Storage in there.  We came from Acreage that had Nine Outbuildings besides the Main House, so for us, just having a three car Garage now was downsizing for Storage!  *LOL*   And downsizing ENOUGH when you move to any smaller Property with less Storage, even if it's still big, is a Process.  I'm Glad we bought a big Home so I can do it gradually and keep working upon it for years to come. Until I downsize again to the Forever Home which we intend to once we're finally Empty Nesters.

I'm not even Sure what size of a place the Forever Home will be, since we're still inclined to want Outside Space and no close Neighbors for the Ideal, so the size of the Home could be small but we'd want a big Storage Building and likely Acreage again.   Yes, I know, I Shared that one Fabulous Row House, but in all actuality I could never convince The Man to move to a Townhouse or Row House and having attached Neighbors doesn't sound Ideal to me either frankly.   I guess we got too used to NOT having people living right on top of us and having ample Space of our own where we didn't have to Deal with other people or their Drama much.

I do like people, but when you live too close to someone it's almost like having to live WITH them in that if they have Issues... it can spill into your Lives and we're not keen on that with Neighbors.   The Man had to go over to Rude Dude Neighbor this Morning since Princess T lost her Soccer Ball over the Wall and into his Property.   Since the overly Dramatic Cat Complaint Incident New Year's Day we hadn't had any contact with Rude Dude Neighbor again and I would have preferred to leave it that way... out of Sight and out of Mind!  But they came back with her Ball and I guess asking for it back went well and with no Incident about Kid Complaints now?!  *LOL*

However, we promptly told Princess T no more playing Ball in the back Yard since it's too small a Space for that and we don't want Neighbor Drama about Balls going over Walls or damaging Property.   There are plenty of Play Parks nearby she can play Ball at and I suggested she just utilize the Park for those types of Activities to avoid any potential Neighborhood Drama unfolding that isn't necessary.    I kinda Hate having to tell such things to the Kiddos, at The Historic Property they had plenty of Space and plenty of Freedom and a lot more of the Neighborhood Kids played Outside and Neighbors didn't mind Pets or Children as much as they seem to here.

Here the Norm seems to be that if it isn't THEIR Pet or Kid, the majority complain about everyone else's to the point of Annoyance and Petty Grievances that are ridiculously Intolerance.  But enough about that, at least we do have two Good Neighbors now, across the Street and to the East Side Next Door, so the Odds are Improving in our Favor!   Of living near people we actually Like and can more easily get along with, where it doesn't require so much Work!  Well, with some it doesn't matter how much Work you'd put into being Neighborly, they just aren't the Neighborly Type apparently, so I just mostly Ignore those Types now and never even think about them until they're problematic.  *LOL*

And there is that 3rd Type where they seem like Nice enough People, just not at all Sociable, keeping very Private and to themselves to where you never see them much or hear from them at all... and that's Okay.   If they leave us alone we're Happy to leave them alone to their Reclusive State of Being if that's how they're Happiest Being.   I actually have Dear Friends that are like that with their Neighbors, they have all the Friends in the World they'll ever Need, so they just don't want to be bothered with Neighbors who are close by enough it could just get messy, intrusive or awkward.   I can see where that is best if you just don't gel with who lives nearby and don't want to be Friends with them.  You don't want to be Friends with everyone or just anyone... at least I don't... I'm selective about who I allow to enter into my Inner Circle and become Close to.

Lifestyle and being Kindred Spirits is usually a connecting factor when choosing one's Friends after all.   If someone has nothing in common with you and doesn't lead a similar Lifestyle you'd probably not have a lot of common ground to Share in a Real Friendship, even if they're Nice enough.  I'm finding that as I'm out working in the Garages I see more of Life going by on our Street, which usually just seems deserted most of the time.   Modern Homes just don't encourage Front of the Home Outdoor Living like the Older Homes did.  We have a Lovely Front Courtyard leading to our Home's Entrance but it's still a Private Courtyard and not a Front Porch.

But with my Garage door open so much while I'm Working in there I'm now noticing the Dog Walkers, the Bike Riders, the Exercise Conscious ones jogging or walking together and most do Greet you with Courtesy and are at least superficially Cordial.   I would like to think that after I get 100% of my Garage Spaces completed and spend more time in there with the doors open I might actually get to know some of these same people who have a regular Habit that brings them up and down the Street?   I'm Open to meeting and getting to know anyone, we're the more Sociable Types of Neighbor and that is just our Usual State of Being.

Of coarse the New Neighbor John, who is so Friendly, is in a kind of amicable Race with me now to see who gets Done first in our double car Garages?  I suspect he will Win in the end since he's Younger, Stronger, has more Stamina and less shit to plow thru!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   That's Okay, I Owe it to him that he unintentionally Inspired me to Get Busy With It finally, with his fierce dedication to getting his unpacked and sorted out so soon after moving in!    I Wish I had been more proactive when we initially moved in, but I wasn't, and so here we are three plus years later and I'm just now 10% Done with the largest of the Spaces still languishing in Stored crap!  *Smiles*

The Interior of our Home is in pretty good Shape, since I took my time with everything except the Meditation Room, which now looks somewhat like a Storage Area of disparate Objects with no place to go for now until I get that Room Done too!   I think I'll wait for Spring to tackle that Room since it will get too Hot to Work in the Garages come Spring.  So when it's too Hot I can move Inside to finish off the last Room I haven't yet Decorated and Styled sufficiently... well, at all... it's been sadly Neglected and Unused.   It's a Great Room too, with that Juliet Balcony of Death, and ample Natural Light, so it will become a Fantastic Meditation Room!

And Lord knows I do NEED me a Good Meditation Room Space for Meditating... and Relaxation and to get back to Center on those Days that Mi Vida Loca spins too Sideways!   *Winks*   But for now, I'll let you all Encourage me further by Praising me on giving it My Some and getting that 10% Accomplished... because just ME patting myself on the back isn't quite the same... *Bwahahahhaha!!!*   And I'm pretty damned Proud of My Some... coz it's a Start, right?!?  


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! I'd say you are doing good! A little friendly competition is good too! Glad you are feeling better about your house and the new neighbors adds some pluses too!

    1. It really does help you to feel like it's becoming more of a Community as Friendlier people who are Neighborly and Drama-Free move in. I am feeling better about the house as all the Work is getting done to completely move in. *smiles*

  2. Great progress! And I love the phrase give it your some!

    1. Me too I found it on a cute site called Tales of an Absent Minded ADHD Super Hero, she's hilarious and brings humor to a condition that can make Life quite Challenging for anyone afflicted with it.

  3. Woo hoo! Way to go! Go Dawn! Is that enough praise? ;-)
    In our family we have a phrase we stole from a tv show. When I've done something amazing they give me a "stagger back". So I give you one too! Keep up the great work. We can't let him win! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Stagger Back... Love that phrase and may have to borrow it too! *WINKS* And Yes, I'm now basking in your ample Praise my Friend! ha ha ha

  4. Wow, you really did a great job, Dawn. Not just cleaning out part of your garage, but getting it organized so attractively! Kudos to you! P.S.: I love how you have those paint brushes in the silver loving cup. . .very cool!

    1. Thank You for the Sweet words, I think Organization and Order can look Pretty and not necessarily rigid.

  5. I laughed at the title of this post---yes, 10% is better than 100...but, who wants to be I've always thought, perfect was boring.

    1. Perfection is indeed boring and way too pretentious for us, huh? winks Lately all I can muster is giving anything My Some so it has to be 'enough'.


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