Sunday, February 11, 2018

Going Back In Time

Two good looking adorable Green Eyed Elves... it's Enchanting Images such as this which make going back in time to the Arizona Renaissance Festival such Fun!  There's the Factual and the Fantasy all interwoven into one Experience!

The Young Prince enjoys this as much as I do and want to stay all day when we go, so we dodged a bullet this day when Princess T opted to stay Home.  Of coarse when we got back Home and she saw he'd Won a Shoulder Dragon and had Elf Ears, well, now she wants to go, so we'll likely make another weekend trip back!  *Smiles*

Here he is having his Elf Ears installed by the Lovely Pixie Elf with Dreadlocks.  So many of the Fairies and Elves had Dreads in fact, that people attending the Festival kept mistaking me as part of the Fairie Family, which was humorous and The Young Prince got a kick out of.  He wryly said that they have no idea I dress and look like this every day, not just for the Festival!  *LMAO*

Okay, so I didn't get my Senior Discount upon entering, since the ticket taker thought I was Mom with a Teen, so forgot I had said I qualified for the Senior Discount of being over Sixty and was with my Teen Grandson.  But when The Young Prince immediately Won a Forty Dollar Shoulder Dragon inside, I didn't mind being mistaken for a Younger Woman and not getting a couple bucks off my entrance fee!  Good Karma always pays forward!  *Bwahahahahaha!* 

Inside I had to seek out the Adorable Ms. Kristi Bigsmiles, who a few years ago had been the one instrumental in convincing me to wear Dreadlocks.  I had to Thank her for the best hair decision ever and she exchanged a Big Dready Sister Hug.  She's so Sweet and you can find her in one of the Henna Body Art sections of the Festival.  

This is the Image my Brother took that year of Kristi at the Festival and she spent considerable time answering every question I had about Caring for Dreadlocks and convincing me you don't have to possess thick hair to have them successfully.   She was Delighted to see I took the plunge and remembered our conversation about my desire to get them.

And I knew the one thing I definitely want to buy at the Festival this year was at least one of the Hair Twists for my Dreads.   You can't see the Charm dangling in this Image that the Young Prince took for me after I got it installed, but it has a Crescent Moon and Star with Black Crystal and Gold Beads at the end and the Twist is heavily Textured Gold Metal... you could get lightly Textured or Smooth Metal ones too.  

When we got Home Princess T tried to give it a shot for me, to capture how Cute these Twists are ... the Charm was still being evasive but you can see the Metal's Texture better out of direct Sunlight!  *LOL*  The Charms are interchangeable so I could buy more Styles and probably will when we go back with Princess T.  I chose the Gold and Textured Twist, they also have Silver, Copper and various Rainbow Colors and you can wear them even if you don't have Dreadlocks, it's just easier to install around a Dread.


Not being one to give up easily and being exceedingly stubborn and tenacious, I tried to take my own Close-Up Hair Selfie whilst juggling an awkward big ass Camera, but that shit is ridiculous if you've ever tried it!?  *LMAO*  Tho' slightly out of focus, the Charm was at least facing the Camera so that will hafta be good enuf for ya!  Yes, my Baby Dreads are in the Crazy Phase of lots of new hair growth that hasn't locked up in a Dread yet, but they're coming along nicely, Maturing, getting way fatter and thicker now, plus growing really fast.

I just Loved this Sweet Pixie's long Dreadlocks Styled up in two Buns, she was Darling and said she's Nine years in on growing hers and absolutely Loves them too.  I can't wait until mine are at the length to do more elaborate Styling with them and Mature enough they aren't as much like Velcro, adhering and latching on to everything and anything!  *Smiles*  I may devote a whole Post one day to little known Dreadlock Facts you might not know but you'll discover when you Loc Up.  *Ha ha ha*

While there we ate Lunch and Dinner, I thoroughly Enjoyed this tasty Veggie Samosas with a Sweet Curry Dip.   No, I didn't knosh upon a Giant Turkey Leg, but I did get a Hood Hook-Up on my Beef, Cheese, Onion and Sprout Crepe!  Everyone was getting these regular sized Crepes and the Young Man asked me what I wanted and I just said, "Hook me Up Darling"... so he made this ginormous Crepe... handing it to me saying, "Hood Hook-Up of the Seven Pound Crepe"... it was hilarious, how did he know I was Dawn from da Hood???!?!!!   *LMAO*

If you want to know anything about Period Costumes this Lady is a wealth of knowledge about it all and gives lectures and demonstrations.  Her Costume is Sublime and all I can think of is the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland, even tho' I doubt this Sweet Lady is telling anyone to be lobbing off Heads!?!  *Winks*

Clan Tynker is a Circus Act and Friends of my Brother, I always thoroughly Enjoy their Shows.  We had arrived just at Opening so we got to Enjoy some of the earlier Shows before the Crowds got massive and you couldn't get the front row seats easily.   So I did manage some decent shots without having to use my Zoom lens too much this year.  With just bringing the Older Grandchild he and I could also go our own ways at times and Enjoy what we wanted separately and then meet up again off and on.

So I got to spend much more time watching various Shows since when you have Younger Children in tow they usually aren't up to sitting and watching an entire Show no matter how Good it is!   I also got to Enjoy that Special Alone Time just reveling in what I wanted to do and look at while there, almost exclusively. Which is a Rare Luxury for Yours Truly since I typically always have an entourage of Children in tow!

Though I only bought the Hair Twist for myself and the Elf Ears for The Young Prince {since he Won the Shoulder Dragon} I did look at ALL of the Amazing Wares being offered at the Festival.  If you J'Adore Artisan Created Merchandise that is Unique, this is mos def the place to come for it my Friends!  This Skull Necklace was Sublime and Altered to look like some kind of little Dragon Skull!

They also have an Exotic Bird Handling Show, I caught the tail end of the Show just in time for the Photo taking Session of some of the Birds.   They all seem quite used to hamming for the Cameras and Striking a Pose, which was Adorable!!!   Look at this little Guy Posing and Voguing for the Cameras!  *LOL*

And this Vulture with the Beautiful colored Head would do things with it's Wings when you were lining up your Shot.  I didn't get it to do the Full Wingspan Pose, but it obliged by doing this Pose instead.  It seemed to like to try different Poses for different Photographers, which was hilarious and kinda like it being an America's Top Model Bird since it's handler didn't even have to coax it to Preen and Strike Poses!  *Smiles*

Speaking of Striking Poses, I was pleasantly surprised that The Young Prince, who is typically very Elusive about having his Photos taken, was very cooperative this day and willingly obliged every time I asked for one!  I think he was thoroughly Enjoying the one-on-one time with me that we so rarely get, just the two of us.   He's a lot more effortless to hang out with than his Little Sister, so Lower Maintenance for moi doing stuff together with just him!

I let him go off and do his own Thing as often and as long as he wanted to, while I did mine... and then we'd meet back up and do things Together, so it was just the right Balance of Togetherness and Apartness.   That's the Beauty as they grow into Young Adults, they can Enjoy greater Independence and you get to Enjoy greater Freedom too!  *Winks*

The Man and I have always Enjoyed the right Balance of Togetherness and Apartness, we each know what we Enjoy doing Together and what we prefer doing without each other.   So I'm certain once the G-Kid Force are both Grown, that The Man and I can do more things as a Couple and Individually with much Greater Freedom!

I Enjoyed seeing how many Couples really get into Dressing Up in Period Costume Together and attending these Events.   Really it's one of the best parts of the Festival, to see all the people in Costume!   Every Weekend they have a different Theme, tho' you can see different varieties of Costume regardless of the Weekend's particular Theme.

This Weekend's Theme was Renaissance Romance.  Next Weekend will be Royal Carnivale and Fiesta Renaissance.  Early March is Time Travelers, Mid-March is Pirates and High Seas Adventures and it ends in late March with Brewfest and Surely You Jest, which is the Final Huzzah on April 1st.  You can look up specific dates, times and info HERE.

And without further Words now I'll leave you with just the incredibly Eye Feast balance of my Imagery of the Arizona Renaissance Festival 2018... the Whimsical Buildings, Wonderful Wares, Entertainment and peeps in the most Amazing Period Costumes.  It's a Pleasurefest of Epic proportions my Friends, a Delight for all the Senses and the Imagination... I already can't wait to go back again!

Cheers, Yep, I did jump in front of the Lens once... just to prove I was indeed there too... ha ha ha... and our Weather is just absolutely Glorious for Hosting an Outdoor Festival right now, so come on down!!!


Blessings from the Sunny Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Loved every one of your pictures! I love the Renaissance Festivals here in Tennessee. My husband and I and our grown daughter go every year near Nashville and they now have one in Memphis too. Looks like you guys had a great day. Love his elf ears, I have a pair too. Thanks for the wonderful post!

    1. My Brother attends the ones in Cali, this one in Arizona is at a permanent location and has been there for about 30 years. I'll have to look up the Tennessee ones to see Imagery from your area... and Yes, it is always the best day ever! Glad you enjoyed coming along virtually.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, the Sensory Overload is Sublime there!

  3. the costumes are amazing! Both those worn and those for sale. . .were you tempted to buy one of those? It all looks like such fun. In Ohio, we have a Renaissance Festival but it doesn't begin until Summertime. . .

    1. Tempted Yes indeed, but I resisted. *smiles* The quality of costumes is such that they're quite an investment and of coarse my belly dancing girlish figure days are behind me. *winks* Summertime here would be too fierce, right now is ideal since it's in the high 70's still most of the time and the Monsoon Season hasn't begun.

  4. So Creative and Colorful! I know you were in your height of glory!

    1. We certainly were, such an enjoyable Magical time!

  5. Love all your shares, but this looks fantastic. Our RFair is held in August, and it is either WTF hot or WTF rain...which is what it was last we missed it. Grins, have fun going again!

    1. Well, we too can have intense heat or rain during ours having in Feb thru March. This year it wasn't too hot and it stayed dry that weekend, but this weekend was colder and threatened rain so I'm glad we went the first weekend.


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