Friday, February 2, 2018

February Visual Fantasies

So, it's already February and in my Head I'm already rushing into Springtime Thoughts.  It's not that the Romance that is February, Valentine's Day and all that is something I want to skip right past, but I Like Spring, thinking upon it gives me Fresh Thoughts that are Enjoyable!  By actual Springtime in the Desert it will have become Hot again anyway, so this is more like a Springtime Feel and Vibe weather-wise right now!

The Weather in February is Great here in the Desert, so it's really more like a Spring Day during the daytime, which is Glorious and beckons you to spend more time Outside than Inside!  So The Man and I now get to go on drives together in the Mornings, now that The Young Prince isn't in School anymore.  I no longer have to spend a couple hours four times a day driving back and forth in heavy traffic into Beautiful Downtown Peoria.  For those of you who aren't Local, that's a Joke BTW, it's NOT Beautiful, it's circling the drain rapidly and gone tragically Hood!

So rather than long tedious commutes Mid-Week that I always dread at 6 am and again at 10 am to and fro for his Schooling, behind Carrot or Radish Trucks filled with Produce bouncing out all over the place, Gravel Trucks going to the River Bottom Quarries with Rocks bouncing out all over the place, slow moving Tractors going from Field to Field and all the Yuppies heading into the City from the Rural Burbs to Work... now I get to do ENJOYABLE drives to Nice Locales with The Man, just sight-seeing and Dreaming February Visual Fantasies.

Yes, it's Divine, it's Quality Time rather than Obligatory Time you have to put in for someone doing something that you don't really relish doing at all, so it's greatly Improved my overall Mood and Outlook lately.  Even if nothing else Changes for now, I'm actually Enjoying a higher level of overall Contentment because The Man and I have greater Freedom while Princess T is in School and until she gets Home.   The Young Prince will sometimes opt out to not have to come along, he's Content to have the house to himself sometimes or just Sleep In.

I actually get to Sleep In for an extra three Hours each Morning now before I have to take Princess T to her School, so I'm Feeling a lot more Rested as well.  Those long super early commutes into the City were exhausting and waking up far too early for two completely different School Schedules was grueling and interfered with everything else you Needed or Wanted to do Midweek.  Now we have our Mornings Free after 9 am and I'm not so Tired all of the time either.  She has a full day of School except on Mondays so that too gives me more precious Time to actually get things Done, so much is getting accomplished for a change!

I'm actually Amazed at how MUCH I can get Done before Noon each day now, without all this Taxi-ing Kids around constantly, it's incredible!   This Morning for example I Priced Inventory, took it in to my Spaces at the Antique Mall and picked up my Check, went to the Bank, the Post Office, the Re-Cycle place to turn in our Aluminum Cans, took The Man to Lunch with the proceeds of Can Money, did some Grocery Shopping and then spent several Glorious hours with the Windows down and driving around looking at really Nice Real Estate with him!!!   All before we had to head Home before she got back from School!

No sense of Urgency, finally we were able to Enjoy being on what I like to refer to as Retirement Time!   You know, that Time you EXPECT to be on when you finally get to or have to Retire or Semi-Retire?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   I can juggle a part time Job and Caregiving if I can do more of it on Retirement Time. Because just SOME Retirement Time rejuvenates me in Miraculous ways!  Not always having that sense of constant Urgency because the Schedule is so hectic and packed with obligations is so Liberating and Fun!   When you are a Free Spirit the Feeling of being Anchored Down and Over-obligated all of the time is a great suffocating Weight.

Who knew that just not having one Kiddo in School anymore and practically Grown now would Free me up this much?!?  You see, I've had Small and School Aged Children in our Home for... well... FOREVER... it seems.   Certainly for two full Generations, which is kinda like Serving Concurrent Life Sentences once you're really "Over" doing it by your Senior Years!  *LMAO*  If somebody told you in your Teens that from your Twenties to your Seventies you'd be Consecutively and Concurrently raising two Generations of Children you might do something Rash!  So, it's probably Best I had no Idea that would happen and Life would Play Out that way for us!  *Ha ha ha*

Now, don't Judge, I'm NOT saying it isn't a Worthy and Noble Sacrifice to raise Offspring, whether they are your own or anyone else's that Need raising and you're the Fill-In for the bio Parents who can't.   If I had a Do-Over I know that we'd make the exact same decisions because it was the Right thing to do and we Love them with every ounce of our Being.  That said, it's a Long Haul Baby and Parenting never really "Ends", theoretically you think it should, but Parenting is a Forever Gig in some ways.  Most especially if the Children have "Issues" or Special Needs.  And it is exceedingly Self-Sacrificial to do it for more than a single Generation... it will take up your Whole Adult Life!   Damned near ALL of it and that's daunting sometimes, since I know I'm not an Immortal.

So when I can just jump in the Truck and drive around without a Destination or even an Agenda and Spontaneously just let the Day Play Out as it will for a few Hours, it's Heaven my Friends!   I don't have to be running around like a scalded Cat and have the Calendar so packed with Appointments, Meetings and Pick-Up times that there is NO Time to do much else except Breathe... or even catch your Breath!  Even tho' The Man still requires some Caregiving and Supervision, I can easily take him along to most places now without it being a complete Ordeal.  He's Traveling Well lately and wants that Quality Time we're spending together sans Grandkids!

He's getting better with Calming himself if Anxiety or Panic sets in and not experiencing Sensory Overload as easily in Public now.  We pace ourselves and I monitor just how much he can comfortably handle and it's Working Out quite Well if I'm proactive about where I choose for us to go together.  We did have to try more than one Restaurant before we found one NOT too crowded and busy for him to handle, but that's Okay.   We adapt and improvise on The Fly, which actually Retirement Time allows you greater Freedom to do since there's no hurries and thus no worries about how long anything might be taking.

I'm not having to say now, well, shit, that didn't Work Out and now we're out of Time already so we don't have sufficient Time to go somewhere else and will just have to NOT Eat... and go racing off to pick up a Child on Time!   The Man always short circuited when we felt Rushed and now he's not because we're not so Rushed when we're going out.  We can easily check-in with The Young Prince to ensure all is Well on the Home Front in our absence.   In fact, I find that The Young Prince checks-in with us first most of the time to ensure we're doing Okay?!?  *LOL*   I get the slightly veiled undercurrent that he might be concerned we'll actually take off on some Epic Road Trip and Escape... I assure him we won't... and can't... dammit!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Today he even called to remind us exactly what should be on the Grocery and Shopping List lest we get forgetful or didn't take the Written List along!?  Now, here's the hilarious part, last Night we were making said List and Princess T comes in and deadpans that what she REALLY Needs me to add to the Shopping List for her when I go to the Store is... wait for it... Gum and Underwear!  *ROTFLMAO!!!*   I don't think I've ever had a Short List for Shopping that included those two particular items together as something REALLY Needed, they're so disparate, so it hit me as hysterical!!!   She didn't think it so Funny as she was Serious, those were her REAL NEEDS!  Just Chonies and Gum! *Smiles*

Now, since we only went to a Grocery Store today, the Chonies have to wait until a Big Box Store Run... but I got the Gum... and some of her Favorite Chips and Salsa from the Mexican Restaurant in the Old Neighborhood that we had Lunch at, so she's Golden for now.  *Winks*  She's even Volunteered to do Laundry for me this Evening!  *Whoop Whoop!!!*   Being the Intense Fashionista that she is, she can't stand to be running out of Clean Clothes and severely limiting her Wardrobe Options... which comes in kinda Handy sometimes.  *Winks*  As for the rest of us... sometimes I have to run out of everything before I'll force myself to do the Ritual that is Laundry for an Active Family of Four because it will literally take all day!

The Young Prince would literally go Commando if he ran out of Clean Chonies, it's not as if that would prompt him to Volunteer to do Laundry!  *Bwahahaha!*  And he and The Man would wear their Favorite Shirt and Jeans until I force them to put something Fresh on... it's a Guy Thing I guess?  *LOL*   But Princess T, I swear that Kid changes 3-4 times at LEAST a Day!   You'd think she was heading for a Red Carpet Event and couldn't be seen wearing the same Ensemble twice lest it ruin her Rep and Cred as a Fashionista Diva Supreme! 

And now we get to the part where the Real Fun comes in for February Visual Fantasies!   I have been trying to convince The Man that whenever we DO Downsize from Villa Boheme' to something more Modest, I would Consider a Row House or Townhouse if we can't find affordable Acreage again... or a Historic Home I Love.   Since some come tricked out Luxuriously like this one that is currently for Sale in a place I wouldn't mind Living and have no Yard Work for Yours Truly...

Even tho' this is half the size of where we're currently living, I could squeeze an Epic Downsize in IF I could Score a Pad like this one... coz it's everything I totally dig in the way of Styling and Design of the Interior AND Exterior Living Spaces of a smaller Home!  In fact, I wouldn't mind buying some Paints and trying to remodel our present Kitchen with these Colors and Used Brick... tho' I'd have to Pass on the Gorgeous Wood Floor since Tile is more practical with these ones who spill a lot!  

 The Granite Counter Top is Crazy Perfectly My Style and Choice of Granite too... it's like this Designer made this place Custom for me.  Well, except some Walls colors in the Living Room and Dining Area which are Powder Blue {Why?!} and Gak, that would have to be repainted immediately to the Warmer Tuscan Hues I'm totally getting used to now and diggin'.   The Powder Blue threw me since the rest of the Styling and Color Palette Jives so Well and then there was THAT and I just didn't Get It?  

See if you agree when you look to the Left of that Divine Classic Fireplace with the Gorgeous Vintage Brocade Wallpaper in Gold and then see a Powder Blue painted Wall beside it... and again in the other Room which looks to be the Dining Area.   Since the Seafoam Vintage Green in the Kitchen is so Fab I would have thought why not carry THAT Color to the Walls instead so things don't Clash?   But... to each his own I guess, only the Listing bragged of the place being repainted and mebbe they just SHOULDN'T HAVE if the Original hues were more Balanced?   Since I'd have to re-paint over that hideous Powder Blue immediately or it would bother me to distraction!!!  *LOL*

But everything else, from the Farmhouse Apron Sink to the White Cabinets and Seafoam Green Island, Fab Wood Floors, Old Chicago Brick Walls... and Stainless Appliances, wouldn't be any more PERFECT!!!   In fact, it makes me want to Buy it now and do an immediate Downsize... but The Man, he HATES Row Houses or Condos... since close-by Neighbors has been a 'Thing' that hasn't been a complete Positive and I Agree, it's risky since CONNECTED Housing is even Closer!  *Ha ha ha*   And of coarse this Community has an HOA and is fancy enough there are likely to be Pretentious Sorts... but there are a Ton of Amenities and so I could be swayed to some compromises as we Age.  *LOL*

I mean there are sliding Pocket Doors... Swooning... and in this particular Room, which I think is the Den, there are all those Aged Old Chicago Brick Walls... which is very Vintage Industrial which I totally dig and WANT... even here at Villa Boheme'!   I even J'Adore all the Light Fixtures this place has... and it's Smaller, which tho' I'd have to dump a lot of Inventory into my Retail Spaces to downsize that much, would be a LOT LESS WORK and I'm totally Down for that!  *Ha ha ha*

The front Yard is totally Maintained for you... Bonus... and the Back Courtyard, well, I could definitely hang out and chill with a glass of Vino here and grill up some tasty Alfresco Fare... plus, it looks SO LOW MAINTENANCE... Booyah!  Have I told you that tho' Villa Boheme' has a lot less Yard than our Acreage did at the Old House, it's really still too much for me to Maintain without Help?  So I'm fast forward thinking to what is doable when I'm Ancient and probably give even less of a shit about Maintaining anything than I do right now?!?  *LOL*

Love that Fountain, the Pavers and NO Grass or Weeds... just Divinely Ivy covered Walls and Planters filled with various Herbs and Flowers or Greenery, Large Shade Tree with hanging Lights and Lanterns... YES to it ALL!!!  *Ha ha ha*   The Man was rolling his eyes after we got Home and looked up the Listing after having driven by the place for Real and seeing the Location, Location, Location was EVERYTHING too!   Walking distance to Grocery Store, Schools, Restaurants, Shops, Parks, Community Pools and Spa, Community Gym, Pharmacy, Community Rec Hall... yada yada yada... and not so Boondocks that you never see another Human Being for days on end!   People were actually OUTSIDE DOING LIFE and even Socializing!  *Gasp... and LOL*

And I'm like, Honey, if I can compromise The Vision some, can't ya just Work with me here a bit?   He's so deeply entrenched in Luxury Living I thought this might Work for him even if it wasn't a stand alone joint... or on Acreage... it seemed very Peaceful and Mayberry RFD in it's surroundings in fact... but he was adamant... I DO NOT WANT a Condo/Row House... Nope... NO WAY... Le Sigh.   But now you Get my overall Compromised Vision of Alternatives when the time comes to dump this place and Move On... I think The G-Kid Force would and could be on Board in a heartbeat given the Lifestyle Improvement of the Community... which actually seems to Function as one... unlike here, which just DOESN'T.   I'm sure every place has it's particular Negs, but with a nice Glass of Vino sitting out here Chillin', with the Kiddos at the Park or Community Pool and having FRIENDS close by... I think it would take the Edge off... and besides, there was plenty of Space for his Big Screen TV and Media Chair... and ain't that ALL he really Needs or Wants?!  *Bwahahaha*

So still Arizona Dreamin' of February Visual Fantasies as we Cruise into a brand new Month my Friends... and contemplate the Future and what it might hold?


Blessings, Love, Peace and Dreams becoming Realities for you... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So you're glad you've able to dip yourself into "Retirement Time." When we don't have rush and can care for ourselves and our relationships, life becomes so much easier!

    1. Oh my YES it does become so much easier! I'm thoroughly Enjoying every Moment of more Freedom than before and being able to meet myself at a Point of Need every now and again!


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