Monday, February 5, 2018

Editing... Purging... Curating... Still At It

No, I didn't get my Henna redone, I'm just using some Archived Images for this Post since the Topic will be so random.  Well, not really, but it's about subject matter I'm certainly not going to Photograph... because when you're deep into Editing, Purging and Curating... it's a Hot Mess!  *Smiles*  Yes, I'm DEEP into the Hoarded Garage Project now, Obsessively so!  I'm having to intentionally pace myself or I'd stay in there all day 'til I virtually dropped from exhaustion and doing too much all at once!   I vacillate between putting things off too long and avoiding them completely... and then when the switch flips in me to tackle it, I'm virtually Obsessed with getting it Done and spend too much time at it!  *Smiles*

I'm finding Cool Stuff to bring into my Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall though, like this stash of 1990's Taco Bell Eyeball Straws that only had a two year run and were madly popular with my Kids back in their Childhood.  I just have to remember when I'm Selling Off the Adult Kid's Childhood, not to Post pixs beforehand!  The Son made a frantic call when the Facebook Post hit asking me to please Save him one before they Sell Out!  *LMAO*  Yeah, he's clearly having that Rush of Childhood Nostalgia I Hoped my Customers of his Generation will have when they see them again!  *Winks*  So during my Shift last Night I snagged him one that I recalled had been his Childhood Favorite.

Even after all these years and being an inexpensive Fast Food Promo item, they still glow in the dark too and the Eyeballs are still bobbling around in their liquid within the spheres!  I think I kept them so long because they made Ideal Halloween Props that were whimsical enough it didn't scare smaller Children and was just Fun.   Of coarse I have kept far too much and so boxes and boxes are being loaded up to become Showroom and Booth bound.  After over three years of not seeing any of this stuff stored in the Garages and left packed from the Big Move, my Sentiments and Attachments are marginal with most of it.  That's a huge relief, I had been concerned I'd get all Nostalgic, indecisive or Attached as I unpacked it all and wouldn't thus make any Progress in the Purge!?!  *Whew!*

You see, I get very concerned when it reaches the point where excess is beginning to look like a Hoard rather than a Nice Collection of Cool Stuff.  The Balance tips to where you realize it's time to Edit what you have, Purge what you are comfortably able to, so that what is left looks Curated by a Sane Mind!  *LMAO*  It's been a struggle of mine for years that I cross that line often and have to get back to Center when Too Much is just TOO MUCH, even by my very loose Standard of Maximalism!  *Smiles*  I'm Thankful I seem able to, I suppose for some Hunter and Gatherer Types it is more excruciating to Let Go of what they have Lovingly amassed?   Perhaps not every Human Magpie goes into the realm of Hoarding, but many of us walk the Edge of that abyss so you have to try to maintain Balance so you don't go off the deep end!  *Winks*

Since I have gone off the deep end on more than a few occasions and had to crawl back to Sanity in realizing what has to Go, I just don't like to get to that point very often.  I like to do my own Interventions and self-assess regularly as to what looks like Enough and what has gone too far.  Because once you've crossed the line into too far it creates a great deal of Anxiety and even Shame.  Because you realize, yep, this is now ridiculous... it's similar to the feeling of when you've become overweight and then have to run damage control because you let yourself go and now it's not Good and you HAVE to do something about it.  Right now I feel Good that the level of damage control to run in the Hoarded Garages isn't completely overwhelming, is manageable and doable in a relatively brief time frame if I stick with it.

So, Why then did I put it off for three years you might ask?  Well, because in my Head I tend to magnify the Effort it will take.  It's like when you see Too Much and don't compartmentalize it into smaller Projects you can actually do to accomplish the Big Picture.   Then when I finally do tackle something that seemed Overwhelming for so long, I often realize it really gets Done rather quickly!   I could have saved myself a great deal of Anxiety by just doing it way earlier rather than procrastinating because I'd magnified how much it would take or how difficult it seemed.   Most of the time things aren't as difficult as I Imagined they would be, Honestly, there are few things that once I tried them, were Impossible.   Actually they turn out to be not only Possible, but relatively Easy for me once I become Driven to face it.

And you would think, after numerous years of discovering this, that I just wouldn't put shit off or magnify it in my head way too long, but I just DO.  And then it sits there, bothering me endlessly, until finally I face off with whatever it is and get busy with it!   The Moving In Process for some people is something they get right to... or perhaps a Home Improvement Project for them gets done in short order... we've never been THOSE People!  *LOL*   I Wish I could say we ARE, but we're NOT, avoidance and stalling out happens rather consistently in this Family and I'm as Guilty of it as the rest of them.  I might be a little less Guilty of it as the rest of them, who tend to NEVER get around to it except under Protest, but I still stall, I still avoid... it just seems to Bug me more, so I do finally break out of the Cycle and finally just DO IT of my own volition!  *Smiles*

Things do Bug me easily, but that doesn't always mean I'll face off with whatever it is immediately, tho' that might Work Out better in the long run and accomplish more if I just did.   Often I just have so many irons in the fire that I'm juggling a lot most of the time in just getting by with Daily Living... and so taking on any Project that looks Big and Major, instantly Overwhelms me.  Finding the Time to do it is also Challenging when you are a Full Time Caregiver because duty calls and has to be your priority.  It can become consuming to the exclusion of what you WANT to get Done and might actually have sufficient energy and stamina to complete if you were ONLY Working upon that exclusively.   Yes, it's a handy Excuse tho', fact is, if I WANT to do something really bad, I always find the Time no matter how hectic my Schedule, I know this!

And to be Fair to myself, three years ago The Man wasn't as rehabilitated as he is now and required more Care... I now have The Young Prince out of School so don't have that Issue consuming me... and Princess T is entering her Teen years so is lower Maintenance than when she was at Nine.   Some Seasons of Life you find greater Freedom and others a whole lot less of it... it's an ebb and flow that seems rather constant.  Right now with entering a greater Freedom Season and the Weather being Glorious and not so Hot or Cold, I'm diving full on into the long dreaded Project of tackling those Hoarded Garages once and for all!  I can't even Believe how much I'm getting done each day, even around a steady stream of Doctor and Dental Appointments for the Family!  

This Week apparently, along with said Appointments, I also will be having Parent-Teacher Conferences for Princess T!   The Man JUST informed me of this {Le Sigh}... let us Hope it is all Positive this time?   I am Guardedly Optimistic only because I haven't had any Phone Calls to the contrary nor any Emergency IEP Meetings to attend for her.  *Winks*   She seems to be having an easier time of the Sixth Grade and so it will be Interesting to see what her Teachers convey about her?   It seems as if she is coming into her own and functioning at a higher level, transcending a lot of the previous Special Needs she once had, including Academically, which is a huge relief!   Usually the Teen Years can be particularly turbulent since that is a tough time for any Kiddo regardless if they have Special Needs or not, so I'm always on Point and tuned to High Alert with her tho'.  With a Teenager things can go Sideways on the turn of a dime!

And especially raising Girls I find that the Teens Years can be more volatile than they have been for us with the Boys, I suspect Female budding Hormones are to blame?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   This one has a particularly Strong Will... {Wonder where she got THAT from... bwahahahahaha?!?}... and so we do go rounds sometimes when she thinks she's capable of taking the Heavyweight Belt and Title from me and Challenges my Authority.   To which The Young Prince and The Man can only ask her, "Are you NEW here?"  *LMAO*  But I must say most of the time she's a pretty Good Kid right now and tries to be Obedient, which I remind her that the Bible says is better than Sacrifice.  After all, I says, I really don't wanna be Sacrificing no Young Disobedient Kids around here if I can't get the Obedience served up... the Point is well taken with her.  *Ha ha ha* 

She and her Brother have even been Volunteering to Help be my Assistants at times in The Hoarded Garage Project!   She's a Great Organizer if she finally decides she's motivated enough to become The Organizer.  Not that she'd do it in her own Personal Spaces mind you, but as long as she's Assisting me to do it in mine, I can Live with that for now.  *LOL*  Besides, she and her Brother like to rifle thru the packed crates and boxes to see what they might talk me out of and into Keeping for themselves.   So it becomes rather like a Treasure Hunt and since most Kids can't recall or remember what was put away Yesterday, anything that's been Gone for over Three Years is like Brand New and Exciting to them!   I have to Confess, I didn't recall or remember what was in those Storage Containers, so it is rather like Christmas all over again as we rediscover stuff we forgot about completely!

And it's not as if they each get carried away, in fact, they request very little of what we re-discover and so it's All Good.   They realize that whatever Gramma Sells Off goes into the Discretionary Money Slush Fund to DO things or get what we really Need and so everyone benefits.   My Sales started off Soft at the beginning of this Pay Period but have become Stronger as the Week wears on. So by the end of next Week I Hope to have another decent check as we Sell Off our Excess Stuff from Home.   Not to mention, our Mall is going to have a Big 20% Off Sale on Valentine's Day and one other Holiday this Month on everything in the Mall, so I fully expect to have to bring more Inventory in for both Big Sales!   That's Good because I have several boxes filled with Merchandise right now that Needs to be Showroom and Booth bound ASAP!

I don't know about any of the rest of you who Sell Off your Stuff, but for me the hardest and most dreaded part is when I'm Pricing Inventory, it always takes so LONG and is so tedious and boring!   So I've set up our Informal Dining Room as my Staging spot for it right now, that way I can Work on it in the comfort of Climate Control and at any time of the Day or Night and that Room has Wonderful Natural Light.  I can also respond to anything the Family Needs since that room is close by the Kitchen and Living Room, which are the Hubs of Villa Boheme'.  That also means the Dining Room looks like a disaster right now, but as boxes of Inventory go out it's a really good feeling that now there is LESS here than before!  It's a steady rotation OUT and so I try not to leave anything languishing too long before it's Priced and GONE.

The Man has been hovering a bit, lest I Sell Off some of his Forgotten Treasures.  I remind him that the majority of his Stuff isn't appropriate for Resale at an Antique Mall, it would be a Donation Item if we decided mutually that it had to Go.  I've only done one Yard Sale since we moved here and it was disappointing turnout since we're so far out in the Boonies, so it's just not worth it even when they do the Community Yard Sale in the Subdivision.   Besides, I abhor doing Yard Sales, I'd almost rather light the stuff on Fire!  *LOL*   So, if it isn't going to the Antique Mall it just gets Donated to a Charity, much easier and always a Good Cause to Support local Charities.   Thankfully our Big Purge DURING the Move took care of most Donations, we were pretty thorough and didn't schlep over here stuff we knew we'd only Donate later.  But sometimes you do reconsider on certain things and Wonder, Why did I Keep THAT?  *LOL*

Well, I have to fix a late Lunch now and then get back to The Hoard... I'm on a Roll now and don't wanna lose that Momentum... Blessings... Love... Light... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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