Wednesday, February 14, 2018

An Antique Art Deco Valentine's Day

What does an Old Bohemian like better than Antique Art Deco Jewelry?  Not much... and so color me Happy that it was an Antique Art Deco Valentine's Day for moi, as The Man got me two matching Antique Art Deco Bracelets at our Antique Mall's Big Valentine's Day Sale Today!  This one has a cloudy Emerald Green faceted Center Stone and Ruby Accent Stones, the Vendor let me have it 25% Off so this one was just barely over Forty bucks, Booyah!!!

This one was my favorite by a slender margin and I told The Man about the matching one, probably from the same Estate.   So he had us take a look at it and told me to just get them both, since everything in the Mall was 20% Off Today and the other one was considerably less expensive than this one so extremely affordable.

Here's the other one, that I Scored for well under Thirty Bucks!  *Booyah!*  It has Amethyst Accent Stones and has a clear deep Emerald Green faceted Center Stone that is difficult to capture the actual color of when I photograph it.  I tried every angle but it just looks so much darker in all the images than it actually is with the naked Eye.

These are set in Sterling and Gold with small Mine Cut Diamond Pave' around them.   They glisten so Beautifully in the Light, I'm mesmerized by anything Sparkly, being the Human Magpie that I am!  *Winks*   The Antique Art Deco period of Jewelry is so Bohemian, so it's among my all time Favorite Antique Bling!   The Grandson calls it the Eccentric Period of Style.  *Smiles*

Everything of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau Periods does Appeal to any of us Eccentrics of Style.  *Smiles*  I like Art Nouveau very much as well, it was very flowery and artsy as opposed to streamlined and artsy like the Art Deco Movement. However, with the Jewelry it's sometimes difficult to really nail the actual period and differentiate the two Styles and accurately date them.  So these Bracelets I'd assume to be 1920-1930 Era as my best Guestimate just based purely on Appearance.

There were actually two matching Rings, probably from the same Estate, but so small, whoever these came from was Petite and had very tiny Hands and Fingers.  The Rings were beyond Awesome too, but quite large and flashy in Style, so definitely too big to wear as Pinkie Rings and they weren't fitting on any of my other Fingers!  I was just relieved that both of these Bracelets were quite long, since I have large Wrists, so they fit with room to spare.  *Whew!*

Here's the best angle I could catch some light in the Darker Green Clear Center Stone.   I'll take these in to a Jeweler to ascertain what the Center Stones of each Bracelet actually are?   The Young Prince and I had a lot of Fun on Google trying to find similar Stones that could be a match, especially for Jewelry of that Era, but I'd like a Professional Opinion just to satiate my Curiosity.

I'm Guessing the cloudy Stone closely resembles Vintage Chrysoprage and the clear Stone closely resembles Deep Green Chrome Tourmaline.  But honestly I have no idea what they are other than I just like them and so that's good enough for me even if we never find out for sure!  *LOL*  I Hope that you too are having a Wonderful and Memorable Valentine's Day with whoever your Love is...


Blessings and Love, Happy Valentine's Day from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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