Thursday, January 4, 2018

Unexpected Differences

I thought these Wonderful 1800's Images, of a couple of Cree Nation Native Americans with luxurious Dreadlocks, was the perfect introduction for my Post Topic of unexpected differences.  I bet most of you would never expect that Native Americans of any Tribe sported Dreads as a preferred hairstyle since who knows way back when?  I confess I didn't expect it and thought it was Awesome when I first saw these Images of these two Men totally Rockin' their fine Dreads Proudly and so Dignified.  In reality we never really know what to expect from people, any people... we can be Surprised.   After the Post New Year's unexpected confrontation with a neighbor, one who we initially never thought would be problematic, it really got me reflecting upon just how much you never really know what to expect from anyone.   How your expectations for anyone can be totally inaccurate.  Our first impressions... lasting impressions... how we expect to be received... how we expect to get along... how we will be perceived... how we will be accepted... what anyone will actually be like, it's all speculation really.  There will be unexpected differences... there will be unexpected similarities... over time this can become just all the more apparent or shift and even turn on a dime.  Haven't you ever met someone you were sure you'd like... or dislike... and then changed your perspective of them based on how things played out with them... good, bad or indifferently?   Have you ever thought people would be a certain kind of way based on Style, Lifestyle, Socioeconomics, Location, Beliefs, Culture... oh, the list can be endless... and find out you were making inaccurate assumptions?   I expected, when we moved out of The Hood and into an Affluent Suburb beyond the City, that folks would act more refined, have better manners, a moral compass or behave with civility.  After all, if you've achieved a measure of Success that would afford you to live in an Affluent Suburb, I just imagined Social etiquette, propriety and standards would have been at least a part of your overall Success... knowing how to act and how NOT the Hell to act?!?  *Smiles*  I made an inaccurate assumption about that clearly and it kinda blindsided me after living here just a very short time actually.  I'm quite sure folks around here also have their own inaccurate assumptions about those of us from The Hood, just sayin'.  *Winks* And I know I'm a little bit Hood and find nothing wrong with being a little bit Hood actually, no apologies... but I know how I SHOULD act regardless of how long I've ever lived anywhere!   *LOL*   I'm trying not to have a broader bias based on personal experiences and observations encompassing a mere three years... but I find that overall, the 'strangers' living all around us might be folks we'll never quite figure out and are way different than I imagined they would be?   I feel, after three years, we still don't really 'know' any of these people around here and sometimes that is unsettling.  Because you're continuously then living around complete 'strangers' no matter how long you co-exist in close proximity with them in an 'alleged' Community.  You begin to question what is authentic and what is fake or even staged in the interactions?  I suppose those  unexpected differences have alienated us in ways we never could have predicted.   Because we just naively assumed that being neighborly, kind and friendly would be enough to bond with people living in any Community around us and be a foundation to build mutual respect and perhaps even cultivate relationships.   When that is NOT enough it leaves me perplexed and unable to bridge the divide.  A divide created by those unexpected differences and I don't really know how I Feel about that long term or if I even have a Peace about it yet?  It certainly started out the New Year with a quandary that we're not quite certain will even have a resolution.   And it's a random musing I've been Meditating upon in recent days because I truly Feel we should BE the Change we want to see in the World.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert as 2018 begins... Dawn... The Bohemian

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