Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Awkward Post Holiday Place

We're now at that awkward Post Holiday Place of the Holidays being over... and yet perhaps many of us still have our Holiday Decor up... so, the dilemma, when to take it down?   For me it's a combination of laziness and reluctance... I'm still rather Enjoying it all and putting it all away is a lot of Work.   Enjoyment or Work... you get the gist of why it's still up and might remain so for a while longer, right?!  *Winks*   When Enjoyment versus Work are my options now, I'm always leaning towards the side of Enjoyment anymore... mebbe it's my Age, perhaps I've entered my Second Childhood, I just dunno?  *LOL*

Semi-Retirement kind of has me not wanting to put in a lot of Work anymore and flitting around instead just doing what is Enjoyable whenever I can manage that.  Of coarse Full Time unpaid Caregiving puts a cramp in that whole Lifestyle of Bliss and Leisure or Full Retirement, but yet, it still beats the Corporate Grind and heading to any Office each day thru City Traffic.   Even tho' I was very good at what I did in my Corporate Lives, and made Bank at all of it... Bliss would never have been a word used to describe any of it... 'nuff said.  I do not for one minute miss any of the Corporate Grind, tho' I do miss the paychecks, they were Sweet and afforded many more Options.  *LMAO*

Other decisions to make, what will I just leave up?  You see, I'm kinda diggin' that Soft Glow the Holiday Fairie Light Garland Creates on the Fireplace Mantle in the Formal Dining Room, so I might not take it down at all.   I do that a lot Post Holiday, some things I don't want to banish and so I just leave them up and I don't Care that they were Holiday inspired decor and they're still there come Summer or even beyond!  *LOL*   After all, it's our Home so we can be as Quirky as we wanna be... all year round, which we are... all the time in fact! 

 Very few things in our Home are permanent anyway, so most of the Quirk would come with us if we Listed the place and nobody would have to Live with it or try to Fix it.  I recently had that discussion with The Man when we saw a multi-million dollar Listing I don't think will EVER Sell because damn... them folks put a lot of permanent Quirky shit in that place that suited them exclusively and was even above and beyond my tolerance for the highly Unusual!  OMG... in fact, have you ever seen something just so over the top that you couldn't stop looking, shaking your head and wondering... Why? 

  It was like that... a 10,000+ sf Mega Manse that had the Weirdest built in shit and highly personalized Odd Tastes I'd EVER seen!  Every Kid's Bedroom was rather a very Young Child Fantasy with it's permanent over the top built-ins that would be a Horror for any Maturing Child or New Buyer!   Very Seller specific the whole place was with huge Scripture written all over most walls in rooms that otherwise were actually well appointed.  I'm Spiritual and all, but it was all more than a bit too much and overkill... the muchness was like on steroids in fact!   There was a Pirate Ship in the Pool... A PIRATE SHIP... I wasn't sure if I was looking at Treasure Island in Vegas and expected a Show to begin any minute!?  *LOL*

I'm a self-professed Queen Of Weird and even I couldn't handle it... which speaks Volumes coz I really dig most Weird shit!  *Bwahahahaha!*   It just seemed like something you'd do when you have entirely too much money and just don't know how best to throw it away on short sighted investing and spending of it?   Because the hosing on the List price was already epic from what they'd paid for the Custom Pad, but I doubt they could dump the price enough EVER!?!  Not without major renovations, to get anyone to spend as much as they'd have to in order to put everything right or make it presentable.  In a place that already was gonna drop a huge dime for any potential Buyer and be a Specialty Listing with a narrow demographic that could even afford to buy it!

And No, I will have the consideration to whoever owns the Freak Show of a Manse not to Share it... besides, don't wanna risk potentially being sued since it's an active Listing and God knows the poor Agent is probably already beside themselves figuring out how to Market it?!?  *LOL*   But sometimes with Real Estate people just don't think about what MOST people would run away from rather than towards and wanna have.   I Love Quirky Homes, I really do, within reason of coarse if it hasn't gone completely off the deep end like the aforementioned Manse... I would run to a Home that most people would not think is 'Normal' or is really 'Specific' to only a select few who dig it.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  

You know, it's one thing to have Quirky Unusual Possessions and Proudly display them because you can take that shit with you when you leave and pass the Home along to anyone else.  It's quite another to paint a room in Zebra Stripes... and also Fuchsia and Orchid Purple everything else with spiral staircases to get into the bed!!!  Yes, one of the Kid's Rooms... I'm not Kidding... I couldn't focus or shield my Eyes enough... I have no idea how a Child could Rest in there EVER without being sedated?!   And with my Kiddos a spiral wrought iron staircase would be a really bad accident waiting to happen!!!  *LOL*   And that wasn't even the strangest Kid Room that I wouldn't know what to do with or how to 'fix' it to be a Normal Room to actually use for anyone I know and be functional.

I could just see asking your Adult Guests if they'd want to be put up in the Zebra Kid Room where they had to climb the spiral staircase to even get into a Bed and then somehow shield their Eyes enough to be able to fall asleep in that brash color scheme!?!   Or ask one of The G-Kid Force if they would 'Take' that room {or any of the others} in the New Home we just dropped a huge fortune on... because even at their tender ages I know the response would be, "You're kidding me, right?!??!"  *Bwahahahahaha!!!* 

  Okay, so I'm having entirely too much Fun making Fun of someone's Home, which isn't Nice, but honestly, if you look at online Listings you are often mesmerized by some of the train wrecks of properties that are out there and have a hefty price tag anyway!!!   Princess T and The Young Prince Love to look at the worst ones with me and amuse ourselves critiquing it all, it's a lotta Laughs!  But, I do kinda feel Sorry for the Owners trying to Sell these places, coz how can they NOT KNOW... I mean, really... at least for Re-Sale Purposes?!?   I mean Lord Baby Jesus, I Hope someone got Real with them and spoke the Truth in Love as to why that would be a Tough Sell... and list it or FIX it accordingly?  *Smiles*

So yeah, since I don't wanna take down Christmas... and I don't really wanna delve deeply into a New Year's Project yet either, I've been Amusing myself viewing Real Estate Listings Online.  I've been Serious about it in some ways tho', since I want to see what the Market is bearing and where in the Future I might want to make Camp?   The Man's reluctance to Move again and my Restlessness to get out of Subdivision Hell when the Ideal Opportunity presents itself, have meant some Interesting over Dinner discussions between us.   We know whatever we decide would be somewhat of a compromise since he Hates the City and doesn't miss it at all, but I am not overly Thrilled with living in the Boondocks away from basic conveniences and miss having... A LIFE!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   

It's reminiscent of the hilarious Comedian Julio Torres routine I saw on TV  about the hardest part of being a Vegan... he found that he doesn't really miss Meat or Dairy... he just misses... {Comedic timing pause} being liked, having Friends and his Family!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   The guy was hilarious, and it was sort of like me telling people about the hardest part of Luxury Living out here... or why I miss The Hood... it's the stuff of Comedy really in the telling of it... because Lifestyle Changes can have Challenges that in the telling of them are rather humorous in a Dark Gallow's Humor sorta way actually.   The Force and I often laugh about it Darkly... the differences between our Old Life and our New Life as we like to refer to Before and After the Epic Move three years ago.

And right now anyway, I Need the remnants of the Holidays surrounding me as we ease into 2018 because it didn't get off to quite the Good Start for us we had Hoped for.   But if I surround myself with the Visuals and the Positive Energy that restores the Soul then I know I can face whatever else this New Year might bring that doesn't exactly line up with our Vision for it.  It is after all our Sanctuary from the Outside World around us and where we retreat to in order to come back to Center and recognize what are our Priorities and what is most Beloved to us as a Family.   I do Hope that 2018 for you has begun in a way that you feel at least somewhat Encouraged, Hopeful and Excited about it my Friends?   We're in that awkward Post Holiday Place of transition right now... but it too shall pass...


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love the way you use artifacts. It is more like you respect them, love them, open your mind up so they can convey meaning. The top photograph, the hand with all sorts of evil eye charms attached, is seriously beautiful. It reminds me of the creative joy ordinary people who trust in their own quirkiness can use to create beauty in their every day lives.

    1. Thank You for the sweet words... I think we should all fill our Homes with what conveys meaning to us. Hope the New Year has begun Wonderfully for you!


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