Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part II

So, here we are back at SWEET SALVAGE, not because I managed to make it back on the final day of the Show, since I have to Work on Sundays, but I had Thankfully taken loads of Images on Opening Day to Share here in the Land of Blog for you!   You know why I particularly enjoy the Themed Events?  Because each Theme puts me in a different State of Mind, which makes it more cohesive than no Theme at all, which for me can become Sensory Overload otherwise.   With this Month's Theme being "Green Acres" it put me in that Farmhouse and Garden Vibe that is evocative of Spring for me.   Yes, I know Farmhouses and Gardening isn't a "Season" per se and encompasses all Seasons really.   But for me, all the Greenery, all of the Rustic Simplicity and Charm of the Style of Farmhouse Living, just makes me think of Springtime.  Even tho' Winter in the Desert is Mild and actually pretty damned Idyllic Weather-wise compared to the rest of the Country, there's something about Spring that makes it my 2nd Favorite Season behind Autumn, which is my Favorite.  Everything will Bloom, everything Living will be reproducing and Fresh Beginnings will be evident everywhere!   After the virtual dormancy of Winter, that is refreshing and exciting as everything Springs to Life... which is mebbe why they named it Spring?  *Winks*  There will be some more Posts coming of the Event, which runs thru this Afternoon, since I managed to get back twice on Opening Day and really concentrate on my Photography and Coverage after I Scored my Treasures... so Enjoy my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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