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We had extended Family come for a nice visit, The Man's Older Brother and Wife, it was really nice to see them again since it had been quite a while so we all had a lot of catching up to do.  Our weather here in Arizona has also been Sublime lately so it's Ideal for any Wintering Visitors to our State... I Love Arizona in the Autumn and Winter especially... so does every Tourist visiting!!!  *Winks*  They really loved New Villa Boheme' and of coarse we went to see the Old Homestead so they could see what the New Owner is doing to do a complete Restoration.  Since I value my Brother-In-Law's input about Real Estate Investing, he wanted to also go see that Old Property I'd found for Sale and give me an objective opinion about it.  It's difficult to have objectivity when you've fallen in Lust with a place, so it's always good to discuss it with someone you Trust who can look at it all through objective Eyes, emotions aside.  *Smiles*

It's not like he didn't appreciate the Vision and what he saw either, he could see the multitude of possibilities and potential as well.  But he could also see the extent of the Work needed, since he's had substantial Contracting Experience.  So we were rather going over it all again with a fine tooth comb, but objectively this time, finding all the potential flaws that are bound to come up in any fixer-upper situation and especially in a Historic Property, where Code and Condition can be quite different from Today's Standards.   Yes, they built them to last and usually with Superior Craftsmanship, but once a Property is about a Century Old, well, it's had a substantial run and endured a lot throughout it's long History too.  The Barn doesn't need a lot of anything... it's probably my Favorite Structure on the Property actually and man what I could do with a place like that!  *LOL*  The timbers are all in good shape and no structural problems with it, so just putting doors on it would be enough, since I'd utilize it differently than a Farmer or Rancher might have in the Past.

Can't help but Love the enormous Old Enamel Signage left up as Insulation, Junquer than I am that is just a Bonus piece left behind, right?  *Winks*  Yes, a piece like that could fetch a tidy amount at the Antique Mall, but Truth be told, when I've bought Old Properties and something came with it that has Local History, I've usually kept it with the Property as the Right thing to do.  The local History of this permanently Closed establishment was that it was a Cool Local Dive with a great Bartender and decent online reviews.   Too bad places like that are continuously closing down... I Like a Good Dive establishment with Friendly competent Staff, reasonable prices, ties to the Community, good Grub and Refreshments.  Not everything has to be a Mega Franchise in a Neighborhood and it's usually the Little Hole In The Wall places that all the Locals frequent anyway.

The Man was delighted to have his Big Brother visiting and reminiscing about everything we've all done in the Past... Sharing History with anyone is something that is Priceless.  They've Shared a Lifetime of History being Brothers so you can't match that.   The Man was a Good Sport about going back to the Historic Property his Wifey Dear was Lusting after since I first discovered it.  *LOL*   Oh Lord Baby Jesus I think he was actually Praying his Brother would find too much wrong with it to deter me from tenaciously wanting to Go for it!?  *LMAO*  Honestly, I didn't think he had much to worry about, Lusting After something is entirely different than the Logistics of buying and Investing when it comes to Real Estate.  I've Lusted after many a Property in this Lifetime, I haven't wanted to buy nor Invest in the vast majority of them.  Though my Imaginings can run pretty rampantly Wild, I always want some objectivity to keep things Grounded to Reality and not the Fantasy!  *Smiles*

This time I was in Inspection Mode Eyeballing the place with intense scrutiny and a more Skilled Inspector of Real Estate who would tell me exactly what I Needed to hear and not just what I Wanted to hear, that's crucial.  I know what I know... and I don't know what I don't know... I have no delusions about that so I always try to get advice from people who know more than I do about whatever it is I'm considering.   It was relentlessly scrutinized from the Exterior, since we hadn't wanted to bother the Realtor with an Interior Inspection unless I was a Serious potential Buyer.  I don't like my valuable Time wasted and so I always try to be considerate not to waste anyone else's either.  Plus, Realtors representing the Seller are rather like Used Car Salesmen IMO so I am not apt to want to be talked into something I'm already Lustful about.  *Bwahahahaha!*  The Adobe brick does have some stress cracks in areas, which isn't unusual for a Mud and Straw composite.  But hey, Montezuma's Castle has lasted for CENTURIES and so has a lot of Adobe structures, if you keep the Rain from melting them with a good covering, you could have a dwelling that is damned near Eternal.  Those double French Doors are going into the Master Bedroom and you can see the Fireplace Chimney Stack, the interior Fireplace is Adobe brick and quite large in the Boudoir.

The Pool's Tala Vera Tile is in good shape but I'd imagine the Pool would need resurfacing.   The Man didn't like that it's right out front of the house, but when you have that much Property acreage around it and no damned Zoning restrictions or HOA on a Homestead telling you what you can and cannot do, you can have it any damned place you Wish!  *LOL*   Personally I'd just put up a nice Wrought Iron Safety Fence around it and Enjoy that you could view the Kiddos Swimming and Playing from your Kitchen or Living Room Windows and easily keep an Eye on them and an Ear out for them.   I have no problems with the location of the Pool... and it's a very nice sized Pool with a nice shape and a small Adobe Wall matching the house around the Pool's operational mechanisms over near a Fire Pit.   Cheaper to restore a nice Pool than to build a brand new one, that's for sure.

Though there is not much original vegetation left on the property except for this Gorgeous Huge Ancient Tamarack Tree, several Mature Palm Trees and some lush Vines clinging to the Main House, I don't Care.  I would rather have a blank canvas to work with when I'm Landscaping than to be having to take things out or replace them.   Plenty of room on this Acreage for a Huge Greenhouse or Conservatory and substantial Victory Garden that could grow everything you would Need.   I'm fairly certain it's still zoned for Livestock and is probably Grandfathered, not that I'm interested in becoming a Farmer, but I would like Peacocks.  *Ha ha ha*   Anyway, that's the Dreamer in me speaking now, The Man was raising Eyebrows about Peacocks and Conservatories, he knows how carried away I can get on the Canvas of my Imagination!  *Smiles*   Luckily my Brother-In-Law is a Visionary and a Dreamer too so he and I were having quite the Talk about what COULD BE... it was getting way out of hand but Fun!  Farmer's Market, Barn Sales Monthly, Flea Market on the Premises... *LMAO* 

By now The Man is probably thinking, Why did I think it a good Idea to put these two together and just Magnify her Visions so that now they're Epic and Fantasyscapes on Steroids?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!*  The Brother-In-Law and I were building Family Compounds, whose Homes would go where, Vacation Rental Cabins... yeah, I know, we just like to Imagine ALL of the Possibilities even if we're not at all Serious, what can I say?  *Winks*   He's actually built up and Sold very Successful Businesses so it's not like he's just a Dreamer like me, he could make it happen if it were the right situation to Invest in.   But we both agreed, this would be a Project best left to the Younger Visionaries and not just the Young at Heart.  You wouldn't know it to look at him since he's in Amazing Shape, but he's in his Seventies already and the Big Projects just aren't as enticing to them anymore either at the Season of Life we're all in.  *Smiles*

We did find out that what I had thought to be an attached Laundry Room to the Work Hand's Cottage {front Porch seen here facing said Room} is actually a Walk-In Cooler and insulated as such.    And it sure was Fun to Imagine putting The Young Prince up in this little Cottage once it would be Remodeled, since it is way less intrusive to have an Adult Child living in Outbuildings on your Property than under your roof.  We Enjoyed that Benefit for years at our Old Homestead since we had several Cottages on the back half of the Acreage and Family did often Live in some of them when they either Needed a place or were there to Help us out.   And Storage, let us not forget how Important that aspect is to us Hoarders of Beautiful things, are in the Industry of Selling Found Treasures, or those of us with Adult Children who sometimes ask Mom and Dad if they can store their stuff at your place?!?  *LOL*

Getting photos of the interior proved to be Challenging since the Windows were dirty and that older wavy glass, so I only managed this one that turned out and I'm reflected in it.   I hadn't seen that some of the House already had Original Hardwood Floors, placed at an angle diagonally which I really Liked.   Funky Jewel Tone Old Hippie Wall Colors were only in a room or two... but I'm a Funky Jewel Tone Lovin' Old Hippie so no big deal there.  The enormous timber Vigas support beams going across the Living Room Ceiling and tongue in groove Wood ceilings were all painted White.   I liked this Territorial Style Adobe Home very much, but it is not for us... alas... and I only Pray some other Restoration Inspired Buyer claims it and Saves it before some greedy Developer destroys it.

And a huge Thank You to my Brother-In-Law for being the Voice of Objectivity and Reason, it was Appreciated more than you know and now I can have a Peace about NOT buying that Lovely Old Homestead and allowing it to pass into other hands.  Not that the Lust is entirely satiated... but you know how us Lovers and Rescuers Of Old just can't get those kinds of places completely off our Hearts and Minds.  *Winks*   Safe Travels to our Family as they continue on their Journey now...   And No, The Man wasn't pissed, he just gets very Anxious and a bit agitated now when he's photographed after the TBI. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Good to know you have made tge right decision! Glad for the visit for you all.


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