Monday, January 29, 2018

Keeping It Real With Myself

In moments of complete clarity I have to Keep It Real with myself... I will likely never have the Energy to Move again EVER... you wanna know how I realize this my Friends?

 Because I spent ALL Morning installing a simple Coat Rack in my Mudroom Hallway... a COAT RACK!!!!!  And I'm completely spent now... but it looks Nice... for NOW anyway... until The Man and The G-Kid Force begin using it... or NOT.  Yeah, my feeble attempts at Organization and maintaining Order at Villa Boheme' just don't work out sometimes... or like... they never work out!  *LOL*

I mean on the Canvas of my Imagination they do... my Fantasy is that instead of Jackets, Shoes, Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Hats being strewn all over the Kitchen they will neatly be placed here now, it will be orderly, organized and Magical now there is a Special Place for it all.  Yeah, I know, perhaps all that Work installing it has made me light headed and delusional as Hell, but I'm a Dreamer, what can I say?  *LOL*  Besides, I like said Coat Rack and it's Industrial Style with Salvaged Wood shelves... I like that it only cost me forty bucks too!  *Winks*

Of coarse The Family could totally embrace the Idea and the Vision of it... I could also Win the Lottery, the Odds of both are about the same actually.  I brought The Man over to it after I had spent all Morning clearing out the Hot Mess that had been the Mud Room Hallway to make a place for it.  Now that all the Rollerblades, Skateboards, Backpacks, Shoes, Hats, Jackets, Walking Canes and Skooter were OCD Organized along both Walls I was taking that brief Moment of Pride at how Nice, how Neat and Tidy it all looked!   See, this is how it's going to look ALL the time I tells him... when you and The Force begin USING the various Organizational Products I've now put in here to keep it all Orderly and in ONE PLACE!  

He sighed heavily and rolled his Eyes... you know I can SEE and HEAR you I says!!!  *LOL*   My Kitchen is now free of all of the above said Objects just unceremoniously chucked there every day after they were worn or used, it's Wonderful!!!   I no longer have to risk falling and breaking a hip to get to or sit down at the Kitchen Table or Kitchen Island!   I can actually SEE my Retro Kitchen Chairs because the backs of them aren't piled with Jackets!  I can't quite understand Why I have been unable to educate The Force that Jackets are not like other Clothing, they can be worn more than once before you switch out and put another one on!??!?

I no longer have three pair of Rollerblades underneath the Kitchen Table, yeah, I know, I only have two Grandkids living here with us, so it's a complete Mystery how or Why three pair always end up under there?!?   Do you know how painful it is if you stub your toes or trip over a pair of Black Rollerblades in the middle of the Night when you can't see them just scattered everywhere?   Death by Rollerblades, I don't want that as my Epitaph... don't want it to be the reason why The Man or I ends up in a Nursing Home recovering from a broke hip and be toes up in six months!   Which is the average time it takes for most Seniors to croak after a broke hip statistically according to a Friend of mine who worked for over twenty years at the Medical Examiner's Office.


We go over Senior Dangers and Senior-Proofing a Home with The Force, which is kind of like Baby-Proofing a Home for Safety, just so they're Aware of our particular risks at this Season of Life.  *LOL*   But if you've ever raised Kids you know that just outlining why something is unsafe or unsanitary is no guarantee they will abide by it.   Sure, they give it the obligatory day or so of compliance after enduring one of my Epic Speeches, which by the very Design of my Speeches is meant as a form of Payback and Torture that is Legal.  *Winks*  The Man would rather take a bullet than endure one of my Epic Speeches so he complies longer.  That's IF he Remembers what he's supposed to do... the Memory Care Issue with TBI is just a Constant, so he's still my third Child around here.   Tho' he is a Creature of Habit, so if I can ingrain the Habit, I'm Golden!  *Smiles*

The Young Prince has been my Personal Assistant since he's no longer in School, but Today he woke up later and I was already done by the time he came down.  So... what Project are we doing Today he says, all chipper and ready to get down to business in the Hoarded Garages.   I pointed to said Mud Room, gave him the Drill on what is Expected now with the New Coat Rack and all... and confessed I was now too spent to do another damned thing... and that this is Why we'll also probably never Move again I informs him.  He smiles, Yep, if that slayed ya, you're probably not gonna be in good enough shape to Move the entire Household again once my Sister is Grown in six years.  Yeah, don't remind me, it's disheartening enough NOW that I have so little stamina and energy to get things done Kiddo!  *Le Sigh*

So, since you Worked so hard Today Gramma do you wanna go to the Zoo Tomorrow Morning with me and just have a Fun day?  We have an annual Zoo Membership to the Far West Valley Wildlife World Zoo which is very close by. They also have a great Restaurant with an enormous Shark and Stingray Tank in it to enjoy Lunch at.   Yeah, that sounds like a splendid idea, since I have to Work Tomorrow Night I highly doubt I want to immerse myself in another Home Improvement Project or I'll never get thru my Shift!   So a day at the Zoo sounds relaxing... he'll run around playing 'Pokemon Go' and telling me everything about any Creature they have in there so it'll be Educational too... for ME!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  He's like a sponge at absorbing knowledge about topics of Interest and at one time he wanted to be a Zoologist, so he's a virtual Walking Encyclopedia of knowledge about the Animals and Marine Life at the Zoo!

Sometimes he stands in front of an Exhibit with groups of people telling them anything and everything they want to know about whatever Creature it is, I'm sure they think he Works there?!?  *LMAO*   Unfortunately even Zoo Volunteers must be 18 or Older so he'd have to wait until August to apply.  But it could be something close by that he could explore as a Volunteer and get valuable Training in their Internship Program available to Volunteers to learn about working with Exotic Wildlife.  We're taking things one day at a time right now and just having a Rest Period after the Ordeal it has been these past few years in High School for him and for all of us, me particularly since I was always the point of contact when things didn't go Well... which was always.


I've been Keeping It Real with myself about a lot of things lately, you have to self-assess your whole Life situation from time to time and decide what it is you really want or even Need to pursue... and what can just wait.   My plate is quite full enough already right now with my Season of Caregiving being very Active and all consuming.   There really isn't that Freedom to pursue other things and frankly I wouldn't have the energy anyway after taking Care of Family and Home to do much more.   Sometimes I barely have the energy or stamina required to do just that, without adding to it, so I often don't... add to it... unless it's not Optional and I simply HAVE to.

Yes, in a Perfect World and on the Canvas of my very Fertile Imagination I could do ever so much more to Create a Virtual Paradise of the lofty Visions I have.  *LMAO*   I am quite the Visionary, but unless I could delegate some of those responsibilities in Creating the Vision, most of it will just have to wait... perhaps indefinitely, I dunno... we'll see what the Future holds and brings about and what I Feel like?!?  *Smiles*   In the meantime at least I got a Coat Rack installed in the Mud Room Hallway... Progress... however slight, is still Progress and moving in the direction of the overall Vision!  *Winks*

And honestly, when you realize that the installation of a simple Coat Rack is going to take you ALL Morning and completely take the wind out of your sails afterwards, it's a sobering realization that your energy is finite!   And so perhaps you should just spend more time having Fun instead and not sweat what isn't or can't get done right now... or mebbe EVER, who knows?!?   All I can be sure of on any given day I've actually DONE anything is that I'll Need a Nap afterwards now!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

And it's about that time for one... so World dominance will just have to wait until after I wake back up my Friends... so will Lunch apparently, unless The Young Prince or The Man wants to make it and serve it to me in Bed... like that's ever gonna happen, right?!?   Yeah, I Daydream about a lot of unlikely Crap like that... because if you can't be Living the Dream just yet, at least be Living the Fantasy my Friends!!! *LMAO*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's a gorgeous coat rack! At least you now have a place to tidy these things away to. Which is also nice even if a bit more work!
    I am trying to instigate a cleaning roster around here. We'll see how it goes!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Good luck with that roster Jack... we've tried several different methods, none have stuck well with the Force, The Man is actually very tidy and creature of habit so he's much easier to get into a routine that reduces my workload and keeps the Home in Order.

  2. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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