Friday, January 26, 2018

Johnny Was, Betsey Johnson And A Calgon Moment

After the Ordeal that was Yesterday I certainly Needed a Good Day and Today was such a day as that!   First my Johnny Was Boho Plus Sized Jacket arrived in the mail.  I had been disappointed when I visited the Boutique in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall that they don't carry the Plus Sizes and you have to order them online, until I realized that online they were having a big SALE!  *Whoo Hoo!!!*  So my coveted Velvet Embroidered Wrap Jacket I'd been Lusting after all Year was included in the After Seasonal Big Sale only Online for a considerable discount!   Can I get a Witness, and a Hallelujah!!!  This is a Close-Up of some of the Magnificent Embroidery, the softness of the Silk Plum Velvet is Divine against the skin and it fits perfectly!

I should be Grateful that a Popular Well Known Designer that I Love actually Creates Plus Sized versions of their Line, most don't and neglect the Real Sized Woman as a Client!   When you take a gander at the Average Size of the American Woman Today she is NOT a Size 6... most Teens I see aren't even a Size 6!   Word Up to the Designers, most American Women are in the double digit sizes nowadays and you're losing a large chunk of your potential Clientele by Creating nothing in our sizes!  Us Big Gals wanna look Cute too and have Gorgeous Anchor Designer Pieces in our Wardrobes as well!   I don't wanna have to rely upon the likes of Lane Bryant and such to Source Fashion... have you taken a look at how hideous most Plus Size Clothing is and how far off the mark of being Fashionable?!?!?!!   I'd go buck naked before I'd wear some of that ugly dowdy Wardrobe being mass produced for the Plus Sized Woman!!!

And since Trust me, you don't wanna have to see that... *Winks*... it's a Good thing that Johnny Was is making their Gorgeous Line in ALL sizes, from the Diminutive to the Plus Size Woman.  *LOL and Whew*  I just do Wish they'd carry some of the Plus sizes in the actual Boutiques, they stop at Large and if you're a particularly bodacious Gal, which Yours Truly IS... your Girls are not going to be held captive inside of a Size Large even if the rest of you isn't Corn Fed!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  So I had The Man be my Photographer, since I was so Excited to try on and Share my New Jacket in a Positive Post for Today, so here I am Modeling it.  Enough Negative had happened Yesterday to last me all Year lemme tell ya, so I was determined to have a Positive Day Today... all of us were... including The Young Prince... who is Transitioning to his New Normal better than expected.  Actually he's been Online searching where he can take his GED and move forward with Life outside of High School.

I was Glad to see him do his Hair in a Handsome Ponytail, which shows off his New Mohawk and Fade so well, get dressed nicely and not languish in a Funk of Depression Today.  In fact, we were all Cheerful, it's as if a Great Weight has actually been lifted now that we no longer have to Deal with the Struggle that had been trying to get him thru School Successfully!   No more Negative meetings or phone calls from Teachers or School Administration for him!  No more High School IEP accommodations trying to be hammered out, no more grueling 5:30 a.m. drives into another City during Rush Hour with the almost one hour commute EACH WAY, twice a day, that had become the Usual after he had to attend the Alternative School!   No more Early Pick-Ups which interfered with doing anything at all Midweek for me... the Freedom for us all is refreshing!  I got so much DONE Today before I had to pick Princess T up from School!

And BTW Princess T is so far doing quite well with her IEP and Teachers seem to be able to manage her appropriately and Deal with her Disabilities in a more Positive way, Thank God!!!   She Loves School and I want it to stay that way... I don't want her having the completely Negative Experiences her Older Brother... and her Mother before them... had to Endure while trying to receive an Education!   I must say that tho' The Son was a complete Epic Handful in School, he's such a Charismatic Individual that all his Teachers still Loved him. They probably had to take Xanex and Vodka Shots after Teaching him each day  *LOL* and a few actually quit Teaching and he COULD HAVE BEEN part of that decision... but just sayin', his Journey thru School, tho' turbulent, was so much more Positive and he Graduated with Honors because of that and in spite of considerable Special Needs accommodations.  I am so Grateful to every Teacher The Son ever had, they were beyond dedicated and completely Awesome!  And I actually ran into The Son and Prodigal Daughter's Old Science Teacher at our Antique Mall Tuesday Night, shout out to Mr. Z... so Nice to see you again and chat!  YES, he remembered our Kids, how could you forget them after all?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

So now on to more Fun stuff... like my Betsey Johnson Critter Pins I got on SALE at Dillards during and after the Holidays.   They had been Created for Holiday Gift Giving and came with a Naughty + Nice Card and even the Hot Pink Gift Wrap Envelope.   I just Love Betsey Johnson's Line of just EVERYTHING, always such Fun as I'm sure Betsey is herself.   Princess T and I have this 'Thing' for Pug Dog merchandise so I'm only Hoping she doesn't liberate me of this Adorable Pug Pin?  *LOL*   I used to own a Pug when I was a Child, her Name was Cho-Cho Sandara.  

 At the time we also had a fiercely protective little muscular Chihuahua Male whose Name was Huey, he was a rescue pet who had been badly abused by a previous owner.  Huey once saved my Life from a vicious Large Dog attack by a Military Trained German Shepherd that got loose and tried to maul me!  That Dog probably would have killed me had it not been for brave, fierce and lightening fast little Huey protecting me, taking it down until it's Owner could contain it!   If you've never seen a Chihuahua in Owner Protection Mode take down a larger animal, it would amaze you how adept at it they are!   They disable the bigger animal's hind legs to bring it quickly to ground level and then hang onto their throat to suffocate them!   

The other Dog wasn't permanently hurt, but it never should have been anyone's Pet in Base Housing either due to it's Military Training before being Retired.  Cho-Cho Sandara and Huey were both Great Dogs but when my Dad got Transferred to Europe the quarantine time for England was a full Year for any Pet entering the Country, we just couldn't do that to them.  Luckily some Lifelong Friends came to Michigan from South Dakota and Adopted them for us before we PCS'd out, I'm sure they lived out their Lives totally spoiled rotten and dearly Beloved.   In case you are Wondering, the British quarantine was due to them not having Rabies and not wanting a potentially rabid animal coming into the Country and spreading the disease.   Hopefully they still are Rabies Free in their Country... it's a horrible and almost always fatal disease without the vaccine.

After the Ordeal that was Yesterday, I was so ready to have a Calgon Moment, light some Candles, soak in the Tub and let it take me away.  *LOL*   In case you're Wondering, my Candle Scent of Choice in the Bathroom is Votivo's FORGOTTEN SAGE, it's a Divine aroma and my Friend Kendra introduced me to it when she had a Shop called SAGE, which I sorely Miss, it was so Awesome!!!   Our Master Bathroom is so Zen that I just Love it, it's a Peaceful Retreat and has a Spa-Like Atmosphere to it.  It's a room you can hang out in because it is quite large and comfortable even tho' it's a Bathroom... I always Dreamed of having a Bathroom like that!   Haven't you ever seen those Luxury Bathrooms in Magazine Spreads or Books that aren't just Functional, but also Inviting, Spacious and Beautiful?   Well, when we got Villa Boheme' part of my infatuation with the Floor Plan and Architecture was due to that Master Bathroom lemme tell ya... it would be a tough act to follow should we ever get another Home!  The Son calls our Shower in there The Party Shower!  *LMAO* 

But as well as Zen it's just filled with Fun Treasures that always make me Smile so I thoroughly Enjoy spending Time in my Master Bathroom.  I'm always seeking Inventive ways to Display my Jewelry and Accessories because I don't like just storing them away unseen and where I would just forget them... or where I put them?   I'm an outta Sight outta Mind kinda Owner of Things... if I don't or can't See it, then I just Forget I even have it!   So it's important for me to be visual enough with my stuff that I Enjoy it properly or wear it often enough... or just Display it because it's too Lovely to stash away unseen and not Enjoyed!    I have my Fav Go-To pieces and then those Special Pieces I might Protect a little more by not using all the time but which I still J'Adore just as the Art Forms that they are.

My Talented Friend Cyndie of Vintage Envy Creates the most Adorable Creepy Doll and Vintage China Imaginative Jewelry Holders.   She's Created several for me and I use them all of the time and they always make me Smile when I look at them.   I also own many pieces of her Jewelry and Accessory Line, you can find her at every Sweet Salvage Event in the Boutique Area.   I only lament that some Favorite pieces she's Created have gotten away and I didn't manage to Score for myself during certain Shows.  Damned Budget, don'tcha Hate when that happens my Friends?!?  *LOL*   It's Okay, I can't have and Own it ALL... no place to put it.   And at this Season of Life everything has to have a place or it's on it's way to my own Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall, Brass Armadillo West in Goodyear.   I still have Showroom #114 and Booth #502 which I'm stocking daily now since I'm plowing thru the Garages Hoard of Stored away Treasures... FINALLY! 

Yep it's True, three years in and now that The Young Prince is no longer in School he's my Personal Assistant and the Mission Statement is to tackle the final bastion of Hoarded Treasures and get them sorted out and mostly Sold Off!  So every Morning we intend to spend at least a couple hours unpacking every box and crate that has languished in Limbo awaiting me to get around to it one day!   I thought it might take me until the end of Spring, but we're making such remarkable progress we might finish it all up before Winter is even over!!!   I'm trying to Imagine what it will Feel like to finally be DONE?!?  My Intention of coarse is to get all Garages cleared out of ANY Storage except for Seasonal items and NOT have any of my Merchandise here at the house.  To only Source Inventory to Sell Off as it is Needed to replenish Stock.

That's the Goal and the Big Picture which I did make a New Year's Resolution to accomplish during 2018 as a Final Deadline.  It's just been going on too long to keep dragging it out year after year, I want it to be Done and behind me.   I might not even want to Move away from Villa Boheme' if I can accomplish all Goals and get it to be the Vision I have on the Canvas of my Imagination, we shall see anyway what the Future holds?  In the meantime, this is a Positive Happy Post, which is so refreshing after Yesterday's Negative Unhappy Post, where I was anguished and had one Helluva tough day to endure the Ordeal of!  I'm actually Surprised I had any Energy Today because I'd felt so utterly depleted of Physical, Emotional or Mental Energy after it was all finally over and done with!  *Whew*  But with the Great Weight now lifted, we felt actually quite buoyant and renewed... we're turning that Negative into a Positive as we move forward.


And I want to Thank everyone who sent Words of Love, Light and Encouragement during a difficult time and a darkest hour, you are so very Appreciated!   Mwah, Love, Peace, Light and may you also be having a Good Day Today my Friends...  and I shall leave you with these Wonderful Words of Wisdom from a Favorite Respected Philanthropist you probably all are familiar with... who hasn't allowed Money and incredible Success to make him lose himself... or not Give with the Greatest of Generosity to many Causes, especially Educational ones...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. wow - I came here to post a note of encouragement on your yesterday's post and what do I find? amazing turnaround? also amazing coat! LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERED VELVET! and the bathroom! yes, as a little kid, i used to fantasize about living in the bathroom (rofl). it has everything i need, I thought to myself... most especially THE BATHTUB! I love water. ;-)
    Congratulations to ALL of you for making such an amazing turnaround. Seems and sounds like something has been released which needed to be.
    Good luck to the grandson in finding the right GED program. They are out there. I work in Adult Education in California. I am sure Arizona has options.
    And sorting through so much stuff?! I wish I could make that kind of headway on my own piles.
    Congratulations and well done!
    Also, I didn't know Chihauhaus could do as you describe. Makes sense. They are definitely extremely loyal, fierce, and beloved dogs. They wouldn't be so popular as family mascots if they didn't have the ability to protect.
    Hope today brings more progress - and moments of insight and serenity about the future.

    1. Thank you for stopping by to post notes of encouragement, that is always needed and appreciated even as we transition Well to the New Normal. We have a very loose Game Plan at this point, still so early that I'm just taking some days to regroup and settle in. I do feel a great weight lifted, as does he, his Educational Process was always so difficult for us all that it took a heavy toll upon us all. All I kept holding onto was that some of the Greats like Einstein and Richard Branson and Edison... were never quite understood in their Educational Process and didn't do well in School. Online there were Quotes from Famous Minds that were encouraging when one fails at formal Schooling... it was in those Words of Wisdom that I knew he was more like them than the average Student and he would find his own Path in his Life's Journey, even if it was a less traveled one.

  2. Glad to read your positive post today, Dawn. I think your Young Prince will be happier having more control over his schooling. Love your jacket! I have to check out this designer.

    1. Thank You for coming by with encouragement, I agree that after the sorrow and disappointment, he's happier at making his own way, which is a different way, not necessarily a 'wrong' one.

  3. Wow I love that up beat Bohemian comin thru!! Cheers!


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