Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Lust...

I found the Property that would make me forget all about having to give up my Beloved Old Historic Homestead... on Acreage but in the Heart of the City.  A Historic Adobe Ranch badly in Need of TLC and a Rescuer, so some Developer doesn't raze it and build Condos or something equally despicable on such a huge Historic Lot.  In Arizona protection of the Historic Homesteads is abysmal, most of them are long gone and greedy Developers and Investors have thrown up a sea of Subdivision Hells in their place... it makes me want to throw up, but in a totally different way!  I have vile in my throat just thinking of the fate of this Magnificent Old Place.  Which had to belong to a Successful Rancher or Farmer at the turn of the Century, since it has a very large Aztec shaped Inspired Pool in front with colorful Talavera Tiling {not visible in any of the Listing Images... since they place Value on merely the Land}... a triple car Garage, plus Large Barn with huge Lodgepole support beams and an Adobe Cottage Bunkhouse for Ranch-Hands!!!

I was in Love... I was in Lust... as was The Young Prince... we had brought The Man along, he had no idea what we were going to check out.  Yes, I made the huge Mistake of going to look at it in person since Online they hadn't shown but one ugly pix of the interior of the Main House... or much about the other Structures either.  Clearly they are targeting the Investor/Developer Buyer, Gak, let me hack up my utter disgust with the Real Estate Industry as a whole when it comes to Historic Homesteads being Sold Off in Maricopa County, Arizona!   I say I made the huge Mistake because the Home was not in the bad shape I had expected by the lousy Listing promoting the Property, so I desperately WANTED it with a Lustful Eye... I could Envision us living there!  

Nope, they had just gushed about all that LAND... you know, that you could build up to Six Houses on and all that Greedy tear-everything-down and build what we don't really Need more of becoz that's the best way to maximize Profits.   Lord knows the Money to be made is always paramount, even if it's not the Right thing to do... just take a look at our Embarrassing Political Climate in this Country to know that most people will overlook anything and everything if the Price is Right and Money can be made by any means, even if despicable and ever so Wrong!   I think this Property had likely been in a Family for a very long time, I suspected illness or death has put it on the Market... there was a Fuck You Cancer sticker on the Refrigerator, it made me want to Weep for whoever had held out and held onto this property for so long that the City had grown up around it!   It's the last of it's kind in that area, the Urban build up around it is of a more desirable nature, so I don't hold out much Hope that someone like us would hold a similar Appreciation for it's potential as a Project for a Restored Historic Property and not just tear it down.

The Young Prince had already Claimed the Cottage Bunkhouse, which was one large room with Kitchenette, an attached Bathroom and Laundry Room, but had a large covered Front Porch.    There was also an Ancient Tamarack Tree in the back of the Acreage, reminiscent of my Magnificent 350 year old Tamarack at the Historic Homestead that the City cut down because they claimed it had grown too large for a Residential Area and thus exercised Eminent Domain for, you know, the Good Of All.   Gak, don't even get me started about Eminent Domain and how it totally screws long time Residents of their Property Rights for Newcomers to be shown favor and preferences... and Conveniences at the expense of the Old Timers of any Area who were there FIRST!   But, whatever, this large completely walled in Compound is like an Oasis in the City, of Rural Bliss but with all the Conveniences of not living way out in BFE.  I particularly liked that about it, secluded, Private, but with an Older established Neighborhood that had grown up around it perhaps in the 1970's or so and great Shopping and Restaurants nearby. 

There were at least two Fireplaces visible thru the Windows we could see inside of, one in the Living Room, one in the Master Bedroom Suite, which is this Window near the back of the Main House.  There was also that large Cement Pad you could build a very large Addition upon, we Imagined a Conservatory or Greenhouse Structure.   There was enough vacant land around the Main House and Barn areas to build a Family Compound if you wished, since up to six Homes could be built on the site per what Zoning was already in place.   We Imagined a lot of things during this brief visit, The Grandson and I... The Man of coarse was oblivious, as he usually is due to his TBI... I don't even think he knew Why we were there?!?  That we were more than Dreaming and Dead Serious about Wishing we could dump fancy Villa Boheme' in Subdivision Hell in favor of buying this Property.  He likes it here and I don't think he fathoms the depth of the Misery that the Young Prince and I feel living out here in this piss poor excuse of a Community and near NOTHING... so that you're Existing and not Living a day that you're stuck out here.  Sure, Luxury Homes are impressive and perhaps for some it would be such a coveted Status Symbol that it would be their Dream Home.  I find it all rather Nightmarish and pretentious to tell you the Truth... Love the Home, Hate everything else... can't wait to cash out on it one day... hopefully sooner than later.

It put me in a Deep Funk actually just Wishing I could be buying this place and escaping where I do not Like living at all.   I'm putting in my Time... until I can get Princess T raised and out of School, which she Loves her School and is doing well for now and has her Friends at School, if not in the immediate area, so at 12 she's Content enough with that.  She spends all day Texting her School Friends that don't live close by at all... I'd rather she live somewhere she had Friends who could spend actual time with her like in the Old Neighborhood, where Neighbors were... ahem... Neighborly and Community Oriented!   No, here I wait for the next petty complaint filed by some uptight, uppity, pretentious type of Neighbor against anyone and everyone... or the anal HOA to dictate some other ridiculous standard of Yard Care at the whim of whoever they elected to serve on their Board.  HOA's, there's another topic of conversation you don't want to get me into... *Bwahahahaha!*   Especially since 2018 has started out so Miserably that I only Pray the rest of the year can only get better?

And in the meantime I'll Escape on the Canvas of my Imagination to places such as this, which is more my Style and Lifestyle than Luxury Subdivision Hell in the tediously Boring Burbs... which is no more than a Devil in disguise... Pretty and Alluring Devils are always the worst ones you know!   And make as many temporary Escapes into the City as is possible, where I Feel much more Alive and a whole lot less Depressed and Angry.   And I'll be Hosting some In-laws from out of State by Tomorrow and want to be able to be a Gracious Hostess to receive them and not be in a Deep Funk.  So The Young Prince and I had to make a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens to get our Heads on straight to be decent Hosts... since just visiting somewhere that could be a Forever Home and we WANT to be had put us both in a very Dark Space... me especially... since I know I can't have it... but the longing for it is all consuming sometimes.   No, I can't go back in Time unfortunately and reclaim Old Bohemian Valhalla now that buying this place served being a means to an end to Adopt my Grandkids.  But I sure Wish I could now move forward and out of here, because stuck in what you view as a Rut is rather no different than a Grave really... in a very Pretty and Exclusive Cemetery.


Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, I feel your pain... I wish it was possible for you to rescue that property and make it a Bohemian showcase.

    1. I know, huh... I don't know The Man or my Grand-Daughter are up for another fixer-upper reno now they have had a taste of Luxury Living here at Villa Boheme', it can become intoxicating to have the finished Home that is Lovely {never have knocked my actual Home here, it's quite Fabulous}, but I Miss the FREEDOM afforded when you don't have an HOA or close Neighbors and Land to do as you Wish and go Bohemian, which is my Natural State of Being, so I Feel rather Imprisoned here and stripped of my Freedoms... not to mention how Boring and Unfriendly the area is way out here in Yuppie Land.

  2. They will probably make a lot of money on that property since a developer will probably buy it. We have the same problem here as all our farmland and horse farms are being gobbled up by those who build large homes with small yards. We moved here 16 years ago because progress had changed the landscape and now,it is happening here. It is very hard to stop them, but we keep fighting.

    1. I know, I've led the Resistance for years to Preserve Historic Properties but so few Care anymore unless an area becomes so Gentrified that only the Rich can afford them and want a Quaint more Historic Vibe... but usually on the exterior, they gut them and make a Modern interior usually, so what was the point? *Le Sigh*


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