Monday, January 8, 2018

Holiday Winter Break Over

So Today the G-Kid Force returned to School after their Holiday Winter Break... to say we were all bleary eyed, after having a couple weeks of being able to Sleep In over the break, would be an understatement!   We were moving around Villa Boheme' like a bunch of Zombies... and getting back into the routine will take a few days I suspect.   Traffic into the City to drop the Young Prince off at his Alternative School was horrendous!  They've got half the roads torn up with construction... No, let me rephrase that, they've got ALL the roads torn up coming out of our area torn up with construction!  So, there's just no getting around any of it or the traffic jams without driving miles and miles out of your way, which then doesn't save any time at all... so why bother!?

I decided to make it a Zen trip during the long delays by stopping by QT Convenience Store and buying some mini Breakfast Burritos and Columbian Coffee.   Note to Self: QT makes tasteless mini Burritos and the Coffee was bitter and had so many Coffee Grounds in it I had to chuck it out when I got Home!   So much for the Zen ride Home... ha ha ha... don't you Hate it when a Plan B doesn't work out or come together either!?  *LOL*  But I managed to creep Home in time to get Princess T to her School on time and by then the Sun was finally coming up and it looks as if it will be a Glorious day weather-wise.  Both of The Force only have a half day of School Today so my respite will be brief, but I intend to take full advantage of it!  *Smiles*

We actually had a very nice Holiday Winter Break with them, it was Enjoyable for us all, it just wasn't nearly long enough for any of us.   Unlike many Young Parents, Seniors still raising Children aren't really 'into' the School Thing at our Season of Life, we just don't want to be doing it anymore.  So I find it to be mostly a bother to still be getting up early FOR School, attending Parent/Teacher Conferences and doing Homework with the Kiddos well into our Sixties... and perhaps Seventies by the time we're finally DONE!  *LOL*   So we rather look forward to their Breaks as much as they do and commiserate with them when Breaks are over.  Of coarse I'm conflicted since the only respite from raising The Force I get is when they're IN School... so it's a total Catch-22 at times as well!  *Winks*

  Honestly, when some Teachers informed me that The Young Prince wasn't doing his Homework when he was still in Public School, I was like, "Shit... and here I thought I was getting Lucky and he just didn't have any?!?"  *LOL*   And don't Judge, because it's not AS IF we can actually Help them with any of it anyway since I either don't remember, completely forgot how to or don't understand any of it... not since they were about in Third Grade anyway!!!  And The Man has Brain Damage, so him helping is rather a lark, they end up futilely trying to explain to him what they're supposed to be doing, so it's rather like the blind leading the blind!!!   The fact they're pulling down any A's is entirely by their own merits, we probably had nothing to do with that accomplishment!    *Bwahahahaha!!!*  Lord knows the IEP's they each have had nothing to do with it either, those really are quite pointless from our personal experiences with the Individualized Educational Programs set up for our Special Needs Kiddos.  It's kinda just a form and a fashion of 'legally acceptable' accommodations. 

They're actually more Help to us than we are to them, Truth be told, since The Man can't get his Socks on anymore without Princess T assisting him.  The other day she told him it's harder to get his Socks on because he has "Old Feet"... I almost spilled my drink I laughed so hard when I heard that one!  *LMAO*  She also still chalks the spot where he's to stand on the sidewalk and wait if he decides to meet her halfway when she's walking Home from School, so he won't wander, get disoriented or Lost... which now that she's a Tween, she'd prefer he NOT do anyway.  *LOL*   If you're a Tween and think your Parents are lame and a total embarrassment, how much MORE mortified are you if you're being raised by your Grandparents, right?!???!?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  Because by our Age we just don't Care anymore and sometimes it shows... like when I'm driving her to School in my Pajamas with Bedhead Dreads sticking up all over my head like Coolio and The Blues on my radio blasting loudly!  *Smiles*

And due to The Man's TBI he likes to do the strangest things... like after that Post New Year's Confrontation with the rude dude Neighbor, The Man has now been "Counting Cats"!!!  *LOL*  Yep, he now sits in his Media Chair and counts how many Cats are jumping over the walls into that rude dude Neighbor's back yard that are NOT OUR Cat!  In fact, I'm sure he's making Charts of it... just in case we have more Drama unfold during 2018... and to prove a point that the bothersome Felines in question are likely not even Miss Priss!  Who still spends almost all of her days, he observes, either napping in the Sun on the back Patio for hours on end, or inside napping on her Human's Blankets beside the Christmas Tree.  Yep, which is still up... and might be for a while... we kinda like the warm glow it gives the Living Room at Night!  *Winks*

I did make a little bit of Progress on putting Christmas away... Outside... except the two Vintage Blow Mold Santa Heads hanging over the railing of the Balcony Of Death Upstairs, everything else is down and stored away.  Well, that only included a Wreath on the Front Door, a Praying Angel Blow Mold and Mom's White Swan Plastic Planter with a Wreath around it's neck on two Windowsills Downstairs, but that sufficiently was enough for the day to take down. *Smiles*  The Young Prince will have to risk life and limb taking the Balcony of Death decor down, I'd have too much of a Panic Attack trying to do it.  *LOL*   I like the Idea of having a Balcony and a View from it... at a Safe distance I even do enjoy that Balcony.  I just have major Anxiety attacks anytime anyone steps foot out onto it, it's too small and looks entirely too unsafe for human weight from my perspective, so I can't even watch him out there on it taking things down for me without Freaking Out considerably.

Of coarse he takes it all in his stride since I'm also the Gramma that while we're Shopping together at the Mall, just placed her Cellphone on this device and didn't understand why it wasn't Charging?!????!!!!!!   He's shaking his head and trying not to laugh or be embarrassed for me, he's like, "Gramma NO, that's not how it works..."   *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

I felt like a total putz and rather like that 2014 Commercial of Beatrice the Online Over-Sharing Senior Posting Pictures to her 'Wall'... *Winks*   Well, shit, it does JUST say "PLACE PHONE HERE TO CHARGE"... so I set that SOB right over the outline of a Cellphone and waited!!!  *LOL*  They Need to be more specific, with better instructions and better pictures for us Dinosaurs and Tech Challenged sorts!!!  *Winks*  No, I didn't see the portal for the Charger on the sides or know what the Hell those Hieroglyphic thingies with the Arrows on each side of the Pad were supposed to indicate for the Clueless among us??!   And Yes, the Young Prince explained it's an alleged Picture of what various Charger ends might look like {round or square} with an Arrow pointing towards where you should plug them in... and NOW I see it and understand!  *LMAO*

I should just brew a nice cup of Hot Tea and call it a day my Friends... that outing to the Mall exhausted me and I'm damned near ready for my Senior Nap now!  That first day back to School is always tough... *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh Gosh! I feel for you!Getting up early to do the take the grand kids to school routine twice! You are adding stars in your crown for sure!1


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