Monday, January 15, 2018

Here Comes The Bride

So, No, nobody's actually getting Married in the Family, but I did just make an Antique Taxidermy Mount into a Bride Today.  *Smiles*  The Man always tells me, "But they're Boy Mounts!", I don't Care.  *Winks*  I also don't Care if you like Taxidermy or loathe it, to each his own and we can agree to disagree about that topic respectfully and leave it at that without Words.   I happen to Rescue any very Old Antique Specimens that have seen better days and probably nobody else wants anymore due to their Aging Imperfections.

This was one of them that was a recent Rescue, it's in bad shape and so the Vendor that exited our Mall left it behind and I Adopted it and took it Home where it will be Cherished.   I'd guesstimate that it's a White Tail Mount from the 1920-1930's Era, of which I have several Taxidermy Specimens from that Time Period.  Time has not been Kind to them anymore than anyone else from that Era, by the time you're that Old you've clearly seen better days... or are probably Dead too?!?  *LOL*

I suppose my Point is, whether any of these died Natural Causes or were Hunted, being from the Era they came from, none would still be Living regardless.   Nature being what it is, nothing living is Eternal on the Earth anyway.  And who would want to be, I don't think I'd want to be Immortal, especially if everyone else I Cared about wasn't.  I remember my Mom saying the hardest part about growing Old wasn't the Aging Process, she did all that with incredible Grace and Good Humor... it was the Outliving of other folks.  Especially if you begin Outliving all your Friends and Loved Ones, she said that part of the Process of attaining the privilege of Old Age Sucked and was Emotionally difficult.

But this isn't a morbid Post, nor even a Gloomy Emotional one for me, I'm not in my Dark Place anymore, Thank God!!!   I had kinda scraped the bottom here recently and dragged there a while... I tend to Analyze what causes that and Why it's sometimes so Intense?   I haven't come up with any solid Profound Answers tho', but if I do, I'll be sure to Share the Epiphany!  *LMAO*   With having had that Love-Hate Relationship with Villa Boheme' it's been difficult for three years, that's all I can actually say with any certainty.  Since that's a new experience for me, since I've always just had a Love Relationship with previous Homes and their Communities, I guess it's just reaching an Acceptance and Peace about the profound differences that aren't Positive for me?

And you all know I actually do Love the actual House itself, it's just the Community I loathe, so I still do thoroughly Enjoy making it Pretty and our Vibe, so I'm carrying on with the Decorating Process for now.   I have decided however not to do the Painting Projects upstairs, I'll keep my Kabuki Red and Chalkboard Black cans of Paint for when I have my Forever Home, whenever and where ever that will be?  If I never arrive at one just let me know who I should Will such Colors to and you can then paint your Forever Home with it so it won't be wasted, Okay?  *Winks*  I'll keep the Boring White everything that is in the Meditation Room because it's Neutral and that Re-Sells Well... Love the Lovely Warm Tuscan Palette of the rest of the Home so that's Ideal 'As Is'.

I also told the Family I've put an indefinite Kabosh on any Dreamscape Improvements to the Property like the Pool or the Pergolas in the Inner Courtyard and Back Yard.  I just can't see Investing loads of Cash in a place I would like to be out of in Six Years or less and have someone else Enjoying the Fruits of that Sacrifice and Labor.   Rather save it for the Forever Home becoming Living The Dream, I'm Careful with Investing my Cash for maximum Enjoyment and maximum Return.   Of coarse that News went over like a lead balloon, oh well, Deal with it... I'm Dealing with doing my Time here for the Good of the rest of them all, so... we're all making our Personal Sacrifices.  They are just Glad to have ME back and not Dark Dawn... who isn't the best version of Myself to be sure, she's beyond Macabre so I talk about HER in the 3rd Person.  *LOL*  Do you have a part of yourself you don't Like very much too?

Besides, the Young Prince was Shadowing me around like he was on Suicide Watch of an Inmate that might just Escape a different kind of way, I told him that wasn't necessary.   But he was still my Shadow until I could pull myself out of it, with suffering from Chronic Depression and unpleasant ideology daily himself, he's always worried when someone who isn't used to that State of Being gets very low.   He knows my usual State of Being is the Hopeless Optimist, someone who rolls out of Bed every day mostly Joyful and sees the entire World thru my ridiculously oversize Rose Colored Glasses.  I do thoroughly Enjoy my usual State of Being and would much prefer it be an everyday thing, since moving here it has not been and that is some scary shit for me.  Being an Empath I do Wonder sometimes if there is a Negative Energy in this Community that is infectious and particularly Toxic?  Oops, sorry, that's not a Good Selling point for the Future Listing, huh?  *LMAO*  So ignore it, no actual Proof of that Statement {hasty disclaimer... bwahahahahaha!!!}!!!

Besides, none of My Tribe would ever move out to the Luxurious Subdivision Hells anyway, so you're all probably Safe unless you wanna do some Time and then make a shitload of Money off your Investment when the Timing is Ideal to just flip it?   *Ha ha ha*  It sure did Impress the Adoption Caseworkers, I ain't gonna lie... they even paid for that fancy Attorney in Scottsdale once we were living the Life of perceived Affluence and Luxury out here.  Yep, quit dragging their feet finding Personal reasons Why it might be unsuitable to allow me to Adopt, given my 'unfortunate circumstances and substandard Home' the Force had grown up in since Birth... and fast tracked it once Villa Boheme' was now Home and could suitably Impress!  Even tho' our Case was a highly Difficult and Unusual one with The Man having Brain Damage and could not be Approved to Adopt them and reunification with Parents was impossible.  I mean, haven't you ever Wondered why Celebrities with Train Wreck Lives get to Adopt as many Kids as they want... perceived Affluent Lifestyle my Friends... that's Why!

The Rules can be bent for the perceived Affluent you see... I'm even a Single Woman on the Adoption Paperwork... which of coarse I'm NOT... but whatever, The Man and I were Okay with whatever the Courts found to be able to push it all thru and finalize it Legally!   We didn't even have to get Divorced to do it... but explaining it to folks Post-Adoption when I have to provide said paperwork is sure a hoot!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   The Man simply Smiles and says, "Well, she's now Mom, but I'm still just Grandpa so can't be a Legal Parent on there... it's complicated..."  *Winks*   I've had so many at School, Agencies that Deal with Post Adoption Special Needs Kiddos, Medical Needs Staff ask me what should they call me... Mom... Gramma???!?!   I tell them The Force still calls me Gramma coz it just gets creepy to us in the Family otherwise, but that they can call me whatever they want... whatever makes them most comfortable?  They still call their Mom and Dads their Mom and Dads... to us the Adoption was a necessary Legal Formality to abide by New Rules in The System of Kinship Placements, it didn't Change our Family Structure or dynamic one iota.

And now I'm Showing Off The Young Prince's New Haircut, which we got in Celebration of him being allowed to stay in the Alternative School after pleading his Case Skillfully and Successfully.   I think it shows off his Bone Structure really well and he looks so much more Handsome and like a Dude.  With the previous haircut anytime we went out together people in Stores or Restaurants would come up to us and Greet us with "Hello Ladies..." and that was awkward.  *LMAO*  We got a kick out of it and thought it hilarious, but it was awkward for the Customer Service peeps who thought I was out with a Girl Child instead of a Boy Child... when he'd tell them he wasn't a Female.  *Ha ha ha*  He doesn't mind the Androgynous Look but he had to admit we like this Edgy Rock Star Look much better and so do all his Friends.  He's got both sides shaved and the back, he's got so much Hair that Kid, so even with 3/4 of it gone it's still a lot of Hair to Style... I have total Hair Envy!  *Winks*   

He likes to Joke that if he had gone with Dreads he'd have the enormously heavy ones that would drown him if he tried to go for a Swim, so better not to since he doesn't wanna give up Swimming.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Now that he's convinced I'm on the upswing he's much Happier, the Kid Hates to see me Morose and feeling Down since he knows that's just not Me and so I don't Deal with it very Well.    Our Company is arriving much later than they initially told us so we've had plenty of time to get the house in order to receive Guests and get my Head back on straight to be a decent Hostess instead of a Hot Mess Emotionally... Whew... dodged a bullet there!  *LOL*   We can all Clean Up Well in a pinch... Winks... and we have that Gallows Humor about the Dark Times. So now I'm getting loads of Teasing from The Young Prince about my Dark Dawn Episode, which was pretty Dramatic I ain't gonna lie... I was a total Drama Queen!!!  I could have won some kind of Depression Award I think... if they had such a thing?  And No, I'm not Mocking Depression, it's a very Serious Thing for those who Suffer endlessly from it as a Chronic Ailment and one should seek intervention when it gets too low.   Just ME Depressed is in hindsight, very Dramatic and Exaggerated... since I never do anything halfway!  *Winks*  But now the Old Me is back... and I'm so Thankful Dark Dawn didn't dominate for too long... she's a total Bitch!  *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm so glad you've come through that terrible black time Dawn. I've been worried about you. Tell the Young Prince that he looks wicked with the new hairstyle. You are right about his bone structure. Stunning. Has he ever thought about being a model. Not full time, (he's obviously got too much brain power to be satisfied with doing that for long) but perhaps for a young cool brand of clothing. He's be a smash. Blessings to you all.

    1. Awwww, Thank you Lesley for your concern, it was a tough spot of Darkness going on but thankfully it was temporary. I have joked with The Young Prince about Modeling, perhaps for Abercrombie... LOL

    2. If the Beckhams can do it, why not the Young Prince? He is so 'different' (and that's a compliment) that he should be in great demand. However would he embrace that or withdraw? I don't know him, but I am fascinated by his complicated, caring, and individual way of looking at things. He must bring you so much joy.

  2. I'm sensing a change of mood based on the decision to move in the future...?
    For an empath, a connection to your surroundings is so important. I'm considering repainting to help with mine. I too find the suburbs deadly, but unfortunately our house is just OK. I've had better. I try to remind myself of my blessings. Plenty would love to have this place and a roof over their heads, even living in the suburbs in a boring community is better than a warzone.
    I'm so glad your mood has shifted to a more positive one.
    Speaking as the more volatile member of our famiIy, I know I am thrown when my normally positive husband becomes depressed.
    Also, massive congrats on the Young Prince successfully advocating for himself! My soon to be 16 yr old is starting a depression thinking of the future, just when my youngest with OCD is coming good! Oh well, at least they alternate :-) xo Jazzy Jack


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