Monday, January 1, 2018

Drunken Blogging... Welcome 2018!

I was going to Blog last Night after I got off Work... but Princess T had managed to stay up and wanted to ring in the New Year with me.  She also insisted that at Midnight I Kiss Grandpa.  *Smiles*  Usually she Hates to see people Kissing, so that seemed to be an unusual request, especially since every time she saw someone on TV Kissing during the New Year's coverage she covered her Eyes and asked me to tell her when all the gross Kissing stopped!  *LOL* 

 So I guess it's different for her when Grandpa and I Kiss, she likes that show of Affection and insisted that at the stroke of Midnight we Kiss, so we did.  I was surprised The Man stayed up to ring in the New Year with us, usually he retires to bed early, because he's always been an early riser who is up before most Roosters would crow.  The Young Prince went to bed early, he was asleep before I even got Home from Work, he's been testy with the current Lunar Cycle which is supposed to be a Super Moon. 

He's also not much into Celebrations of any sort, inclusive of New Year's Eve, he doesn't much Care.   His intellectual take on it is, the stroke of Midnight is not going to change anything, he analyzes everything in much that same way, it spoils the Magic for him.   I'm more of a Dreamer so I prefer to put my Rose Colored Glasses on for the kickoff of 2018 rolling in.  *Smiles*  I also thought about Blogging AFTER the Ball had dropped, but having drank some Pina Colada it might have been drunken Blogging, so I just didn't.  *LMAO*

The Night ended something like this anyway... she was pretty wiped out but it was the latest she had ever managed to stay up for New Year and she actually rung it in and got to see us Kiss, so she was Jazzed!  *Smiles*  I'd brought Home some KFC after Work and the Nice young Men having to Work New Year's Eve had hooked me up with extra Chicken since they'd run out of everything I wanted to order.  So they made up for it by throwing a bit of everything into the box since I simply told them it was Okay, just Surprise me!  *LOL*  I came Home very Surprised... with the biggest assortment of Chicken Breasts in size and flavor I'd ever seen!  They must Save the mutant sized pieces for After Hours?!?  *Bwahahaha!!!*

I'd done some last of the year Junquin' before Work and managed to 'Score' a for Real 'American Girl' Doll, only I didn't know it since she was only a buck so I'd assumed her to be a Knock-Off like all the rest Princess T has. *Smiles*  So she was deliriously Happy to finally have The Real Deal, which are very spendy, and proceeded to School me on how to tell the difference, she's a wealth of knowledge about Real 'American Girl' Dolls, who knew?  *LOL*  Of coarse by the end of the Evening 'American Girl' looked like she'd partied too much too and was passed out on the floor!  *Bwhaahaha!*

I stopped at just enough Pina Colada to not have a headache this Morning, tho' it was entertaining and highly amusing to watch the CNN correspondence completely Toasted in New Orleans, Don Lemon and his Co-Host Female Anchor were hilariously tipsy and the Pot Bus Tour in Colorado had me laughing 'til my sides hurt!  That aging correspondent was so contact High she was a riot, helping to light Gas Mask Bongs and had her MJ Leaf Earrings on and everything... reliving her 60's Flashbacks perhaps?!  *LMAO*  Tho' I still had the Kiddo up asking me to explain what was so Funny Gramma... so perhaps not the most responsible Journalism or reporting nor morality exhibited for Family Viewing.  But it was playing out in Real Time so too late to just shut the TV off and try to explain that instead... my reflexes ain't that fast anymore!  *LOL*

It was great to see Dave Chappelle is back and on a "Controlled Danger" Tour with John Mayer, I've missed Chappelle during his long absence from Comedy after over a decade of leaving his hilarious Show in 2006.  Also gotta Love the name of the Tour since Controlled Danger seems to be an accurate phrase of how I like to live out Life daily too.  What can I say, you get Older you just get more Cautious even tho' you give less of a shit about anything and have had a Good Run by your Senior years!  *Smiles*  I'd been channel surfing of what had the best New Year's Eve coverage and frankly most of the other stations were Boring and sitting at Home tired after Working a New Year's Eve Shift had not been all that stimulating to ring in a New Year, so I appreciated the laughs of CNN Gone Wild!  *Bwahahahaha!!!* 

I'm not sure I'd of been up for a Good Party anyway after Working late, so perhaps it was best I Enjoyed a nice low key more intimate celebration with just Family at Home.   I had bought a plethora of Chips and Dips, we didn't open any of them... I had forgotten that the rest of the Crew here were still recovering from whatever Stomach Bug they'd had over Christmas.  I have managed to stay Healthy, Caregiving can expose you to a lot of unhealthy environments since you spend a great deal of your time at Doctor Offices, ER's and Hospitals where all the Sick people hang out.   With this being The Season for every dreaded drambuzi of an illness being Shared, I've counted myself Lucky to have stayed Healthy thru the Holidays while everyone else was dropping like Flies!  *Whew!* 

I wasn't certain what the Topic of this Post would actually be, a drunken Blog Post might have been more entertaining but I'm such a lightweight, since I rarely ever drink alcohol, that I just felt sleepy and not very ambitious about Blogging last Night anyway after imbibing.   Kinda just takes the Edge off for me to have a Cocktail... or two... but I rarely have more than that since I don't wanna be that Lush of a Caregiver who can't function in the event of an Emergency.   So I only bought two of those pre-mixed cans of Pina Colada for the Night and Thankfully The Son had polished off any of the Coronitas I had in the fridge over their Christmas visit.  My Coronas get 'Aged' well coz I buy them and forget about them in there... which is what happens when things get pushed to the back to the depths of a luxury home's fridge!  *LOL*

It's not unusual for The Son to ask how Old my Coronas are and I think back and recall they could have been from last Year's Holiday Season actually?!?  But the Limes are Fresh... and is there a Shelf Life for Corona anyway?!???! *LOL*  I was Surprised how many people came into our Antique Mall quite late on a New Year's Eve... I'm an avid Vintage Shopper but I don't think it would be my most likely destination on a New Year's Eve to say, hey, lets go Treasure Hunting... so these were some die hard folks on The Thrill Of The Hunt!  My Sales were up recently so it was a great way to end the year on a high note of increased Sales and the bigger check will be Nice to begin 2018 with a measure of the prosperity I'm Hoping for all year.

So, we come to the burning question of did I make any New Year's Resolutions?  Well, not formal ones... tho' I have a few Life changes I've been working upon and will continue in earnest over 2018.  I've set reasonable Goals for this New Year and my Hope for 2018 is that it will see more Positive Energy and Unity... and far less divisiveness, bitterness, strife and hatred experienced in our Nation.   I'm completely fed up with all of the Negativity, polarization and biases playing out publicly frankly, it's just all too toxic regardless of whatever stance anyone is taking.  If it is reduced to a level of unlovely attacks and mean spirited monologue or dialogue, regardless of topic, I find myself tuning out completely and not wanting the exposure to any of it. 

I'd like for 2018 to be remembered for more Uplifting and Hopeful interactions among people, able to agree to disagree in more Harmony if they must, rather than attempting to be eviscerating one another publicly or even via Social Media!  I just lose Respect when it gets to that level of human interaction.  It's becoming too rampant and acceptable in my humble opinion to justify being mean to get one's own point across and feel righteous about it.   Self-righteousness is never pretty and is never a Positive reflection upon anyone actually, regardless of opinion or topic.  The Children said it best when they Witness it and simply say, "God, can't the Adults just try to get along and be Nice..."   Out of the mouths of Babes comes such Profound Wisdom... and besides, don't we all want Good Karma coming back upon us... I know I do... so I try not to put any Bad Karma out there.  It's all coming back around eventually you know... so the Choice is yours...

My Choice for 2018 is to be a better person all around than the previous year, I Believe us all to be a Work in Progress and Grace extended therefore is always Appreciated and Necessary for every single one of us.   The moment I think that being Unlovely towards another human being is justifiable, then introspection is and should be upon myself and not that other person.   My own Self is in Crisis when Unlovely behavior prevails in my State of Being and personally I don't want to ever be THAT person, do you?   So let us NOT be... lets be The Light and The Love in the World prevailing instead against Darkness and all the Negatives out there by Being Positive Beings... not mired in and sucked into all the muck and mud slinging going on.


Peace, Love, Light, Prosperity, Good Karma and Joy be Yours in 2018 my Friends... Blessings for the New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Many Blessings to you this new year and always!

  2. Wishing you all the success in your goals for the new year. And I agree on the needs of our country and world and pray daily for wisdom from God and the desire to use it for all of our leaders and protectors.

    1. May all your New Year's Hopes and Desires manifest in 2018 too my Friend!

  3. thank you Dawn...and is there an expiration date on Coronas...we have that discussion about anything in our 'drinks' fridge. The kids know to look for an expiration date, lol. But, Happy New you and yours!


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