Monday, January 22, 2018

Current Obsession ~ Zen Air Plant Tablescapes

So, my current Obsession is Decorating with Air Plants... both Living and Faux specimens, of which it's almost impossible to tell the difference even if you touch them, and so Princess T mists them all when she's watering them for me.  *LOL*

I have a combo of The Real Deal and Faux just because in some areas of the Home there is not sufficient Natural nor Fluorescent Lighting for them to thrive in areas that I still want the Look.   Also, when fleshing out a Vignette, until I can procure all the Specimens and Species of Living Plants that we want to Collect, the Faux are good fillers because they look as Real as the Living ones!

We Love these hardy little easy care Plants and The Force have shown more of an Interest in these Plants than any other we've ever had, so they Like to take Care of them.   The Faux Succulents look more fake, but I don't Care, I Liked their little Planters and they were Cheap.  So it got the Look I was going for quickly and inexpensively... quick and cheap sometimes Works for me.  *Smiles*

Tablescaping with Plants or Flowers is something I've always Enjoyed doing, I prefer a Home to have lots of Greenery, preferably of Living Plants.  However, that said, Arizona being a Desert, Indoor Plants in this dry environment require too much Care or don't last long.  I don't like things continually dying off or being spent prematurely as in the case of cut Flower Bouquets.

If an Indoor Plant isn't thriving it just doesn't Look Good either and yet I never have the Heart to throw anything still Alive away, it's seems somehow Cruel to me, even if it's now hideous.   So I have had Indoor Plants in the Past that hung on... and had mebbe a single Leaf, among the many Dead Leaves, and were quite pitiful... but I couldn't just discard them!   Some did spring back to Life and look presentable, but it was so much Work and Patience!

I definitely don't Need more Work and I'm rather short in the Patience Dept. too, so enter The Air Plant, which thrives on practically just Air and with sporadic Mistings!   I've done well with Succulents of the Living varieties in the Past and not fakes like I've exclusively got right now.  But my fixation is more upon the Air Plant Species at the moment.  They are much easier and more Interesting to me than Succulents right now.

Besides, you do not have to Plant Air Plants at all, you just lay them in or on whatever you want, which makes them way more versatile for Styling options.  Succulents and Cacti are hardy but they require permanent Planting and Soil... these Air Plants do NOT... and so you can stick them in or on almost anything for an Amazing Surreal Look.

I have put mine in and on a variety of things including Shells, Spheres, Driftwood, and various Planters I particularly like the Look of.  I currently have one large shallow Cement Square Tray Planter that I want to put some more in and sought to find for Weeks!!!   I had a hard time Sourcing my flat and shallow Planter Look that I envisioned in my Head and couldn't locate anywhere.  So when I finally found them I bought two in various sizes.

via: Pinterest

I haven't yet Suspended any, but I will eventually in the Meditation Room... I know you've probably all seen the Pinterest pixs of them looking like Jellyfish suspended out of Seashells or Sea Urchins or hanging in Glass Globes.  I have the Glass Globes but I just Nest them right now in or on things and not hanging up anywhere yet.  I would like to do this Jellyfish Look in similar Zen Styling in my Meditation Room somewhere so this is my Inspiration Image.

I recently found this Faux Air Plant and Succulent Wreath for our Front Door on Sale at a Local Craft Store, the last one they had left so I was fortunate to procure it before it Sold Out.   So I am Suspecting I am not the only one with a current Obsession for this Look and these Plants?!?  *Winks*   I'm Glad they are On Trend so I can more easily Source them too, it had been difficult at first when few knew what they even were so had no Idea what I was talking about.

via: Pinterest

The Living Vertical Wall of Succulents very much Appeals to me too, but more for Outside since Inside I wouldn't think them to be at all practical due to watering necessities to keep them Healthy.   It is very Artistic and a Visually Appealing Botanical Style that I might get around to Creating for our Inner Courtyard once I obtain sufficient shade for it via a Pergola.  Yes, in my perpetual Love-Hate Relationship with New Villa Boheme' I'm back to perhaps Investing in the Pergolas since I may have to be here quite a while.  *LOL*

via: Pinterest

Besides, who wouldn't want a Look like this against the Walls of their Courtyard?  And it would be a good Selling Point besides, since long range that would be my eventual intention... at least for now... who knows?!!!  I might fall so Madly in Love with this place when I'm done with it you wouldn't be able to relocate me without Protest and an Eviction Notice?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

via: Pinterest

Besides, if I got completely carried away with Succulent Wall Art like this, how in the Hell would you take something like that WITH you when you depart, right?!    And how would you Feel about leaving it behind for someone else to Enjoy even if they Ponied Up on the Ask Price to ensure it conveyed with the Sale?   I'm stingy and selfish sometimes, in that if I've Created something that is a total Labor of Love, and turns out beyond Awesome, it could be a Keeper!?   Oh, who am I kidding, anything can be Had for the Right Price!!!   *Ha ha ha*

I've often thought, what IF our Home turns out to be Living The Dream once we're Done with it and get everything Just So to where it's our very Essence... at what tipping point would the Price be too Tempting to reject?   Humnnnn... Interesting thought since we're already all the time having Realtors calling us saying they have a Client that wants this Home, will we Sell it?  I just have nowhere to go right now that is Better... but I could be Tempted to be temporarily Homeless for the Right Ridiculously Inflated Price I suppose??!   *Bwahahahahahaha!!!* 

But until this is closer to the Million Dollar Listing rather than the Half Mil Listing it currently is comping for... I'll sit tight and let the equity climb, we got it for a Killer Deal so we can only make money.  And since that was the only reason I bought a Luxury Home in the first place, as an Investment and to finalize Adoption of my Grandkids, when there was blood in the streets for that particular Market and Fantastic Deals abounded, which already isn't so Soft a Market anymore... it's already Served it's initial Purpose.   And I'll just concentrate on Collecting Air Plants and playing with them, because little decisions sure are easier than big ones right now... and I'm saving those big decisions for when it just Feels like the Right Timing and Opportunity for another Big Life Change.


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert


  1. I love those air plants that look like jellyfish! What a cool idea. This last year I bought succulents (cacti) for a party we hosted, and I hated to throw them out at the end of Summer, or let them die in the elements of N.E. Ohio, so I brought them indoors. And, I have to say that I absolutely love them! They remind me of warmer weather and climate that is not ice and snow like we usually live in. They're so low-maintenance, too; just perfect for my lifestyle. I think cactus plants have become very popular again, and even here, we're seeing the "wall plants" like the examples you're showing. Very cool idea, and if I lived in Arizona, I'd certainly consider doing one of those installation works.

    1. Yes, I Love Cacti as well, of coarse they're Native plants here so they thrive very well indoors or outdoors.


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