Thursday, January 11, 2018

Alternative To The Alternative Update

I thought back upon my own Graduation, how much involvement did my Parents actually need to have to ensure I accomplished it?  Unless my Memory isn't serving me well, I'd have to say None.  My European Mom, who was very well Educated, quit helping me with such things as Homework in Grade School, due to the differences in European spelling and such actually hindering me more than helping me in an American School System.   Dad didn't get the opportunities for a decent education even tho' he was a brilliant and creative Mind with many Natural Talents.  So he and Mom entrusted my Education Process to my Teachers and Thankfully I had many Awesome ones who helped me achieve Success.  My Parents were however hugely Supportive and I Believe that is always crucial, to have your People in your corner, knowing they have your back and Believe in you.

Of coarse I was very nervous about our Meeting at The Young Prince's School, but the strategy he and I had come up with the Night before was to allow him to Advocate for himself.  I knew he wanted badly to be given another chance to show them he was capable of the Production expected and not get kicked out of yet another School.  That in spite of his numerous absences for the Mental Health and Physical Health days, that take away a lot of time in School, that he is smart enough to catch up for lost time and for when he's Shut Down emotionally with Clinical Depression.   He presented his Case solo to the Principal before our Meeting and like a True Defense Attorney for an important Client he fiercely Advocated his Case!  I was so Proud of him that he was able to convince her to continue Believing in him and allow him to stay.  *Whew... huge sigh of relief since we had nowhere else to go!*

I knew he'd fight for what he really wants and to prove himself, he actually still Likes School and Learning in spite of never having a lot of Positives in or from The Educational System as it stands.  I was also aware of their dilemma, since his percentiles for achievement in each class were dismally low, yet his Test Scores always Rock.  That's how it's always been for him... no surprises there... yet they have to assess his Progress accordingly and have to answer for any Child failing to Succeed.   Was this the right placement for him to achieve Success was their dilemma, when he's fallen so far behind in his Progress to where he's failing? 

 So we set up a Plan to take it one day at a time and set Weekly Modest Goals that won't overwhelm him emotionally or create the excessive anxiety he often suffers from.  He felt he could handle that and push himself to Show Out and prove to upper management that his Principal had made the right choice in Supporting the argument to allow him to remain.   I know she really likes him and it's genuine, I know she and her Staff fully Believe he's a brilliant Child, but convincing her Superiors, based on his performance, is not easy, they don't know him.

He's a Warrior when it comes to Promoting himself tho' and Debating, he showed her the Website he had Created the Night before in three hours to ease his anxiety about the possibility of getting kicked out of School.  She was clearly extremely Impressed and that he turned to something highly Academic they could discuss together.  The whole conversation then turned to being way over my head!  *LMAO*   He's madly Creative and a complete Nerd in fact when he's the most anxious and upset.  It soothes him to dive into what he's Passionate about and shut the rest of the World out.  

She had Graciously let us have the actual Meeting early when I came to pick him up, instead of waiting until 1:00 p.m., since he'd already met with her Privately that Morning to Advocate for himself.  That was huge for my schedule since it meant I didn't have to languish for over two hours in Beautiful Downtown Peoria's part of the Hood that I'd just rather... NOT!  *LOL*  I could tell that he had impressed her and she really wanted him to be able to stay... we candidly discussed his Challenges and what we could do in Support of him achieving a more solid measure of visible Success, within reason.   We all know he's quite capable, I think we all also know he has significant barriers to achieving his full potential due to chronic illness and it's symptoms that cannot be controlled nor cured.  It's like a delicate tightrope balancing act on the high wire.  But Thankfully we didn't fall off Today!  *Whew!*

After the Meeting going so much better than we ever could have expected it was time to Celebrate by taking him to the Salon and getting a new hairstyle and color.   I haven't been liking the Style he had most recently... and he was wanting to try something bolder and edgy.  It turned out really good and suits him very well, he had the sides and back shaved completely and left a long Mohawk that is multicolored Highlights from Golden Blonde and Deep Burgundy to an edgy deep Pinkish-Red called Pulp Riot or something.   If he wears it combed to each side, it's different Highlights and Colors for the Left or Right being exposed, he can also wear it down {he's got very thick hair so even with just Mohawk Center it's still a lot of hair} or pulled back into a Ponytail or Center Braid.  I like that it brings out his good bone structure and makes him look so Handsome.  He took pixs but hasn't Shared them with me yet in time for this Post.

New hairstyle, fresh start... I thought it would encourage him to have both going in to School Tomorrow with the New Plan in place to achieve more.  I feel a lot more Confident now that he's realized he has to step up his Game and be accountable in a way that will be beneficial as he quickly nears Adulthood.   His 18th Birthday is in August, he'll officially be a Grown Man then, and have to be in charge of figuring out his own Alternatives to the Alternative soon as I step back and allow him to fly on his own.   That's the hard part of Parenting isn't it, allowing them to leave the Nest and strike their own Paths in Life in this Crazy World we live in.   We want what is Best for them all and to achieve the highest level of Success they are able.   While also knowing that Life itself is the harshest and often most unforgiving Teacher of all.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Letting them go seems to be hardest part of parenting. Almost impossible.

    1. I know, you always want them to enjoy the Beauty that is in Life and not have to deal with the cruel hardships that come.

  2. As long as you can, you will always have his back. He is blessed to have you in his life.

    1. Thank you for the Kind Words and that is True about always having their back and feeling they are a Blessing.

  3. Congratulations to both of you!!


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