Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Motherlode Of Adopted Dead Ancestors And Other Ephemera

So this past Weekend I hit the Motherlode of 'Adopted' Dead Ancestors and other assorted Ephemera from the 1800's thru 1930's, when a Picker Friend offered me more than half his Score for only Ten Bucks!   He knows I Love this kinda stuff and he's not that 'into' Ephemera himself, so he only kept the choice pieces he had particular interest in that he had Sourced from a single location.  He kept some Amazing Shooting Award Medals from the 1800's and some Beautiful Art Deco Ephemera that he planned to Sell at Auction that had been part of this Lot, I was Grateful he'd so Generously Shared in the Bounty he'd Found with me!

I do Love this kinda stuff, all my Picker Friends know it, so they often keep Eyes out for it, knowing that if they make me a Deal I can't refuse, I'll buy it off them.  It's great to have extra Eyes in the Field for the Treasures you particularly dig and I often return the Favor!  Ephemera makes up a considerable Collection that I usually Keep rather than Sell Off.  I don't mind amassing Smalls that don't take up a lot of Space and I have an affinity for.   There's just something about Old Photographs that I find particularly Appealing when you have an Appreciation for History and a Love of Old.   

You can see the Decor of the Era, what Locations looked like in the Past, the Architecture, Transportation, the Fashions, the Hairstyles... all frozen in Time.  For the Artists among us it is something you can draw endless Inspiration from when you're Creating your Art Forms, so it's Priceless in that regards.   I actually think that many of the Fashions of Yesteryear were so Classy, Fashionable and Elegant, people just dressed up more and had Swagger when they went out.  I recall looking even at Images of my Parents when they were Young and thinking, Wow, that's really Top Shelf Style right there!  My Parents were not wealthy people, but they had Swagger when it came to Style, especially Mom!

It wasn't just the affluent of Yesteryear that Enjoyed Fashion and Style, though to be sure the Socialites of various Eras had more to work with, the Average Citizen also had the benefit of Eras that just had Great Style abounding!   My particular favorites are the Fashions of the Roaring Twenties, think Gatsby and the Jazz Age of Style, it was very Sexy and quite Flattering no matter who wore it!   Most of these Images were Victorian Era, with some later Eras of the same Family for several Generations, it made me Wonder Why would someone discard all of their Family's Heirloom Images like that?!?   I feel rather Sad really when I come across discarded Family Photos, it's as if nobody in their lineage Cared enough anymore to Preserve their own History and Past Ancestors!

Yes, I do feel a Need to Rescue the really Good Images and Preserve them even tho' these are not our own Ancestors, because they are an integral part of History and Worthy of Preservation.  I particularly Enjoy when writing on the back identifies the subject matter, who, when, where.   Many of these Images did have provenance along with them so you could identify who these people were, where they were and what was being captured thru the Eye of the Lens.  I would Imagine, due to the Quality of many of the very early 1800's Images and how numerous they were of the same Family, that these were people of means.  I say that because Photography wasn't common nor inexpensive in the Past.

In fact, in my own Family, clear up until perhaps the late 1960's, my Parents didn't even own a Camera of their own and many Images were taken with Cameras belonging to someone else.  I don't remember us having the money to have a Professional Family Portrait done growing up, so none exist.  Of coarse by the 1970's the Technology had improved enough to bring prices down and the development of film became more affordable, but we still didn't take photos like nowadays, where it's easy and so cheap.   .

So I'd say for our Family at least, it wasn't until the 1980's that we really owned the equipment to be pathological picture takers and capture Moments more frequently thru the Eye of the Lens.  My Brother eventually became a Professional Photographer and is exceptional at this Art Form, he's Invested a lot for years in his Top Grade Equipment.   I wasn't able to Invest in a really Good Camera for many years even tho' I thoroughly Enjoy Photography, I just wasn't that Good at it to figure out the more complex better quality Cameras.  Now that we've entered the digital age of Photography and even our Phones have Killer Camera Quality, it's so much more effortless and cheap.

That said, our Society has become even more lax about the Preservation of the Imagery tho', few print out their Images anymore for Photo Albums, and I too am now guilty of that.   I keep all my Photo Memory Cards, and have my Archived Images Online, but I rarely print them out even tho' I've often Shared them extensively on Facebook and The Land Of Blog.   So I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on these folks Modern Relatives for not placing sufficient Value upon their Old Photos.  So as to Keep them and put them into Albums that will be handed down for more Generations.   Mebbe nobody would even look at them or Display them in their Home so they probably saw no point?

I've found with people there are two Camps... those that Display their Families Images in their Home... and those where it is conspicuous by it's very absence.  It is Curious to me Why that is, because those who Display pictures of the Family usually have a lot of them on Display and those who don't won't have even a single one to be seen anywhere.  Though they may have them stashed away Privately Cherished, I wouldn't know... or perhaps, like the Modern Relatives of all of these people, once the Images are Older, they just consider them Trash and discard them with no Emotional Attachment or sense of Nostalgia whatsoever?

I feel rather Honored to be able to Own any of the ones I've Collected and from what my Friend said who I bought them from, there is a resurgence to Collect Old Images because you can Profit from the Ownership of Vintage and Antique Imagery Online!   He went into great detail about how it is done, I doubt I'll go thru that much High Tech effort to Profit from my own Collections, but it is quite lucrative and actually it is something I might explore as a Passive Income Flow one day!?    Especially since The Young Prince Loves to Develop Websites and so it could be an Endeavor we could Create together one day, who knows?  *LOL*

For now anyway I just Enjoy them for what they are at the very Basic level of Collecting Ephemera for the Passion and Pleasure of it, with not so much emphasis on the potential Profit of it.   There was so much more than just Images, there were all kinds of Letters, Post Cards, Deeds, Frames, etcetera... with all of that Fabulous Penmanship you never see Today... and even a very large filled Photo Album from the Turn of the Century filled with Photos and Souvenirs like a Scrapbook!!!   I just J'Adore Antique Scrapbook Photo Albums!!!  So it was Wonderful to obtain one that had Newspaper Clippings, Souvenirs and Photos galore on almost every Page!

Most of the Titles and Deeds were from 1879 onwards... I just Love the Penmanship of Yesteryear, they wrote so Pretty and Precisely!!!   Many of the pieces were from Iowa and Arizona from the turn of the Century, it was Fun to see how much Arizona had changed since the Images had been taken of familiar places.  So clearly these were also a well Traveled Family since the Scrapbook was a Journal of many extensive Travels in the United States and abroad.  This also showed me this was a Family of considerable means during their time, they lived quite fully and got to do and see a LOT!!!  It also showed the many Vehicles they owned during an Era when few people owned Cars or Trucks. 

This Mrs. Keith attending many Events and kept numerous Place Cards from various ones, they are so Cute!  I can only Imagine how Fancy and Exclusive the Events were that Created such Artistic Place Settings for the Guests?!?  On the Canvas of my Imagination I liked to formulate what kind of an Event each was for each Place Setting?  Were they Dinners, Parties, Teas, Vacation Resorts, Soirees... all of the above... and Who else besides Mrs. Keith might have been in Attendance?

This is why I thoroughly Enjoy Collecting such things, the Imagination runs Wild about the Adventures of the people who Owned these originally and were an actual part of the History portrayed and Preserved in Photos, Letters, Albums...  You can get more of an Education reading an Old Ledger about the Time and Daily Lives of people than you ever could in History Books, because it's actual Personal Documentation as it was happening!   One of the things my Friend kept in fact was an Old Ledger of Expenses during the many Trips, it was Fascinating and showed what things used to Cost when you Traveled extensively and bought a lot!   We had a lot of Fun looking thru it together and comparing Today's prices to Yesteryear's!  *LOL*

The various Graphics I Enjoy just as much as the Images actually... many look hand drawn and perhaps even hand-made just for the Event?   I Wonder if they Commissioned an Artist or if the Hostess or Host drew them and had them reproduced?  Either way, I just Love all of the Art and that Mrs. Keith kept these throw-away items and Preserved them in her Scrapbook Album so that they still Exist.   Her Memories and now a part of History Preserved of her Era and Adventures.  Being Appreciated by people she never knew way into the Future and who aren't even related to her, which is kinda Special, since she thought enough of all of it to Keep it probably during her entire Lifetime?

Now onto what else I Scored during my Weekend Picks... this Stone Vase with an etching of Leaves, which will go in the Meditation Room Decor when that area of the house is finished.   And excuse my dirty fingernails... I had been tirelessly working in the Hoarded Garages Today and got pretty grungy... so while I was putting away the newly Sourced items I was not yet cleaned up for the rest of the day!  *LOL*   Don't you find that you get absolutely filthy when you're Cleaning up Storage Areas of your Home?!?   Of coarse in the Hoarded Garages most of that Storage has now been sitting for just over three years in a Space opened up to the Elements off and on, so it's no wonder it's dusty and dirty now!  

And I Sourced this Amazing large Wooden Vase that will also be Meditation Room bound eventually with large leaves or branches Displayed it in.   I Plan to have a lot of Natural Elements in the Meditation Room's Decor.

And this pair of Asian Sculpture Busts of a Man and Woman were in horrible condition, some Child had used Magic Markers and Crayons to color all over them so I got them really Cheap.   I bought some inexpensive Cement Colored spray paint and since they're textured Plaster they now look like Cement or Stone Sculptures.   Yes, they too will be Meditation Room bound eventually.  Of coarse when I get around to Styling that Room whatever doesn't 'Go' in there will be Sold Off instead if it doesn't end up suiting the Vision I have for the Space.

And last but not least I have a Vintage Westinghouse Art Deco Base Fan that is so Fresh from the Farm that it is absolutely filthy so The Man will have to clean it for me, it will be Showroom bound once it's cleaned up.   I also have a larger Vintage Fan that a Friend gave me to repair and then Sell, so it's back together and will be joining this one at the Antique Mall sometime this Week.   So... that was the Scores of the Weekend... pretty big Haul, I was totally Jazzed about it and hardly spent any money at all Sourcing it... and dont'cha just Love those Bargain Hauls BEST?!?!??!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, January 29, 2018

Keeping It Real With Myself

In moments of complete clarity I have to Keep It Real with myself... I will likely never have the Energy to Move again EVER... you wanna know how I realize this my Friends?

 Because I spent ALL Morning installing a simple Coat Rack in my Mudroom Hallway... a COAT RACK!!!!!  And I'm completely spent now... but it looks Nice... for NOW anyway... until The Man and The G-Kid Force begin using it... or NOT.  Yeah, my feeble attempts at Organization and maintaining Order at Villa Boheme' just don't work out sometimes... or like... they never work out!  *LOL*

I mean on the Canvas of my Imagination they do... my Fantasy is that instead of Jackets, Shoes, Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Hats being strewn all over the Kitchen they will neatly be placed here now, it will be orderly, organized and Magical now there is a Special Place for it all.  Yeah, I know, perhaps all that Work installing it has made me light headed and delusional as Hell, but I'm a Dreamer, what can I say?  *LOL*  Besides, I like said Coat Rack and it's Industrial Style with Salvaged Wood shelves... I like that it only cost me forty bucks too!  *Winks*

Of coarse The Family could totally embrace the Idea and the Vision of it... I could also Win the Lottery, the Odds of both are about the same actually.  I brought The Man over to it after I had spent all Morning clearing out the Hot Mess that had been the Mud Room Hallway to make a place for it.  Now that all the Rollerblades, Skateboards, Backpacks, Shoes, Hats, Jackets, Walking Canes and Skooter were OCD Organized along both Walls I was taking that brief Moment of Pride at how Nice, how Neat and Tidy it all looked!   See, this is how it's going to look ALL the time I tells him... when you and The Force begin USING the various Organizational Products I've now put in here to keep it all Orderly and in ONE PLACE!  

He sighed heavily and rolled his Eyes... you know I can SEE and HEAR you I says!!!  *LOL*   My Kitchen is now free of all of the above said Objects just unceremoniously chucked there every day after they were worn or used, it's Wonderful!!!   I no longer have to risk falling and breaking a hip to get to or sit down at the Kitchen Table or Kitchen Island!   I can actually SEE my Retro Kitchen Chairs because the backs of them aren't piled with Jackets!  I can't quite understand Why I have been unable to educate The Force that Jackets are not like other Clothing, they can be worn more than once before you switch out and put another one on!??!?

I no longer have three pair of Rollerblades underneath the Kitchen Table, yeah, I know, I only have two Grandkids living here with us, so it's a complete Mystery how or Why three pair always end up under there?!?   Do you know how painful it is if you stub your toes or trip over a pair of Black Rollerblades in the middle of the Night when you can't see them just scattered everywhere?   Death by Rollerblades, I don't want that as my Epitaph... don't want it to be the reason why The Man or I ends up in a Nursing Home recovering from a broke hip and be toes up in six months!   Which is the average time it takes for most Seniors to croak after a broke hip statistically according to a Friend of mine who worked for over twenty years at the Medical Examiner's Office.


We go over Senior Dangers and Senior-Proofing a Home with The Force, which is kind of like Baby-Proofing a Home for Safety, just so they're Aware of our particular risks at this Season of Life.  *LOL*   But if you've ever raised Kids you know that just outlining why something is unsafe or unsanitary is no guarantee they will abide by it.   Sure, they give it the obligatory day or so of compliance after enduring one of my Epic Speeches, which by the very Design of my Speeches is meant as a form of Payback and Torture that is Legal.  *Winks*  The Man would rather take a bullet than endure one of my Epic Speeches so he complies longer.  That's IF he Remembers what he's supposed to do... the Memory Care Issue with TBI is just a Constant, so he's still my third Child around here.   Tho' he is a Creature of Habit, so if I can ingrain the Habit, I'm Golden!  *Smiles*

The Young Prince has been my Personal Assistant since he's no longer in School, but Today he woke up later and I was already done by the time he came down.  So... what Project are we doing Today he says, all chipper and ready to get down to business in the Hoarded Garages.   I pointed to said Mud Room, gave him the Drill on what is Expected now with the New Coat Rack and all... and confessed I was now too spent to do another damned thing... and that this is Why we'll also probably never Move again I informs him.  He smiles, Yep, if that slayed ya, you're probably not gonna be in good enough shape to Move the entire Household again once my Sister is Grown in six years.  Yeah, don't remind me, it's disheartening enough NOW that I have so little stamina and energy to get things done Kiddo!  *Le Sigh*

So, since you Worked so hard Today Gramma do you wanna go to the Zoo Tomorrow Morning with me and just have a Fun day?  We have an annual Zoo Membership to the Far West Valley Wildlife World Zoo which is very close by. They also have a great Restaurant with an enormous Shark and Stingray Tank in it to enjoy Lunch at.   Yeah, that sounds like a splendid idea, since I have to Work Tomorrow Night I highly doubt I want to immerse myself in another Home Improvement Project or I'll never get thru my Shift!   So a day at the Zoo sounds relaxing... he'll run around playing 'Pokemon Go' and telling me everything about any Creature they have in there so it'll be Educational too... for ME!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  He's like a sponge at absorbing knowledge about topics of Interest and at one time he wanted to be a Zoologist, so he's a virtual Walking Encyclopedia of knowledge about the Animals and Marine Life at the Zoo!

Sometimes he stands in front of an Exhibit with groups of people telling them anything and everything they want to know about whatever Creature it is, I'm sure they think he Works there?!?  *LMAO*   Unfortunately even Zoo Volunteers must be 18 or Older so he'd have to wait until August to apply.  But it could be something close by that he could explore as a Volunteer and get valuable Training in their Internship Program available to Volunteers to learn about working with Exotic Wildlife.  We're taking things one day at a time right now and just having a Rest Period after the Ordeal it has been these past few years in High School for him and for all of us, me particularly since I was always the point of contact when things didn't go Well... which was always.


I've been Keeping It Real with myself about a lot of things lately, you have to self-assess your whole Life situation from time to time and decide what it is you really want or even Need to pursue... and what can just wait.   My plate is quite full enough already right now with my Season of Caregiving being very Active and all consuming.   There really isn't that Freedom to pursue other things and frankly I wouldn't have the energy anyway after taking Care of Family and Home to do much more.   Sometimes I barely have the energy or stamina required to do just that, without adding to it, so I often don't... add to it... unless it's not Optional and I simply HAVE to.

Yes, in a Perfect World and on the Canvas of my very Fertile Imagination I could do ever so much more to Create a Virtual Paradise of the lofty Visions I have.  *LMAO*   I am quite the Visionary, but unless I could delegate some of those responsibilities in Creating the Vision, most of it will just have to wait... perhaps indefinitely, I dunno... we'll see what the Future holds and brings about and what I Feel like?!?  *Smiles*   In the meantime at least I got a Coat Rack installed in the Mud Room Hallway... Progress... however slight, is still Progress and moving in the direction of the overall Vision!  *Winks*

And honestly, when you realize that the installation of a simple Coat Rack is going to take you ALL Morning and completely take the wind out of your sails afterwards, it's a sobering realization that your energy is finite!   And so perhaps you should just spend more time having Fun instead and not sweat what isn't or can't get done right now... or mebbe EVER, who knows?!?   All I can be sure of on any given day I've actually DONE anything is that I'll Need a Nap afterwards now!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

And it's about that time for one... so World dominance will just have to wait until after I wake back up my Friends... so will Lunch apparently, unless The Young Prince or The Man wants to make it and serve it to me in Bed... like that's ever gonna happen, right?!?   Yeah, I Daydream about a lot of unlikely Crap like that... because if you can't be Living the Dream just yet, at least be Living the Fantasy my Friends!!! *LMAO*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sweet Salvage And Facing Challenges

Today's Post will regale you with the balance of my Sweet Salvage Imagery of the last Event while exploring the Topic of Facing Challenges.  I've found that when faced with a significant challenge it's best not to wallow for long in the Negative aspect of whatever it is, because it can paralyze you from taking any Action at all.   One thing I would think could lead to complete despair is being mired in the Negative aspect of anything for too long.  So I try not to, no matter how bad it looks or how difficult the challenge is.

We're a very Solution Oriented Family, you don't even come up with great Solutions until faced with great Problems in fact.   Necessity is after all the Mother of Invention.   When you have Need of something there is much more motivation to come up with a Solution to solve fulfilling that Need.  I am tasking The Young Prince right now to come up with viable Solutions to his current Problem, he's immersed in it voluntarily, which is a Good thing.  I'm interested to find out what his Brilliant Creative Mind comes up with in fact so I'm standing still and holding Space for him rather than running interference. 

I think some of the most important Lessons I learned in Life were when I was left to form my own Solutions to the Problems I was an implicit part of.  I want my Grandson to be Free Thinking enough to come up with his own Solutions when he has encountered a Life Problem that he must figure out.  If I Solve every Problem for him what has he learned from that Lesson that Life tried to teach him?   What would he do when I'm no longer there as his Problem Solver?  He's come down from his Room numerous times in the days since being told he cannot come back to School to discuss some potential Paths he could now take as he's explored his Options and sought to brainstorm Solutions.

I've not seen him this animated and fully Alive than he is right now while being tasked to come up with a Life's Plan for his Future, to use his Beautiful Mind to Solve a huge Problem for himself!  Instead of wallowing in despair and depression, which I had been concerned could happen, it's as if his Mind has been Set Free from the constraints of a Formal Education.  That didn't actually Surprise me since what I've held on to for Years to give me Hope were the Words of Wisdom from many Great Minds who didn't necessarily thrive with the constraints of a Formal Education.

Here's a Quote by Richard Branson, who dropped out of School at age 16... a full year before my Young Prince has... I see the parallels of my Grandson being more like this than the top students in his own classrooms so it was quite relevant:

“Looking back, I believe that the qualities that make for a great entrepreneur – such as boundless energy, a curious nature and, sometimes, an obstinate streak – are not often attributes demonstrated by top students in the classroom,” the Virgin Founder said in a recent blog. “So it should not be very surprising that many of the world’s great entrepreneurs and business leaders had difficulties with formal education.”
“Often, their frustration in the classroom was a result of impatience: The greats were eager to get out and build their businesses, which pushed them to drop out of high school or forgo college in order to follow their dreams.

Other Quotes by Great Minds have given us something to hang onto when the Educational Process for these Children has been such a difficult Journey.  The realization that everyone Learns differently and that Formal Education is not for everyone is something I've always known to be True.   Not every Top Student coming out of the Formal Education System will go on to Greatness, not every "Problem Child" labeled so in School will amount to nothing either!

  • Knowledge that is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.
Chuang Tzu

Winston Churchill

  • I always like to learn, but I don't always like to be taught.
Henry David Thoreau
  • What does education often do? It makes a straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook.
  • How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?

Benjamin Franklin
  • He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.
David P. Gardner
  • Much that passes for education is not education at all but ritual. The fact is that we are being educated when we know it least.

Certainly some Children seem to thrive in the constraints of a Formal Education, but for those that do not, those that do not fit inside the proverbial Box and will always be outside of it, that doesn't have to be Labeled as a Negative.  It bothers me that it is so frequently Labeled as a Negative in fact, that you simply MUST Conform and have a Herd mentality... do it as it's always been done, don't Question everything or even anything.   I am an Advocate of Free Thinking, Free Thinkers have done what has never been done because they wouldn't be told it couldn't be done!  Though I was a Student who performed Well in School, I do remember the Boredom of it and how my Teachers often complained to my Parents of how 'Busy' and 'Daydreamy' I was and how I Questioned EVERYTHING! 

But because I got excellent Grades, most were willing to Challenge me and consider me Worthy of their Attention.  My Brother on the other hand, who was equally Intelligent and had many Natural Talents that have served him very well in Life, was Labeled a 'Poor' Student and he struggled much more to get thru School.   My Parents were both Brilliant Minds, but were also opposite ends of the spectrum in that Mom had Higher Education and my Dad had a Grade School Education and wasn't Formally Educated very well at all.   I grew up with the benefit of someone who was very well educated and someone who was very well 'educated' by Hard Knocks Life.   My Mom always said my Dad was the one who came up with the Profound Wisdom of beneficial Sage Advice.

My Mom also had the benefit, like I had, of a Mother who received higher Formal Education and a Father who struggled with illiteracy but who was a very Wise Man in spite of the lack of Formal Education.   My point is, Intelligence and Wisdom are not exclusive to having received higher learning in a Formal Educational environment.   I'm an Advocate for Educational Opportunities, many Great Minds are being wasted by the lack of being able to reach and teach them adequately though.   The Public Educational System as we know it is Archaic and badly in need of reformation.   We can't always do what has always been done and worked a Century or more ago... this is NOW, not THEN.

I am saddened, even tho' The Young Prince likes to joke about it, whenever we walk into an establishment that has Young people working there who can barely take an Order correctly or who say the most seemingly illiterate and illogical things... and he tells me he knew them in School and BTW Gramma THEY are considered a Very Good Student!!!   I can tell thru the mask of joking tho', the Sarcasm and Cynicism in his voice, since he was Labeled a Very Bad Student. Yet their incompetence and lack of basic reasoning or logic is not lost upon him, he sees it as clearly as I do, it makes me sad, it makes him mad.  I'm not implying I'm Better than them Gramma as a Human Being, he will often tell me, but it is bothersome that the Labeling in School is often so Jacked Up... because, I mean, LOOK at them Gramma, this is Monkey Work and they can barely do it and THEY Graduated, some with Honors and Teachers who Loved and applauded them!   And me, I'm so "Special"... and not in a Good way... he trails off... I 'Get It'... these Labels are damaging and hardly 'accurate'.

In my Corporate Lives I had to do a lot of Training of New Employees, often the most arrogant and difficult ones to train to do the work were highly educated, they often thought they already knew everything.   They often minimized Experience and the benefit of Mentors and OJT, waltzed in with more degrees than a thermometer, but that didn't always mean they could apply what they learned in a Classroom to Real Life situations on the job.   Not every case is a textbook one, nor do you see everything and everyone you will Experience on the job while you were in a classroom, far from it, classrooms are rather insulated little Worlds in fact.  In my years at the District Attorney's Office it saddened me how many Young people spent all that time and money getting their Masters Degree in Criminal Law only to find out the subject matter ON the job was too much for them to stomach.  Perhaps they would have been better Served in College if the first order of business had been to take them on a trip to the Medical Examiner's Office to actually see the deceased Victim of a Serious Crime? 

And College... how many redundant classes does one have to take to actually obtain those Degrees?  I wouldn't know, I'm not a College Graduate, but it seems a LOT of time and money is spent taking classes not relevant to what you'll be doing for that Living?   Sometimes I wonder if the Money angle is more important than the Student's actual Success after they Graduate?  I do know that many who go to College look down upon those who didn't, or can't... and yet Life will sometimes be a more level playing field than you think.   Sometimes it isn't, because Opportunity can be as biased as the Individuals offering it of coarse.   But mostly and generally I think anyone who is intelligent can spot someone else who would be an Asset and not a Liability to their business.  

In lieu of a College Education that my Family couldn't afford my Dad taught me to hook up with Great Mentors and get a Free Education based on their vast Experience and Wisdom.  Many took me under their Wing because I was willing to Learn from them in spite of my lack of higher education.  I am eternally Grateful to each and every one of them, they became not only excellent Mentors that attributed to my early Success in my Corporate Lives, but also Lifelong Friends.   Being a Female I often chose Successful Female Mentors on Purpose, coming from an Era that wasn't so Liberated for equality of the genders it was important to know what a WOMAN should do to Succeed against often unfair obstacles that discriminated at the time.   Success always leaves Clues, but your Failures are also important Learning experiences... Success is not final nor is Failure fatal.

I often wonder what our World would look like if we actually Valued every single Ability individuals possessed instead of fixating instead on the Disabilities?  How much further along would we be if every individual FELT Valued for the inherent Gifts bestowed upon them by the Creator, that make them uniquely the Being that they are Purposed by their very Design?   After all, even the lowliest forms of other Life beyond Human Beings have a distinct Purpose that proves to be more Important than we often think.   I am fascinated by the various Life Forms and their Purposes because it's so well thought out by the Creator of all Life, that I just stand in complete Awe at the Workings of it all!

And even those Living things, be they people or the animal kingdom, that find a way, after something alters their functionality, to manage not only to Survive and go about Living in Purpose, but to Inspire by their ability to Adapt, to hang on when by all accounts they shouldn't have Succeeded... are Living Testimonies of Value to the whole.   We don't always readily see Value of each Living thing on this Earth, but it is there... Purpose is there... sometimes we're just too arrogant or too ignorant to recognize it.   Sometimes we as Humans can only Value something that will become Great, rather than accepting that in any Small way contributions add up to a potentially Great whole.   I have Sponsored Children thru a Charitable Organization since I was 13 years old, one Child at a time... it is a Small thing, but in the close to 50 years now I've been doing it, the difference it's made in several Children's Lives and their Families, their Communities where they contribute has added up.   I didn't discount my Small contribution in trying to make a difference... you shouldn't either, it counts, so DO IT! 

If we all DID IT, made even the Smallest of contributions to the Best of our Abilities and Resources, the results would be Epic, I'm Sure of it!!!   If each of us with the Mantle of Experience chose just one Child or one Young Adult to pass our Mantle of Wisdom to and take them under our Wing, how much more Priceless Experience of a Free Education would be bestowed upon the next Generations?  Otherwise it would be Lost my Friends, and a Lifetime of Experience and Wisdom is too Great a Gift to be merely taken to the Grave with us!   I fully Believe every Child is willing to Learn, they are rather like sponges when it comes to absorbing Knowledge and everything going on around them... but a great many don't necessarily like to be Taught... at least not in the Usual ways.   So find a way to Connect, to Expand their Natural Desire to know more, to do more, to Experience Life and what it has to Offer!

I started this Post to explore Facing Challenges but since I like to Free Form Think and Write I just let the Words manifest on their own and whatever Message come forth that might be Useful... Encouraging... or Motivating.   Not only for myself, but for anyone else it might benefit or Minister to as they Face a Challenge, because out of the subconscious Mind can come some pretty startling realizations that your conscious Mind was too preoccupied with stuff to just 'know'.   Sometimes we 'know' without knowing... sometimes the answers are buried deep inside us and just Need that Quiet Time of Contemplation, Prayer, Meditation, Freedom of Free Form thinking and writing to come forth unhindered and unfiltered.   Solutions will come to every Problem you WANT to actually Solve, sometimes you just have to be made so uncomfortable that you Move upon it and take Action.

In his present discomfort The Young Prince is finding the Freedom to think and to Act upon whatever Dreams he has for his Future.  I'm allowing him the Space to do so, he has nothing to lose and everything to Gain by releasing the Brilliance I know he has inside of him and putting it into Action now... nothing and nobody is holding him back.   He knows that he has our full support and a Safe place to land every time he falls or fails.  Which we all do, fall and fail, it's just a part of Life and how it Teaches us the Lessons they don't often have in Schools.   Those of us who get up and don't give up will Succeed and find our Purpose in Life... and once you're in THAT Groove, there are no real limits!!!


Blessings, Love, Light and much Success to you all... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl