Sunday, December 10, 2017

Highland Yard Vintage Joyful House

Well I did manage to make it out to the spectacular HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Christmas Event to Experience 'The Joyful House' in person on Friday Afternoon, after I picked The Young Prince up from School.  Since I didn't have an entourage in tow I could linger and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the Holidays fully.  All of the Designers did an amazing job of capturing the very Essence of the Season in the Show and it was good to see so many East Side Friends, since I don't get over to that side of the Valley nearly enough.  The Son unfortunately couldn't meet me there, he lives quite close to the Event so we usually meet up when I'm shopping over there, but he had other commitments that Afternoon so we weren't able to hook up for Lunch.  A shame since I had the most delish Cuban Club Sammie at AMERICAN WAY MARKET inside of MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL.   Yes, I did come away with some Treasures, which I will profile in another Post... along with a Holiday Post I'll Share on the Mall.   I also got to attend the 17th Annual Tamale Festival in Downtown Phoenix over the Weekend and pick up six kinds of Fresh Home-Made Tamales for the Holidays, which is a Family Tradition.  We had Yucatan Style wrapped in Banana Leaves which have Chicken and Pork, Chile Cheese, Sweet Corn, Red Beef, Green Pork and Pina {Pineapple} Dessert Tamales.  Nom-Nom!!!   Remember to Support all of your Small Businesses in your area over the Holidays, they are indeed the backbone of the American Entrepreneur Spirit!  And why I am committed to also Covering ALL of my Small Business Local Events here in the Valley... may they all Prosper and Enjoy incredible Success, each and every one is so deserving of it!  I want to Thank ALL of the Small Business Owners, Designers, Stylists and Artisans that give us the options beyond The Big Box Mega Corporate experience. 


Happy Holidays to you all my Friends... From The Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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