Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Sights Sounds And Smells Of Christmas

I usually want to visit as many businesses as possible during the Holidays to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas each will Create as their Holiday ambiance.   I particularly like Cracker Barrel's Decor since they decorate all their Restaurants and Gift Shops with authentic Antiques, at Christmastime it just feels like someone's huge Welcoming Holiday Home.  I'd Love to have a Holiday Hearth like theirs, that Fireplace is enormous and so toasty warm!  My new Fav Dish is their Pecan Crusted Catfish grilled filet that has an Orange Marmalade and Pecan Glaze.  It is Divine and a 260 Calorie healthier Menu option with only 4 grams of Carbs!  As you know I've been having to watch the Carb intake with the Diabetic situation, so I'm reading labels and content more than ever.

I really Love this Tree that they have which is an almost Tea Stained Off White and I'd like to have one like that, alas this one is way out of Budget even at half off.  The Tree we already have is very nice but I really miss the White one we had years ago that I finally had to get rid of when it yellowed with age.  Now I Wish I'd just sprayed it with a Craft Tea Stain to see if that would have Created the Color that would have been more desirable and Salvaged it?  It's probably in someone else's Home because when we moved I sat it curbside and it was gone immediately.  *LOL*  Anyway, I should probably see if CB will Sell me this display one on the Cheap when they're clearing out Christmas?  *LOL*  I notice some of their display Trees are already gone so I'm sure they do Sell them off.

One of the whimsical things they do is to put Santa Hats on all of their people in the Antique framed Photos, that's like something I'd do here at Villa Boheme' and it makes me Smile.   I put Masquerade Masks at Halloween on my people in the Antique framed Photos too.  What whimsical elements do you throw into your Christmas decor?

Here's a bit of whimsy from my Holiday Decor, this Sale Weekend at our Antique Mall I Scored an Amazing trio of Vintage Dancing Clown Music Boxes, two that are Banks and one that is a Jewelry Box, for about Two Dollars each!!!  *Gasp!!!*   Anything Vintage Carnival or Circus related I Collect if I like what it is, brings back many fond Childhood Memories of Carnivals and Circus performances we always went to growing up.   This is the smaller of the trio and is only 3.5 inches across, it is called "Send In The Clowns", when you wind them up they play Big Top Music and the Clown Dances.  All three were made in Japan by Otagiri but aren't dated, tho' most Listings for similar items say they are from the 70's thru 80's Era and aren't all that common.

This is the larger of the Round ones and is 6 inches across and is called "The French Can-Can"... there was another one identical to this one that I didn't buy because someone had over-wound it and so it didn't work anymore.  In hindsight I probably should have picked it up too since the price was so low, but I do have an aversion to the No. 4 so I rarely buy anything in sets of four... don't ask, I don't know why I don't like that number, I just never have, Bad Mojo or something.  *LOL*  I do know it's called Tetraphobia and didn't realize until my Cambodian DIL told me that it is a common Superstition in East Asian Nations of the practice of avoiding No. 4 in daily life, kinda like the American aversion to No. 13, I didn't know that!  Somehow that validated my Natural aversion to it and BTW the No. 13 has never bothered me one iota.  *Ha ha ha*

But I digress, here is the last of the Dancing Clowns and this one is a Music Jewelry Box and not a Bank, it is the largest of the three and is Rectangular at 8.5 inches high and 5 inches across.  It is called "The Entertainer" and it has a little drawer at the bottom which the Knob is missing, so I plan to put a Vintage Gold Bead or Crystal Knob on it that would be the right dimensions.  Those I saw identical to it online had original Golden Bead like Knobs, it also proved to be the most valuable of the trio in that at Auction is can Sell for quite a lot more than I realized it might.   I plan to Keep all of them for the Vintage Carnivale Decor I will incorporate into my Meditation Room.

Sometimes when I look back at some of Christmas Past I can hardly Believe how fast Time is flying by!!!  It is particularly evident when I see Images of The G-Kid Force taken not all that many years ago... and yet, they've Grown Up so FAST!   Whenever I think Time is moving slowly I need only to look back in Photo Archives and see that it is in fact speeding by much more quickly than we realize until we look back!

Now here's a Blast From Christmas Past, for years I rang the Bell for The Salvation Army during the Holidays at their Kettles all over the Valley.  Mostly I had West Side locations but sometimes I was way South Side and I had many Regulars at my Kettle that would come Faithfully every day to Donate!   I Hope that this Holiday Season you remember that it IS all about Giving... to Honor He whose Birth we are Celebrating and Who Gave so much on our behalf!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dear Dawn, I hope you and your’s (love those pictures of your g-kids) have a very Merry Christmas.

    1. I also Hope you and yours have the most Memorable Christmas EVER!

  2. I love your upbeat posts and the way you find pleasure in so much. I think that maybe the tree would have been okay sprayed in that colour, but there is also a lot of fun in doing something new (or old/new). Those kids are so cute! They grow so fast, as you say.
    The catfish sounds lovely, it's a fish I love the taste of, and I also love pecans. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas!


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