Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Pom-Poms Were Draped On The Taxidermy With Care...

It is now the Home Stretch of Christmas and so we enter into the Favorite Things Phase where we're doing all of the Traditions and Rituals.  I've already draped the Pom-Pom Garlands on the Taxidermy with Care as Inspired by the Pinterest Image I stole... ummm, I mean, borrowed the Idea from.  *Winks* 

I liked how mine turned out and The Man thinks I'm Crazier than Usual when he saw it!  *Winks*   Til I Shared the Inspiration Image and now he realizes there are likely Others out there just like me and who actually Dream Up some of this bizarre shit even before I do!  *LMAO*

I only did it to the ones in the informal Dining Room, but only because I didn't hoard up nearly enough Pom-Pom Garlands to go Ape Shit Crazy with the drapery of them everywhere!  *LOL*   I got every one of my Pom-Pom Garlands on Sale for half price or even a deeper discount, so I did begin the hoarding Process of them before the Shops ran out of them.

So if there was a shortage of Pom-Poms in the Metro Phoenix Area and you couldn't get yours while there was still some left, I likely could have been the reason Why?!?  *Blushing*   You see, when I become Obsessed with something, I'm on a Mission to hunt it down and have it all, if I can manage that before Others, equally becoming afflicted, can beat me to it.  *Smiles*

What happened to Moderation in all things Dawn?  Well, I'm truly only ever a Moderate when it comes to Politics my Friends, the Balance tips to the Extreme in just about everything else in Life for me.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   And I don't mind it one bit, my Extremes in Decorating and Collecting actually are the very Essence of what I happen to like best around me.

I have heard it said that Minimalism in a Room is alleged to make the Mind Free and more Creative.  But I mustn't be hard wired to the Norm because for me a stark Minimalistic Room is rather uncomfortable and devoid of of what might Inspire or Spark an Idea.  So my Mind is more apt to go blank in a blank space, that level of Calm and lack of Stimulation would just make me sleepy.  *LOL*

So, I want to Thank whoever came up with the novel Idea to festoon their Taxidermy with bright Festive Pom-Pom Garlands for the Holidays and Share it on Pinterest.   They have done a Service to the Pom-Pom Industry because honestly, in every Shop I went to anyway, the Pom-Pom merchandise Sold Out fastest... well, I was there and so that could have attributed to some of it.  *LOL*

And, Tonight is the Big Day of the Winter Formal Dance for Princess T... and you'll have to just look at a rehashed Image of her in The Blue Dress because she refused being Photographed this Morning on her way to School all decked out.   Apparently the Dance starts directly after School so everyone either had to wear their Formal Attire all day or bring it with them, she opted to just wear hers all day... natch.  *Winks* 

She was in a quandary this Morning on whether to sneak out and walk to School so I couldn't photograph her, or ask me for a ride.  It was Cold, she had bare legs, so she sprinted to the Truck before I could react and Grandpa explained she had waffled about whether to wake me up and ask me to drive her due to the Pathological Picture Taking.   They had all let me Sleep In Today since The Young Prince was Home Sick again from School, so I didn't have to drive all the way to Beautiful Downtown Peoria at 6:00 a.m..

Now before you Judge, lemme tell ya that getting the break of NOT having to drive half asleep all the way to another City in my Pajamas and spend no less than a full Hour in Rush Hour Morning City and Rural inadequate infrastructure road Traffic is like a Gift.   So, if a Child has to be Sick to allow me that respite, I'm not all that broken up about it, especially during Major Holidays where Traffic is worse than usual, even at 6:00 a.m., Lord knows Why?  *LOL*

So, I was about as Cozy and Content being able to Sleep In and not have the long frustrating Commute behind Farm Equipment and Gravel Trucks heading to the River bottom Quarries, then City Traffic heading to Work, as Princess T had been Creating her Gingerbread House Masterpiece for this year.  Once we've had to turn the heat on to take the Chill out of the air, you just want to stay in, stay Home and Nestle.

We are a bunch of Nestlers around here come Winter, that Transition, when it begins to get actually Colder {by Arizona standards anyway} means we like just staying inside, at Home, doing the Homebody Thing Together.  It's a good thing we don't live in a Colder climate because we'd probably never want to venture Outside at all.  I've lived in Colder climates actually and I recall spending way too much time Inside... which is Why I prefer Desert Living and Outdoor Living being more possible year round here.

But Winter is brief here, sometimes we miss it entirely, which I'm also not broken up about when it happens, so I do revel in the Cozy Warm Nestling Days we so rarely get to Enjoy.   Of coarse with The Young Prince being Home Sick we're not certain how thrilled he'll be to have to Walk to Princess T's School to retrieve her Tonight after her Dance?   Grandpa can't do it or he'd possibly get disoriented and Lost... and I'll be at Work... and we don't want her Walking Home in the Dark without an older Escort, especially all Dolled Up like she is.

So The Young Prince has assured me that no matter how crappy he might still feel come Tonight, he will ensure his Little Sister gets Home safely from her Dance.   I suppose some of her Posse might be getting rides from their Families... but if I don't know the Families, which I don't around here know hardly any of the people, I don't want her getting into their vehicles.  I'm just not that Trusting of people I don't know around Kids... especially our Kids.  I just have more of a Peace with her Brother Walking her Home after the Dance instead.  If I weren't Working on Dance Night I'd just transport her back and forth.

I don't usually play the Lottery except on Holidays, but I do then because they sure have some Cute Scratch Tickets and the losing Tickets sure look Cute hanging as Ornamentation on the Christmas Tree.   As you can clearly see, I did NOT Win Ten Grand with the seemingly Lucky Cute Chihuahua on the Feliz Navidog Ticket!  *LOL*   So, we turned it into a Two Dollar Ornament for this year... along with a couple other losing Navidog Tickets of different, Unlucky for me, Breeds of Pooches Promising a Windfall to the Lucky few... who were NOT me.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

And I got together with a Lifelong Friend and we did some Treasure Hunting Together for the Holidays, since she'll be leaving Christmas Eve to live in and possibly relocate to Texas.  I will Miss her and the Junquing Buddy excursions we both Enjoy so much.  If you have a fellow Junquing Buddy you Understand how Rare it is to find people who dig it as much as you do to where your Scavenging escapades are Legendary!  *Smiles*  I found some hand made Folk Art Christmas Decor on the Cheap.

And a Simple yet Elegant Rag Garland with Fairie Lights that still work, which was handy to drape on the Mantle in the formal Dining Room.  Since remember how I had been on Fire to Create a Vintage Show Ribbon Wreath and yet never got around to it!?!  *LOL*  So... I had this big pile of Vintage Show Ribbons that I'd wanted to decorate for the Holidays with and could therefore hang some up on the lit Mantle instead.

Now, the formal Dining Room is one of those Home anomalies where it's always everyone's Favorite Styled Room of the house, yet we almost never actually use it!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   So it becomes somewhat of a Showcase Room for many of the Favorite Collectibles that you don't want getting jacked up around daily Living when you've got Children, Pets and Menfolk in the Home... so they're all Safe, your Fav Treasures, in there.  *Smiles*

But, I still want it to look Festive for the Holidays and Styled for Seasonal Celebrations... and there is a possibility, when Entertaining for the Holidays, that we might Need more seating around the Harvest Table in there if too many people come over for a meal or gathering.   The Joy of Living in New Villa Boheme' is that we can actually handle and accommodate numerous Guests now, even on short notice.  The Historic Homestead was large, but the rooms were numerous and tiny, like Historic Homes tend to be... and creates disjointed Entertaining for the Hosts to manage.

I Love the Warm Glow this Rag Garland gives the room when lit up since the Bluish White LED Lights really Create a lot of Soft Illumination.  I am not a Fan of the new LED Lights as a rule, since they tend to hurt my Eyes, but there are some exceptions where they work best, such as in Christmas Display Lighting.  I was so Happy that even tho' my Rag Garland only cost me a mere Buck, it still lit up and worked!  *Booyah!!!*

Some Crafty Chica probably took a lot of time to Create said Rag Garland and tie all them Fabric Bows and Accents around the string of Fairie Lights.  I'm always Amazed at how many Crafters and Artisans will only utilize their hand made Decor for just the one Season and then discard it even if nothing is wrong with it!   So even if you are not so inclined to wanna spend countless Hours Creating Christmas and other Seasonal Decor, you can often find it for Pennies on the Dollar secondhand instead... that's also way Cheaper than making it yourself and buying all the supplies!

So Yeah, I totally Scored while out with my BFF Junquing, by hitting the Motherlode of someone's Christmas Past and scooping it up for a pittance to Decorate Villa Boheme' with!   Color me Happy, because it was so quick, easy, inexpensive and quite a Lovely addition to this year's Christmas Theme if I do say so myself.  Each Evening I will Enjoy seeing the Warm Glow of that Room since it is at the end of our Entrance Hallway and so you see it as you go on your way to most other parts of the house.

I'm still experimenting with New Camera with and without Flash, this is with Flash, same Vignette as I'd Photographed earlier in the Post without Flash.  Now if ONLY I can find a way to fix the Blogger acceptance of higher Resolution Images in a more convenient and less convoluted and frustrating way I'll be Golden my Friends!  *Le Sigh*

Here's a little Folk Art Bear beside my Real Bear Centerpiece.   Folk Art pieces are so Charming and even tho' I don't necessarily decorate with Primitives, I have always liked the way they look in the Homes of those that do Style with the Primitives Theme.  That Style Sensibility is very Inviting and Homespun in an Old Fashioned Cozy way that does Appeal to me, especially as a Guest.  If I were to live in a 17th Century East Coast Historic Home I think I could quite easily go over to the side of American Primitives Decorating.

While Goodwill Hunting I also Scored a couple Anna Lee Collectible Animal Figures for Christmas, a Reindeer and a Sheep... and also these Whimsical Clowns, a set of three of them.  Which two are actually Trinket Boxes and the Snowballs the Clowns sit upon open in the center and there is storage inside, so they'd make great Presentation Gift Boxes for small objects like Jewelry.

Here are the other two, I am not certain if the one riding the Bird might have been the lid to another Gift Box, but I didn't find a bottom to it so perhaps not?  I could always go to a Craft Store and buy a Gift Box Bottom and attach it to this Figurine to Create a Presentation Gift Box with it.

I finally got every Gift wrapped and under the Main Christmas Tree so The G-Kid Force have been spending an inordinate amount of time looking at tags and counting who has how many Gifts?!  *LOL*  At least now I don't have to section off forbidden parts of the Home anymore where unwrapped Gifts were hidden! 

Princess T found a Box that apparently she found to be Promising and then lamented that it was for Grandpa!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  It's probably the only Gift The poor Man has under the Tree and she begrudges him it... he and I laughed heartily about that since their Recon is always done while I'm out of the house so I won't know they were snooping and getting into things!  *LOL*

Now, these were not Christmas related but I was still beyond Jazzed to Score them for a pittance while Junquing... someone's Vintage hand-made Diorama Easter Eggs Created from Real Eggs!   They were shoved into a plastic bag so some got damaged and I've spent the past few weeks doing Restoration Projects on those that Needed some TLC to put back together or repair.

There were a total of four and I got them for Fifty Cents apiece so I didn't mind doing all the tedious Restoration Work.  Someone had taken Hours to Create these intricately detailed Mini Masterpieces probably Years ago.  And when you open the doors of three of them they have a Surprise Diorama inside that is Faith Based.  I am so in Love with these that I shall probably Display them Year round.

Yes, indeed I have glued my fingertips together numerous times with Krazy Glue while repairing them, but last Night I finished the one that Needed the most extensive repairs, so I'm almost done.   I had to get very Creative where Eggshells had been irrepairably damaged and broken away, so paper mache' and glittered glue did a mod podge bondini that worked out quite nicely actually.

I had also ordered this Fab faded Antique Show Ribbon from a Fav Online Shop "Pocket Full Of Heirlooms" out of Texas.  Now that is a Shop, that once my BFF gets settled in Texas, we plan to make a Pilgrimage to in person, among several other Bucket List locales in Texas where good Junquing, Good Shows or long time Admired Designers also Live.

We have several Family and Friends already in Texas and have had Open Invitations for years to come for visits, but until The Man is Well enough for it... and The Force are a bit Older, I'm not taking this Show on the Road!  *Winks*  So for now my Junquing Adventures are limited to Arizona Adventures for the time being and the occasional Online Purchase from Fav Shops or Artisans out of State.

I've been thinking about how Online Shopping is literally becoming a thing of the Future and with Amazon buying out so many Corporations I don't know what Retail will even look like in the Future?   But for me, I still prefer going in Person to do The Thrill Of The Hunt, it doesn't quite have the same Rush doing it Online.  Sure, I've Scored some Amazing things over the years, especially Internationally, at Online Auction or via Contacts Overseas I have... but it's not the same Rush as going Shopping.

This is the unfortunate Egg Art that Needed the most repairs and restoration and is probably Created from a Goose Egg.   This Image is prior to complete Restoration, when I was still fiddling around with how best to reconstruct everything that had either fallen off or been totally destroyed while in that plastic bag and being manhandled by Careless people.

Here is a glimpse inside of the Diorama, just to the Left of the Man the entire Eggshell was busted out and in smitherines... the small Egg on top had also been knocked off that held the Bell and the Dove, all of which had to also be reattached.    Many of the embellishments were still in the bag and merely had to be glued back on where they had fallen off.

Now here it is completely Restored... it had not been a Project for the faint of Heart, it looked positively Hopeless but I felt was worth Preserving.  I tend to Love the Restoration of Lost Causes, in Real Estate or in other discarded or abandoned Treasures that are Diamonds in the rough.  There is a deep Satisfaction of Rescuing something Awesome and breathing New Life back into it, even if your repairs aren't Professional or Perfection.

It makes me Sad when any Beautiful Old Thing, whether Real Estate or an Object, has been badly Neglected, Damaged, Abused or Destroyed so I have Rescued many over the years.   So much of the destruction is not necessary if only a modicum of Care and Respect had been extended.   So many people do not Value nor Respect anything anymore and running damage control behind that disposable and disrespectful outlook and behavior takes considerable dedication and often a lot of hard Work and Investment of Time, Talents and Treasures.

Yes, upon close Inspection you can see the amateur restoration job was not quite adequate, but it disguises what once was horrible damage to the Egg Art and now when Displayed isn't so obvious.  It's actually more evident in the photo than in person where the iridescent nature of the Glitter Glue really camouflages the gaping hole quite well on top of the tissue paper mend.  I just used Glitter Tissue Paper you would fill a Gift Bag with since it adheres and molds well to any shape and once reinforced with Glue is quite sturdy.

We are almost at the end of my extensive Post that I've sat here Creating in my Jammies... since I haven't done too much of anything else Today with not having to play Taxi Service to The Young Prince for School.  *Smiles*  I've just been Nesting and Nestling... and The Man made a Lovely Breakfast for us all. He's able to Cook again now with minimal Supervision and follows his Safety prompts, which is Awesome since he's actually the best Cook in the house.  We all have missed his Home Cooked Meals these past five years since his catastrophic accident happened!

As his Memory and Motor Skills slowly improve he's able to get back to more of a semblance of what he used to Enjoy doing and we adapt what he now Needs in the way of assistance or Supervision due to the traumatic brain injury.  I want to give some Hope to anyone else dealing with TBI, some skills can return or be relearned with a lot of hard Work, Patience and practice.  You may not be able to recover everything Lost, but you can often Find a strength within yourselves that you and your Family didn't even know Existed... when Grace abounds!


So here's to Amazing Grace and the even more Amazing and Awesome Giver of it... Whose Birth we will soon be Celebrating... Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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