Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Joyful House ~ Highland Yard Vintage

**NOTE: All Beautiful Images cribbed from HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Facebook Page**

I haven't been yet, since I've picked up more Holiday Hours at Work and so I'll have to squeeze a Pilgrimage to the Far East Valley in before a shift, but HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE is having their "Joyful House" Christmas Themed Event from December 7th-December 10th!   Thus I've had to crib all my Imagery from their Facebook Page for this Post to ensure you will know about it in time to attend.   The Photography is excellent and so I couldn't have covered it better even with New Camera anyway.   But I do want to get out there since I just Love experiencing ALL of the Wonderful Christmas Events around the Valley and immersing myself into everything Holiday related!   I also see some things I'd like to try to get if they're still there if I can make the trek out there in time to be able to get to Work later in the Evening in the Far West Valley... we'll have to see how ambitious and energetic I am?  Holiday Traffic is the worst, this is when I Wish I had Flying Reindeer and a Sleigh!  So traversing from the Far West Side to the Far East Side and back again in Holiday Traffic is a risky move to attempt before my Shift.   I didn't expect to work during every day of the Holiday Weekends and so I had just assumed I'd have time for every Event coming up.   Picking up Grandkids from School at 11:30 am and 3:45 pm always throws a wrench in Mid-week Shopping excursions I might want to participate in too.  *Le Sigh*   I either need more Days in my Week or more Hours in my Day!  *Smiles*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. So many treasures and all so beautifully displayed! I hope you get a chance to go, Dawn. Damned work! lol

    1. I know, Work sure cramps my preference for Carefree days of Bliss! winks

  2. Hi Dawn....I get their emails and am planning on finally going this year.....It should be fun....thanks for the sneak peak



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