Monday, December 4, 2017

The Imaginary Christmas Versus Real Life

Okay, so on the canvas of my very fertile Imagination this is how it goes... a Holiday Season devoid of Drama and the Issues of Life cropping up right AT the time of Celebrating... or at least trying to Celebrate in an absolutely Positive Environment.  *Yeah, I know... LMAO as I type it because it's so absurdly Imaginary, right!?*

Now this is how it goes in Real Life... as the Cheerful Holiday Music is blasting on my Truck Radio and various shit is hitting the fan, it feels more like I should be contemplating doing a Thelma and Louise version of Christmas to line up with how Surreal the circumstances seem to be playing out!   Now, because I'm an equally absurdly determined Woman I don't drive off any cliffs regardless.  *Winks*

Getting both of The G-Kid Force to actually want to GO to School this Morning is how our day began, which is never a Good Sign!   He because of the recent ridiculous Drama at his Alternative School has him in a flat tailspin Mentally and Emotionally now... and her because she was having a Bad Hair Day and that's all it takes for her to completely melt down nowadays.  *Le Sigh*

So after many tears and fits of despair, NO, none of them being mine, I kept it together and held it down... I got each loaded up and unceremoniously dropped off in their respective heightened Angst.   This was a stark reminder to Self as to Why we don't Home School and should never even contemplate it, otherwise I'd be loading everyone up and actually doing that Thelma and Louise my Friends!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I had Googled all the Arizona Online Schools and their Reviews by both Staff and Students or their Families, it was NOT Good, so The Young Prince and I had the Come To Jesus talk on the drive to his Alternative School.   He realizes that by the time Gramma is having any Come To Jesus talk with anyone, well, I'm so far beyond fed up and frustrated that there is no redemption for whoever I'm giving said talk to!  *Winks*

If you decide to drop out and just try to Test Out and get your GED, well, the contingency by the Adoption Courts for you staying in and finishing School in order to continue receiving your Special Needs Child Benefits, inclusive of Health and Mental Health Coverage, ceases.   I do not have alternative affordable Health Care, the Coverage that The Man and I receive is his earned Benefits and he wasn't allowed to Adopt The Force so they can't be picked up on his Insurance.

And since we spent the past two Months or so receiving a tonnage of enormously expensive Health Care Needs due to your failing chronic Health situation, that's a Big Deal.   A really, really Big Deal that frankly I don't even want to contemplate just before Christmas, even tho' we will probably have to visit the dreaded Topic when you turn 18 or eventually Graduate, whichever one dumps you off your current Coverage first, I dunno?

You see, as you Transition your Special Needs Child into Adulthood, to ensure they still receive any kind of Healthcare or Mental Health Care is going to be your responsibility to assist them with, because frankly The System could care less if they receive Treatment, Care and Benefits or not.   Many unfortunately don't, if they don't have an aggressive Advocate or anyone who gives a rat's ass what happens to them.

With the Seriously Mentally Ill who cannot manage to Navigate The System on their own due to their Condition, they would be many of the ones you see living on the Streets in the most appalling of conditions and exceedingly vulnerable and often victimized.   That is not an outcome I want to envision... since sometimes it happens even with Advocacy and the best of intentions.  The Force's Mother being a prime example of a worse case scenario playing out no matter how much you interceded.

So I don't like to think about that very much, especially when on the canvas of my very fertile Imagination I'm in total denial that our Christmas is going to be wrecked by whatever Issues of Life are cropping up and blindsiding me this week... or last week!  I turn the festive Holiday Music up even louder... Princess T says that's embarrassing her as we pull up to her School.  I say shaddup or I'll start Singly loudly too!   She forgets all about her Bad Hair and bolts quickly out of the Truck like a Reindeer taking Flight!  *LOL*

Besides, I KNEW we were gonna have big nappy Hair the moment I saw her asleep in Cloth Curlers when I came Home from Work last Night!  *LOL*  Remember Bride Of Frankenstein Hair and this Face?  Well, hers was bigger and nappier and her reaction similar... and clear down past her waist bigger and standing out like she'd been electrified!  So taming it into a Ponytail with no bumps on the slick part took Grandpa and I almost a full hour and probably a half can of hairspray!  So we were running late to School and Thankfully she could not see the actual Ponytail, which was massive and had taken on a Life of it's own!  *LMAO*

Now, had she only left it alone after a very brief curling while still damp, that she'd experimented with before I left for Work all would have been Well... but Noooooooooo!!!!!!  That looks Lovely and Fine I'd said when she walked into the room to show me, see pix above, but what do I know?   I think I want it curlier she'd insisted and she'd flitted Upstairs to torture it in her Bathroom some more, and the sleeping in curlers was the coup de gras and ensured Crazy Hair!  *LOL*

Now, I happen to know that the Tween Angst is because we apparently Need to look Perfect for this Winter Dance shindig in the Blue Dress we bought... why her regular Hair won't do I don't have a Clue?!   See, I'm apparently completely Clueless anyway so even when they ask my Opinion, it doesn't Count, so I don't even know Why they bother?   I'm not even certain they're really listening when they ask me what I Think about something and ask me to weigh in with an Opinion?  I've sometimes given Outrageous Answers on Purpose just to Test that Theory.  *Winks*

So anyway, when I picked The Young Prince up from School he was in an unusually Cheerful Mood given the current state of affairs there at the School for him.  So... I hadda hear the back story that went along with improved Mood!!?!?  I just knew it had to be a Juicy one, he was grinning just too broadly for it NOT to be... and I KNOW him!  When he's this Happy something Awful has happened, usually to an Adversary... he just can't help himself, when Karma comes back around he's not above coldly gloating about it.

Sure enuf, the Bitchy Teacher, as she's now so unaffectionately referred to by him, the one whose been the bane of his and some other Student's existence, cried Today when some Bad Karma came back around at her.   Yes, I couldda taken the High Road myself and told him it's not Right to be Happy someone was reduced to tears, even if due to their own Bad Karma they had it coming... but I didn't.  I didn't because my Grandson had spent Friday thru this Morning in tears DUE to this person and so... well, she had it coming.  Besides, he said, I wasn't the one... it was someone else that made her cry so he felt Guilt Free, but Glad someone did the job for him.

My personal sentiments are that when you resort to Bullying and Creating Strife and Hardships for others, well, it does have a way of coming back around at ya... and Karma can be a Bitch too.   Besides, it was actually refreshing to see him finally Smile after the abysmal bouts of Depression and Despair he's been Feeling... so if Dragon Lady getting some Karma payback made him Feel Good... Sorry, but I can't really feel that Bad for her either, it was a measure of Justice being meted out and served in my opinion... so go ahead, Pray for me.  *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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