Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sweet Flea At Sweet Salvage

NOTE: ALL Fabulous Images in this Post are Cribbed from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page, all Credit goes to the Talented Photographer of SWEET SALVAGE

So, Why am I Cribbing this Month's Images for the first Post of the Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE Event for "Sweet Flea" Theme you might ask?  Well, here's the Scoop... the logistics of The Young Prince and getting him to and from his Alternative School from here and then there, which is clear in another City Northwest of the Valley, is a Nightmare on my Event Days, that's Why!   I will probably be very, very late picking him up... he will likely have the distinct pleasure of hanging out in Beautiful Downtown Peoria for hours... and I'm being facetious, because that is akin to probably hanging out in Beautiful Downtown Compton, mebbe not THAT Bad, but lemme tell ya it ain't Good either... so he's gonna be less than thrilled.  *LMAO*  But he's 17 now and this taxi duty is wearing thin on Gramma, since it means midweek my days are spent endlessly providing various transport duty for the Crew here... and he's the only one I can actually leave unsupervised in Public.  *LOL*  So every so often he's got to fend for himself until I can pick him up if I'm going to be late... and Today I know that's a Given.   You see, this "Sweet Flea" Event is the 75th Show and one that has markdown items and even Free Gift Items abounding... and I've got my Eye on a few things I spotted in said above Cribbed Images and Hope I can Score?!   So I wanna get there Early to get a good spot in line and decent parking, snag what I Jones for quickly and get thru checkout fast... since I'll be on a time crunch and The Young Prince will likely be blowing up my phone asking for pick-up and when will I FINALLY be there to retrieve him?!?  *Winks*  If I don't hear Sirens in the background of the Calls I'll assume he's Safe and Sound, but just probably terribly Annoyed that I'm gonna be way Late picking him up this day.  *Smiles*   The last time I was way Late he walked to a local Convenience Store near his School to get something to drink and snack on... he wasted no time telling me at least three drug dealers approached him asking if he wanted to Score some Weed... and could I Please be on time from now on?!  Yeah, that's why we moved away from the Cities... and yet with The Young Prince's Academic Challenges, we're right back to where we started from Patrollin' The Hood for Schools that would take him!  *Le Sigh*   Since several of the Students of his Alternative School are 'Behaviorally Challenged' there is always that aspect too, most have crossed the threshold of Childhood and are now Grown so he doesn't wanna Deal with any of them either after School... even tho' he Grew Up in The Hood so he's quite capable of self-preservation.  I 'Get It' and yet for at least one day of the Month I try to have a "Me Day", so don't Judge... and this day would be "It" so I don't wanna Feel so Rushed.  Yes, I will still BE Rushed, but I Plan to spend more than the usual allotted 20 Minutes AT the Show Today since I spend far more time than that in line waiting to get IN the Show!  And to Shop, take Pixs to Share, Check-Out and get back to Beautiful Downtown Peoria from Beautiful Downtown Phoenix in the span of an hour and a half after the doors open, is Impossible really.  I've done the Impossible on some Opening Days... but NOT Today, NOT gonna happen... and so... I'll be hard pressed to get a lot of Good Shots myself and I want you to see how Wonderful everything looked in it's Pristine Vignettes... and so Cribbing the Imagery for Post No. One just seemed Right.  Hope you Enjoyed it... I'm Creating this Post at 4:00 a.m. since by 5:00 a.m. I'm getting The Force ready for School.  I'm bracing myself since she'll be bitchin' coz she's gotta Walk to School Today due to I'll be Show Bound after I dump him off at 6:45 a.m. in Beautiful Downtown Peoria... and I'll hafta be droppin' the News to him that it'll be a seriously Late Pick-Up.  *Uh Oh... double whammy bitchfest from both Kiddos coming!*  Ah well, the things we Caregivers Endure for our occasional Pleasure and brief taste of Freedom, huh?   And besides, it's barely two Weeks away from Christmas and I'm wanting to be very Good to myself just in case Santa isn't this year.  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Whoa! That's a seriously early start!
    I hope the young prince is feeling a little better. I hope your day to yourself is very good to you!
    Xo Jazzy Jack


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