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Sweet Flea At Sweet Salvage ~ Part III

So was there anything at SWEET SALVAGE's 'Sweet Flea' Event that I was seriously in Lust with and couldn't come Home with?  Absolutely, this Ex Voto filled Cloche Display, I desperately Wanted it but it wasn't within Budget, dammit!  *Le Sigh*

I Photographed it a few times for Inspiration and in case it Sells and someone else takes MY Ex Voto Cloche Display Home with them before I can save up to get it!?  *LOL*   Yes, it will be what I'll be Selling Off some Treasures to Fund the Purchase of if it's still around by the January Show?

There were actually a lot of Spiritual Style Objects that caught my Eye at this Show and being it is a very Spiritual Holy Day for us to Celebrate Christmas, that aspect of the Offerings was what drew me most.  My Spiritual Collections are actually my oldest Collections and my most Beloved.

Of coarse the whimsical Offerings were what made me Smile and they abounded as well.   I always spend a lot of time perusing the Boutique Area for Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories.  It had been expanded for this Show and so the Offerings were impressive.

Loved this Spiritual Necklace by DOS FANNIES and also Anne's mini Dress Form with Wings Display.   Had Budget permit, I would have liked to have had this Necklace, alas the mini Dress Form Display was not for sale but did Create Inspiration for Transforming one into something similar for Home.

I Love Boudoir Dolls and the ones at the Show were exceptional ones.  I have a very small Collection of them and always Admire them when I see them offered for Sale.

There were so many items that caught my Eye and of coarse you can't have it all, even if you have a big Home to put it in.  *Winks*  But lately I'm Content to just get what I absolutely Love and is within Budget and then just Admire the rest or be Inspired by it and by the Beautiful Vignettes Showcasing it all.

I Confess that sometimes it is mighty Temping to want to redecorate a Home with a Fresh New Look every time you see a Style that really Appeals to you.  I am very Attracted to the French Country and French Nordic Styling Sensibilities even tho' our Home doesn't have much of it infused into our Decor right now.

And I really still have Too Much and so am constantly purging, editing, curating our Collections and Decor.  I still have my firm five-to-one rule in place, where if a single item comes IN then five or more must go OUT!  The Letting Go Process is therapeutic and also pads the Budget considerably when I Sell Off possessions, so there's no down-side to it.

Where you are slowly and surely reaching a point where you are only surrounded by Keeper Objects that you absolutely Love and have serious Attachment and Connections to then it is Bliss.  Everything else really can go and only have a brief stay in our Home.

I do have Family and Friends that wonder how I can detach so easily from most of what we own, but I've found it's not hard for me, which was an important self realization.   There are actually very few Objects I feel as though I couldn't part with or live without... or wouldn't want to.

Now that is not to say that the actual decision making Process isn't sometimes difficult for me.  Somehow making a lot of decisions all at once, when I'm Culling Possessions, is what Mentally and Emotionally wears me out more than actually getting rid of any of it!  *Whew!* 

So I do have to pace myself and when I'm finding it difficult to actually make the decisions firmly and efficiently, is when I give myself a break and just stop and go back to it another time later.  The Hoarded Garages are the very last bastion actually of Excess that really has to be sorted thru and mostly disposed of.

There is still a lot of boxed and crated items from The Epic Move that has not yet been unpacked, even three years later!   Now that they have been out of my Life, so to speak, for three long years, it has been much easier when I'm going thru any of it to dispose of most of it.

You begin to realize that if you've done without something for three long years and never thought about it or even remember you had it or haven't missed it, then you probably don't Need it anymore!?   There are some exceptions of coarse if it is Sentimental or an Heirloom you want to pass on, but mostly it has not been.

It has actually been Fun to go thru boxes and crates that have not been opened for years now and rediscover what is inside.  I have brought a lot of fresh Inventory into my Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall from those stored away Treasures.  I have also Gifted several people with some of the items I knew they would Want or could Use.

Tick-Tock, Time is quickly ticking towards the New Year and in 2018 my Primary Resolution is to finish the Great Edit and Purge I began several years ago and is finally coming to a place where it could culminate.   I actually Enjoy making New Year's Resolutions that I feel will improve our quality of Life or move us forward to realizing a Dream or Goal.

As I'm aging I'm finding that I don't want a lot of unfinished Goals or unrealized Dreams hanging out there and not manifested into our Reality.  So it gives a more laser like focus towards accomplishing those things that are important to me or would improve quality of Life for our Family.

It has been Nice here at New Villa Boheme' that the actual Home was Complete and not a Work In Progress, as all of our other Homes had always been very Project Oriented.   We previously Enjoyed the Challenge of a Project or an intense Restoration or Remodeling of our Homes, but now it is Nice to just have a Finished Home with very few Improvements that are even Necessary.

The only things that we have as Future Home Improvement Goals are minimal really... not so much Necessary as just Wanted.   I would like to have Pergolas built in the Inner Courtyard and Back Yard for Shade and to give it all a more Outdoor Living practicality.  The G-Kid Force would like a Natural Style small Swimming Hole Pool with a Waterfall in our back yard and I think that would be Fun and quite Beautiful.

But since none of that is actually Needed we'll just get around to it whenever the Funding is pulled together to begin those Dreamscapes we've had on the canvas of our Imaginations for Improving Villa Boheme'.   We probably want to do more Staycations here than Vacations elsewhere so I don't mind Investing in Improvements that making staying Home preferable to Traveling anywhere else.

And I would still like to add some Vintage Industrial Warehouse Style Accents to a few rooms of this Home because The Man and I really dig that Style a lot.  We are Unified in wanting some Old Chicago Brick Accent Walls, a Salvage Wood Accent Wall and some Industrial Lighting hung, so that's on the To Do List of eventual Projects.

I was totally Jazzed that now we've reached that Season with our Solar that the Utility Company is now sending us big checks rather than us paying a Utility Bill.  Generating our own Energy with excess to Sell was always a Goal and it's very satisfying to be Producing rather than just being a Consumer of Energy.

We've always been a Going Green type of Family, we've always repurposed, recycled, upcycled, salvaged, rescued and reused many things, way before it was fashionable or commonplace to do so.  We've always liked to grow things, repair things, restore things and preserve the Past and it's Historic Objects... it's an integral part of who we are and what we're about.

I seriously doubt I will ever tire of having a complete Love Affair with my Vintage Objects, Found Treasures and Living our Bohemian Lifestyle.  I will probably not tire of Blogging about it, tho' I do apologize for not being as prolific as usual with the Posts due to the situation with the better quality Camera and the Resolution issues being non-compatible to Blogger.

I almost bought another inexpensive Camera Today just so I could go back to a less complicated Photography Hobby that was familiar and easier.  But I couldn't get anyone to assist me in the Camera Dept. of a Big Box Store as they were ignoring Customers.   In a way that lack of Customer Service turned out to probably be a Good thing, as I walked away and they lost a Sale, but I have to Commit to using a better Quality Camera.  *LOL*

It also was a reminder of Why I prefer to Shop Small and Support the Local Small Businesses and Indie Shops rather than the larger Commercial Corporations.   I Confess I have rather a Love-Hate Relationship with large Businesses and mass production... they have their place and I think we do Need them too... but I am much more Impressed with the Small Businesses in our area and I'm sure many of you are too.

The Quality of Service and Individual Customer Appreciation, the Quality and Uniqueness of Product, the Entrepreneur Spirit and often the Passion and Love of what they do... it is all preferable to me personally.  You just don't get that at the Big Box Stores... not from the Employees and not from mass marketing techniques.   It's really Sad to me really to see how many Employees of the Mega Corporations really don't Care and probably Hate what they are doing.

When they see the Consumer as an inconvenience rather than as the asset that is Creating their Employment and Financial Success of their Employer, they are missing the point entirely.   I have never gotten the level of Customer Service as you will at a Small Business and that Genuine Appreciation for your Business and Caring about your Satisfaction with the Experience and the Product or Service being provided.

There is no shortage of apathetic, lazy or downright rude Employees you can find at the Big Box Stores... it would be easy to see why some of these Individuals might have had barriers to better Employment actually, as I wouldn't hire them when they are certainly no asset to their Employers!   But the level of Service at every Event, every Small Business I Blog about, is exemplary and they have exceptional Employees working for them... people that have become Friends.

So I want to Thank each and every person who has made all of these Experiences Shopping at their Small Business such an Enjoyable part of our Shopping excursions.  Something Memorable and much looked forward to, Destinations where we have found some of the most Wonderful of our Treasures to Feather our Nests or the most Divine meals we have partaken of!

Having their end of the year Customer Appreciation Events like this one also embody the Spirit of Giving Back to the Community in which they do Business.  Sincere Appreciation for their Customer Base, which Believe me goes a long way because you are not going to get that either at the Big Box Stores or Mega Corporations!   They are not likely to even recognize you individually or know your name... no matter how often you might shop there.

So remember once again my Friends to Shop Small in your areas and Support all of your Local Small Businesses and Indie Shops or Artisans that make your area distinctive in what is Offered.   Each of them is Unique and can be those Destinations you look forward to or perhaps even have on your Bucket List if you've heard of them but have never gone in person yet?!

I know that I have my Bucket List of Shopping Destinations and Shops that I've always wanted to Experience and perhaps one day shall have the distinct Pleasure of visiting one day.   Until then I follow them via Social Media and Blogs or live vicariously thru Friends or Family that do get to make the Pilgrimages to them and come back with the Stories and the Great Stuff Scored at them!

I do Hope that in 2018 we all get to check off at least a few of those Bucket List items or add some new ones to it that we want to Experience, Do or Accomplish.  I also Hope for 2018 that every Small Business thrives and prospers so that they can continue to Offer what they do to us all.

Unfortunately during hard Economic Times there have been some casualties and closures and I still Miss each and every one of them that no longer Exists and is now just a Fond Memory of what Was.   I'm sure in your areas there have been those Businesses that you Wish were still around too?

Because you can have something Great that just has to End... for a variety of reasons or because the Season has passed for it.   But those of us who are extremely Nostalgic Wish that it could never have an End and continue forever so that subsequent Generations can Enjoy and Experience it all.

I like to regale my Grandchildren with the Stories of what Was and no longer Is... we often pass by locations where I can tell them something once Existed and they'll ask me all about it, what was it like, how did it look?  Knowing that those Memories die out with various Generations as we pass on is kinda Sad actually, so preserving Imagery of what Was is also very Important to me along the Journey.   I'm Glad I took numerous pixs of things, of places and of people before they were Gone forever.

I am quite certain that is Why Photography as a Hobby has always been a Passion of mine, it Preserves the Past in ways that sometimes we otherwise cannot.  Not every Old Building can be Restored, not every Business will go on Forever no matter how Iconic it might have been, none of us is Immortal... and the only Constant will be Change.

So may the Changes of 2018 be mostly Positive ones for you all my Friends.  May they improve the Neighborhoods you Live in and the Communities you hold Dear that are around you.  As the New Year quickly approaches may you begin to contemplate what Changes you want to make and Fresh New Beginning you want to embark upon?


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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