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Sweet Flea At Sweet Salvage ~ Part II

Yes, I did make it out to the SWEET SALVAGE "Sweet Flea" Event, more than once actually, the Young Prince even went with me one time, a long time since he's done that!  

 I Won one of the Prize Drawings too, a Lovely Mid-Century Style Glass Decanter!   And I also picked up some Treasures while shopping, some of which I'll be Sharing in this Post.  Many items were marked down for this Customer Appreciation Show and there were even Freebies if you could find them, scattered around!

This was my Winning Raffle Prize... I thought I'd have to pick it up Friday but ended up being able to do a quick turnaround after dropping the Young Prince off at Home.  It also gave me more time to visit with my Friends at the Show and look around after Crowds had thinned out later that Evening.

The Grand Prize Drawing was for a generous $500 Gift Certificate, so as you can imagine this was a Show not to be missed with all the Goodies, Sale Items and Giveaways abounding!   The line waiting to get in snaked around considerably, I had arrived quite early to get a good bench seat, great parking and choice spot in the line.   I knew I was on a time crunch since I had to pick The Young Prince up from School, luckily I didn't end up being late for that and he came back with me so I could Enjoy the rest of the Event at a more leisurely pace.

One of my Scores was this Lovely Religious Medal made into a Christmas Tree Ornament from my Friend Shelly, so it is now hanging upon our main Christmas Tree in the Livingroom.  There were numerous Ornaments that were so Unique that had Budget permit, I would have certainly bought more than just the one!

Here it is at Home hanging on our Christmas Tree, it's a Lovely piece that after Christmas will take up permanent residence on our Home Altar, so it doesn't have to just be Seasonally displayed.

One of the marked down Sale items I Scored right away was that huge Bolster Pillow made from a Vintage Burlap Sack, it had some Boro Mending and a gauzy Grey ruffle.  It was the very first item I snagged near the front as I came in after the doors opened!!!  

 I also made a Beeline for another European Linen Grain Sack Christmas Stocking with Boro Mending that was my "Mission Piece" and I'd seen in the FB Page Previews!  *LOL*  I had picked up some at the last Show but they only had two and I had wanted a 3rd one, so Delighted some were available at this Show too!  I had whizzed past all my Designer Friends at a breakneck pace to get to it, so they knew I was fixated upon a Mission and waited to visit after I claimed Victory of the conquest of Scoring it!  *Ha ha ha*

I will be Sharing a lot more Photos in subsequent Posts, right now it's so convoluted to get my Images re-sized via FB due to the resolution issues with the New Camera, that is has put me off Blogging.   So I apologize for delays with Posts and the oversharing I'm doing on my FB Page in order to get Photos resized so that Blogger will accept them!  *Le Sigh*  Patience not being one of my particular Virtues, and Memory being an Issue, how long it takes and remembering which Images I've already done and transferred back to my folder already resized is a headache to say the least!  *Bigger Sigh!*

I'm almost to the frustration level of Wondering if I should just Invest in another smaller and cheaper Camera with lousier resolution, just so I don't have to keep doing this convoluted process to load Images that will work on Blogger?!  Not to mention Good Cameras with Lenses and Lens Caps are way bulkier and a lot to juggle... so being an Amateur Photographer I'm not adept at all that bulkier equipment with accessories!

I am totally diggin' the Quality of Imagery it's producing, but since I have to dumb the resolution down to get Blogger to accept it, you're not even seeing how Good the Images SHOULD be anyway.  *Frustrated Sigh!!!*  I'm still persevering tho' but just not Blogging as frequently, so bear with me as I sort this out my Friends!

I snagged this Artichoke Blossom too, happen to Love them in the various stages of their development and yet haven't been able to find Seeds in order to grow my own yet.   I didn't really have an Agenda except for the Christmas Stocking and when I Scored that right away the rest of my Shopping Experience was actually quite relaxed with no sense of Urgency after I'd picked The Young Prince up from School and returned to the Show with him.

He was much relieved he didn't have to hang out in Beautiful Downtown Peoria waiting on me *Winks* and I was Glad he agreed to come back to the Show with me directly after School so I didn't have to drive all the way back Home first to drop him off!  *Whew!*

He even obliged me for one Pix of him at the Show and was pretty Patient and long suffering while I Shopped and visited with Friends. *Smiles*  His Anxiety levels were pretty high with it being Opening Day and the size of the Crowds!   It was all a bit Much for him so he had to step outside for a while to get a grip and I decided we'd had all the Fun he could handle, so we didn't stay all that long.   And before I got him Home I had received the Call that I'd Won one of the Raffle Drawings... so I did a turnaround and went back for it after taking him Home.

Another items I Scored for just a few bucks was this amazing Pillow-like Victorian Christmas Postcard made of Fabrics.   They just don't make Cards and Postcards like they used to and I J'Adore Vintage and Antique Ephemera and have an extensive Collection of it.

So here it is sitting on our Home's Christmas Altar... this Year my Decor for Christmas has been more simplistic than in the Past.  I haven't wanted to spend so much time Decorating as Celebrating the Reason for the Season and just Enjoying Family Time focusing on various Traditions and Rituals or going Shopping with a Dear Lifelong Friend that will soon be moving away to another State.

Though I have a Hoard of these Antique Door Plates I HAD to Score this Art Deco one in Bronze since it was a mere Four Bucks!  *Booyah!!!*   I have this 'Thing' for Antique Hardware anyway so my Cache' constantly grows when I can Score MORE at the right price!  *LOL*

Another Sale items marked down that I Scored is this Fabulous Vintage Lace, Seam Binding and Vintage Bling Christmas Tree!   I had seen it at the last Show and it wasn't within Budget so I had to unfortunately leave it behind, but marked down for the Customer Appreciation Show it was at just the right price now so it came Home with me!  *Yay!!!*

An unexpected Mission Statement got fulfilled at the Event by pure Serendipity... I had been vainly trying to find a Star for the top of our Main Christmas Tree but every one I'd bought was too heavy and bent the top branch over like a Charlie Brown Tree.   I'd actually just given up after buying 4 of them that did not work... but at the Show they had these Victorian Ceiling Tin Stars made into Ornaments and they worked perfectly!   So I bought one for the Tree Top...

And another one to utilize as a Tree Ornament... they have the original Patina of the Antique Victorian Ceiling Tin and then some applied German Glass Glitter, they are quite Beautiful, Simplistic and Perfect for this Year's Boho 'Spell And The Gypsy Collective' Style Tree!

I really Loved this Vintage Santa Head, but our Christmas Decor is always stored in our Garages and I've found that Feathers deteriorate badly in the heat of the Garage since it's not air conditioned.  So I don't risk buying Seasonal items that will have to be stored out there and would get damaged by the lack of climate control.

Even tho' this was the Sweet Flea and a Customer Appreciation Themed Event, there were still plenty of Seasonal items on hand to buy if you hadn't yet fulfilled your Decorating Agenda for Christmas.   I was so Glad to see that since so many Shops are sparse now for Seasonal Decor and not everyone buys Christmas Decor way back in October and November when the Selection is best and not bought out yet! 

Personally I find it very difficult to even think about Christmas when I'm still Enjoying Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Thanksgiving in October and November!   I don't Rush right into Christmas or Winter thoughts until closer to December 1st and never Decorate for it until AFTER Thanksgiving!  I like to linger in Autumn, since it's my all time favorite Season so I don't banish it immediately or ditch it prematurely.

But now all thoughts are upon Christmas and Winter transition and I'm reveling it it completely.  I'm spending Quality Time with Family and Friends so there hasn't been as much time for Coverage of things and Blogging.  I am done way early with my Christmas Shopping tho', when you have as many Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren as we do you have to get an early jump on things!

Not to mention when you're still Raising a couple of the Grands you are getting inundated early with their Christmas Lists and Desires for what they want Santa to bring for them... you know, before the Money runs out while buying for all their other Siblings and Cousins!!!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   I know it's tough for them, being raised by the Grandparents, because we are "it" for what a Parent and Grandparent would normally provide at Special Occasions!   Not that they're the least bit deprived, but they still become very Proactive! *LOL*

I'm going to do a whole Post with all of the pixs in it of Princess T and her Gingerbread House Creation for Christmas 2017, but I had to Share just a couple in this Post.  She is the one who has the duty of Creating the Tradition for the Family of The Christmas Gingerbread House.  The Young Prince and I used to have to assist her but this year she was quite capable of doing it all on her own and gets the full Credit for how Good it turned out.

  We're Glad, since he and I are not that "Into" Gingerbread House Building, so we dodged a bullet when she said she needed no Help this year with it.  *Whew!*  She was a bit neurotic prior to me buying a Kit, in case I ran out of Money before finding one... she knows how many Grandkids I'm buying Gifts for!  *LMAO*   I learned my lesson of not waiting to buy it when one year they almost Sold Out and I could hardly find one anywhere and had to traverse the Valley until I Scored one!  This year I not only got it earlier, but on Sale and at the closest Store to New Villa Boheme'... which isn't close, but isn't clear into Downtown Phoenix either!  *Whoop Whoop!*

So, Trees are up and Decorated, Villa Boheme' is completely Decorated, Shopping is Complete and Wrapped, Gingerbread House is built, went Shopping and to look at Lights with Friends and Family... the only thing left to do now is to get The Young Prince to hang out the Upstairs Kitchen Window and hang that other Vintage Santa Head!  *Winks*  He's been procrastinating, since he felt the one he put out on The Balcony Of Death was quite enough Second Story Exterior Decorating *LOL* but he's now Promised he'll do it for me Tomorrow, since I've been like a Dog with a Bone about it!  *Ha ha ha*

And besides, he and his Sister are quite impressed and Thrilled with how much more is under the Tree for them this year than they Imagined would be... over and above the Phones they received early as their Main Presents!   They've been chomping at the bit to open Gifts already, tho' they know only one can be opened early on Christmas Eve and the rest shall have to wait.  Even if The Young Prince spends Christmas with his Dad's Family and has to open his even later than Christmas Morning.   I guess Patience doesn't happen to be one of their Virtues either... the Apples didn't fall far from the Tree!  *Winks*


More to come in Future Posts... Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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